António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, urged countries across the world to lend financial assistance to Yemen during a conference on Tuesday regarding the country’s humanitarian crisis. “We are witnessing the starving and the crippling of an entire generation,” Guterres said. “We must act now to save lives.” The Washington Post reported that their fundraising effort has raised $1.1 billion so far out of the $2.1 billion sought by the U.N.

A statement from Unicef  and the World Food Programme released on Monday highlighted the increasing hunger epidemic in Yemen, with close to 2.2 million malnourished and 7 million people “not knowing where their next meal will come from and in desperate need of food assistance.”

“If we act now, many lives could be saved in Yemen. We call on the international community to urgently provide us with sufficient funding and to help us avert famine across Yemen,” said WFP’s Muhannad Hadi, according to the statement.


While Unicef’s statement and much of the mainstream media has called much-needed attention to the horrifying situation in Yemen, these reports have failed to address the United States’ role in Yemen’s plight. The media has instead chosen to use vague terminology such as “ongoing violence” and “administrative blockages” without taking a deeper look into the policies of our government that have lent support to unconscionable treatment of civilians in Yemen.

ABC News touched upon the issue of hundreds of attacks in the country, while Unicef’s statement noted that “violence has made large parts of the country inaccessible to humanitarian workers, cutting off vulnerable children and families from urgently needed aid.” To understand why Yemen is in such peril, it’s critical to look further into the United States’ tangled web of foreign policy and how it affects this region.

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Gareth Porter, an investigative journalist, historian and analyst who has provided ample coverage of issues in the Middle East, wrote that the Saudi coalition has wreaked havoc upon Yemen civilians through a “war strategy of maximizing pressure on the Houthi resistance by destroying agricultural, health and transportation infrastructure and by choking off access to food and fuel for most of Yemen’s population.” At the same time, the United States has “played a crucial role in enabling the Saudi strategy responsible” for the crisis faced in Yemen today:

“The United States has enabled the Saudis to pursue that strategy by refueling the Saudi-led coalition planes bombing Yemen and selling the bombs. Equally important, however, the US has provided the political-diplomatic cover that the Saudis need to carry out this ruthless endeavor without massive international blowback.

The Trump administration has gone even further in supporting the Saudi strategy.  Whereas the Obama administration opposed a Saudi-led coalition offensive to regain control over the main port of Hodeidah and the rest of the Red Sea coast, saying it would worsen the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the Trump administration has clearly given the green light to the Saudis to launch that offensive.”

Porter wrote that the United States favors its relations with Saudi Arabia despite their unspeakable acts of violence toward civilians. He went on to point out that in 2015, the U.N. security council had called for “humanitarian pauses” in their resolution on Yemen.

Following strong objections from the Saudis among other coalitions, that mandate was removed from the resolution. The Saudis, according to Porter, went on to execute a strategy that “included not only bombing raids that targeted Yemen’s fragile infrastructure for transportation, food production and medical care, but a naval blockade, ostensibly to prevent any arms from reaching Yemen, but also clearly intended to limit severely the population’s access to foodstuffs and fuel.”

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In February 2016, the UN Security Council reportedly held several meetings regarding supplying humanitarian provisions such as food and water to Syria and Yemen; while the council sought to ensure providing “humanitarian access” to these countries, the Saudis objected once again and successfully put those initiatives to a halt.

According to Porter, the Saudis have executed a vast number of violent tactics which have led to tremendous suffering among the people of Yemen, and the Obama administration was complicit.

Now, under the Trump administration, U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia are expected and Defense Secretary James Mattis is eager to increase its support for the Saudi coalition and has “all but pledged additional support for the Saudi-led fight in Yemen this week” according to a report from The Hill.

New Hampshire-based writer Annabelle Bamforth is focused on breaking the left/right paradigm through new media and local politics. Annabelle is the editor-in-chief of Emmy-winning journalist Ben Swann's Truth In Media Project and a producer for Mr. Swann's Truth In Media episodes.
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    It’s a very complicated problem that requires a LOT more intervention than just “buy them some food,” so I hope all this money they’re raising is going toward buying at least as many fishing rods as fish… metaphorically speaking.

    It takes ecological assistance to turn raw land into productive farms and ranches. It takes military protection from other nations to keep corrupt local governments from looting the population’s food supply and fencing it on the export market. It takes educational resources to teach people how to live on the land they own and if that’s not possible, they need the resources and support to move somewhere else.

    Then you have to think about the local economy and merchants. A lot of well-meaning freebie drives have pulled away just in time for all the local shops to start closing down and moving on for lack of business. What happens when the free beans run out and there’s no longer a grocery store?

  • Lola Twinkle

    Saudi and the Yemen government are fighting against Iranian backed rebels who are xenophobic,anti-semitic Islamists who no supoort that huge numberof marriages between adult men and 9 year old girls. So…Yemen, Iran and Saudia are involved in this….yet you claim the USA is the problem….I guess you know that most people dont know whats going on so theyll accept your word…. Remember how far Obama had his tongue up Saudi’s arse for 8 yrs BTW and how much Hillary was pledged by them, before you start on at Trump…It would have been better if youd just said…People are starving and need help NOW, rather than getting all political in such a disingenuous manner.

    • junktex

      You should work for the NYT or Washington Post or other “fake news” source.

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        Totally! Those writing skills are just too valuable to be wasted. The impeccable spelling, the flawless sentence structure, the perfectly judicious use of punctuation… frankly, I’m a little jealous of such a talent!

    • Richard Plunkett

      Anti Semitic? Or anti Zionist Israel? Big, huge, MASSIVE, difference. Like, big league.

    • Samantha Lynn

      You seriously just made that big a leap? Did you READ the article? She very clearly stated Obama’s complicity. And it very clearly IS political. And if you’re a trump supporter…which obviously you are because you just made an important and multifaceted article an excuse for attacking Obama and defending Trump, you should be very much against the US sale of arms to Saudi. Just because Obama fucked up doesn’t mean Trump is innocent.

    • Kolo

      Moron alert!

  • John C Carleton

    The pedophiles who operate the USA Federal Evil Empire Are SOB’s, liars, murders, baby rapers, thieves. What do you expect?

  • Tony

    Why are they asking for donations for exactly? The money won’t go to buy food as the Saudis have a blockade in place.So in effect it would be divided amongst corrupt officials an likely used to pay the Saudi mercinaries answell​ as to the advantage of the Saudis by glossing over the effect this murderous U.S an U.K supported Saudi coalitions genocide an destruction of Yemen.The U.N is just as guilty they give the Saudis cover an a green light by not calling it for what it is.The U.N has lost any credibility.The way to stop this is for the corrupt U.N officials to be arrested an replaced with people that will do there gob an for the rest of the world to turn on the U.S an Saudis an make them accountable.Do this an the U.K an other puppet nations will follow suit.This won’t happen an the genocide will never be aknowlaged it will be blamed on Iran an the Houthies an the guilty will get off scott free like always

    • Richard Plunkett

      Agreed. Btw, I would like to introduce you to the word “and”, lol.

      • Tony

        Sorry if I spelt something wrong I didn’t realise we’re playing Scrabble