Australia’s most senior Catholic became the highest-ranking Vatican official to be charged with sexual assault, when Australian police announced that he faces multiple “historical sexual assault offenses” early Thursday.

Cardinal George Pell, 76, currently serves as Pope Francis’ chief financial adviser. He is the third highest ranking member of the entire Catholic church.

The Associated Press reported that he is set to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 18. While Australian police have yet to reveal the details of the charges, the label of “historical” sexual assault charges means that it could have been several years since the offenses were committed.

“It is important to note that none of the allegations that have been made against Cardinal Pell have, obviously, been tested in any court yet,” Victoria State Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton told reporters in Melbourne. “Cardinal Pell, like any other defendant, has a right to due process.”


This is not the first time Pell has been the subject of sexual abuse allegations. The claims date back to before Pell was a priest, with one man testifying that Pell molested him on several occasions at a campsite on Phillip Island in 1961, when he was 12 years old and Pell was a trainee priest.

After Pell was ordained in 1966, there were complaints of his conduct in 1978, when he was Episcopal Vicar for Education in the Ballarat diocese in Victoria.

Allegations include that while playing a game in a pool, Pell repeatedly touched the genitals of two young boys who were students at St. Alipius primary school. Pell was responsible for overseeing the school, which is now remembered as a notorious breeding ground for pedophiles in the 1970s.

Philip Nagle, a former student who is now in his 50s, told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse in 2015 that 12 of his 33 classmates had “committed suicide because of the sexual and physical abuse that took place at the school.”

Pell was then accused of behaving inappropriately around young boys again in 1986, when he was serving as seminary rector at Corpus Christi College. Les Tyack, a local businessman, claimed that he walked into one of the changing rooms at the Torquay Surf Club, and found Pell exposing himself to a group of boys, aged 8-10.

“I said, ‘Hi George’, and at that time he was toweling, had the towel going across his shoulders drying his back, but he was facing three young boys standing about three or four meters across from him,” Tyack said, noting that Pell stayed in that position for at least 10 minutes.

In July 2016, Pell was accused of sexually abusing two teenage choir boys in the backroom of St. Patrick’s Cathedral during his time as archbishop of Melbourne from 1996 to 2001.

In spite of decades of allegations from the myriad of victims, Pell continued to move up through the ranks of the Catholic church.

Naturally, Pell has consistently denied the claims, referring to any efforts to investigate them as part of a “scandalous smear campaign.”

That same rhetoric continued on Thursday, after a statement from the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney claimed that Pell plans to return to Australia to confront the charges as soon as possible, and he “is looking forward to his day in court and will defend the charges vigorously.”

As The Free Thought Project reported, Pope Francis went from admitting that about 1 in 50 Roman Catholic priests are pedophiles and promising to find solutions in 2014, to quietly reducing sanctions against a handful of pedophile priests earlier this year.

Just one month before reducing the sanctions, Pope Francis addressed a letter to bishops around the world, which was released in January, calling for a “zero tolerance” policy for child abusers.

“Persons responsible for the protection of those children destroyed their dignity,” Pope Francis wrote. “We regret this deeply and we beg forgiveness. We join in the pain of the victims and weep for this sin… The Church also weeps bitterly over this sin of her sons and she asks forgiveness.”

Cardinal Pell’s history of sexual assault accusations, coupled with the fact that Pope Francis appointed him to serve as the most senior Catholic in Australia, raise new questions about the pope’s “zero tolerance” policy. If Pell is found guilty, he would become the highest-ranking Vatican official to be convicted of sexual assault.

  • Damiana

    In other news, the sun came up on the same side of my window as it does every morning. Seriously though, maybe it’s time to just disband the Catholic Church… or make some kind of law that says Catholic clergy can no longer be alone with children.

  • John C Carleton

    The pope JUSSSSTTTT can not seem to stop or punish pedophile baby raping priest.
    Perhaps, he understands the saying, people in glass houses should not throw stones.

  • Gordon Klock

    Gotten to the point, where the church is starting to look like institutionalized pedophilia….

  • LowellST13

    The largest cult and pedophile ring on the planet. Even larger than Weiner, Clinton and the rest of the Elite in the District of Criminals

  • a.c.hall

    Last I heard, George Pell was appointed to clean up the Vatican Bank by the Pope Francis. Is the Vatican Bank the Largest, never had to have an Audit?

  • Priests and Nuns should have been allowed to marry, and have families like every other adult in this world, in industrialized countries…..😑

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      Yeah because the only reason priest rape littlelittle boys is because they cant marry an adult female…
      Them being able to marry wont change a thing, get rid of all religions ffs we dont need fairy tales to tell us whats what anymore… Especially fairy tales that are plagarized from civilizations said religions called barbarians/pagans ect.. Lol

      • I am quite sure some pedophiles became priests to do exactly what you said…..Had priests and nuns been able to marry, and have families, then those freaks would not have had the cover of the church to hide their disgusting behaviors…..😫😠

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    The poop recently put out a grunt for among out things for one world religion and government. Probably to secure access to a wider variety of your children to use and abuse.
    Sick perverted beasts forget the men of God BS, these animals are sick.

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      I think we’re researching the same shit. I was just thinking the exact same thing.

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        Hi Lisa R- W, do also sense most people don’t care?
        Much in the way Nero fiddled while Rome burnt…

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    I will be shocked if this guy shows up alive to answer to these charges. His plane will crash or get lost. Either way, he will never stand trial. He probably knows where all the bodies are burried.

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    Simply pathetic! They just tell another priest their (anal) sins and think themselves absolved! Sorry, but there is no God and you can’t be absolved!

    The organized religion scam, uses God in the same way as our government uses terror in its manipulation of the human mind! KEEP THE FEAR ALIVE!

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      Let me guess, you were raised Catholic and now you reject G-d because of the hypocrisies of the Roman Pagan Church?

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        I wasn’t “raised Catholic”…nor was I “raised to be an ostrich”.

        The Catholic uber wealthy, uber powerful, uber corrupt/evil so-called church has been buggering little boys and getting nuns pregnant for literally hundreds of years…. They ARE Satan’s spawn and they always have been.

        Religious people always say that the Devil is the great deceiver… so is the cabal called the “Catholic church”…

        Rejecting “whomever your god is” has NOTHING to do with blood drinking, anal butchering of helpless children, indoctrination of the masses to surrender up their MONEY, satanic sacrifices, money laundering, drug running… and endless LIES!
        All of the above is now and always has been, in one form or another, the favored occupations of the Catholic church.

        Go fish~!!!

  • This is the same guy who debated Richard Dawkins on ‘Q&A’.

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      This debate is a sham, considering the Roman Church is not “Christian” at all.