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Top Neuroscientist Explains How Big Pharma’s Adderall Is Essentially Crystal Meth

Anyone who’s ever been given one of their friend’s Adderall knows the powerful effects brought on by this tiny unintimidating pink pill. Increased energy, enhanced ability to focus and concentrate, and a euphoric sense of being are the most common effects of this drug.

Coincidentally, increased energy, enhanced ability to focus and concentrate, and a euphoric sense of being — are also the most common effects of crystal meth.

So, why are these effects so similar? Because the drugs are nearly identical in their chemical structure.

meth adderall

Dr. Carl Hart is a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University. Hart is known for his research into drug abuse and drug addiction. Hart was also the first tenured African American professor of sciences at Columbia University. He received a bachelor of science and a master of science from the University of Maryland and he received his Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Wyoming. By all accounts, he is the expert in the field of drug use.

In a recent article on his website theinfluence.org, Hart explains that the only major difference between crystal meth and Adderall is public perception.

Hart explains that this perception of illicit meth is largely due to misinformation put out by public service messages.

Perhaps it has something to do with public “educational” campaigns aimed at discouraging methamphetamine use. These campaigns usually show, in graphically horrifying detail, some poor young person who uses the drug for the first time and then ends up engaging in uncharacteristic acts such as prostitution, stealing from parents, or assaulting strangers for money to buy the drug. At the end of advertisement, emblazoned on the screen, is: “Meth—not even once.” We’ve also seen those infamous “meth mouth” images (extreme tooth decay), wrongly presented as a direct consequence of methamphetamine use.

These types of media campaigns neither prevent nor decrease the use of the drug; nor do they provide any real facts about the effects of meth. They succeed only in perpetuating false assumptions.

Swayed by this messaging, the public remains almost entirely ignorant of the fact that methamphetamine produces nearly identical effects to those produced by the popular ADHD medication d-amphetamine (dextroamphetamine). You probably know it as Adderall®: a combination of amphetamine and d-amphetamine mixed salts.

Hart admitted that he too believed that methamphetamine was far more dangerous than d-amphetamine, despite the fact that the chemical structure of the two drugs is nearly identical. However, after thoroughly researching the evidence, Hart shattered this belief.

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To back up his claims, Hart and his team conducted a study of 13 men who regularly use methamphetamine. During the double-blind study, the men were given a hit of methamphetamine, of d-amphetamine, or of placebo. According to the study:

Like d-amphetamine, methamphetamine increased our subjects’ energy and enhanced their ability to focus and concentrate; it also reduced subjective feelings of tiredness and the cognitive disruptions typically brought about by fatigue and/or sleep deprivation. Both drugs increased blood pressure and the rate at which the heart beat. No doubt these are the effects that justify the continued use of d-amphetamine by several nations’ militaries, including our own.

And when offered an opportunity to choose either the drugs or varying amounts of money, our subjects chose to take d-amphetamine on a similar number of occasions as they chose to take methamphetamine. These regular methamphetamine users could not distinguish between the two. (It is possible that the methyl group enhances methamphetamine’s lipid-solubility, but this effect appears to be imperceptible to human consumers.)

It is also true that the effects of smoking methamphetamine are more intense than those of swallowing a pill containing d-amphetamine. But that increased intensity is due to the route of administration, not the drug itself. Smoking d-amphetamine produces nearly identical intense effects as smoking methamphetamine. The same would be true if the drugs were snorted intranasally.

The significance of Hart’s study has a paradigm-shattering effect. On one hand, it shows that a drug, which is legally taken by millions of children in the US, is identical to an illegal substance associated with a slew of negative traits. On the other hand, it shows that meth users are not much different from the millions of Americans who take its legal form.

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The use of methamphetamine in the United States is actually on the decline according to U.S. National Drug Control Policy Director R. Gil Kerlikowske. However, there are over 3.5 million American children currently take an ADHD drug, a nearly 500% increase since 1990.

It seems that the pharmaceutical industry has figured out a way to market ADHD to the masses in an attempt to sell them their legal version of meth.

As Dr. Hart so eloquently says,

It took me nearly 20 years and dozens of scientific publications in the area of drug use to recognize my own biases around methamphetamine. I can only hope that you don’t require as much time and scientific activity in order to understand that the Adderall that you or your loved one takes each day is essentially the same drug as meth.

And I hope that this knowledge engenders less judgment of people who use meth, and greater empathy.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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  • This is true! I have personal experience…

  • Rebecca K McCann

  • Kimberly Ann Puffer

  • …no, chemically they are much different. read everyone

  • It’s probably much cleaner and safer then meth. One more example of how the private market can make better, safer drugs then what people get on the street. It’s time to decriminalize drugs.

    • Adderall is NOT an example of the product of a free market!

    • It’s not cooked up in some violent, Mexican cartels basement lab with battery acid. Please explain.

    • the pharmaceutical industry is highly monopolized.

      Street meth is the produce of a ‘free’ black market, which exists due to the moneyed interests of big pharma, dea, private prison complex, drug cartels, banks who participate in the exchanges between cartels and pharmaceutical industry, etc.

      we need to adopt the drug policies Portugal has had since the mid 2000s.

    • The “moneyed interests?” What exactly do you think drives markets?

    • that goal will require mass public support for the new policies and clear opposition to the old policies. Americans are too apathetic to real issues. they are baited by big money media to care about scapegoat issues designed to divide us and further distract from the Plutocrats pillaging.

    • Mujtaba Rizvi ever take adderall? ever try to stop taking it – ever take meth… how was dropping that. there is a simple fact that pharmaceuticals are way harder to drop because they are designed against just that. street chemists are still learning that. phizer has had that shit down since before anyone commenting on this was even born.

    • ^Let me guess…you are a Bernie Sanders supporter huh?

    • so cleaner or whatever that means = worse.

    • Vince Smith How is cleaner worse?

    • Your logic is the same as Oxycotin to Heroin, or in this case Methamphetamine to Adderall.
      Just because the FDA says it’s ok for human use doesn’t make it any safer.

    • Geoffrey Boles I never said it was “ok” for use. I said it was better.

    • Geoffrey Boles You are missing the point. If someone takes oxy they know what they are taking. If they take heroin they may wind up like Phillip Seymour Hoffman and shoot up fentynal unknowingly and kill themselves.

    • James Maddux the same is still true for anyone on hard pharmaceuticals!

    • James Maddux is just looking for an argument. i gave ya’ll my experience. i have no interest in debating tweekers – later.

    • Vince Smith I’m not a tweaker and you didn’t give an argument. You said “cleaner = worse” what ever the fuck that means.

    • Don’t argue with sheep James. Let the government keep them safe from the evil drugs.

    • Only “better” in the fact that the pills are controlled in manufacturing and its consistency in potency.
      Doesn’t make it safer.

    • It’s also manufactured without all the impurities that you would get from making meth out of battery acid, photo color developer and explosives.

    • James Maddux for chemically produced substances this is true, but not for marijuana based products. sativex for instance is supposed to be a straight extract but there are side-effects reported that do not occur when vaping or smoking the dried plant material.

    • Yes. Thank you James.
      Adderall is not neurotoxic

    • How about people just get lives and dont take drugs

    • Jesse Martin How about people do what ever the fuck they want to with their own bodies?

    • Paul Venneman Well marijuana is obviously a different story and I wasn’t arguing that everything should come in pill form either.

    • James Maddux um it’s not cooked up in the Mexican cartels basement lab. But if you must know Undercover Cops are teaching your kids to cook it in your back yard while your at work or sleeping. And then they watch them sell it only to turn around and have deputy Dan and officer bright lock em in a cage.

    • You’re an idiot.

    • Chad Walker Please explain…asshole.

    • NOT YOUR BODY; NOT YOUR BUSINESS…. there is no debate at all.

    • street meth is smoked… that is what rots the teeth and causes for an excessive amount to be consumed…. much different from controlled use of adderall…. if everyone had access to adderall without a prescription, they wouldn’t harm themselves with meth… duh…… don’t want us to do drugs…. to bad authoritarian brainwashed trolls. you don’t own me.

    • Chad Walker hmmm…. he is an idiot because you don’t agree with him? hmm… maybe you don’t agree bcz you’re a brainwashed sheeple walmartian that humps the leg of authority? pathetic simpleton loser. ;-P” stfu

    • I’m a libertarian and if you guys can’t comprehend how the real world works and that normally harmful chemicals can right out a certain chemical imbalance in one persons head…this immediately creates a market for it. Adderall has put people through school and also created severe addicts. Methamphetamine has never benefited anyone expect in the case of epilepsy and has only created thousands of addicts on the streets. At least in the pharmaceutical industry, its not their fault if you don’t research what they prescribe you because at least you’re getting what the bottle says you’re getting ..in the streets you have no idea what you’re actually getting.

    • Cleaner=more predictable and safer

    • I don’t see people breaking into homes and selling shit at pawn shops for adderall cuz they can just get a new script from their doctor

    • I see people doing just that for heroin. Many of those same people started out on *shocker* oxycontin. Oxycontin is just a controlled amount of heroin made in a pharmaceutical lab.

    • I have a prescription called dextroamphetamine which is a derivative of methamphetamine and I used it for learning plays and staying focused at football practice once I started taking it I instantly was able to remember and keep track of all plays

    • As a recovering chyrstal meth user, if I pick it up again, in any form, I’ll steal from you and not think twice. THAT’S how ridiculously addictive it is. You’ll lose your soul to it. Thank God there are ways out that don’t require being locked up or put in a casket.

    • James Maddux a coalition of private interests from different Industries work together if it’s more profitable for all of them.

      That coalition interest then bribes the state to fix markets, and uphold the their system of regulation that profits them with no consideration for negative outcomes on others.

    • meth is less safe due to zero regulations on production, but pharmaceutical interests are not to cure people. They’re “safer” generally, but still it’s not the proper system. it had moral hazard incentives.

    • it’s all unsafe! don’t you pay attention? geez dude..these days, the best thing to do is to take your vitamins and eat about as healthy as ya can….

    • cause it’s about the only thing that won’t kill your ass.

  • i have personal experience too – meth is easier to kick.

    • Personal experience with Adderall here also and that’s bullshit about it being as hard to kick as meth. I have went from taking Adderall, as prescribed, for years and quit cold turkey several times. I’m tired as shit for a couple of weeks and cranky for a while but that’s it. Again, I took it as prescribed.

    • you took meth as prescribed?!

    • I kicked a 3 yr meth habit cold turkey…now if only I could quit smoking.

  • Just read the label.

  • derp

  • I thought this was common knowledge.

  • “Essentially” is very unscientific terminology. Every chemical structure has unique properties even if perceived as subjectively similar.

  • As a recovering addict I’ve done both. Adderall gives you a meth like high just not as extreme or for as long. And personally, Adderall didn’t give me the hardcore depression when it was wearing off.

    • there is no difference between adderall and meth you were a junkie buying off the streets you dont know what the hell you were even getting!

    • I wasn’t a junkie dipshit. I did it but I lived a normal productive life.

    • Duration and dosage are what factors into the total effect of the drug, adderall can reach the same peak dopamine / norepinepherine releases as methamphetamine if higher doses are used.

      The only notable difference between the two is the markedly shorter half life of Amphetamine which means the drug peaks faster and comes down pretty damn hard.

      If anything this indicates that you you were actually not ingesting / smoking / snorting / IV’ing methamphetamine, you would have experienced much harder comedown symptoms from abusing the Adderall but report the opposite.

    • Sorry for the profanity, your comment actually offended me which is hard to do. And the adderall was prescribed to someone close to me. I never bought off the streets. Well meth kinda, though I never bought it, my gf at the time did, but you made it all sound worse than it actually was.

  • big pharm !.. big drug dealers! .. what did we do before all this toxic shit! oxi for kids under 12! clearner meth?!?! .. what planet are we on that they cant kill us fast enough ! and we talk like its ok ! if a doc gave this perscription to my kid! they there next pationt will be a 300 lbs mix martial arts weight lifter! with no tolerance for this type of shit!

    • Our folks beat the crap out of us for being bad.

    • i got that to ! wouldnt do that to my Kids but would sure nock the smoke out of a drug dealer in a secound!

    • You sound like you need to get high.. like, right now. Go

    • Sean Oconnor lol! that was funny, hey i dont mind people smokin gods Grass, but when you need to become a scientist to mix up you next happy time , i really dont agree! in my fanilly ive seen two younger siblings waste their lives on pharmasuticle , and heroin! each to their own dont hate the victims, just wount stand for the profitears. some one gives my kids any drug , remember one thing !.. i will die for my children … are they prepaired to die for my children as well

  • No. Shit.

  • Wow. No wonder this works so well.

  • Czara England

  • “Duh”

  • That’s exactly what it is. The Doctors know it too.

  • I’ve never seen meth be that blue before except on breaking bad lol

  • Joe Bird read that

  • Good.

  • Is there really people out there who don’t understand this concept? Its synthetic, method came from a Chinese plant Don Huang. (May be spelled incorrectly let’s stay on point) painkillers are heroin, as well as your benzo, and barbiturates. Is that a shocker? Plant wee made illegal, and synthetic were made in a lab so that only big pharma could sell them.

    • Correct. They cannot patent the natural produce, so they make a synthetic molecule they can patent… and them make war on the growers and users of the natural stuff, to protect us from addiction. What they prescribe is not an addiction, it is a lifetime medical maintenance benefit, for which we should be grateful to pay whatever they demand.

    • Good word choice my friend, I just realized how bad I chose mine lol. Ex: bad grammar

    • ephedrine comes from a plant CH2-0 Meth is CH-3

    • Yes but the chemicals your brain releases are identical. That is the example I was talking about. So thank you for giving an example.

  • theres no doubt about that

  • This is not new news, its old as hell, and the new age man has been on these all their lives, Including the girls, its a fucking mess. I worked with these young adults as they mostly needed to stay on these for the rest of their lives because their bodies no longer make these naturally. Most are social paths, the perfect soldier or shitty cops, go figure that one out.This news is not new at all. Oh there’s no such thing as blue meth, its tv shows that are glorifying this shit.

  • The difference other than basic chemistry of the medicine AND the brains of patients, being that people who NEED it are medicated under a doctors supervision and it doesn’t effect them the same way it effects a neurotypical brain. People who steal it from patients, cook it, buy it off the street are those who don’t need help or are self medicating a case of undiagnosed ADHD because they have had to suffer the neurotypical world where they are told they are “bad” from day one! Who wouldn’t self medicate in that situation?

  • And to think they prescribe Adderall for children who can’t pay attention.

    • Yes they do because it works for the treatment of ADD and ADHD. If you understood how the brain works normally and what is not happening in a brain that has ADD or ADHD you would understand the benefits of all of the meds used in the treatment. The studies have proven results. People who are not experts in the field should really butt out. This article is one man’s opinion. There are tons more involved in studies, real studies. Yes Adderall is prescribed for children, teens and adults. The use gives those that need it an edge to be able to function in school or at work and to be able to learn on a level equal to peers.

    • Mic Toker: I am in my sixties and medicating kids for ADD or ADHD is somewhat new. I, myself, would not medicate my child. Yes, the argument can be made that these drugs were not available while I was a young mother, but I assure you, I would never medicate my child so that she has an edge or on a level equal to her peers. Luckily for me (and my daughter) she has a PhD in English lit and is employed in a tenure tract teaching position. Regardless of this case, I still would never medicate my child unless it was a life and death situation. These drugs are prescribed very easily, probably because the physicians are owned by Big Pharma.

  • ‘legal meds’, physically, harder to kick.

  • Naaaawwwwww…been saying for years this stuff is poist

  • That’s what they do to people hook you on drugs…more people die from pharmaceutical drugs than street drugs…

  • No

  • Soooo according to thw government meth is safer then marijuana??.. Well shit, umma buy an 8 ball instead of my usual sack and yak out… Anyone else down? Lmao

  • Lol crystal meth is only blue on breaking bad, can you guys even use an accurate picture?

  • Repeat after me ” Drugs are bad. Uuumkay.”

  • The only benefit in medical studies goes… amphetamines administered before 12hours after a head injury significantly improves memory recovery.

  • Jordan Noland

  • But adderal is absolutely SAFER. the problem is when drugs like meth are illegal, the free market response is monopolized “legal meth” by big pharma and the black market response is monopolized meth by drug cartels

    • In which ways is it safer sir? Methamphetamine has a considerably lower side effect profile compared to any other amphetamine known to man, Adderall is much more potent and short – acting than meth meaning you are more likely to develope psychosis especially during the harsh comedown due to short half life.

      The reason so many illegal meth users come down bad is because their methamphetamine is not pure and they are not using the clinically accepted dose to assist with Narcolepsy (5mg)

    • By meth, I meant crystal meth — the stuff you’ll find in the streets mixed with pain thinner, bleach, etc.

      My bad. That could have been much clearer. I don’t intend to perpetuate bullshit

    • I am prescribed adderall and take it as I should I do not suffer any ill effects from it and I sure do not look like the hoodrat meth heads so yeah I would say it is quite safer. I get so tired of people constantly trying to scare others into compliance or to follow a way of thinking

    • Daniel, if you took, say, 60 mg of adderal per day rather than the normally prescribed 10-20, you might look like one of those hoodrat meth heads. Pure methamphetamine is equally as harmless as dextroamphetamine (at the correct dosage.)

  • Greg Muniz

  • Really got to watch what you believe on this site. Lots of really stupid stuff.

  • Methamphetamine itself is legal in the united states, and is marketed under the brand name Desoxyn in the treatment of ADHD and Narcolepsy.

    Adderall isnt a single bit safer than Methamphetamine as you are getting both the dextro AND levo-amphetamine isomers just as the meth user would

    Levo-amphetamine and Levo-methamphetamine increases PNS side effects of the drug without increasing the CNS effects desired by the user, as a result the user is more likely to ingest a dangerous level of the L-isomer and experience Hypertension, Stroke, Heart Attack, Agitation, Paranoria, Palpitations, RLS etc etc.

    TL;DR Prescription stimulants are just as powerful and addictive as their illegal counterparts and any differences between the corresponding drugs is negligible at best,

    Cocaine addicts have issues differentiating between IV Methylphenidate (Ritalin) and IV Cocaine HCL.

    ALL stimulants are dangerous legal or illegal, including caffeine.

    • At least adderall doesnt contain drano

    • Methamphetamine manufacture does not require drano or any of these filthy chemicals you hear of by the anti-drug crusaders.

    • dont get me wrong methamphetamine is absolutely horrible for a human being, but solvents are involved at somepoint of every drug synthesis and they are no longer present once the drug has been fully purged and is ready to be dosed and shipped out.

      You are repeating crap you heard from a police officer or D.A.R.E officer, not from someone who actually knows anything about the precursors required to synthesize drugs or the means to handle said precursors.

      Both are fucking bad for you, quit trying to bullshit around and make adderall sound better / worse they are the same thing as far as pharmacology is concerned. If anything, as stated earlier, adderall is MORE potent and dangerous because of the shorter half life causing an increased risk of heart attack / stroke / psychosis.

    • I think this is the first time ive ever seen someone know what they are talking about when it comes to this kind of thing.

    • Actually abuse is the problem. Lack of education on how to do drugs reasonably is the issue that needs to be focused. This “drugs are bad” shit is getting old………. you think Lane here knows what they are talking about…. wrong. This is just prejudice fear mongering BS. Drugs don’t affect everyone the same and not everyone losing control. Also, some people really do have problems that require drugs…… Everything Lane is saying is an oversimplification.

    • The problem is the poor diet americans have lacking in omega-3’s and magnesium, high in sugar and were drugged with caffeine when we even want to drink soda. There is no fear mongering going on here, people can use drugs responsibly and recreational drug use is acceptable under the right circumstances if you ask me personally.

      Another gigantic issue with ritalin, adderall, and to a lesser extent caffeine, is that they cause high blood pressure , they raise your heart rate significantly and increase your risk of suffering a heart attack. this occurs at literally the smallest prescribed dose of ritalin in many people.

      Anyways, ADHD doesnt exist as every single human being has 2 or more symptoms of the so called disease, so this shit should be over the counter so i can quit hearing about this “I suffer from ADHD” crap, same with painkillers marijuana and every other drug in existence we should be able to take what we please this is a perfect example, no one NEEDS ritalin to “cure” ADHD they take it to make time fly and have the drug do the work for them, it’s flat out abuse using such a powerful psycho-stimulant for a lack of energy. go exercise, get vitamins B12 and B6, Magnesium, and L-tyrosine that will cure your ADHD by fixing your obvious diet issue

    • NOT YOUR BODY; NOT YOUR BUSINESS! seriously, get the F off us.

    • It actually is my business because i have ADHD as well as every other adult ijn this country and many of us are left locked away from legal access to this medication simply because it can be abused and is handed out by people who have prescriptions but dont take it as prescribed putting them in the black market.
      This is why it is a controlled substance and lawmakers are trying to scare doctors away from prescribing controlled substances through an absurd scheduling mechanism. Im all for it, if i have a migraine i should by all means be able to walk down to the store and pick up some morphine tablets legally just like if you need energy you should be able to take ritalin in the manner you wish.

      which is exactly my point , me and you agree how tweaked out are you? or are you that much of an oaf to take a science based comment offensively?


    • Lane Graham Do you know of any less harmful treatments for ADD (not ADHD)?

    • Shane Maness anyone 21 or older marijuana is a good treatment for ADD. Living proof

    • I agree with Robert, if diet changes do not work than marijuana is always worth a try over prescription medication that is genuinely addictive and kills every day.

      Personally 2 grams a day of flax seed oil a day (omega-3 source), chelated magnesium (400mg a day) and vitamin b6 & b12 supplementation helps greatly with concentration for me and “fix” low energy levels in my body

      Things like Green / chamomile Tea and Kratom are there to try if you are open to herbals. Modafinil is supposed to be a much smoother stimulant med without as much physical risk as many other mentioned stimulants.

    • Lane…thank you. For knowing your stuff and staying calm.

      Adam, it looks from the outside that you and Lane are on the same page…he’s not telling anyone what to do, he’s providing non biased info without judgement. Plus you’re right, abuse (rather than use) and lack of real education are the problems.

      This is a medical health issue, and if dealt with sans the hysteria by society and government, it wouldn’t also need to be a criminal issue.

    • Lane Graham crystal clear info! A lot of what you are saying is the foundation of what I did to help my son who was brain damaged by heavy metal poisoning! Bio medical treatment. Getting the body to its optimal nutritional levels so it can run smoothly!

  • When the govt approved people sell it, it’s good for children.
    When non govt approved people sell it, govt goons will kill or kidnap you for doing it.

  • I’m currently making a sign that says “Sanctioned Drug Dealer (with an arrow) and place it next to the sign I saw marketing a suboxone clinic….

  • Thats crazy Hugh Scott Lee Paterson

  • no surprise

  • Mary Sampson

  • I could’ve told you that

  • Shayla Torres

  • Goonbag Johnson

  • is this supposed to illicit headlines? They are amphetamines- big surpirise!?! The HUGE difference is the dose is microscopic when taken for ADHD, vs insane amounts when smoked or shot up and this is not news ok?

  • And Adderall rules the educational and corporate world!

  • Melissa Nielson

  • Steffan Drake

  • Duh

  • Duh!


  • Hmm

  • Amanda Alač Mira Marinova thoughts?

    • Reply?

    • They are very similar and do the same things to you but the amount in adderall is much less.

    • Bahahaha that reply angry face wasn’t to you Mira Marinova my darling.

    • Adderall would also be purer and cleaner also… with meth God knows what it’s laced with. You see people not sleeping for a week while on it ??

    • That’s ok I didn’t think it was.meth in small doses is probably good for you!! Too bad it makes you psychotic when you take too much

    • Yeh there’s shards of glass and shit in it! Probably literal shit ?

    • ? and you rarely hear about anyone taking small doses of meth… You just hear benders ??

    • ???

  • Never heard of adderall

  • Bullshit!!!!!

  • I took that and it did jack shit. 90 pills, 3 a day. Nothing. No extra focus, no increased energy

  • Really? I’ve done adderall once. Never done meth. Only half a pill though just because I’ve never done it before then, and it was a treat. Haven’t done it since, though. Only drug I knowingly put in my body is caffeine.

  • It is cleaner and safer

  • Shelbi Theresa

  • Fuck your shitty fucking website. Tried to read this article and it crashed the browser and dumped me back to FB twice on my windows phone. Ok switched gears and tried to read it on my Android tablet and it locked the whole tablet, had to restart it. Conclusion? Your website f’n blows.

  • Adderall for all. Meth for legal profit.

  • Brant Griner

  • Kate Dionne

  • Well, a doctor prescribes it, so it’s OK!!

  • Freddy Sanchez

  • yep, a DUI agency hired an adderall addict to work at their facility. I quit..she had aggressive behaviors and couldn’t stop it.

  • Adderall isn’t the greatest, but it’s nowhere as damaging as meth.

  • Alliyah Gifford

  • Carlee

  • uh, duh. We knew this when we were in 10 grade in 1997 while snorting ritialin to stay awake to study. We used to call it poor man’s coke. 🙁 Most drugs are illegal so that big pharma can make the money on the same shit. not ground breaking news.

  • Is that Heisenberg blue lol

  • Grant Royce Daniel

  • So what is your point FTP? Not your body; not your business. All drugs should be legal and if your point is to show the hypocrisy than I am with ya. If it’s try to say that Adderall is “bad” or “dangerous” then I am sorry to have to tell ya that you don’t know what you’re talking about……. abuse is the problem; not the drug. People smoke meth and they do far too much of it…. that is a big difference compared to Adderall, where people use it responsibly most of the time, (if the have been educated properly that is)……. All you’re doing by sharing this type of thing is fear mongering the issue. The only thing that will come of that is Adderall becoming illegal and the many people who use the drug responsibly will suffer and likely just end up on a worse drug as a replacement…. follow cause and effect careful before you start pushing an issue.

  • NOT YOU BODY; NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Stop fear mongering about Adderall.

  • People will judge what you share based on the title and they won’t even read the article or watch the video with Carl Hart. This is in danger of becoming propaganda that will produce the same irrational fear that made the crack issue so bad, (which Hart knows all about and mentions in the video)…. suggest titling this to reflect the intention of the share and prevent fanaticism.

  • chemcially speaking it is almost exactly the same molecule…

  • Dominik M Teek

  • I was prescribe this because I was having trouble sleeping imagine that

  • Steve Az

  • And it’s delicious! Adderall… and it wasn’t made in a trashy shit hole, in some rednecks filthy bathtub.

  • Why am I not surprised?

  • Ugh!

  • Brittany Ann this explains alot

  • Cody Moore

    • Like lana says come and get your crystal method on

  • No shit!

  • Ritalin is more so.

  • Kellen Dziewinski

  • You all do know that meth isn’t blue, right? That’s tv fiction.

  • Yikes!

  • Ashley Talton

  • Rossni Presendieu

  • Big deal, amphetamines have been sold for hundreds of years, meth was an over the counter drug 80 years ago.

  • Meth is meth it doesn’t matter who cooks it

    As someone diagnosed and prescribed this crap/ get control of your own mind don’t take drugs to fix yourself

  • Heisenberg!

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  • it says right on the label

  • Mitchell Dryden

  • By: Walter White

  • Let’s give the kids with sugar addictions meth. Ya, that will fix it. Good job FDA.

  • Cameron Allen

  • No wonder I’m so fucked up.

  • hankt

    Can’t be posted to Facebook anymore. It is blocked.

  • aformerchampion

    They aren’t the same drug. Your chemical diagrams are wrong. Meth is directly neurotoxic. It damages neurons and alters brain structure, whereas “There is no evidence that amphetamine (Adderall) is directly neurotoxic in humans.” And you twisted the meaning of the doctors research to say something he didn’t intend.

    • Tootsiemcnab

      You’re directly neurotoxic to anyone unfortunate enough to have to listen to you regurgitate the same old BS that has been shoved down everyone’s throats for decades

  • Ellie Mockosher-shaw

    Seriously though. How is it that marijuana is a schedule one drug? Pot has never killed anyone

  • omg there are different classifications of drugs that act alike? Next you are going to tell me oxycontin is similar to heroin.

    • Cody Riutta

      It is lol

  • Daz

    FUCK YOU DEA. I am a vet and my Add scrip doesn’t work anymore. Going to the real thing, BITCH.

  • Dean Jordheim

    An “expert” in drug use. Yeah. Real experts realize that very small differences in formulation can make very big differences in results. He should address Desoxyn. It is actual prescription methamphetamine, but is carefully formulated to prevent addiction and the side effects common to crystal meth and act like a slightly more potent version of Adderal.

    • I actually found this comment both useful and educated. I did want to ask you about Desoxyn though, what is in it that prevents addiction? Is it possible that you meant abuse? Either way, what is different?

      • Dean Jordheim

        I am sorry, I don’t recall the details on it.

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        ——– Original message ——–

      • I Pledged Allegiance

        I think he means it can’t be smoked , snorted or shot up, which makes it no fun and useless to an addict because swallowing pills just isn’t cool enough.

        • That makes sense. The binders in the pills could definitely be a deterrent to these types of usage.

      • Dean Jordheim

        I am sorry, I don’t know exactly what the changes are.

  • I Pledged Allegiance

    I would be willing to bet that the latest version of generic adderall , mallinckrodt spec (but says Mckrodt Spec because hmm mm the name is too long to fit across the script bottles ) has NO D in the formula what so ever. I swear this shit is actually provigil which has been prescribed to pilots to keep them awake but not so much alert.
    I get it but sucks that they have to pull this on those that actually benefit by taking the meds

  • tim miller

    False conclusion by one dubious source who is cashing in on fear… to the detriment of those with ADHD. Douchebag.

    • Sean Cahill

      Do,you have data on how it’s fake?

      • tim miller

        Read the whitepapers that Dr. Russell Barkley releases. Many drugs that people need to deal with real conditions can be abused. If someone wants to snort these meds, does that mean they should be banned? When used as prescribed and the patient has ADHD, there is no cocaine like effect. It merely keeps their neurotransmitters active at normal levels, there is no “high” due to their ADHD and the slow release of the drug.

        However, I don’t agree with putting so many children on these drugs as their brains have not fully developed and we don’t have enough long term studies on that yet. When you are an adult and you can’t hold down a job or focus on college tests even though you may have a high IQ. Then these medications outweigh the risk. Would the author suggest a amputee not use a robotic arm because some idiot used one to hurt someone?

        • Sean Cahill

          From personal experiences, the smallest dose of Adderall at 10mg gives used a “buzz” first few times it’s taken. About a week or two after taking it, that subsides but there is still a euphoric feeling for as long as I was taking it. I think they should make it more readily available just not over prescribed to children.

  • Gaylen Anderson

    Hmmm. I always thought that a friend lost his teeth around maybe 40 years old because of his meth habit. And that another friend lost her teeth around her late 30s because of her crack habit. Guess it was just a coincidence.

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