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Tesla’s New Gigafactory is Entirely ‘Off-Grid’ and Powered by 100% Renewable Energy


Elon Musk, CEO and product architect of the company Tesla Motors, is an entrepreneur not only interested in making money, but also advancing solutions to humanity’s pressing problems. Musk is unabashed in his commitment to help transition our energy paradigm from toxic fossil fuels into clean, renewable energy.

Besides producing state-of-the-art electric cars which will be ready for the renewable future, Tesla has innovated something called the Powerwall. This home battery system is charged using electricity generated from solar panels, which has helped to open the floodgates to residential solar power generation.

Tesla’s next technological marvel is currently being built in Nevada, called the Gigafactory. It is so-named because it will ultimately manufacture 35 gigawatt-hours of lithium-ion batteries—more than the number produced worldwide in 2013. As full capacity is reached in 2020, Tesla intends to drive down the cost of their battery pack by more than 30 percent.

“Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transportation. To achieve that goal, we must produce electric vehicles in sufficient volume to force change in the automobile industry. With a planned production rate of 500,000 cars per year in the latter half of this decade, Tesla alone will require today’s entire worldwide production of lithium ion batteries. The Tesla Gigafactory was born of necessity and will supply enough batteries to support our projected vehicle demand.”

In true visionary form, Tesla Motors announced that it will power the Gigafactory with 100% renewable energy, through a combination of sources such as solar panels covering the entire rooftop and wind turbines on a nearby slope. It will essentially be off-grid.

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The Gigafactory’s forward-thinking design will make it a net-zero facility, which Tesla Chief Technical Officer JB Straube expanded upon in a recent talk.

“The other interesting thing is we wanted to manage the emissions from the Gigafactory. Solar power can do some of that, but we took kind of a radical move in the beginning and said we are not going to burn any fossil fuels in the factory. You know, zero emissions. We are going to build a zero-emissions factory — just like the car. So, instead of kind of fighting this battle in hindsight, we just said we are not even going to have a natural gas pipeline coming to the factory, so we didn’t even build it. And it kind of forced the issue. When you don’t have natural gas, you know, none of the engineers can say, “Oh, but it will be more efficient, let me use just a little bit.” Sorry, we don’t even have it.

So it’s kind of been a fun activity and just, a lot of challenges that come up. But in every single step of the process, we have been able to reinvent and come up with solutions. There’s a heat pump technology that actually ends up way more efficient than just burning natural gas for steam. And then, we have a facility that has basically no emissions. The only emissions are related to the vehicles that might go there that aren’t electric or things like that. But we’ll try to attack that one piece at a time.”

Elon Musk and his team at Tesla Motors are proving that success can be achieved through responsible means. The transition to renewable energy is inevitable, and they realize that the sooner it happens, the more we can avoid damage to environmental and human health.

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The Free Thought Project reported in November that within 25 years, humanity will undergo its greatest energy shift since the industrial revolution. This is being achieved through market forces, and Tesla Motors is helping to drive that market. In turn, they will justifiably profit from being on the forefront.

  • Now if it was an afforable option…

    • Price should hopefully go down with time. How much did the first cellphone cost?

    • The prices of all technology’s go down when mass production happens to it. Cell phones, computers, TV’s, cars, all saw massive price drops when mass production solved all the inefficiency’s of their early production processes.

    • Lester Anderson not mass production, but affordable mass demand

    • 70k is affordable almost for everyone. 30k car is planned and then it will be affordable for anyone.

  • sad to say he is a crony capitalist.

    And big solar farms are bird toasters, right?

    • Not to mention the back ups on Solar farms are…. Gas generators!!!

    • Redundency .

    • Solar mirrors yes but solar panels don’t reflect or refocus the light, wind turbans now are being developed that have no blades, taking up less space and not posing a threat to birds. Anyone who doesn’t see wind and solar as the future is a dinosaur and should be put out to pasture

    • Dave Waters Or converted into oil

    • I’ll have the dove, well done.

  • 85kw Solar panels.

  • To bad if any of us wanted to go off grid we would have men kicking down our doors with guns trying to jam city connections into our ass or cart us off to jail.

    • And killing your dog and dropping a flash bang grenade into a crib.

    • My parents live in a community of 500 individual properties 100% off grid

    • That’s awesome! To bad for the rest of us politicians have been bought out and paid for lol

    • Go buy land and live off grid

    • I could go off grid tomorrow if I wanted and get the government to pay for half of it so I don’t have a clue what your talking about

    • In areas closer to cty limits they require you to have connections because of some old international law

    • I live off grid, with solar and wind, and a big ass battery. great for when the nearest power pole is 45 miles away, but pure ignorance for cars and anyone on the grid

  • I guess responsible means $4.9 billion from tax payers that can’t afford to buy his car. Crony Capitalism!

    • Wait a minute. Subsidizing big businesses with tax payer money is socialism pretty much defined. Isn’t this what our savior bernie wanted? I’m feeling the bern!

    • Subsidising a new industry to phase out an old dirty industry is what is needed to get an industry on its own feet, meanwhile we have been subsidising the fossil fuel industry which is changing the temperature of our climate, not smart.

    • you got that right. hit the nail on the head. Give real free market capitalists a really bad name. Crony capitalists are not entreprenuers, they are budding politicians and practicing lobbyists

    • David Bedford if it was truly good for people, the people would choose it on their own. There isn’t anything more democratic than a free, open market where free and mature people make their own choices, and not have politicians and crony capitalists make it for them. Besides, this solar subsidy crap has been going on since the 1970’s, and it doesn’t work

    • Ryan Stein feel the burn….I mean the bern 🙂

    • Richard Main it will work someday when the technoligy is ready, its not far away.

    • Todd Mitchell I’ve heard that for a long time. We don’t need a evolution in solar and battery technology, we need a revolution. Neither are practicable at this point. Maybe you have some better ideas? until then, you can’t beat oil and gas. it’s not the big bad wolf some have ingrained in the more gullable

    • Correect, so why is the gov investing 10’s of billions into something thats not ready. Nano tech. is the revolution, it will not be long. And it will go in a whole new direction that we are currently going.

    • Richard Main It was the unchecked free market and industry’s insatiable use of fossil fuels that caused climate change to begin with, if the free market was the remedy government wouldn’t need to step in to mitigate the effects of climate change.

    • Richard Main Why don’t you just state that you don’t believe in global warming and left the intelligent people continue commenting?

    • So you know nano tech and power storage?

    • And you believe the climate is changing or man is changing it?

    • Todd Mitchell I’m with you to a point on that. Nothing good will ever come from government development though. It’s out of their realm

    • Got that right

    • David Bedford climate change? the earth is nothing but climate change. it never stays the same. If you would like to begin educating yourself and not be a media lemming, try looking up the MWP and the little ice age for starters. Our earth has went through warming, and cooling, in extremes for it’s entire history

    • Richard Main that was my point form the begining

    • David Bedford let the intelligent people continue commenting? you know, the ones that know semantics and world history? or the ignorant lemmings that just repeat what they are told? global warming, and cooling, is normal, and historical. I’d rather see it warm than freeze again soon

    • David Bedford government steps in because they want more power, more money, and more control over your life, and will use fear and scarcity to no extent to get over on you.

    • Richard Main check these people out, http://www.veteranspartyofamerica.org

    • Like to know where you came up with the 4.9 billion figure? In reality Volkswagen has received more and we should be investing in innovation not a company that rather than clean up their product just lie about the results.

    • He is planning to build 30k car. Pretty much everyone can afford that.

    • Ondřej Suchý I’m planning on paying for my retirement by putting my money on the roulette table…..of course he said that, but in reality, it’s a 70k car for the rich and famous right now

    • Government is the largest polluter in the world (fact, not stipulation) and you want to entrust them with reducing pollution of other entities?

  • Well done Tesla

  • So the feds are going to come in and shut them down.

  • Yet we can’t do the same…

  • Western civilization is completely run by Luciferians who worship dark energy and are explicitly involved in the encouragement of summoning dark energy through the Ritualistic abuse of people. This includes gang raping children, sacrificing babies, small children and adults etc, all of these activities are their way of feeling an exhilaration on a spiritual level. They experience a feeling of exhilaration by conducting very evil acts upon innocence. These were ancient practices that have been kept hidden as the average human would automatically reject it as most of us are naturally inclined to be good.

    This behavior has to be indoctrinated into the human, it is entirely unnatural. This goes all the way back to the philosophies of Lucifer or Satan who is the negative dark energy that creates lifeless zones in the creation, this energy directly challenges God by deliberately bring suffering into his creation. The Leaders of western civilization embrace this as their religious spirituality that at this point in time is a requirement to join the ranks of the upper upper class. ALL people of political influence in the west are members of these secret societies and only when they threaten to leave do they then get threatened to be exposed as a pedophile etc. They ALL are in on it. The ENTIRE HEAD of western civilization is SICK AS SICK can be…

    This was why the prophets warned us that when Jesus is revealed the Devil will know he is caught out and it is at the height of his power so he is FURIOUS and it is a very scary moment in human history due to the strength of his system that is starting to fall apart right in front of him. In fact we are informed that under this situation with the Devil so powerful and the fact that his system is now in a state of total collapse because of the Revelation of Jesus Christ and the truth, which the Devil is desperately trying to hide.. many people are getting captured and killed as they scramble to survive the second coming of Jesus Christ…BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO ENDURE UNTIL THE END!

  • Plus if the car fails he has a power plant to make money off of.

  • How do factories get to be off grid, but individuals, no?
    Are they going to harvest rain water? Compost sewerage?

    • My parents live in a community of 500 individual properties 100% off grid

    • Sounds like my kind of place!

    • It’s been off grid for thirty plus years , I don’t buy into the whole bogey man won’t let me bull crap

    • I guess if you have enough people to form a city, or such, you can make your own rules. There have been news reports of lone individuals being oppressed by city councils, etc.

  • Now, put solar cells inside the cars to keep the charge up!

  • He’ll be at war with the power company lobbies here soon… they don’t want anybody off-grid where they can’t get in their pockets.

    • My parents live in a community of 500 individual properties 100% off grid

    • In Florida and Colorado, living at a residence that is not hooked up to an electrical grid in some way is illegal.

  • Are they allowed to go off grid ? Will they be barred from doing so by the authorities and threatened with eviction or do those rules only apply to us, the great unwashed and not big business? . Thought not.

    • My parents live in a community of 500 individual properties 100% off grid

  • Now if we can keep the gov from screwing up our sky’s it would be great.

  • He’s a James Bond villain just wait and see

  • I like what he does, but the tesla stuff, unlike his earlier ventures, is subsidized

  • The problem with PV solar cells is the toxic waste generated in their manufacture…

  • Marcio Flavio

  • Pure propaganda. Where do all the raw materials come from? Other countries, mines, refineries. Where do all the components come from? Plastic factories, tire factories, etc, etc. Shipped in on trucks. The factory in the photo might be run by solar and “renewable” but the everything in the car came from polluting industries. Or maybe all the parts were teleported there by space ships using solar power.

    • You have to start somewhere, at least he is attempting to solve problems instead of just being a naysayer.

    • David Bedford crony capitalist you mean

  • Comunist plot

  • too bad he’s doing it at the expense of taxpayers, and the car is really a play toy for the rich and famous, and oh, they might catch fire and melt down and explode

    • 70k car is playtoy for rich and famous? 44k average/year in usa tells me you are wrong.

    • actually, the median individual wage in the US is $26,695, but even if it was 44k, you would spend nearly twice your yearly income on a car? You would have to finance it for ten years, and over that ten years, you would pay twice that in interest payments. Not a good financial decision for anyone that doesn’t want to live in drowning debt and ever get ahead, or even consider owning something of value, like a home

  • Ya Suzanna Martinez screwed the pooch. This could have been in NM. Most corrupt Govenor in the country.

  • i thought it was illegal to be off grid

  • and subsidised by tax dollars

  • Subsidized .96 cents per kilowatt hour by the US taxpayers.

  • Yet the cars are still ridiculously expensive what the fuck.

  • Now the cars themselfs, and like Todd said: why not affordable for everybody??

  • Elon Musk is a greedy pompous selfish prick asshole who disrespects his hard working employees. He uses & abuses them, hires then fires. If an employee says hello to him he will send an email out saying don’t bother me when you see me. What a peice of disrespectful shit Elon Musk is.

  • So will the government come to arrest them?

  • All subsidized by the U.S. Taxpayer.

  • It’s amazing what you can do with TAX dollars rather than profits earned by the VALUE you provide.

  • We are aware that Elon Musk has received government assistance but we are still excited about his ideas! Are you, too? If so, please ‘Like’ (y) + Comment + Share!

    • He is a Cult of Personality. https://youtu.be/7xxgRUyzgs0

    • “You gave me fortune
      You gave me fame
      You gave me power in your own god’s name
      I’m every person you need to be
      Oh, I’m the cult of personality” ~ Living Colour

    • If someone gets to spend the money the Govt stole, I dont have a problem with it being this guy.

    • Every large company gets government assistance…its how states and local government lure the company into their taxing district. Anyone who doesn’t know that isn’t paying attention at all. And yes, even your town or state is doing it too.

    • yeah, like solyndra. Tesla is only bigger and will hurt more people when it crashes

  • That’s great, but on a balance of things, probably took more energy etc. than they’re able to save by producing the cars!

    • How so?

    • Think of all the energies and materials needed to build this, then the fact that electric cars are proven to be less efficient and more expensive than their petrol counterparts! Electric cars aren’t clever or we’d all be driving them and petrol and diesel motors would be outlawed.

  • To bad us normal folks can’t do that. Try going off grid and they’ll drag you off in chains and make you pay all the municipalities money for services you don’t need.

  • Everything Elon Musk does is money losing, taxpayer subsidized.

  • If elon is capable of all these great changes, how come he doesn’t set his sights higher???

  • no it is not solar panels are in no way shape or form green energy

  • Tesla stock dived from $200 to $150 bc cheap oil, just fyi

    • buy some while its cheap…and you can thank me later!

  • Alex Du

  • For certain people lol…

  • I like this car more and more.

  • And although they built it here in northern Nevada and were given deals and tax incentives to do so they are bringing in mostly all their own workers from out of state. Fuck tesla!!!

    • …mostly all their own workers??? Sounds like an opportunity for you to sell yourself on why Tesla should hire you!!! Quit complaining and get off your azz and make your future better. Nobody else is gonna do it for you, no matter how much you complain on FB.

    • You a bit of a bellend eh Joe!

    • Joe Thielbar opportunity for myself?? You are smoking crack joe its fucking 50 miles away and i dont need it but its because of scumbags like you that would rather hire illegals aliens because its cheaper is why this country is going down the tube. Has nothing to do with getting off your azz it has to do with crooked govt taking bribes under the table from tesla, selling the idea to the taxpayers saying how many jobs it will create but leaving out those jobs wont be for locals.

    • Its all unions brought in from other states I worked there and was told you can’t smoke weed but I your boss can grow it.

    • deceptive of them. the local govt and media running stories about how it will bring all these needed jobs to the area but wait until the deal is sealed to reveal they will also bring their own workers to fill those jobs. Then let the local taxpayers eat the bill for their crooked deal.

    • Rick Montague – I would gladly hire anyone who is willing to do the job at the salary I’m willing to pay. So far, that turns out to be mostly Mexicans. But I’m not racists, I only care about how hard they work and that they show up when needed. They all have SSN and my payroll company has never identified a problem, so I’m good, thanks. Lots of good people on my crews too, several with wives and families of their own. Sorry if that doesn’t work for you, but it works out quite nicely for me…and I’m the only person I need to worry about…just like you…you take care of you, I’ll take care of me…that’s the American way.

    • In the mean time, I’ll be using all my extra money to buy Tesla stock because whether you like it or not, Elon Musk is a genius and I want in!!!

    • Yeah he wants to purchase nnvs aquifer despite nuclear contamination.

    • LOL funny i called that without even knowing you… You are a real piece of shit you know that. You are as bad as someone who sells meth or heroin to little kids. They do what they have to to take care of themselves and make money and fuck everyone else.. Thats the american way.

    • not being smart but i have to wonder now if it was the intentions of this countries founders that america has become a country of users?? People who are in the business of taking advantage of their own people to make a buck? People who pledge allegiance to the american flag but screw their fellow citizens every chance they get? It could very well be with good ole george washington the founding father of this country and of the freemasons??

    • Joe Thielbar tey have thier own worker and are guv subsidised…TWATWAFFLE

    • Rick Montague GOTT DAM RIGHT FUK TESLA

    • Rick Montague – Wouldn’t know, how many slaves did the good ol’ cherry tree chopper own?

    • they are your idols joe thielbar not mine.

  • It must be hard not having made a profit since you sold your google stock. Its easier though when the government steals from the people togive you 5 billion dollars

    • …it’s the American way. Start a corporation of your own if you think its so easy!

  • Also, Tesla is a car only the more fortunate will get to own. So how much of this is to “save the world” rather than ease the guilt of the rich and famous and massage their ego into thinking they’re doing good!

  • O no! How will the corporations get there money cough er I meant government

  • Please explain “renewable”. lol

  • This factory is larger than anyone by volume including the Boeing one in Washington. Seeing how I’ve been on the premise its clear this factory is the seed to the plant that will reach mars for the top elites. Why else would you need such a large facility? They aren’t just building cars, batteries, auto pilot wiring harnesses and racing fuel as well. Which are the underlying mats for space travel. Beyond that elon musk is no better than Edison he is not a physicist yet an innovative economist.

  • Still has to dig for materials to make the batteries, I don’t consider that renewable

  • Martyn Green

  • Are you serious? If it is so great, why is the company considered prime for bankruptcy and being called worse than Solyndra? If it is so great, why does the federal government have to subsidize the company, as well as subsidize the wind and solar industries in general?

    If it was so great… the free market would be doing it without any government mandates and without the government attacking oil, coal, gas, natural gas and nuclear energy.

  • Liam Odinn Barnes

  • The thing is, when you count the mining, refining, transportation, manufacturing, etc that goes into this, it’s just like those 120′ tall windmills, they will NEVER recoup the energy and “Carbon Footprint” that went into making them… and the “generation” of the electricity to recharge it, more of a carbon footprint than an efficient flat-4 or compact V-6

    THEN, when you throw in the Crony Capitalism that allows these business like Tesla that would not have survived without the Cronyism, well, that’s just MORE of the Government hand in our pocket and LESS freedom of thought and prosperity.

    SOOOOO, from “The Free Thought Project.com” should be nothing but criticism of this for it’s harmful aspects to a free, open-market society. See, Elon and his projects are stealing land, stealing resources and destroying the Free Market with his Cronyism… so DON’T be like Elon.

  • Gotta get me one of these tobe released tesla’s

  • But when a private citizen wants to live off the grid, law enforcement steps in?

  • And paid for by our tax dollars. What a great deal!

  • Govt Subsidies. Yuck.

  • my 1974 chevy pick up is also a sustainable vehicle, It is 42 years old and still runs just fine.

  • So a factory can detach from grid, but a citizen can’t. Tell me where is freedom.

  • nice one. more publicity please.

  • It cannot be ff grid, it is illegal to be off grid.. Or so the government tells me!

  • At an estimated 2.4GW of energy needed to power the factory…. would only run when the sun is out. There are not enough batteries in the world to make it offgrid in this point of time.

  • When does he start building terminators there ?

  • A car for rich people built by a rich guy built in a factory paid for in part by using millions of our tax dollars

  • and paid for by taxpayers who’ll never see a dime in profits as elon enriches himself before the shame comes to light and tesla goes out of business.

  • This is how everything should be! I wish I could work with this guy! My off the wall ideas might go somewhere then?