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Citizen Pulls Over Cops. Cop Admits They are Above the Law, “We don’t have to Wear Seat Belts”

If ever you needed proof that the police are here to collect revenue, one only need to refer to seat belt violations. Police are most assuredly not looking out for your well-being when they fine you for not wearing your seat belt. They are collecting revenue for the state and looking for …

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Gone Fishing: These Cops Have Setup a Revenue Collection Trap Like No Other

A video uploaded to facebook Monday shows what low levels police will sink to in order to generate revenue. The Somerville Police Department has devised an ingenious method for catching dangerous criminals. It is against the law to enter a crosswalk while there is someone crossing the road. Obviously a …

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Road Pirates with Badges Plunder Motorists to Fund Police: Don’t cops have better things to do?!

It may look like extortion, but cops in Mountain View, Colorado call it policing. The small Colorado town funds police salaries by writing a ridiculous amount of traffic tickets. Reason Magazine June 17, 2014 Got an air freshener or graduation tassels hanging from your rearview mirror? That’ll get you an …

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New Technology Lets This Cop Issue a Ticket Every 1.2 Minutes from a Lawn Chair

April 2, 2014. New radar guns now used by Jackson TN Police allow an officer to issue a ticket from 1,000 feet away. Department leaders said it has also encouraged officers who are running radar to work in disguise. “They’re talking about having officers blend in, put on a construction …

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