Detroit, MI — Nineteen-year-old, Juwan Alexander Plummer, who has never been in trouble with police, thought he was doing the right thing earlier this month when he grabbed a shotgun to protect his mom and little brother from the would-be robbers at his front door. While many will agree that he did, indeed, do the right thing, the court does not because the men Plummer thought were robbers — were actually cops.

Plummer now faces charges of two counts each of Intentional Discharge of a Firearm in a Building Causing Serious Injury; Intentional Discharge of a Firearm in a Building Causing Injury, Felonious Assault. He has also been charged with four counts of Felony Firearm. He is looking at several decades behind bars — for protecting his family.

The incident happened on April 16 as police were responding to several calls of burglaries in the area. The break-ins were reported across the street from the Plummers’ home. However, police decided to check the Plummers’ home as well, where the shooting would occur.

After the shooting, media outlets across the country were laden with similar headlines of a 19-year-old man arrested for shooting two cops. None of the media took the time to bring up the nature of self-defense.

Just two days prior to these cops showing up, the Plummers’ door had been kicked in by burglars. They had every reason in the world to be concerned.

That night, Plummer, his mother, and his 14-year-old little brother did not see the police lights because the unit was parked down the road. When they heard people fumbling around on their porch, Plummer called 911 to report the burglars and then grabbed his Grandfather’s shotgun that was given to his mother for protection.

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When Plummer went to the door, the scared kid fired a warning shot to fend off the would-be burglars. However, the shotgun blast hit one officer in the arm and the other in the face.

“Several calls of a burglary were made to the police department on this date,” said Chief James Craig. “In fact, three calls were made. One of the individuals in the house, who we believe to be the 19-year-old male, fearing for the safety of his family fired from inside the house, armed with a shotgun, striking both officers.”

According to reports, the officers who were shot are even asking for leniency toward Plummer. According to the chief, the families of the officers also said they want to communicate their thoughts for the young man and the mother that was there.

“This case is very unfortunate and could have been much worse. We simply cannot and will not ignore the alleged actions of the defendant in this case,” said Prosecutor Kym Worthy during Plummer’s arraignment last week.

Worthy is right in one regard, it is very unfortunate that a young man protecting his family from intruders is facing decades behind bars.

As one of the commenters pointed out on WXYZ’s Facebook page, had these intruders been anyone but cops, Plummer would not be facing charges. In fact, as the Free Thought Project reported a year ago, the Detroit police chief urged citizens to arm themselves to fight crime.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig, who is already on record urging city residents to buy firearms and use them when threatened by criminal violence, reiterated that advice on multiple times.

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“If you’re a terrorist or a car-jacker, you want unarmed citizens,” Craig points out.

For the estimated 30,000 Detroit citizens who legally carry firearms, “the same rules apply to terrorists as they do to some gun-toting thug,” Craig told Detroit’s CBS affiliate.

Below is the heartbreaking video of Plummer’s arraignment. The young man pleads not guilty through tears as the prosecution attempts to paint him as a threat to society.

“The lives of these officers, who were doing their jobs, will never be the same and we must hold people accountable for their actions,” said Worthy.

A judge set bond at $25,000, 10 percent. The judge did not impose house arrest or a tether, much to the chagrin of Worthy.

Plummer is due back in court on Wednesday for a probable cause hearing.

Hopefully, this young man’s life is not ruined by this incident. Hopefully, if this case does go to trial, it will end up like Ray Rosas or Henry Goedrich Magee — and not like Marvin Luis Guy.

Ray Rosas is was involved in a similar incident but was acquitted after a jury of his peers found him not guilty of shooting three Corpus Christi police officers on February 19, 2015. On that day, early in the morning, CCPD executed a no-knock search warrant, forcing entry into the home without first knocking and announcing they were the police.

In December of 2013, in Somerville, Texas, Burleson County Sgt. Adam Sowders led a team in a no-knock marijuana raid on Henry Goedrich Magee’s home.  Magee, who was home with his pregnant girlfriend, believed that someone was breaking in. Concerned for his girlfriend and unborn child’s safety, Magee opened fire and killed Sowders.

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In February 2014, all charges against Magee were dropped when a Texas grand jury refused to indict, based on the belief that he feared for his safety and that this was a reasonable act of self-defense.

Marvin Luis Guy, however, acted in nearly the exact same manner as Magee, Rosas, and Plummer — yet he is rotting behind bars this very minute. Hopefully, Plummer does not endure a similar fate.

For now, Plummer just hopes that the two cops are going to be okay.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Plummer called 911 to report the burglars and then grabbed his Grandfather’s shotgun…

    I stopped reading RIGHT THERE to run down here and point out that this alone should prove his innocence! People don’t call 911 when they’re up to no good! *resumes reading*

    • Zackknowitall

      But he made a big mistake he didn’t demand a lawyer.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    I can’t help but notice the two “best case scenarios” are from Texas. We’re pretty serious about self-defense around here, to the point of being a little proud of the fact that kicking down doors in Texas will get your ass shot! Even the cops can’t change this basic element of Texas culture.

    • Guy

      Sorry Cat, but I just can’t help myself too not point out. That you have Cities like Austin, who can’t seem to find there own butts, even with the help of flashlight, considering their Pd’s ass backwards attitudes of recent no knock raids with made up warrants ! Plus you, (Texas), do have the dubious distinction of being rather execution happy to oblige anyone, that so much as even thinks about doing a crime, that warrants a death sentence ! Which is handed out rather frequently ! Now I’ll shut up and keep on reading !

      • Thebob

        Austin is a libtard city what do you expect? And you’re railing against a libtard city then speak out against the Death Penalty….Are you confused?

        • 174thandvyse

          Better to be a Liberated, TRUE American than a brainwashed, bible-thumping, so-called “conservative”. Austin is the ONLY part of Texas worth a dime.

          • Thebob

            Your ignorance shines bright….how did standing with Her help you??? Only brainwashed American’s I see are the zombified snowflakes coming out of college into the REAL WORLD, where nobody holds your hand anymore…Well the Gov’t holds your hand for you I guess….Can’t cross the street with out Granpapy Gov’t there to make sure it’s okay to cross???

          • 174thandvyse

            You are so BRAINWASHED that it’s sad! I never stood with “Her”…I only voted for her as the lesser-evil. I wanted Bernie…he would’ve put you Capitalist, cop-loving, bible-thumping bigots in your places, like the dogs that you are! Too bad that he wasn’t the Nominee…he would’ve CRUSHED “president” Trump like an insect.

            Now, why don’t you come down to the South Bronx, or Bed-Stuy…Liberated neighborhoods…and “try” to call us “snowflakes”? Ha! Guys like you…y’know, “white boys”…are too SCARED to even walk through our areas, let alone run your mouths. You would be EATEN, and you know it.

          • Mike Hagen

            ^That may be the single greatest response I have ever read XD

          • 174thandvyse

            Do you mean that you actually agree with that fool?

          • Mike Hagen

            Oh no I meant with you. Fuck Trump. Bernie all the way

          • 174thandvyse

            Bernie would’ve INCINERATED “Donnie”, and all of his Neanderthal followers!

          • Thebob

            LMAO he would’ve been bernied just like the DNC did to him….Never would have made it to the General….But it’s cool you have your right to vote for baby killers, rapist, and murdering whore that Her is…Figures you liked Bernie a man that hasn’t worked a real job a day in his life…Kinda like yourself, I guess that’s why you look up to him, no?

            Your bigotted ass has no clue, I don’t like our Gov’t at all, I don’t like cops and I sure as hell don’t like libtards who are brainwashed monkey’s who cannot think for themselves or even come up with their own ideas, all en mass hive mind thinking…..Actually that is an insult to monkeys as monkeys can think for themselves….

          • 174thandvyse

            Did you say that I have the “hive mentality”? That was a “good one”! EVERY one of you Republicans or “conservatives” sound EXACTLY the same when you run your mouths…like robots! “Baby killers”?!!! Obviously you are bothered by abortion, like EVERY Republican. Does pre-marital sex bother you too? How about Contraception? Are you against that as well? Or, how about Gay folks living their lives…do you wanna “snuff them out”, like your “boy”, Pat Robertson, would like to do?
            C’mon, face it. When I read or hear one of you guys talking, I feel like it’s 1971 and I’m listening to Archie Bunker rant on about his view of life. Like you, like a robot.

          • Thebob

            Don’t have a problem with Gays or fags or trans weirdos…You assume too much and have a bigoted view that really shines through…Since I had sex before I got married I can’t really complain or judge, nor should I be judging anyone like you and most libtards do, you all really do like your labels…Actually a good neighbor friend, my realtor, also is a very Gay Republican who loves the Donald more than I do…You would be shocked by actually how many Gay men are Republican Conservatives, he is more hard core, my neighbor, GOP than I am I do not label myself as a Republican, I would and could vote for a Democrat that wouldn’t promote the murdering of the unborn…That just make you an evil person through and through…No True Christian would vote for a Pro baby murder policy…And then if you think that little of unborn life you might as well just kill yourself now cause your life is then meaningless and that makes you a POS actually less than that, anyone who would snuff out a life before that life even has a chance is scum…

          • 174thandvyse

            If you are against abortion, then you better not DARE to call yourself a Libertarian, because that would be a lie. TRUE Libertarians are pro-choice…whatever that choice might be…and do not wanna live in a Theocracy, as you do. The Republicans have the audacity to “try” and identify with Libertarians simply because they want so-called “free trade”, and unfettered, UNBRIDLED “Capitalism”, which STINKS. Libertarians are much more concerned with CIVIL liberties, but most Republicans will “paper over” those issues.

            As for me, I am not a woman, so the issue of abortion is not a big one for me…I say keep it legal. And, don’t you talk about “True” Christians, because you so-called “conservatives” don’t know the first thing about Jesus Christ, and that’s a PROVEN fact. Jesus was NOTHING like the way you people “paint” him…He didn’t care what people smoked, or what they did in their beds, or how they dressed…He cared about how people treated each other. Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar, that which is Caesar’s”, and yet, you people (yes, I said, “you people”) don’t wanna “render” unto Caesar at all. Watch your back, boy. “Caesar” (that is, the REAL Americans) is about to TAKE what you have away from you, and there ain’t shit that you, or your kind, can do about it. Revolution is coming, you know, and it won’t be good for “conservatives”!

          • Thebob

            I assume you have no kids of your own or at least don’t know of any…If you do and u still for abortions it ain’t my body crap excuse you ain’t a real man at all just a pussy lil b1tch with b1tch excuses…And Jesus would be against murdering unborn babies u sucktard….Revolution huh, most of your libtard ilk don’t know how to fight at all and when faced with real resistance they curl up in the corner like the lil b1tches you all are…Nothing is going to change at all with your fake azz beliefs…You are so blinded it is rather funny, yet sad at the same time you actually think the Gov’t looks out for you or anyone….LMAO you are so pathetic and sad….Libertarian probably more that than Conservative or Republican, I consider myself a Constitutionalist and would prefer total Anarchy to what we consider this as a modern society where our so called Peace Officers gun down elderly people in the streets for having their hands in their pockets and being deaf….Or the mentally handicaped person that doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand the directions being given…Where possession of a plant that God created for our use can wind you up in prison for life…I don’t believe in thought crime, a CRIME is a violation of an individuals rights or damage to property….Speeding is not a crime, DUI unless someone or something was damaged IS NOT A CRIME…I believe in 2nd Amendment as written, ALL GUN LAWS INFRINGE ON OUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT….And all speech is FREE SPEECH whether I like or agree or not…Yes Even Hate Speech is protected……I DO NOT BELIEVE in killing the unborn period, unless the life of the mother is threatened by continuing the pregnancy to full term…Like a tubal pregnancy…Abortions are not cosmetic…Most of which are preformed on young Black women some 200,000 a year…That is sick and pathetic…

          • 174thandvyse

            “Revolution huh, most of your libtard ilk don’t know how to fight at all and when faced with real resistance they curl up in the corner like the lil b1tches you all are”

            Well then, why are so-called “conservatives” (you can call them “white boys”) so S-C-A-R-E-D to walk through “liberal” neighborhoods like Harlem, or Bed-Stuy, or the South Bronx, or Compton? I can guarantee you that we won’t “curl up” once we see you coming!

          • Thebob

            So you are just a gangsta thug scrub right? Just a POS human as I thought…Been shot at before ain’t scared of a dumb thug…Most of the time “whiteboys” have no need to go into those neighborhoods….Why increase your chances of getting ganked or shot by some POS thug? It’s those scared little boys who run around shooting everyone and their mothers and little girls, you think you are Men??? Little boys playing real man games does not make one a man….Why is it a black man can walk down my street in my town and no “whiteboy” is gonna go lynch him, yet “whiteboy” walks into Harlem and is ganked beatup or killed…Sounds like your hood has some issues…serious issues…

          • 174thandvyse

            Well, you said that us “Lib’ruls” are weak and cowardly. I was just trying to convince you of your errors.

          • Thebob

            And you probably won’t be able to convince me of anything, just as I won’t you, I can only ask that you go do your own learning and research and establish a true to you that isn’t spoon fed by MSM and your Establishment leaders clinging to power…The numbers should speak for themselves, libtards have lost over 1000 seats across the country, just in the last couple of years…I feel the mid terms in 2018 will be more of the same…Libtard policies fail everywhere they are implemented…CA is leaching people to other States, same for Illinois/Chicago–Chiraq. High taxes across the board do not benefit anyone especially when lastest numbers show only 60% of nation paid any taxes last year most of which is paid for by the top 10%. Gotta love a nation where the winners get punished for coming in 1st…That would be like an Olympian getting Gold then getting punished for it…Not say rich shouldn’t pay their share either, I believe everyone should be paying in regardless what you earn. But even then we have had record number of taxes collected yet are still hemorrhaging money, we have a spending problem and it isn’t Defense spending, which is required by the Constitution.

          • Thebob

            I would also add, most of those thugs probably don’t vote and their for are not libtards of your ilk…Most black men I know are not libtards, they like their guns and pot just like I do…

          • Thebob

            I still have not received one solution from you or any libtard I have ever debated/argued with…Only b1tching and moaning…No solutions as you have the same hive mentality and just spew the libtard talking points…Its a womens body her choice, guns are bad even though it is people killing people not guns, omg we need immigrants, sure we have plenty of LEGAL immigrants coming here every year….I need a minimum wage, fine you can have and get paid a minimum wage and that is all your gonna get unless you work hard to improve yourself TO EARN what you make…I want free college, How is it going to be paid for? Cause ain’t NOTHING free in this world, so what is it gonna cost you or I? College education is a farce, unless you want to be a doctor….

            I have given you plenty of solutions, still only sheep herd mentality from you….

          • Thebob

            BTW, this is a thought on Jesus and sex and what you put in your body..”It hath been said, Whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement: But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.”

            Ephesians 5:18:

            Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.
            BTW, Pat Robertson is not a good example of a Christian, he is a faracy, leading his flock astray and he will be punished for it…Just like Musy terrorist do not represent a majority of Muslims…

          • 174thandvyse

            I never said that Pat Robertson was a Christian. He just think’s that he is one.

            When I drink, or get high, I do not engage in “debauchery”, or other self-destructive behavior. If anything, Herb smoking makes me more Cerebral, than silly. That is one reason why I was never attracted to that “born-again” church…I don’t need to be “saved” from myself, as “born-again christians” seem to need. I am oozing with self-control…that means that I can indulge in drugs, alcohol, gambling, or sex and it doesn’t make a “dent” in me. It’s called “Willpower”, buddy. Try it sometime.

          • Thebob

            Yes you did say Pat Roberson represents Christians, go back and read your own post…Actually here I’ll quote you fool! “Or, how about Gay folks living their lives…do you wanna “snuff them out”, like your “boy”, Pat Robertson, would like to do?”

            Sorry but sounds like you are the only one advocating violence here…You hate white people don’t you?

          • Thebob

            Nothing about your deal leader Mayor scumbucket banning Soda huh?? Why cause he’s a libtard just like you, so that works for you, but OMG if a Republican where to propose something like that??? Am I right?

            You sure as hell sound like you par take in being an American and at least unlike most libtards don’t sound like a Self Hating American or Self Hating American Apologist…

            I can not like things our Gov’t has done, I can not like our Gov’t also, but I am proud to be an American Combat Vet and Proud of the good our Country has done in the world…Bad also, which sucks, but my opinion and some facts behind it, the world has been a better place since the Creation of our Country…

          • Thebob

            You honestly probably have never ever had to use real will power do something you never thought possible you could do…Will power would be not drinking…Will power is used to over come something…You described habits that you imbibe with or enjoy, self control was used right…

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Worthy is not worthy.

  • TechGump

    Innocent. He did exactly as he should have done… protected his home and family. It’s his Right.

  • Robin W. Tong

    An extremely important question: Were the No Trespassing Signs put up BEFORE OR AFTER the shooting of these officers when they made an unwarranted entry onto the property?

    The Supreme Court has previously ruled that police have the right to enter unto a residents premise and that the intrusion is no different than the intrusion of any other person walking up and knocking on your door to make a delivery or to make a solicitation. However, if the premise is clearly marked with No Trespassing signs, neither the police nor anyone else have the right to intrude upon the property.

    If the No Trespassing Signs were put up prior to this incident, it would REINFORCE this man’s constitutional right to defend his home especially considering the levels of crime in the neighborhood and the crimes recently perpetrated against his home and family.

    This man should not be prosecuted just because the king’s men, er, the police, decided to intrude upon private property without a warrant and without clearly identifying themselves. Their stupidity and recklessness doesn’t justify the prosecution of this man.

  • Johnquixote

    One question: Did he shoot through the door? Unless the police were trying to force open the door he didn’t have cause to shoot. Just being on the porch is not reason to shoot anyone.

    • Zackknowitall

      Bullshit bullshit bullshit. If I fear for my life I do not need to let you in my house before I kill you. That old wives tell needs to be retired. A person can and has the right use deadly force to protect from serious body harm or death when anywhere they are legally allowed to be.

      • Johnquixote

        By your logic it would be legal to shoot a Girl Scout selling cookies. you cannot shoot a person on your porch, from inside the house, unless they are trying to enter the house.

        • Zackknowitall

          Why are you talking about Girl Scouts.

          You are wrong the law allowed a person to defend life and no where does any law say expect people on a porch while inside a house.

          • Johnquixote

            Let’s try this again. If you are inside your house and someone else is outside your house and there is a locked door in between the two of you there is no immediate danger to you or your family. If the person on the porch is trying to get in, if he is shooting at you through the door, if you SEE that this person is about to shoot through the door THEN you have a reason to shoot through the closed door at them. But if all you have is the Sound of “…people fumbling around on their porch.” you could be shooting at a Girl Scout (notice how I worked that in).

          • Zackknowitall

            Fear isn’t fear and shooting through the door is legal. Not too long ago a man shot through his door killing a fire fighter and he was justified bc in his mind his life was in danger. Be it a fire fighter, thug, thug cop or Girl Scout.
            (Notice how I worked that in as well.)

          • Johnquixote

            Hi Zack. I found reference to the firefighter incidence. If it’s the same case, the firefighter was the shooter. A drunk was banging on his door. In that case it was reasonable to assume someone was trying to get in. In the present case there was no banging, just someone “fumbling around on the porch”. The fact that someone had kicked in his door before should give him a better case, but it would be hard to convince a jury without some kind of threat.


  • Zackknowitall

    First off he talked to the cops without a lawyer. They used his statements against him in court. Had he not said anything but I want a lawyer he would have been released on own recognizance.

    Non of this matters as a $2,500 bail is a good as not getting out of jail at all.

  • Heretic Jones

    This is an unfortunate one. We have a young man doing what’s right – defending his family in a place that has a history of break ins. But we also have a young man breaking cardinal rules of firearms use – always have a clear view of your target, always know what is beyond your target, and never point and pull unless you intend to destroy what you’re pointing at. Breaking these rules resulted in serious injury. I wish I could help this person because I’m betting he’s a good person, and what he did certainly doesn’t warrant the state destroying his life like they’ve done to so many others. And the notion put forth by the prosecution that an example must be set here is absurd because people in that moment in which a decision must be made whether to use deadly force do not have the time to think about previous legal precedent. This might even be an excuse to generate revenue and jail a young black man. Hmmm.

    • Bob Btme

      not a bad assessment – he was irresponsible, so maybe a week or two in jail for him to think about what he did? that would be appropriate, but as an african-american who shot a cop he’s headed for much worse.

    • Ed

      There are no rules when you “Fear for You Life” with your family with only a shotgun, so STFU!

      • Solar Powered Sea Slug

        Come on Ed, yes there are rules…even in this situation. His “crossfire” can not kill his neighbor,or any innocent bystander, just because he thinks he was being robbed. You are never allowed to blindly shoot into the dark.

        So, sure, its not attempted murder of the cops, but it is carelessly or recklessly shooting a gun, with injury.

  • Speckintime

    Rule number one is that you don’t shoot through a closed door, if the police kicked the door in they have put this story in a totally different ball park. Hopefully this will be put to a jury and if they are not brain dead drones they can use jury nullification to exonerate this young man.

    • ultrawiz

      Guess you missed the part about their home being invaded previously when thugs kicked in the door. Really? You’re going to be stupid enough to let them do it again?

      • Speckintime

        You take a safe position and once they break the barrier between you and them you open fire, this is why no knock searches need to be illegal.

    • Ed

      There are no rules when you “Fear for You Life”!

  • HappySadGladMad

    Fuck those 2 cops! You live by the sword and you die by the sword. No sympathy whatsoever for cops who endanger their lives and the lives of others.

    • 174thandvyse

      Right on!

  • Dennis P Ginther

    This is a no brainer. Let the kid go. Quit sneaking around in your black burglar outfits, with your black cars and SUV’s like your commando’s. Be seen and talk descent to all you meet. Be concerned about their problems and really get involved with the communities you supposedly protect!

    • 174thandvyse

      Are you kidding? You are talking about the pigs — oops! I meant the, ah, “cops” — “decency” is an abstract concept which is beyond their comprehension.

  • Gordon Klock

    The kid made an unfortunate, but relatively in innocent & understandable mistake, (really should have clearly ascertained, what he was shooting at, before discharging his gun) & the prosecutor seems to want to destroy him, & all for the sake of having ‘someone to blame’…….

    • 174thandvyse

      If cops are “pigs” then Prosecutors are “boars”, or is it “boors”? I’m not quite sure.

  • Natalie Vernon

    It doesn’t say anything about anyone entering the home, he clearly was not right in his actions and for all the people who want tell themselves that, are simply delusional. It doesn’t say anything about him calling out, I called 911 or I have a gun to simply fire through a door is no defense…Also who ever wrote this article seems to be swaying to only one side. This young man was acting without thinking…this article sounds pretty pathetic to me.

    • 174thandvyse

      Your, ahem, “opinion”, if that’s what you wanna call it, is EXTREMELY “pathetic”. Your comment is “swaying” to the cop-lover side, the EVIL side!

      • Natalie Vernon

        narrow minded thinking and completely not true, I have experienced first hand prejudice by police officers, I have also been aided by them. I am just saying that everyone needs to be accountable for their actions, and excuses are not always a reason for unreasonable acts…if he shot through the door then I believe he did not act in a way that could by any stretch of the imagination be seen as reasonable. one of the comments above brought up skin color again, I was confused by this because I have never mentioned anything like this…. I share the bad acts of people regardless of their station or religion or skin color, I try to have an open mind… if the act is a bad act by a police officer, I share it over and over again, because taking the oath to serve and protect, is important to everyone, and a person taking this oath that does not do their job should not be in it, and to do anything criminal should be charged as everyother citizen would be, It just seems to me that people in the climate which we live want to make opinions on half stories or fear or anger, and I think we need to look at the facts to the best of our abilities, which also means reading between the lines sometimes.

    • Ed

      You do to!

    • Cos Cat

      you dumb cop c(md(mpster. he did call 911.. you dont have to call out “omg this bitch Natalia said i need to call out 911!!! 911!!! and “I HAVE A GUN!! AND NOBODY CAN HEAR ME OTHER THEN THE THUGS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF MY GODDAMNED DOOR THAT WAS KICKED IN BY THUGS JUST 2 NIGHTS AGO!!!

      • Natalie Vernon

        You sound pretty ignorant, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution

    • so Black people have no right to self-defense is what you’re saying.

      • Natalie Vernon

        I don’t remember anybody saying anything about skin color?

  • 174thandvyse

    This should illustrate that “no knock raids” are ineffective, dangerous, and should be stopped. This whole War on the American People — oops! I mean the, War on, ahem, “drugs” — needs to stop now!

  • WHERE IS THE NRA???? They’ve blathered on & on aobut our rights to gun-ownership & self-defense—but, the REALITY is that ONLY SOME PEOLE get to ahve those rights (white men). The rest of su face criminal charges when we defend ourselves. And I’m surprised that ANY courts in ANY case affirmed one’s right to self-defense against he police–since the State has given them IMPUNITY & made them demi-gods ABOVE THE LAW.

  • JB Smith

    The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and the brain initiative are the worst scams ever perpetrated on the American people. Former U. S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin Warns: Biochips Hazardous to Your Health: Warning, biochips may cause behavioral changes and high suicide rates. State Attorney Generals are to revoke the licenses of doctors and dentists that implant chips in patients. Chip used illegally for GPS, tracking, organized crime, communication and torture. Virginia state police have been implanting citizens without their knowledge and consent for years and they are dying! Check out William and Mary’s site to see the torture enabled by the biochip and the Active Denial System. See Terrorism and Mental Health by Amin Gadit or A Note on Uberveillance by MG & Katina Michael or Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence by Springer or Mind Control, Microchip Implants and Cybernetics. Check out the audio spotlight by Holosonics. The truth is the biochip works like a sim card. It received pulsed modulated laser beams and millimeter wave which it converts into electromagnetic waves that your brain interprets into digital images and sound. It then takes what your brain sees and hears and converts electromagnetic waves into digital and acoustic waves that a computer translates into audio and video. In other words, it allows law enforcement to see what you see, hear what you hear and communicate directly with your brain.

    “Former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) director and now Google Executive, Regina E. Dugan, has unveiled a super small, ingestible microchip that we can all be expected to swallow by 2017. “A means of authentication,” she calls it, also called an electronic tattoo, which takes NSA spying to whole new levels. She talks of the ‘mechanical mismatch problem between machines and humans,’ and specifically targets 10 – 20 year olds in her rant about the wonderful qualities of this new technology that can stretch in the human body and still be functional. Hailed as a ‘critical shift for research and medicine,’ these biochips would not only allow full access to insurance companies and government agencies to our pharmaceutical med-taking compliancy (or lack thereof), but also a host of other aspects of our lives which are truly none of their business, and certainly an extension of the removal of our freedoms and rights.” Google News

    The ARRA authorizes payments to the states in an effort to encourage Medicaid Providers to adopt and use “certified EHR technology” aka biochips. ARRA will match Medicaid $5 for every $1 a state provides. Hospitals are paid $2 million to create “crisis stabilization wards” (Gitmo’s) where state police torture people – even unto death. They stopped my heart 90 times in 6 hours. Virginia Beach EMT’s were called to the scene. Mary E. Schloendorff, v. The Society of New York Hospital 105 N. E. 92, 93 (N. Y. 1914) Justice Cardozo states, “every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body; and a surgeon who performs an operation without his patient’s consent, commits an assault, for which he is liable in damages. (Pratt v Davis, 224 Ill. 300; Mohr v Williams, 95 Minn. 261.) This case precedent requires police to falsely arrest you or kidnap you and call you a mental health patient in order to force the implant on you. You can also be forced to have a biochip if you have an infectious disease – like Eboli or Aids.

    Coalition of Justice vs the City of Hampton, VA settled a case out of court for $500,000 and removal of the biochip. Torture is punishable by $1,000 per day up to $2 million; Medical battery is worth $2.05 million. They told my family it was the brain initiative. I checked with the oversight board, and it is not! Mark Warner told me it was research with the Active Denial System by the College of William and Mary, the USAF, and state and local law enforcement. It is called IBEX and it is excruciating. I have had 3 surgeries at the site of the implant and need another. It causes cancer! I’ve been tortured for 8 years by Virginia law enforcement. Thousands of innocent Virginians are being tortured and murdered by criminal cops. Please help us get the word out to end these heinous atrocities. The pain is 24/7. The VA DCJS sent me a letter stating cops can get keys to anyone’s home and steal anything they please. The governor knows and takes his cut. Senator Kaine said the FBI is not involved so he can’t help. Check out Virginia’s Casual Disregard for the Constitution at forbes dot com. Check out Richard Cain’s case. They are torturing infants and children. The active denial system comes in rifle form and can murder without leaving a mark. I have had two heart attacks and am blessed to be alive. We need to make the nation aware to stop these thugs. Now a Dr. Whaley of the Medical Examiner’s office reports covering up murders by cops and selling brains for $6250 each to the NIH. Beware of Riverside and Sentara Hospital. Beware of Dr. Lawrence Chang, Pariser Dermatology, Dr. Nicole Nelson, Dr. Stephen Cunningham, Dr. Sean Flannery, Dr. Mark Shawnik, Dr. Mark Greene, Dr. Shaista Ahsai, and Dr. Lika in her red mercedes, Dee Schwartz, Linda Pfeiffer, and Melody Cox, Belinda Robinson, Karen Rodriguez, and Riverside Emergency Room Physicians, and Dr. Denis Cruff, Dr. Mark Kanter and Hampton Sentara Surgeons and Tidewater Multi-specialty Group and Dr. Elizabeth Cooper. Most of all, beware of state and local police in Virginia. Please help us.