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“Heartwarming” AARP Ad Plays Ominous News Broadcast in Background, Warning of Martial Law

With tensions boiling over recently in Ferguson and Baltimore, a subliminal message hidden within this AARP public service announcement is raising red flags. The ad from AARP is seemingly a PSA about caregiving for the elderly, but hidden within the commercial is something extremely out of place and potentially sinister. …

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Armored Vehicles and Military Choppers Spotted Near Ferguson Prior to Grand Jury Decision

Is Ferguson on the verge of civil unrest followed by martial law? Recent photos and videos from the area paint an ominous picture. Ferguson, MO — The Grand Jury decision is expected any minute now out of Ferguson in regards to officer Darren Wilson and the killing of Micheal Brown. It is …

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Amnesty International says Ferguson Cops Violate Human Rights

Law enforcement officers in the US state of Missouri should be investigated by authorities for human rights abuses, according to a recent Amnesty International report. The organization also highlighted intimidation of protesters in the state. RT.com The report, published on Friday, is based on the international human rights organization’s research …

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Plans For Martial Law in Missouri, Journalists & Activists Being Targeted Ahead of Unrest

  Ferguson, Mo. – Plans are underway for martial law type scenarios as Missouri law enforcement has been holding meetings 2-3 times per week that include the military and FBI, according to people who have attended them. Missouri law enforcement has been seeking intelligence from police departments across the U.S. …

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