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New Study Shows ‘Land Of The Free’ Is in Swift Decline, Many Countries Pass Up US in Freedom Rank


Everywhere, USA — In a comprehensive new study conducted by 3 world-renowned think tanks, the United States has fallen on the human freedom index from 17th to 20th place, out of 152 countries in which data was analyzed. While the conclusions of this study may not be shocking to anyone who has been paying attention. The implications of the US falling into a dystopian state are far reaching.

 “The performance of the United States is particularly important, because of its importance in the world and the fact that so many people in the world traditionally look to the US as one of the bastions of liberty,” said Ian Vasquez, director for the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity and lead author on the report.

For decades, we have seen personal liberties being stripped away in favor of government ‘protections.’ People for many years looked toward the government to shield them from a diverse array of social and economic problems. Due to this, the US now ranks 31st in personal freedom according to the report.

Government solutions tend to create more problems than they solve. The war on drugs alone has cost over $1 trillion to date and has led to the US having the highest incarceration rate in the world. Despite this ridiculous police state, drug use remains consistent, while drug enforcement policies continually lead to corruption, unnecessary violence, and death. Data from the report also suggests that economic regulations, that in most cases are influenced by special interests, are actually hurting the majority of Americans.

“It has created a system that helps larger institutions benefit and increases the costs for smaller institutions,” Vasquez said.

Increased government use of Eminent Domain for oil and natural gas pipelines is an example of these policies and is cited as a violation of individual property rights as well.

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According to the report:

“Countries in the top quartile of freedom enjoy a significantly higher per capita income ($30,006) than those in other quartiles; the per capita income in the least-free quartile is $2,615. The HFI finds a strong correlation between human freedom and democracy”

This news is just another story in a long string of incursions on freedom in this country. In February of this year, Reporters Without Borders ranked the US 49th out of 180 countries on their World Press Freedom Index according to CNN.

Here is a list of the 19 countries ranked ahead of the US on the Human Freedom Index:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Switzerland
  3. Finland
  4. Denmark
  5. New Zealand
  6. Canada
  7. Australia
  8. Ireland
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Sweden
  11. Norway
  12. Austria
  13. Germany
  14. Iceland
  15. Netherlands
  16. Malta
  17. Luxembourg
  18. Chile
  19. Mauritius

It’s time to face facts America. You are no longer ‘The Land Of The Free.’

Johnny Liberty is a researcher and investigative journalist. You can follow him on twitter @LibertyUnltd

  • Define free.. How is something more or less free, either you’re free or not. That’s how I see it.

    • Maybe like they offer “free shit?”

    • That’s the problem with all political arguments…. No one ever defines their terms. If people would get into that habit, there would be less to talk about.

    • Ultimate freedom = anarchy. Work your way back from there.

    • America…the most unhealthy….”free” country
      Highest incarseration rate…
      Soo many things fucked up…

    • Well shit man that has me thinking now. Thanks for your input. (no sarcasm intended)

    • We are most definitely not free, and it is because of govt regulation. And liberals always want more regulation.

    • If your saying liberals want more regulation your already in the faults, both parties, fucked this country up, religion, region, and wealth have destroyed this planet. No argument needed there

    • The human freedom index is a study that collects data on the overall lifestyle factors that impact a persons ability to live the life they want without constraint. Of course, this is relative, but some countries are freer than others.


    • More: greater in amount, number, or size: extra or additional
      Less: a smaller amount of; not as much.

    • Tamby Schakir Like, a serial killer who kills and rapes 9 people is less evil than a serial killer who kills and rapes 10 people… I get your valuable point.

    • There is only Freedom or Tyranny. There is no left or right.

    • If you are free, you can’t be bought! Most people are just cheap.

      The HOOD Votes (YES) to:
      1.)Legalising the Hood
      2.)Legalising the Weed
      3.)Legalising Prostitution
      The HOOD Votes (NO) to:
      1.)GMO “Food”
      4.)FedStream “Media” like CNN, FOX, NBC
      (WARNING: Be aware of Lying FedTrolls)

  • maybe canada

  • Unless you are a gun owner….

  • Happiness starts with you. Not with your relationships, not with your job, not with your money, but with you.

  • Why do we close our eyes when we pray when we cry when we dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt only by heart.

  • Tanya Jacquez

  • Unfortunately, we have people that give freedom up willingly in this country.

  • This post makes no sense.

  • Lolol i Love how the Texas flag is on that picture of “other countries” Texas represent ! The Dirty D

    Peep my page if ya dig art and grafitti maybe give her a like
    “Dallas Sky Line”

  • Unfortunately, most if not all of these countries are client states of the US and will be thusly capitalized as such. Said “freedoms” will decline as capitalism marches forward.

    • Have a read of the new book “The WikiLeaks Files – The Word According to the US Empire”.

      I bet you won’t be Lol-ing then, Lest Oberg.

      Ignorance is a choice.

  • Texas flag? I’ve been thrown for a loop someone help me here.

  • Ana Frances u see which flag is there?

  • If this scale was honest and accounted for the Patriot Act, Freedom Act, TPP, NDAA, etc the USA would be closer to dead last where it belongs.

    100% at the bottom of education though… met people from all over the world and nobody is dumber than the Americans.

    • Generalizing a population of 300 million, as being Dumb, when it’s been Americans innovating everything for over 100 years, it’s pretty dumb in itself.

    • Not when you look at all thats happened since 9/11 and nothing has ever been done in protest.

    • And merica is like 30 years behind the rest of the world so please enlighten us with all the USA’s amazing accomplishments

    • it appears that there aren’t many
      dumber than Jason York

      for Jason, every day is a no brainer

    • If Americans weren’t cowards and did what Iceland did the world would be an amazing place

    • dead last? lol. our women can drive and we have unrestricted internet and tv(minus nudity censorship and whatnot, which you can get around)

    • Hahah “women can drive” … obviously you’re referring to Saudi Arabia (Merica’s Ally and co-founding supporter of ISIS)

    • im from the uk, ive met smart americans and dumb americans, ive met many dumb brits too, i dunno the stats on the average IQ of each nation, but you are in no way the only ones with idiots roaming around.

    • But statistically they have the worst education system in the developed world. It’s a fact. They have the most uneducated electorate of the western world with gives rise to cretins like trump.

    • Yup^

    • can someone please tell me if someone is campaigning to abolish the president and senate positions, and replace it with anarchism/direct online democracy? because someone should. and if they are you should be pushing it on social media. the tools to bring about a real democracy are right in front of you.

    • because your candidates scare the shit out of the rest of the world… al of them.


  • can you own guns there? then I wouldn’t call that free

    • Cant even carry a damn knife or pepper spray in England. What a joke!

    • From all the stabbing stories I’ve seen coming out of England, I’d say you have plenty of people carrying knives there despite what the law says

    • guns are fairly easy to own in Canada

    • Canada has freedom of anything.

    • Indeed they do still carry them, which highlights the stupidity of such bans.

  • All countries with gun regulation. Interesting.

    • i would say all countries have gun regulation in one form or another but if that’s your only measure of freedom, that’s a little disturbing

    • I think this meme is based on the human freedom index. It is a pretty comprehensive and well regarded study. I’m not from the us, but if i had to define your culture, it would be summed up in the 1st and 2nd amendment. It seems ironic to me that both your freedom and oppression are tied into the same ideologies.

  • More stupid shit form this page. First, not liking America and “Freedom” are two different things, there might very well be countries that are more free but that doesn’t mean I want to live in them, and if someone doesn’t like America why do they remain? Also, it’s not easy to measure “freedom”, many of those studies which rank countries don’t disclose their methodology and raw data so it’s tough to take them seriously.

    • if someone doesn’t like america they should be the last ones to leave. they are the ones to change it for the better

    • That’s easily the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day, congratulations! I’ve met Muslims who live here and hate America because we’re not an Islamic state, but they should stay because they make it better?

    • Lest Oberg I’m familiar with those reports but my point from above still holds, those reports only tell us the result of the study, without seeing the raw data and knowing the methodology used to extrapolate it’s tough to give it much hard credibility.

    • watch out for those scary muslims

    • i’m far more worried about the people that live by talmud law

    • The description and methodology is listed in the report in the link. It is completely referenced if you want to analyze it in more detail.

    • Todd Patterson Ok, so is America better off with a Talmudic Jew changing the US to suit their preferences? You have even less of an argument than you did before.

  • I have a quick one for you, I am male, late to middle age, single, no offspring, no property, working.
    Am I worth anything?

    • Depends. Are you a trump supporter?

    • Wrong question.

    • I do apologise, trump, hmm, if your populous elects him, then I will leaving the UK and heading south..still wrong Question.

  • what crack me up and got me LMAO is these people that are hell bend on tell people to go back where they come from.. have no root there everyone today in the united states have ancestral root from other countries from around the world, just because you are born there dose not give you the right to denied other the opportunity you where given… check ya self!…please leave the argument it is hollow and stupid.

    • But my grandparents came to this country legal, disease free and wasn’t a threat of any kind to any one. Was yours?

    • I do not answer stupid remarks like that, thought you where better educated than that… legal and disease free…please

    • Omg Some ppl so ignorant . Legal ,desease free And No threat ?! Tell this joke all native Indians.

  • Chris Bevan-Mulder

  • Lol Canada is no more free then the states.. Every shit policy you sleep on an let in we inherit .. Free..lol

    • i’m from Canada and traveled to the states many times. feels like a prison to me

    • America is what’s wrong with the world

    • Chrispy Smith you wear the mask of Anonymous so you should know Canada is less corrupt and more free than the States . I don’t believe your a true Anon member just one of those want to bes ❤️??

    • Canada is no less corrupt then the states. We are in the same situation as Americans. We deal with the private banks. So unfortunately we are just as bad .. Just not alot of light shed on it.
      I’m no wanna be .. Nore a fan of that group either… This mask was first shown to us in the movie vendetta ..

  • So go there

  • I know that’s right. Poor native Americans anyway. Morons here

  • Which one of those “Allow” their Citizens to own and carry a gun?

    • if that’s your only measure of freedom,you need to check your moral compass. BTW, I’m a Canadian gun owner

    • Wow. You gathered that much info from a 1 question post? You must be a psychic or a mind reader or something. And you own a gun? Canada ALLOWED you to own a gun? Man, you must be very responsible and trustworthy for the State to ALLOW you a gun. (Too much sarcasm?)

  • are people in those countries also money slaves to insurance industries like USA residents are?

  • Ummmm not true for more than half of the flags listed…..what about property rights, gun rights, speech & religious rights?

  • And I will call a crackhead if I need help because they don’t shoot my fucking dog

  • remind them that the only thing welcome in USA is their money. Once a person runs out of money, he or she is a perpetual trespasser, an obligate commuter facing incarceration each time they stop moving. While incarcerated and doing slave labor which the prison profits from, an inmate racks up an enormous pay-for-stay debt which is a pipeline back to slave prison.

  • Checked out the states for a few years. Made a few suggestions on improvements.. was told to love it or leave it.. I did! Current location.. Halifax NS

  • There Is Nothing Free In America Anymore, Thats Why I Moved Out Of The USA !!!

  • I hope you all die. AMERICA IS THE MOST FREE

    • Please explain, E.g. Scribbles.

    • America is the most free and you all should be ashamed of your traitorous ways! We built democracy, we gave people the freedom to live a life without boundaries, less your a minority and in which case need to prove your american and be a good citizen! It’s just how it goes for you all. We made America free. Just because the government doesn’t allow certain things doesn’t mean your not free. You’re absolutely free! Free to choose from the things you’re safely allowed to partake in. It’s the American way, we have to protect her people and national security is the most freedom you can get!

    • It’s 2015.

      Not 1915.

      Times are different. I like how you mentioned nothing about the NSA though. 🙂

    • The NSA was created for the protection of YOUR FREEDOMS!! Why else would they be looking at your Facebook messages or texts or anything else? They say they don’t keep records on regular folks so you just need to believe them and don’t ask questions. If terrorists are attacking they need your commitment to ensuring safety, and if that means for them to read your Facebook or listen to your calls its just American to do so. If we keep going against the USA we could break down as a society. People need to be protected. Next you know all of our neighborhoods will run rampant with pot and raw milk, people will be out without shirts on showing their bodies! This is horrible, and is not the American way. Vote, pay your taxes, the government knowns what they are doing with the money anyway. All you’ll do is buy things for your families, but your families need to be protected FIRST

    • Oh, sarcasm ?

    • Hahah I hope it is sarcasm.

      Tell me again how good the Patriot Act is…

    • The patriot act doesn’t matter. Don’t read things we aren’t cleared to read. If its important the people from the news will tell you…less you’re all evil traitors like snowden. Then you’re all free loving commies that need to go to Mexico or Canada or wherever the hell you want to act like non Americans. Probably don’t even own an assault rifle and you like kittens. Pansy

    • ^^^this dude is funny^^^ “if its important the people from the news will tell you” ….let me guess, fox news??!! Haha wow!

    • E. g. Scribbles has been brain washed and I think he needs to take his medication , I see he suffered from more than one illness . Poor old American probably will not even admit the Bush administration took down the towers and much more. Be gentle with him I think he’s on the edge realizing his Country is one of the worst countries in the world certainly the most dangerous even the cops kill you and all politicians are corrupt . Oh goodness this is so hard for him . Give him a Kleenex and be kind , he’s not well❤️??????????

    • Wasn’t it the Romans who built democracy?

    • Paul Robertobotman Willis Athenian Greeks, if you were a freeborn citizen male, no foreigners, women or people without Athenian citizen parents need apply.

    • Lol every time. I don’t even think very hard on the bait. Sad thing is, this will still get OMG STATIST comments hahahahahahaha

  • One thing I’ve learned in life: The stronger the words ,the weaker the argument.

  • Yeah, people that think we need to become a totalitarian society in order to prevent a totalitarian society from taking over.

  • Best Country in the world , I love all of Canada especially British Columbia ❤️

  • Pretty sure australia doesn’t fall into that category anymore…

  • It is sad that we preach freedom to the world but yet we are ranked #20 in freedom. We are as free as we wanna be as long as we follow the restraints that are put upon us by the masters we have elected.

  • And if attacked they would be defended by America
    The irony of a world that is screwed

  • Will Marshall

  • The American people are blind sheep you all think you’re free you’re the furthest thing from it but too stupid to know it

  • I think you should all know the difference between free Country and free . Don’t act like you are stupid the U.S is a Country I never would visit . The once was beautiful Country of The United States of America is gone . But if only you would stand up and unite together your voices will be stronger and louder than those who have ruined your Country . No violence needed just Unity and Voice . I would love to see you great again my sister Country . ❤️

  • Let me tell you something, Hong Kong is not more free than the US but thanks for pointing it out it is a country, not a “Special Administrative Region” under the Communist China regime.

    • Why do you say that?

    • The political environment is unhealthy and the government keeps pushing our people to the limits by amending a law about copyrights issue (section 161). If this amendment pass in the LegCo, the most extreme case would be you getting charged by simply sharing a post on Facebook. Please notice being charged and actually be found guilty are different. Although it seems little, it is highly possible will swat your house similar to protestors being swatted after the umberella revolution.

    • My sister-in-law lives in HK and says that as well. Mostly she still loves it there though.

    • Silly kid, even if you don’t think freedom there is high, it is definitely higher than the US. We have an unhealthy oligarchy that has horrible copyright laws and monopolies or duopolies in almost every field of business, many enforced by law. Almost everything is illegal here, though enforcement is selective.

    • At least you can bear arms and fight the regime if necessary, we, the Hongkongers can’t even bring knives with blade length over 3″ in the public. The police has no mercy on innocent civilians, using military-class pepper spray (which can cause permanent damage to skin) and baton to beat up unarmed people.

    • Hok Him Josh Tsui Bear arms=freedom?

    • It’s your natural right to bear arms

    • The reason why Hong Kong is not a country is in 1997 she was forced to be “returned” to the PRC. The PRC had no relation with Hong Kong before, including WWII (it was mostly allied forces and indians who fought for us) and after, except bombing and shooting our people on 1967 a.k.a left-wing riot, which was led by the Communist Party of China.

    • Hok Him Josh Tsui natural right to bear arms wow in what world not mine that for bloody sure

    • Well if you know how our society works as a social contract, I will rest my case.

    • Hok Him Josh Tsui my society does not think like you

    • Kathy Clark speak for yourself or your society is dumb.
      Self defence is the Ultimate and Natural Law,
      just because you have given up that right and chose serfdom,
      does not mean the rest of the world wants to also.

    • europe is the best of course when compared to others.

  • I don’t care where you go. If you don’t like America just leave

  • 5 smh

  • I don’t believe this for one second .

  • Then I’d wish them a genuinely heartfelt farewell and tell them not to let the door hit them in the vag

  • don’t let the door knob hit you in the ass.

  • Not in my world. Try taking from me.

  • In 5 yrs half of those countries will be under sharia…..

  • United Kingdom or maybe Constantinople

  • I see our flag there. Please don’t suggest they come here

  • Good luck getting into any of these countries with the yahoo mentality displayed by the typical teabag “freedom” lover. They know better than that.

  • On the point of lesser intellectual persons…….do these dumbasses know that it was the US that pushed for globalisation and globalisation means…..a Goriila from the DRC can now have access to a visa to come to the united states and pay tribute to the Empire State building.

  • We all agree the US has serious problems.

    Instead of more laws and shitty politicians, we need more freedoms.

    Sounds like we need Ron Paul.

  • Dont think Hong Kong is so free anymore

  • What’s more free?

  • Britain should not be displayed in this collection of flags
    Let alone a few others

  • not anyone*

    … And, you should probably research your statement a bit. Albeit, there are quite a few idiotic Americans (as there are to be in any country), the country’s educational ranking is not last.

  • “That are more free.” There is NO SUCH THING. Either you are free or you are not and no one that lives under government rule is free. As long as other people are making our most important decisions for us, then we will never be free.

  • 19..?????

  • As I’ve said before, no country with a hate speech statute is more free than the United States. Any place where you can go to prison for calling somebody a mean name is not free.

  • Well I’m from Ireland ya can’t sneeze without da government taxing you for it.

  • Go team!

  • Take Ireland off that map.

  • Really? Free to own a fire arm in those countries?

  • Doesn’t matter to me, just pick one and go.

  • European nations that take 60+‰ of your pay through various taxes aren’t very “free” in my book. Also, many supposed “free” countries will clamp down hard on you if you say anything considered WRONG. Freedom of expression is relative in places without a near-absolute guarantee of free speech.

  • This is the stupidest thing I will see all day…..yea lets move to Chile, because south america is so free these days

  • Socialism was made for consumerist nations. If you all pool in you can eliminate poor quality production and share the best and most efficient products and services cutting down on waste and creating billions of jobs. You would need intelligence to regulate that sort of thing. America is doomed

  • What was done to native America’s was genocide, and then slavery with Africa’s. Now everybody are slaves to debt. Joke

  • With the U.S. pushing Russia and China. Uruguay sounds like a good place. Now If I could only afford to move there. Anyone care to make any donations? Come on all of you if you don’t love it leave it talkers.

  • Canada wouldn’t allow Howard Stern on the radio.

  • also remind them that not every country will just let whoever come in like us. Most places you need to obtain a visa just to visit, They won’t let you move there just because you want too. You either have to be self-sufficient and make at least like 6 figures, or you must have a real skill like doctor or scientist to go live and work. So good luck just up and moving to another country. There are a few you can go to, but all of the great ones won’t let you just move there.

  • once again so inaccurate i cant even list the issues with this post

  • if they dont like it in the USA they are free to more where they wish…. so long…PC types

  • Yeahhhh, UK isn’t what I would call free, our leaders been sucking ‘mericas dick for a fair while now.

  • countries with gun control is not free

  • Which just proves if they don’t really like it there’s the door. They have plenty of other places to live then.

  • Mike O’Malley I will still take USA and vote for changes I think are necessary. …no better place to be!

  • i dont see a greek flag and thats a shame.. the 9 stripes on the greek flag mean: elefteria h thanatos (E(1) LE(2) FTE(3) RI(4) A(5) h(6) THA(7) NA(8) TOS(9) in english (Freedom or Death)

  • Brace yourselves, “How dare you even suggest that the USA is not the most free country to ever exist!” comments are coming.

  • Swe here, I wanna move TO the US. Sweden is NOT freer. GLHF defending freedom when you can’t own a goddamn repeating rifle without going through lots of beaureacracy.

  • Russia is more free than USA and any other artic circle country

  • don’t move. you are succeeding more and more, every day, in enlightening your citizens. looking at age demographics, it’s only a matter of time. but keep campaigning hard. fight propaganda with propaganda. because it is integral that it happens as fast as possible. gods speed folks. the world thanks you.

  • Interesting article. Stupid meme.

  • Australia? you fucking serious? lol

  • glad to see my country in there

  • And look at the turmoil there already suffering for being that way.

  • 19? There are at least 120 countries in the world who enjoy freedom!

  • Depends on the freedoms your looking for those countries aren’t as free as ours

  • Most of those countries are highly regulated.

  • Free my ass. Here’s a few things I have been barred from doing in Norway in the pas or present (either banned or required a mountain of paperwork):
    – Buy or use a skateboard
    – Buy a RedBull
    – Buy a wireless phone
    – Buy an answering machine
    – Buy or use a personal watercraft
    – Buy or use an electric bicycle
    – Buy or use a Segway
    – Buy or use a CB radio
    – Buy or use an electric bicycle
    – Buy or use a gun
    – Buy ammunition
    – Buy or use a powerful laser pointer
    – Carry a box-cutter
    – Buy or play with nun-chucks

  • Agreed! Please move to any of the 19 countries you mentioned. I guarantee not one of you in America who like this post will do it. Hypocritical America hating Socialists.

  • I wish one was Scotland

  • If I could I’d leave. But the system has me locked down.

  • After reading the comments it looks like where ever you go, there is freedom as defined. Dying is the only freedom. Not yet. Lol

  • We’re fucked no money no freedom.

  • The fact that countries even exist is a damn joke

  • You can take Australia off that list. Our new anti terrorist laws have made it legal to “de- radicalise” school children.

  • I’m gonna stay here, I actually wanna help my country not bitch and moan about it. I love my country I just the people who run it and drive it into the ground

  • This page should be renamed the anti american project

  • Pretty funny. The US ranks 36th in the world for education to boot.

  • A deeply sick country!

  • actually, I’ll be more straight…

  • my great grand parents are native americans…I’ll just thell the “white people”…go back to where you came from??? bet they wont like that….uh?

  • Chile!

  • Mauritius isn’t more free, maybe more tolerant to other cultures nut not more free.

  • Just here to remind you all that canada does not exist fyi

  • We need YOU to Help us spread this #TRUTH. Click ‘Like’ + Share + Comment (even 2 words) & help us reach more people! (y)

    • interesting opinion of two great minds…. Alejandro asks why no one wants to fly…..Bedil, a 17th century writer from the east says no need to worry about flying because in this world no one can fly outside of the cage…..

  • “Life is too short to wake up with regrets. Love the people who treat you right, Forget about the ones who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy. They just promised it would be worth it.”

  • Indeed I did

  • Good quote but that guy is a douche

  • That’s why we’re killing so many soldiers right?
    Not a laughing matter really, it’s only treated like one…

  • Wish they would do a new season of Bullshit! They have absolute gold currently!

    • Loved that show, still watch the episodes…

  • Tax and control.

  • So you are kid napped beaten and drugged, or forced in some manner to use drugs. Between the addictive qualities of the narcotic and your addictive personality you can’t stop using. Even when well removed from the situation that forced you to start. Is it better to be in a society that allows you to continue using this drug, risking overdoses or accidents when high… Or would it be better if the drug was not as readily available, there were penalties for being caught using it and help given to stop using???

    Somethings you don’t wanna put in your body, but it hard to stop once it’s happening.

    • You may find the answers you’re in looking for in Portugal

    • Beau De Jengles lol

    • this is kind of stupid. If someone forced you to be an addict in the way you’re describing that would be assult. If you get hooked and if you become a danger or you need help that is what rehab’s are for. Hell if im addicted to fatty foods which are terrible for my health and i wanted to stop I am free to go to weight watchers or seek medical counsel. Why should this be different? Why do I have to be arrested or stopped? Why is this a police matter and unhealthy foods, alcohol, cigerettes, gambling and other vices not? Why only when it comes to certain things I like, is the government allowed to dictate what I can do with my body and will even punish me for punishing myself? It is insane man. Best weapon against drug use is education. Tell them what it does and if they have any sense they won’t do it, just as it is the same with any other vice that isn’t criminalised.

    • Totally irrelevant to the post.

  • including vaccines or NOT, buddy…

  • You can’t use that heroine because its too life threatening to you and others… But the belt feed machine gun you have is fine, so long as you buy our ammo for it…..

    • Where do you go to buy your belt fed machine guns? Haven’t seen any machine guns available to the public without a class 3 ffl. Tard.

    • “Belt feed machine guns”

      The fuck are you talking about?

    • You are literally too stupid to be allowed to breed. Sterilze yourself you are already doing enough harm with the oxygen you steal.

    • I am well aquainted with firearms and I know several collectors. None of them own a belt fed machine gun….and a firearm is a regulated item which is legal. Heroin is not.

  • Land of the free (caution: freedom not present)

  • Well sed babe..

  • I would add, “If you’re forced to put something into your body that you don’t want to – flouride, vaccines, chemicals – you’re not living in a free country.”

  • I love the statement, but you have made your money by misleading others …..where i envy your ability for the same reason i doubt your credibility x

  • Too bad he doesn’t have an issue with mandatory vaccines. It makes him a hypocrite IMO

  • Once in a great while, he says something true.

  • And you should be able to drive as fast as you want and endanger as many people as you can. There is a common sense that doing thing that endanger others or cost our society money to repair is a limit we must protect. Freedom comes with responsibility and some need to be shown what that limit is. I should not have to pay for your stupidity.

    • Read about the complete hell that was unleashed when Portugal decriminalized all drugs…


    • You should post thst on the main page .

    • Amen. I just posted the same above. Some people have a serious problem understanding that.

    • And this is why alcohol is illegal too…oh, wait no, alcohol is not illegal.

    • Drugs only harm the individual putting them in their body. No one else. Weed harms no body.

    • No one said anything about disregarding other individuals safety. If a person wants to consume what ever substance in their free time. That is their decision not yours.
      You want to associate the actions of hateful, selfish and ignorant fools in direct result of using drugs.
      People have been selfish, arrogant, and reckless since the beginning of time.
      What you fail to see is that there are innocent people who can self medicate. Who had done nothing wrong to any one else. Yet you feel you have a right to support prosecuting people who have never wronged you in any way.
      That makes you a bad person.
      Who is arrogant and selfish.
      You want to punish some one for driving recklessly. Good.
      Instead your punishing the person who was driving safely but had something you don’t want them to have.
      How about you offer help. Provide a solution. Okay the human body feels like shit all the time or you can only be really feel joy if you use this drug that releases dopamine’s that stimulate euphoria and feelings of joy.
      Instead of the pretend it works method in aa or using belief in god.
      How about a medication that works substantially. Not a pretend it works anti-depressant.
      A real significant affect. You take the pill and in thirty minutes you have more energy, feel happier, optimistic, feeling alert and aware.
      If this were incorporated into rehab clinics. Adjust to taking a supplemental medication that makes significant difference.
      You would eliminate the need for the other drug. You would find only real criminals would be using drugs.
      Nah nah the prosecute and hateful response method has worked so well. Thats how we help people. By taking away time that they can never get back.
      I can’t think of a more dickless piece garbage way to claim to help others.

    • Patrick Scully that is not correct. Drugs do not just harm the indivudual using them. They destroy the family of the users, the users steal or even kill for the money to get the drugs, if they kill? they destroy the victims lives. They cause or are responsible for robberies, burglaries, murders, extortion. You and I pay for that. We pay for prisons. We pay for drug counselors. We pay for disability. We as a society pay MILLIONS to care for the children of drug addicted mothers. Drugs destroy lives and communities. its a scourge. it affects all of us in one way or another wether we realize it or not.

  • Read about the complete hell that was unleashed when Portugal decriminalized all drugs…


  • Oh please if that’s the case then no one is free stupid

  • It’s a Journey , not a destination .

  • moderation in all thinks that can hurt a body.. has nothing to do with freedom// my opinion.. take your chances.//

  • Agreed

  • Not even a sip??? Hmmmm

  • I also want the freedom of “putting whatever I want in other people’s body as well”… now please don’t be critical of my wish of freedom just because it’s a little “different” than that of yours. (y) 🙂

    • You know that’s not freedom because it violates the DNH rule.

    • Richard Lilley well that’s the whole point of the post as well as my comment. Who cares about rules?

  • There’s all kinds of celebrities we say we’d “love” to see as president, but Penn Jilette would be the greatest president in American history.

  • This is so true.

  • Great Wisdom, Take Advise !!!

  • If Liberty can be defined as independence. Or freedom with not being confined. Then drug use should be a personal decision. That should be a public health concern not a criminal one. This was my first realization that freedom in America was bullshit.

    • if you put those drugs in your body? that is indeed your choice. But if you then drive and injure or kill someone or yourself or the person you bought it from uses the money to purchase a weapon and kill someone….suddenly we become culpable. Total freedom is Anarchy. The more freedom we have? the greater the need for us to understand its implications because the price is freedom of responsibility……freedom isnt free, nothing is.

    • This would be the difference between a victim and a victimless crime.
      The ruling class found a clever way to create revenue and increase America’s police force with the war on drugs. To make illegal search and seizure legal. Increase pharmaceutical and private prison profits. Or crime prevention to me another hoax. No actual crime happen but your getting charged for one. Insanity in my opinion.

    • Kevin , how about the damage caused by unregulated capitalism . Yes a few white collar crimes go to recreational jail but way too little . The system picks on the little guy and allows the big guy much greater freedom to destroy not only himself but others all in the name of capitalism

    • Wait a second now, am I culpable if I buy something from Target and the clerk then uses their paycheck to buy a gun and commit a crime? That is fucking hogwash! The quote refers to simply being “allowed” to put things into your own body, not what you do with your body after that. It is already illegal to kill people. And you say “anarchy” as if it’s a bad word and everyone who reads your comment will agree that it would be bad. I suspect you have no idea what it actually means.

    • William Geibel Im not a supported of unfettered capitalism…anythin taken to an extreme is usually not good and leads to abuses….

  • Leo Franzone

  • It’s not being a free human being on this planet. Government has absolutely destroyed everything.

    • and we as people elect our governments. So we must ask ourselves why the hell do we vote for these clowns?…We the People are the government in theory but its not how it works anymore. Govt now exists as its own entity working for its own goals and the goals or corporations and wealthy indivuduals. Our govt has long since forgotten it WORKS FOR US….not the other way around.

  • Thanks captain obvious. Freedom is a mere illusion.

    • thats an extemely interesting statement you made…”Freedom is an illusion..” Why so?

    • Misdirection

  • Its not the act of doing the drug of your choice that’s illegal it’s the posseion of the substance that’s illegal. It only illegal to consume an intoxicant while operating a vehical. Thats why marijuana was out lawed through the Treasury Dept

    • Marijuana was outlawed in the twenties because white folks and black folks started to become friends from bonding over jazz and weed. So yeah that why its illegal

  • Does that include TOXIC vaccines too Pen? Pen you’re a BIG PHARMA shill!!

  • Its not about ‘your own body’. Its about protecting others from your actions taken after you ingest crap like cocaine.

    • Such as?

    • Patrick Scully such as high driving and drug-induced murders. PCP makes a person crazy.

    • And those those laws against PCP usage or hard drug usage is stopping who exactly, Tina?

      Exactly. Nobody. Please stop being dumb.

    • Tina Heskett?…now your talking!!!

    • Brandon Fiadino the laws as they exist proovide ample punishment for the possession or sale of narcotics. What the laws fail to do and cannot do is STOP THE DEMAND for the item…thats what must be adressed. Where its grown, manufactured, refined, stored. That is what must be attacked and eradicated. In addition we must as a society come up with better overall plans to discourage drug use. This combination of preventative agressive action against the supply as well as action to prevent a demand can greatly reduce the problem.

  • Screw Penn. He believes glyphasate-treated GMO food and toxic vaccines are safe and great.

  • Damn hard to pull the wool over Penn’s eyes.


  • Don’t put that plant in you mouth
    But you can overdose on all the xanax big pharma can shove in your purse

    Wake up nation

  • The name of his show is “Bullshit”. I’ve never farted or burped.

  • Samson Joseph Maciasz Neck

  • People get to make bad decisions

  • Living in a free country does not mean we should be able to do any stupid thing we want to…common sense…a thing of the past!

  • Time to wake up people!

  • as long as you can deal with the consequences of your actions and not expect others to pick up the pieces,, why not.?

  • It’s a shame that his opinion doesn’t doesn’t reach as far as mandatory vaccinations.

  • Love Penn & Teller they expose all the bullshit.

  • he was dependent on food, we all have our popson

  • one of those i really agree with on nearly every issue…

  • I have believed for a long time that our personal freedoms and civil rights are slowly being eaten away. Of course, people think you are nuts if you say that.

  • I find this meme troubling, though. This is the same logic tobacco companies used to try to squash legislation mandating the labeling of cigarette boxes. “It is their body, if they want to smoke a pack or two a day, they can!” These companies wanted to hide the fact that their products were cancer causing and addictive.

    It should be noted that our opinions aren’t free either. If we want to poison our bodies with tobacco or processed foods, that desire is likely the product of a highly effective advertising regiment directed at making us desire these products.

    I should state that I am pro-legalization 100%, but we should be careful about defining the parameters of freedom. Sometimes our choices aren’t always free.

  • Please (Y) + Comment + Share this post. Thank you from all of us at The Free Thought Project.com.

    • Quit it! For a minute there I kept hearing an echo -sounded like Baaa-rack, Baaa-rack. Obaaa-ma.

    • Go vote Otherwise shut up about it.

    • Charles Blackburn Cognitive dissonance: Voting for the lesser of two evils is not a choice, but rather the illusion of it; puppets come & go ,while the system remains the same…until we rid ourselves of The Electoral College, Lobbyists, set term limits for Congress ,(to get rid of “career politicians”), & put a cap on corporate campaign donations NOTHING will ever change!!

    • Patrick Joseph Smith So you’re admitting, there is a chance for change. Not easy, but there is a chance.

    • Sal Spagnolo: Perhaps, but I don’t see it happening by participating in this corrupt system…

    • Patrick Joseph Smith -I know, but you can’t give up the fight. Can’t make it easier for the pricks.

    • Sal Spagnolo: Indeed…

  • Yes. Why else would the repukes suppress voting? Why spend Billions on campaign ads? Why try to make people think it doesn’t mater, so stay home, don’t vote. There is a difference, vote Blue.

    • Great ad hominem brah. It’s cute how you want to make Republicans sound like they’re the only ones doing that when Democrats are just as guilty. Yet you leave that part out.

    • Jared Wolkens No, only repukes are trying to suppress the vote. That’s why.

    • Good pup.

    • LOL

    • You are truly ignorant if you think Democrats aren’t doing the same thing.

    • Jared Wolkens -Well, I’m sure you’re a Fux person, so please, educate me.Cure me of my ignorance. I’m always willing to learn. But just the facts, not fiction.

    • Exactly which republican has ever said voting doesnt matter, stay home, dont vote? Name names.

    • Sal Spagnolo: Both the Republicans & Democrats alike signed the TPP & have sold us out to the oligarchy…wake up!! (Towing the Party line is participating in the distraction, nothing more…)

    • Repubs are not “saying” it they are making it harder for the people that would vote for progress.The biggest BS is they claim voter fraud. The fact is that’s a good reason to make it hard for many people to vote. The message of don’t bother to vote, might as well stay home, is being put out by “anonymous” , or “well meaning” groups. Look at this group, they’re telling you your vote doesn’t matter.

    • Patrick Joseph Smith – Agree they are both for sale. I can only look at who has done more harm. Who votes against,Vets, homeless, and poor? Who hate Obama, more than cares for America?

    • I think you’re full of shit but I can promise you, no idiotic republican has ever steered me towards not voting. I came to the realization that voting changes nothing all by myself just by simple observation. Tools like you run around claiming their least favorite party does this and that when in reality they both do the same crooked underhanded nonsense. “Who does the least damage” proves you dont really have a choice.

    • Just had seven years of blue. Did it make any difference?

    • Lmfao, you think your vote counts? You’re a good little liberal statist. Good luck with voting for your blue party.

    • Scott McCall -Good for you Scott. Just remember that both parties are the same. You know how Bush & Cheney destroyed the economy,(GOP), and how Obama (Dem) dug us out of a shit storm.But you stay home and keep thinking there is no difference. Gays now have marriage,more equal rights, people can get healthcare. And repukes, I’m sure your friends, want to take as many freedoms away as possible. Yep, your right,don’t vote, see how many steps backwards we can take.

    • They have marriage where the clerks agree to do their jobs…. Don’t forget. Gay marriage was legal when that bitch Kim Davis or whatever her name is decided it was her duty to deny ……

    • Obama dug us out of a shitstorm? Bahaha im not a republican, you small minded twat. Cant even wrap his head around someone who doesnt claim political affiliation. Broken minded people.

    • Oh Scott, you hurt me so badly. Please stop, I can’t take it. You’re just too smart for a twat like me.You idiot.

    • Im an idiot who doesnt want to impose my beliefs on you which means Im better than you. Religious extremist.

  • Many just don’t get it!

  • The same thing happens world wide. I’m from Argentina and here people eat the two party bullshit in mouthfuls too, just like you do in the states. We also have the extreme right here, and something very similar but with a more populistic flavour to it. It always amazes me that even though some people are actually very intelligent in many fields of life, and really well-intentioned, nevertheless they fail to see through the capitalists’ charade as if they were dumb as a rock

  • It’s brilliant when realizing that rock,paper,scissors gives you more options than a presidential election

    • Oh, no! With r/p/s, you only have 3 choices. The presidential race gives a dozen repubs, and a handful of demos and 3rd parties, which gets narrowed down to 1 repub and 1 demo…umm, nevermind.

  • IF I COULD I’D GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE TOO..Even If Turkey.l Wins..THERE Still IS Gonna Be A WAR!

  • This is some really shitty propaganda, The Free Thought Project.com . If we don’t exercise our rights, then they will have a reason to take them away. If we come out in force to vote, then maybe the corruption will be harder to hide. But telling people voting doesn’t matter? Irresponsible.

    • Telling the truth is irresponsible? Pro wrestling is more real than presidential elections. And better entertainment.

    • I’m not saying the system isn’t broken. But implying that your vote doesn’t matter is just another way to make people give up. Only two states have voted, with wildly different results. The people spoke.

    • We don’t have any rights, nor are we given any choice with our parties. We don’t need them to listen to us; we need them gone on a global level.

    • Okay good luck with that. Unfortunately as U.S. citizens, we are in this game. To just not play, is letting someone else speak for you. They obviously want you to give up and you bought it.

    • What part of “the next president has already been selected” do you not understand? Care to guess who it is?

    • Okay Gary, no one should vote then. That will solve everything. The absent revolution.

    • But even if every person who could vote ,voted what would change ?

    • Thank you!

    • I’m with you Rosie! Voting is the only hope we have right now. The problem is a majority of the country doesn’t understand that our government has been hijacked by the military industrial complex and the gang banksters. Not voting will only empower the criminals even further.

    • Voting for the “lesser of two evils” is still voting for evil….. If NO ONE VOTED and somehow someone still won, people would STILL be blind to the fact it’s a puppet show….

    • Voting is in place to give the illusion of a choice or as said previously ‘a right to exercise’. If you want to exercise a right that you can actually hold get a gun before those are taken away from us and we will for real be at the mercy of the hands of the goverment.

    • Rosie Doyle Don’t you realize that was just the popular vote? The super-delegates voted for Hillary over Bernie already?

    • “No the U.S. popular vote does not matter

      As long as there is an electoral college system to decide elections, the popular vote is really in effect meaningless.”

    • New Hampshire just proved that the super delegates ignored the “people” and went with the crony system. Sad but true.

    • Super delagates only “pledged”. They don’t actually vote until later, and to save their asses, they always vote with the people. You are spreading propaganda lies for your own arguement.

    • All you people talking about how voting doesn’t matter need to stop and think for a minute. You are absolutely correct that the system is rigged. We can’t JUST vote and hope everything turns out. That being said, when the voting is close, it can easily be manipulated to the favor of those running things. But think about if we had mass awareness of the true state of things and everyone voted. There is no way they could manipulate the system to that magnitude. The will of the people would have to be implemented. If not, a revolution would occur

    • This thread reminds me of when I was a little kid playing Monopoly with my cousins. If I was sorely losing, I would flip the board and cry. Like if your ideal candidate didn’t make the cut, the next best option is to quit and convince everyone else to quit as well. Because you know, making campaign reform your most important issue would be too rational.

    • It’s a rigged game. Vote all you want – it changes nothing. If the good guy happens to win, they change the rules and the people get nothing.

    • 5,000 people left the country last year and renounced citizenship. 200,000 became citizens. This site needs to practice what they preach.

    • If voting mattered it would be illegal. Period.

    • If voting doesn’t make any difference then why are some politicians trying to restrict it?????

  • Ask Thomas jefferson, or John adams they willingfully participated and didn’t heed Washington’s warning

  • Well what do you suggest we do? By voting, we have some voice

    • No. You don’t. You have the illusion of choice.

    • So we’re just slaves to the system? It’s hopeless?

    • I understand what you’re saying. I have a friend who’s the same. But when I ask him what to do with his information that the system is broken, he has nothing to say. He recognizes there is corruption and evil in the government but there’s no solution he offers. I’m seriously asking. What should we do if voting is useless? Just let the government do it to us?

    • “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Form militias and start arming up. That’s what you do.

    • By asking others what to do, instead of formulating ideas on your own, shows how dependent they have made you on having someone else tell you what to do. They have brainwashed you and dumbed you down to the point where independent thought is nearly impossible. It’s okay, they try that with everyone. Question is, will you continue to let them?

    • You are right. I have no ideas on what I should do. But how can one person go against an entire government? My main point was that if we do know that they control everything and we can’t do anything about it, then what choice do we really have? Are we just screwed forever?

    • Did one person do it in 1776? Or any other time? First thing is to get enough actually awake to join togther in a “critical mass”, which does not have to be that large of a percentage.

    • It’s a tough nut to crack when we are so divided by racism, classism, political affiliations, religion, borders, and a number of other equally meaningless and useless things, that it would take a very long time to get enough people on the same page to even start a revolution, let alone sustain and “win” one. Are we screwed? Not necessarily, but we are running out of time and options. I do know this; if you give up before the game even starts, you’ve already lost.

    • I do agree with that. They have divided us by class, race, ethnicity, religion, and several other things. It turns us against one another and has caused so much conflict

  • the super delegates are the key

  • Easier to point out the problem, than it is to develop a solution.

    • your right man, anyone can poke holes in a system or process, its quite easy actually and small minded people take it upon themselves to do so. Finding a good solution requires real thought which is hard to find. The solution to the worlds problems is abolish money…now try to get people to support that..nearly impossible.

  • That’s why there’s a progressive independent democratic socialist to vote for.

  • Debra Baldwin

  • We are not in a parliamentary system nor can political parties form coalitions. Our system is set up as a compromise or gridlock government. Therefore, or government favors two party politics. If that is to change, our whole form of government must change.

  • Thats why we need a Democratic Socialist!

  • Flag on the play: Improper use of meme.

  • “No More Chumps” “We Want Trump” !!!! We The People Have Spoken !!! Trump 2016 & Beyond !!!

  • You guys site your own website as a reference? There were no external links to reference where you gathered your information.

    How are these links to your website considered reference?

    • Because when you go to the articles for those topics, they have links to multiple references… You know, like, when every other media outlet references an older story, they aren’t going to send you to another site first. First, they want you to go back to their own old article, then the other site references. Because doing it this way gives them more traffic, more views, more ad revenue, etc. So click on those links, read the old articles, and then read those references in the old articles. Thanks.

    • ^Okay…… that answered why anyone puts a link to their website. Getting traffic to it. Didn’t really ask for a description of why it’s desirable to have people visit your website.

      The picture states certain “facts”. To justify those “facts” they reference their own website. The pages you navigate to talk about the subject, but are not specific with where they gathered the information from for it to be factual. There is no referencesto exact other websites, books or articles. So it’s basically having to just trust them because it sounds good.

      Since there isn’t anything additional to click to from where they navigate people, nor is there a reference to exact locations to verify the specific sources they use, it is more a tabloid site then (for vanity and opinion). Not sure what qualifies as a reference for you, that doesn’t for me.

    • 5,000 people renounced and didn’t come back to this country while 200,000 became citizens…. They’re either dumb or really bad a math.

  • Vote for the registered independent.

    • And watch your vote disappear in the Electoral College as its set up for the two party system… Even IF you wanted to vote for a candidate OUTSIDE your registered party (D, R,I) your vote goes to what you are registered AS…. You’re a Dem and want to vote Rep, you must RE-REGISTER Rep in order for it to count Rep

    • In most state primaries perhaps. Bear in mind that Bernie is a registered independent who happens to be running for the Democrat party nomination.

  • Super delegates don’t mean anything. They fall in line with the popular vote. Adding the super delegates is just a scare tactic from the Hillary camp to discourage Sanders supporters. http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/02/after-sanders-big-win-in-new-hampshire-establishme.html

  • Justin Olvera

  • I really can’t believe it …i can’t even believe i used to be unaware …it is so obviously corrupt as fuuuck

  • agreed. mid terms proved to me that it doesn’t matter. the same snake, just a different head

  • 20th? I thought we were 11…

  • So what would you have people do?

    • Stop believing that you have to have others tell you what to do.

    • Gary Schachtner, thats a wonderful statement, but as for application it really doesnt mean anything…

    • Its actually impossible with the number of people congregating in small areas. With out a governing entity there would be untold levels of chaos, simply because of human nature

  • Must be millions of them. But for every one that leaves there are ten coming here

  • If everyone who could vote ,voted what would change ? Would we not get the same government we got last election ? I never vote , only voted once for a friend running for mayor , he didn’t win ,If we want real change we have to take away the outrageous salaries of pollutitions ! Three times the average salary for serving your country ? Our servicemen get less than average wages for serving their country , are they not doing the same service ?

  • Shhhh ,
    Just let it happen

  • Stop with the anti voting bullshit or suggest a better alternative you fuckwits!

    • How about you stop with the pro-voting or suggest a better alternative?

    • Go fuck yourself. How’s that for an alternative?

    • Excellent. It shows that you are incapable of doing what you expect others to do. You don’t actually want to hear any alternatives, you are too busy defending the status quo.

  • Maybe a vote for Bernie Sanders will move us in the progressive direction.

  • Derek…

  • if you idiots would stop voting republican completeley we could get somewhere

  • Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like our government, I don’t vote Republican or Democrat, & I don’t watch the mainstream media.

    But at the same time, conspiracy theorists & truther movements are just as much as liars & hypocrites as corrupt politicians. Their “inside stories” are tainted with bias, exaggeration, bare assertion, & sensationalism, which makes them no better than the mainstream media (sometimes even worse).

    Truthers really don’t care for truth as much as attention out of pretending to be “whistleblowers.” They also brag about freedom, but are elitists on anyone who rightfully disagrees with them (even if the debunker despises the government). Their false conspiracy stories can easily be debunked, but no matter how strong the evidence is the truther will always deny all of it to the end.

    On top of that, so called alternative media sources are a corporate scam to exploit your tin-foiled hattery. Alex Jones, David Icke, Jesse Ventura, Mike Adams (aka the Health Ranger), David Wolfe, etc. are execs who are taking advantage of you truther nuts, & it’s big business. But hey, that’s corporate America at work.

    Real truth seekers are like Edward Snowden, who went on the run for exposing the NSA spyings. Or Gary Webb, who got clipped as payback for exposing government involved drug trades with cartels. You conspiratards are still here spouting your “truth seeking” garbage on both social media, & public. I wish there were more real whistleblowers than all the counterfeit attention wannabes we have nowadays.

    Politicians, truthers, who tells the truth nowadays? I don’t trust either side at all, but myself & whoever has real common sense to focus on real problems.

    And yes, I’m a former truther.

    • Spot on. It boils down to people’s dependence on news, truth or not. Its almost like a habit to ‘get informed’ about news. You can trust no one but yourself.

    • Not easy, just try and get as close to real as possible.

    • Maybe I’m not alone after all. You nailed it.

  • Ever hear of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders ?

  • *and people still think federal elections will actually change anything.

    If you don’t fix the electoral nothing will change. Eliminate Rep and Dem control of at least half of our states and watch things change.

  • We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect a man who encourages the public to Demand what they want – No Other Politician Compares to Senator Sanders. Period.

    You should be constructively criticizing the systems injustices… Not our only Hope! People/groups like you make the Real Activists look bad! So blinded by the hate from being disillusioned, that you can’t even see an honest man in front of you!

    #hypocrisy #nothoughtproject #berniesanders2016

  • I constantly think of fleeing or becoming a traveller. I would really miss my homeland but not the country that resides on it.

  • They are all the same, show them the money and they all fall like a House of Cards, by the way that’s a very revealing show about how our political leaders work.

  • if you vote for Bernie Sanders yes things will be hard for him but, change will be started b/c he wants to fight for what he is saying and he has a 40 year record of doing so. the repulicans that are running are loose cannens and are most likly are going to send the USA to war. Hillery changes here ideas with whatever will get her elected.

  • Time for us mexicans to stop the flood of illegal immigrant from north of the border, have customs shoot and kill them with no accountability. lol

  • WAKE UP! Its all an illution to keep you consuming and staying a sleep!