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This Cop Thinks He Found Something, But He’s Wrong, “That’s My Penis”

Cop: “What’s this right here?” —  Man: “That is my penis.” Stop and frisk is defined by Cornell University Law School as a brief, non-intrusive, police stop of a suspect. However, there are far too many examples of these supposed ‘non-intrusive’ tactics going too far. Also, the Fourth Amendment requires that the …

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Former Police Officer Says They Were Told to Stop & Frisk All Black Males Aged 15-30

Half of this city’s population of 110,000 has been stopped and frisked.   Alice Brennan & Dan Lieberman @ThisIsFusion July 12, 2014 MIAMI GARDENS POLICE RECORDS REVEAL BROAD POLICY OF STOPPING AND QUESTIONING CITIZENS. 8,489 KIDS, AND 1,775 SENIOR CITIZENS CAUGHT UP IN CITY’S VERSION OF “STOP & FRISK”  In …

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