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BREAKING: Standing Rock Tribal Council Betrays Water Protectors, Sends In Cops


In an act deemed a complete betrayal, members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe council showed up WITH law enforcement on the private property housing Sacred Stone, in order to perform a warrantless assessment.

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Victory! DOJ Forces Feds to Obtain Warrants to Spy on Cellphones with Stingray Surveillance

Washington, D.C. – After initially attempting to hide their use of the cell site simulator devices, commonly referred to as a Stingray, the U.S. Department of Justice has announced a number of critical policy revisions regarding the device. The new guidelines, implemented September 3, require all federal law enforcement agencies, …

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Chicago Cops Used Stingray to Intercept Protester’s Conversations

Anonymous leaks government communication detailing real-time cell phone surveillance An audio recording leaked by the hacktivist group Anonymous appears to prove that Chicago police used an IMSI catcher, commonly referred to as a Stingray, to intercept phone calls during an Eric Garner protest Thursday evening. MIKAEL THALEN | INFOWARS.COM IMSI …

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