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Lawsuit: Idaho State Trooper Assumed 70 yo Man Had Weed because of Colorado License Plate

March 29, 2014 An Idaho state trooper arrested and fully searched a 70-year-old Washington man’s vehicle solely because he had a Colorado license plate – a state where marijuana is legal – a federal “license plate profiling” lawsuit alleges. BOISE, Idaho (CN) – An Idaho state trooper arrested and searched …

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Disgraceful: Cop Arrests Firefighter Responding to 911 Call, Again!

March 28, 2014 Yes, this is yet another instance of a power tripping cop arresting a firefighter rendering aid. During a Monday night emergency, a police officer handcuffed and detained a volunteer firefighter after the firefighter refused to move his fire truck. The emergency call was made around 10 p.m. …

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Video: Cop Doesn’t Know Why He Pulled This Guy Over on His Bicycle, Comedy Ensues

Cops arbitrarily harassing people is no laughing matter. But when they pull over informed individuals who refuse to roll over and lick the boot of oppression, there is a learning experience to be had by all. The man in this video turned his “owning of this cop” into a comical …

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Cop Types in Wrong License Plate Number. A Nightmare for An Innocent Couple Follows

March 17. 2014 Police chopper video and a 9-1-1 recording capture an horrific event sparked by police incompetence and law enforcement’s tendency to escalate violence. A San Diego couple falsely detained, pepper-sprayed, and stung with a taser gun will receive $450,000 in exchange for dropping their case against the city …

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Police Chief Literally Cites a Joke as Evidence for Ban on Marijuana

Hemp.org February 26, 2014 A clueless police chief was practically laughed out of the Maryland Legislature on Tuesday. The oppositional side of the hearing on legalization and regulation of marijuana in the Maryland Senate turned into a comedy of errors, courtesy of the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association and Maryland …

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