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Texas Cop Caught on Video Pepper Spraying Innocent Motorists as they Drove By

Fort Worth, TX — On Monday, Fort Worth police have confirmed that one of their officers is under investigation after a video was uploaded to Facebook showing him pepper spraying innocent people as they drove by on motorcycles.

The video, uploaded by Facebook user Chase Stone, captured the dangerous and downright insane actions by this public servant. The video was posted with the following description.

During the big ride today we had a law enforcement officer, that looked as if he was pulling over a truck, stepped out of his vehicle with mace in hand and began spraying it towards the riders with intention of causing an accident!!! This is a video EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH!! Law enforcement is here to protect and serve, not intentionally try to harm others

Luckily, Stone had his HD helmet cam on and caught this maniac in his despicable act, otherwise, no one would have believed it.

The video was brought to the attention of the Fort Worth police department on Monday and they have passed it along to internal affairs. The FWPD say they do not know who the officer is, however, you can see in the video that the patrol unit number on the vehicle appears to be ‘185’.

The Free Thought Project contacted the Fort Worth police department to get the officer’s name, however, our calls and emails were not immediately returned.

The actions of the officer in the video below are beyond unreasonable and, in fact, enter into the realm of criminal behavior. Had one of the motorists wrecked as a result of the pepper spray, the results could have been catastrophic.

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There is no amount police logic that will justify the careless deployment of pepper spray into the faces of dozens of bikers travelling down the road. This officer needs to be fired immediately and arrested.

Fort Worth Police Department complaints on Officers line. — 817-392-4270

During the big ride today we had a law enforcement officer, that looked as if he was pulling over a truck, stepped out of his vehicle with mace in hand and began spraying it towards the riders with intention of causing an accident!!! This is a video EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH!! Law enforcement is here to protect and serve, not intentionally try to harm others… Please, share this video with others to raise awareness about these particular behavior's being displayed by many of our local law enforcement employees.***THIS WAS BEYOND DANGEROUS***

Posted by Chase Stone on Monday, March 14, 2016

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.
  • charles l Claitty

    What the hell, A thug and a criminal.

  • Steve Harper

    and 1 bullet to the face would have ended that threat

  • Spike Anderson

    someone figure out where he lives…

  • Gina Loyd

    The intent was the motorcycles over for HIS safety. His method was not only illegal, but could have been deadly. I’d say get him for aggravated assault.

  • Steve Schriber

    clearly 183

  • Andy Cripps

    Looked like he feared for his life. To be fair motorcycles can be scary.

    • Jerry Pannullo

      You’re a little pussy.

    • Carol J Robertson

      You have got to be kidding. They were nowhere near him.

    • Armando Soto

      Really? He “feared?” “Motorcycles are scary?” Yeah, for the rider mostly! Wow, that comment is almost laughable. If not for the fact that his actions could have caused bodily harm, or worse, your comment would in fact be laughable. There are two things wrong with your comment. You can argue against these positions all you want, but these two things I will say cannot be argued against successfully…. (1) STAY IN THE FUCKING CAR!!! If he truly feared, then why the hell get out of the car? Why not let the motorcycles pass first, then get out? (2) DANGER IS WHAT HE SIGNED ON FOR!!! This particular job will have elements of danger, so how is this guy supposed to be a good cop if he has fear for a partner? Seems to me like you cannot wrap your head around the FACT that what this “cop” did is simply criminal. This cop was not in fear, he was one of two things; either of which is NOT good…. He was either incompetent, or deliberate! Either one of these should be enough to get him discharged with the later possibly bringing criminal charges.

  • Angela Baker

    This makes me ashamed of fort worth

  • Susan Ayers

    Yep, unit 183

  • Cam Alft

    this criminal cop will say he did it to make sure the bikes didn’t hit him during the stop,or thyat he felt danger to his being from the loud pipes or that he feared for his very life from all the big bad motorcyclist,some crazy shit he will use for simply wanting to cause great bodily harm…..all cops are corrupt,they willingly work for a corrupted system,all cops are corrupt……………..

    • Armando Soto

      Seriously? “ALL” cops are corrupt? You can seriously paint the entire law enforcement community with a single brush storke? OK then….. ALL black folks are criminals…. ALL Mexicans are rapists….. ALL gay people have Aids…. Should I go on? That is how ridiculous your comment reads! I will concede that there are many bad cops out there. In fact, I sincerely believe that the officer in this video should not only be discharged, but he should have criminal charges levied against him. Any cop that has had ever been caught on video doing something criminal should automatically be fired and processed under the law the same as all people. That being said, I was a victim of corrupt police officers myself, but I still know enough to understand that the actions of a fraction do NOT make the actions of the whole! Just like in every group of preofessionals and non-professionals; there will exist negative elements. At a recent Trump Rally a white man told a black woman to “go back to Africa.” Many people were angry and name called this guy everything under the sun. The problem is that no one really understood why his comments were inappropriate. No one disected, they just made blanket comments. This is how you sound… You’re angry at the actions of cops, so you just name-call without truly distecting or understanding. Because, if you truly did, you would know that there are good cops out there!

      • Cam Alft

        well,glad to see someone actually agree’s with me..but as for your brush stroke,that is stupidity.ignorance of how the system works,i get it,but ignorance of the law[s] is no excuse..and that is the law..believe it or not..that is the law LEO’s follow..if you don’t know what that is,then i would not spout off like some child throwing a tantrum..
        all cops are corrupt,they work for a corrupted system willingly and knowingly,all of the LEO’s,every last one of them.it is so bad some sheriff’s,the official upholders of law are even corrupted by the very same system,and there are some US marshal’s also corrupted by that system,but i did not include them,because they are the true upholders of the law….now LEO’s are just people hired to collect taxes and generate revenue for the county and state,nothing more than responders,ask a cop some time and see the reaction you get,go ahead try it kiddo and see what you get…just like a lawyer,they are all nice to you until you mention admiralty laws or constitutional law,then it will get shitty real quick…….see son,there is a second set of laws on the books the average person knows nothing about,and that’s the way they want to keep it….to keep people stupid,ignorant about what is going on around them,as in”ignorance of the law is no excuse”..
        so when i say ”all cops”,i mean LEO’s,not the sheriff and deputy’s or a US marshal…….you need to learn the rules first before you play….

  • Thugs with Pepper Spray

    Someone needs to kill that MF.

  • [email protected]

    Looks like assault to me……. If one of us did that, we would probably not live to tell about it. These FUCKERS are out of hand….

  • Guest

    Perfect example showing the CONTEMP for the citizens of this country held by each and every police officer in this country. They no longer serve the public interest, but their masters.

  • Granny Good-Law

    Why not start up a list for psycho cops like there is for sex offenders? Would you want to live next door to this maniac?

  • Deaundre Ward

    So. Devils advocate here… In most if not all states it is required by law (lawmakers made these laws) that motorists move to the ‘fast lane’ when an officer has a car pulled over. Technically, all of the bikers were breaking the law, just in mass so that it doesn’t seem as bad to us, but it’s actually much worse. So, the cop may have been in the right.

    • Kirstin Ramsey

      By law, you either move over or slow down. You can stay in the lane next to the shoulder, but you have to slow down because there’s always a chance you can’t move to the next lane.

  • FeshonALfliP

    These cops are out of control. Disband all law enforcement and start over for Christ’s sake.

  • Attempting to blind innocent motorcyclists as they drive by? Yeah, totally within department policy. You’ll see when his friends “investigate” and find he did nothing wrong.