Orange County, FL — The Florida Highway Patrol is reviewing its presence at the Girls State Program after troopers conducted a kidnapping/human trafficking drill which went “horribly wrong” according to WFTV News Channel 9.

The girl’s program is attended by some of best and brightest high-schoolers Florida has to offer. “Everyone who’s going is at the top of their class,” Cameron Carlyle said describing the high-quality candidates who attend the elite leadership camp. But no amount of education could have prepared the girls for what happened on the last night of their training.

The Girls State director along with six Florida State Troopers, all female, pulled an attendee aside and told her she would be participating in a kidnapping drill, one which highlighted the real-world problem of sex trafficking. Under the cover of secrecy, the volunteer named “Katrina” was taken to a safe place. Thereafter, roll call was taken with the remaining girls.

Carlyle, who volunteered this year to be a camp counselor, said when the count-off got to number 8, “We realized Katrina was missing.” Soon the State Troopers began screaming, she’d been kidnapped, and blamed several girls for her abduction.


The troopers told the attendees the girl had been kidnapped and was probably sold as a sex slave to human traffickers who would use her for prostitution purposes.

They began blaming the other girls in the room, as well. “I’ll never forget that feeling of just that ‘it’s totally my fault and now I’ll have to tell her parents she’d been taken,’” Carlyle said speaking of the experience.

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It wasn’t until about a half-hour later, amid tears and paralyzing fears from attendees, that the girls learned their fellow camper was unharmed.

Carlyle said she had 17 girls who simply did not sleep that night, traumatized by the training experience gone horribly wrong. One girl in the program had been involved in a real human sex trafficking incident when she was younger and was emotionally shaken.

While the subject of sex trafficking is a very serious one which should not be taken lightly, it’s safe to say the FL State Troopers may not have put enough forethought and planning into the exercise. The fact that one attendee had been sex trafficked is proof enough the troopers had not potentially considered all the scenarios.

Any serious attempt to help teens prepare for the potential of being exploited sexually, must include how pedophiles seek to become authority figures, so they can use those positions to take advantage of children. Merely tormenting girls by hosting a fake kidnapping does absolutely nothing to prepare them later in life for any real scenarios.

Terri Miller of Stop Educator Sexual Abuse Misconduct & Exploitation is considered a leading expert on educator sex predation. In a recent interview, Miller described how authority figures are often teachers. “Perpetrators often wear a mask of deception,” Miller said. “It’s very common for these perpetrators to be teachers of the year and award-winning coaches.” She added the victim is, “the only one who knows the monster.”

But as The Free Thought Project has all too frequently reported, pedophiles are often police officers as well. In North Carolina, a police officer was recently convicted with seducing and impregnating a 14-year-old after obtaining permission from the teen’s mother to serve as her “mentor.”

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Just this month, a police chief was arrested on felony charges of attempting to engage in sex with a minor. As Antimedia’s Carey Wedler reported, “Michael Zeug, 45, was arrested in Redwood Falls after soliciting sex with an undercover Department of Homeland Security agent via text message. Zeug contacted the ‘girl’ after seeing an online ad. The officer pretended to be a seventeen-year-old girl who wanted to make extra money, local CBS Minnesota outlet WCCO reported. Zeug appeared to acknowledge the risk, saying, ‘you’re only 17.’ He also said he had done this type of thing before and lied about his profession (as Chief of Police); he claimed to be a farmer.”

It’s unclear if lawsuits will result from the FL Highway Patrol’s missteps. However, make no mistake about it, leaders at Florida’s celebrated Girls State Program and the FHP owe each girl an appropriate apology, which should also include counseling paid for by the FL Highway Patrol. After all, whether they want to admit it or not, they’re now guilty of abusing children in their care, precisely what pedophiles do when given positions of authorities.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • Damiana

    Someone just needs their ass kicked here. *looks expectantly at Zack*

  • Abz B Zbas

    So, that was the extent of their drill? They pulled someone out of class then screamed kidnapping after she didn’t show up for roll-call?

    • WilyArmadilla

      You say this like it’s nothing. Yeah, they pulled someone and then said she was kidnapped….and then began berating, blaming, screaming at the other girls…basically telling these kids that it’s their fault the friend was taken, shaming them, and telling them that anything that happens to their friend is THEIR fault. Emotional and verbal abuse plain and simple. By government employees. Against CHILDREN. One of which actually had experience being trafficked.

      • Abz B Zbas

        I didn’t say it was nothing. I merely asked the question if that was the extent of their drill. If so, how stupid do they have to be?

    • DAvid

      Seriously, you are minimizing this. One can only question your troll heritage. This is state terrorism, plain and simple.

      • ClareClare

        Good grief, talk about MISSING THE POINT of the question. His point obviously was, “what the bleep kind of a ‘drill’ is THAT?”

        • Kahless

          Reading comprehension is not what it used to be.

  • Broos

    What Teh GodDamn Queen HELL, FHP ? Fucking Highway Pigs !

  • Gordon Klock

    Are these cops, being this dangerously stupid, on purpose ?

    • Nina Jefferson

      You think these cops know what their doing do ya? You sound like
      one of Hillary’s staffers. They
      lie lie lie then fill their pockets
      with money funneled from gov’t programs paid by tax payers.
      You are either wearing blinders
      or are part of the mind fuck.

      • Gordon Klock

        Are you referring to me,? or Beaumont ?
        (Please don’t accuse me, of having anything, but horrified disgust, for ‘Hillary’)….

  • Michael Gary

    Those in “authority” creating trauma victims. Wow. Brilliantly stupid and wrong.

  • Bruce_Mitchell

    Excellent reporting of the completely wrong-headed thinking on the part of those responsible at the Florida Highway Patrol as well as the Girls State Program, who should now be held accountable for their abusive actions.

    Far better would have been to utilize a proper protective training program teaching personal self-defense, to enable the ability of the girls to take action in their own defense against physical attacks, such as this well-respected program in Southern California, for which I am sure there is an equivalent in Florida.

  • John C Carleton

    Probably just a dry run before they do the real thing.


    Police Pizzagate?

    • Nina Jefferson

      Exactly. These lesbian troopers right now are yuckin’ it up laughing
      at how they got them to cry and
      yadda yadda yadda ..their planning something. I’ll put odds on it! Their planning a kidnappin.

  • Ken DeCiancio

    One or more of the students should have called 911 at the start. Even after it was made known that this was a hoax the police should have been called. The police should have been told that the individual making the accusations had prior knowledge. Even if the “missing” student was brought back into the room the police should have been called because the student might be acting under duress to say she was not being kidnapped. The perps in this incident expect the student to believe there was a kidnaping, then that there was not a kidnaping and that they are people in authority. All statements by these people should be considered false until proven otherwise since they had been caught in a lie. Minimally this should be handled on the same level as a person yelling fire in a movie theatre. But actually several police should be dispatched to prove the identity of the persons claiming to be law enforcement officers and should be ready to arrest anyone suspected of breaking any laws.
    That’s how to handle renegade brain deads like these. Call the police wall the words are coming out their arrogant mouths

  • ClareClare

    Let the lawsuits begin…

  • palvadore

    Grandstanding. Today’s “cop” needs to feel special.

  • MadMagyar

    The very best job a pedophile can get is one of authority, especially if it’s WITHIN CPS itself, as we learned about their Cottonwood, AZ office, back in 2005.

  • Tmoney

    I wonder how many of the girls were coerced to sign false confessions for their part in this “crime”.

  • Nina Jefferson

    Whose brilliant idea was this?
    And did they have permission
    from these very young girls
    guardians? These female
    “so called” state troopers are
    the perps. I mean really!!! Who decided
    to go to this particular
    highly elite program and start
    this mind fuck game with these
    girls? Was it their instructors
    bright idea? Which ever. These
    females are mind fuck rapist.
    They praise the Lord to your face
    and worship Satan in their sacrafical rituals
    and spell connotations.
    Today’s Satanist
    have taken America over. They’ve secured high positions
    in gov’t, corporations,
    police dept, ministers, teachers etc.
    Keep these sick
    lesbian Roman Templars away
    from thought will ya…please.