Austin, TX — Austin City Councilman, Don Zimmerman took to Facebook last week, and in a move that he will likely regret, made some ridiculous statements. He attempted to compare gay marriage with pedophilia.

On Friday, Zimmerman was called out during a city council meeting for his obstinate social media remarks.

“Somebody who wants to marry their partner, who’s in a committed relationship with somebody, I mean there’s a level of consent there first of all, and pedophilia generally there’s never any consent,” said Will Davies, who asked Zimmerman to respond to his comments.

Sadly, Zimmerman’s comments are popular to many people. Those who would use the force of the state to legislate “morality” often make strawmen arguments as means of backing up their flawed logic.

In fact, also coming out of the ignorant bigot closet this week was Minnesota Vikings cornerback Josh Robinson. Robinson took to twitter on Friday to make the same comparison. Below is a screen grab of Robinson’s illogical tweet, it has since been deleted.

jrob tweet

Oddly enough, as debate over gay marriage continues across the country, most people are missing the point completely. That point is that marriage equality does not come from government. The state should never be involved in a consensual contract between two individuals.

When the state gets involved in dictating the legality of the decisions of consenting adults, people are labelled as criminals for their personal choices. You get bigots like Zimmerman telling adults who they can and can’t marry. You also get vile politicians keeping an incredibly effective medicine from children whose lives could be saved by a plant.

Below is the Facebook post from Zimmerman’s page, it has also been deleted.




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