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Trump: If Elected ‘You Will Find Out Who Really Knocked Down The World Trade Center’

While speaking with supporters at a campaign event in Bluffton, South Carolina republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said if he is elected “you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center.”

“It wasn’t the Iraqis,” Trump said.

“You may find it’s the Saudis.”

Trump may have been referencing the fact 15 out of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Last year it came out the so-called “20th hijacker,” Zacarias Moussaoui “claims that he met personally with several of Saudi Arabia’s most famous and important leaders on Osama Bin Laden’s behalf; that the kingdom’s VIPs and its leading religious court backed Bin Laden all the way up to the 2001 attacks with tons of money and coordination; and that a Saudi diplomat based in Washington had even discussed a plan with Moussaoui to down Air Force One with a Stinger missile smuggled through the embassy.”

Additionally, 28 pages were redacted from the official 911 report which Democratic congressman Stephen Lynch, who read the “stunning” documents, claimed “offer[ed] direct evidence of complicity on the part of certain Saudi individuals and entities” in the 911 attacks.

Trump went on to say the government has “papers” “that are very secret” which may implicate the Saudis, perhaps referencing the report discussed above.

“You will find out,” Trump said.

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    • Any authentic source to start with?

    • “Architects and engineers for 9/11 Truth” on youtube. Very reliable source. They only use scientific facts.

    • Other youtube vids, you gotta be careful with the information. Question everything.

    • Here you go. And it is not about making up conspiracy theories, it is showing enough evidence that a full investigation from the government should take place. The government refuses http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/911-decade-deception/

    • Susovendu Jalli The witnesses, they all said bombs were going off on every floor, some were killed by them, and a lot more from them.

    • Susovendu Jalil before you start down this rabbit hole, I will warn you. When you realize that we have been lied to on such a massive scale and the reasons that they did this to us, it will change you. you may be carefree now but I guarantee you won’t be after this sinks in.

    • Here’s a good start.


    • ^ I second that – it’s like a bad experience you can never fully recover from

    • It’s also a good experience too. A part of me died when I found the truth of the world, but another part of me was born. A better me.

    • The official 9/11 Commissioners are Conspiracy Theorists. They know the government is full of shit too!


    • September 10, 2001 – Donald Rumsfeld announces they can’t account for $2.3 TRILLION dollars. At the time, we were $5T in debt.

      That figure is now $9 TRILLION and we are $19T in debt.

      The videos I’ve posted should definitely make you go, hmmm…

    • Rick Hanners America it is my sad duty to inform you that the Military and the Government of the United States is stealing money directly our of your pock…… Wait!! Look over there!!!!!!!! Is that an ISIS terrorist coming to get us?!?!?!?!

    • yep

    • Steve Ho I can’t even begin to explain how ignorant you look right now.

      “Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance” – Albert Einstein

    • I’ve been banned from patriotic groups for posing real questions that still haven’t been answered. No one remembers Donald Rumsfeld saying all that gold was missing the day before from Pentagon until Pentagon released last year they lost almost out national debt since 2001… Coincidence? Or the video from the most guarded building in the world. The Pentagon. And how building 7 not only fell but fell as fast or faster than freefall speed which defies Newtons laws of physics.

    • Rick Hanners Why don’t you go ahead and try to explain it to me Rick? Instead of making a rude statement with nothing to back it up. See I actually thought I was agreeing with you, the Government and the media DO shift attention away from something they do not want us to pay attention to, while WAY over emphasizing something they want us to spend all of our energy on. Yes, ISIS is a threat, but the blatant corruption in government is more harmful. Maybe you did not understand my sarcasm.

    • Steve, my apologies. I misunderstood you. I took your sarcasm as you trying to mock me.

    • No worries, I often misunderstand myself. 🙂

    • #feelthebern

    • I’m a firefighter and my induction date was 9/11/07, so this subject really hits home for me. In ’09 I started looking into the 9/11 incident out of curiosity. At that time, I in no way thought the official story was inaccurate. I didn’t even know there were conspiracies about it at that time, I just wanted to know more about it.

      I’ll explain what got me to questioning that official story:

      I am also a machinist and know a little bit about different metals and how their composition changes.

      Fire can only be sustained by whats called the Fire Tetrahedron. The Fire tetrahedron consists of; Fuel, Oxygen, Heat and a chain reaction. Without just one of those, fire cannot be sustained.

      The temperature of a fire is determined by the type of fuel and the amount of oxygen available. A fire can only burn as hot as the fuel present will allow and what the amount of available oxygen is.

      Jet A fuel will burn at a maximum of 1800*. In order to melt structural steel, to the point it becomes molten, you need a sustained 2800*.

      This is video is what made me first question things.

      Molten steel is something I have never seen in my 8 years as a firefighter and I’m on a fairly busy department. I’ve fought my share of fires!

      Why have I never seen it before? Because there has never been a fuel source available in any of the fire I’ve fought to create that amount of heat.

      Remember, fire needs oxygen to be sustained. There were fires registered at 2800* 6 weeks after the fire, completely buried under rubble, without oxygen availability.

      How can a fire burn without oxygen you ask? By introducing a fuel source that gives off it’s own oxygen from a chain reaction.

      Thermite and other similar chemicals give off its own oxygen when it a chemical chain reaction is introduced.

      This is a great video and you will also see a NIST official deny the presence of molten steel within it. Proving the Fed is lying and trying to hide facts.

    • Rick Hanners I fully believe we were lied to about the whole thing, we just do not know the truth and may never know. I will not say Bush was in the know or that Cheney was behind the attack, we do not know that. I will say I think there is a good chance Cheney or someone else may have been involved and we have enough knowledge now to prove the lies, even if we cannot see the truth yet. We have enough evidence to support a full blown federal investigation but it will most likely never happen. The sad part is MOST Americans do not care enough because it is in the past. Add to that the fact that they want to believe it was only foreign terrorist.

    • No isnt Isis its the influenza so we can get all the “flu shot”

    • Steve, I disagree that Cheney and Bush didn’t know about it and fully believe they were in it deep.

      The biggest “terror attack” in our history has just happened and this is how Bush reacted immediately after.
      Besides the fact the Secret Service didn’t follow well established protocol in securing the President.

  • the terrorists?

    • You mean the Pentagon and mossad?

    • lol right…

    • Matt Jackson I mean teoorists did it all. Whether they got their hands on a cruise missile or 2 and they are not telling us is another thing. Who is behind the terrorists is another thing all together. The US feels the need to back jackasses that come back to bite them in the ass ALL THE TIME>

  • I bet you a dollars to donuts we will not find out.

    • I’m sure Christie won’t bet you donuts on that

    • Just keep your hands clear of the area directly between him and the donuts.

  • Not even if he hand delivered them to me.

    • …….with a blonde, a pound of weed, and a golden pipe to smoke it out of.

    • Chris Emory If he brought Tiffany Amber Thiessen, I might the next day if I can walk.

  • Heh, I already know.

  • Feck off

  • obviously bullshit, and might i add if you still ahvnt figured it out yet you might be mentally impared.

  • But he may die of a heart attack before….!

  • Yeah, and how many times has a politician promised something?

  • Promised? You’re kidding, right?

  • no. because politicians never keep their promises

  • Hell no. Anyone that thinks Trump should be in charge of the worlds largest military war machine including thousands of nukes is delusional. Not for any reason would I vote for him.

    • Anyone who thinks the POTUS is the Commander “and” Chief doesn’t need to be voting.

    • Well, he’s probably no worse than anyone else, just a bit more honest.

    • Sounds like an emotional response.

    • We ate not the largest military machine…..not even close….

    • That assessment goes for any of the candidates running, Trump is no different.

    • Trump is very different. Your statement strikes me as you are extremely uneducated in the difference between candidates and I suggest you turn off fox news and do some research Micah.

    • hmm… Well it’s three times the budget of the next closest.

    • Americas no war machine and they certainly don’t have the balls to nuke anyone ! They let NATO sort it and NATO aren’t even capable when Russia and China team up idiot

    • Also the English people and French hate America we are with Russia it’s only David Cameron and his little few sheep who arent

    • We arent? Then explain those 600+ military bases we operate around the world in a hundred+ countries. We spend more on our military and defense then the next 8 countries do combined. We are an empire bring ‘freedom’ to a country near you 1 war at a time.

    • Eric is an idiot

    • Wow Greg formed a sentence. Thats fantastic. A reply like that from him must have taken an entire hour at least. You’ve added so much to the convo. Good boy!!!

    • Ben Walburn honestly, T’rump is delusional.

    • I agree with Greg your an idiot

    • You’re ^^^ I no englesh iz harrd but you shoud tri and lern it befour insulting somewon online David. Before Trump decides to deport you too.

    • Drew Johns no one cares if the English and French like us, why would we want a bunch of pussies like yourself backing us anyway?

    • You do realize the president has council and reads speeches written for them off a teleprompter

  • Fuck no

  • I would not vote for him solely for this reason, no, that would be moronic. However, if he wins, I believe he will do his best to relase the information as promised. He’s a douche, but he usually follows through.

    • He is a “douchebag” and with a head like his he needs one, too !

  • Did he really just say that out loud?

  • Only one with the balls to even mention this

  • Still not worth it

  • Nope…We already know what’s in it!

  • Keith Clarke

    • Something tells me Trump wouldn’t be interested in exposing the crimes of white business men and exonerating Muslims!

    • would have been sweet though

    • The truth is there, like. I can’t see Trump as an instrument of honesty. It would be interesting to see the legal backlash against the US government and Bush, Cheney, Powell, etc., like, if they were exposed, what would actually happen, if anything?

  • why not now?

  • Jeez louise, shot that mofo in the hairdoo and put a dildo or two in his ass and mouth, so that no one could hear a nother peep from him.

    • Yea stick a dildo up his ass if it will fit. Hes a liar of the worst kind. Never vote for fuckin trump.

  • Nice way to get the tin foil votes

  • From a brush over who would sell his own mother for ego air-time, I know he’s lying……

  • We need that twat to deliver the truth, really?
    Isn’t the fact that the official story is utter horseshit common knowledge at this point anyway?

  • we know already

  • Lol. Did you read the article? Trump already said in this article. And hell no I would never vote for Biff. And if promised to release the papers only to get votes, if he knows about it now, he should try and get them released asap. The American People need to know the truth, not wait until he is Prez. Such a Biff move…

    • The people have access to the truth .. they just do not want to think and read at the same time.

    • Well, which one is the truth then? I have herd many different theories.

    • Biff 😀 hahahah

    • Lauren Arikan

    • Ohhh called him biff tho. Well done lol

    • Well TBF YOU Know about those 28 pages as well. It’s fair to say you and Trump have the same amount of info on those particular pages.

    • his name should be biff is the real truth.

    • no theories, just truth. inside job.

    • Christopher Hudspeth What? How the hell would Trump and I have the same 28 page info, he is a puppet for the main stream elite media.

    • How is Trump a puppet for the media? They mischaracterize everything he says. And don’t you mean the leftist mainstream media?

    • Trump is not being done wrong by the media…He is doing that all by his lil self.!

    • All the candidates are puppets for the Elites. What? You think this “Political Game” is what it has turned into is just a game to make you think that your vote counts and it don’t. It’s all rigged and probably the person has already been picked by, for a lack of a better word: The Elitists or Puppet Masters. Trump has been involved with Hollywood for years. He is a main stream media puppet, he knows how to get ratings. Left or Right wing, in the end they are all puppets. Look at all the candidates now, there jokes. Research their backgrounds and follow the money and you will start to see the truth

    • And Trump gets more media coverage than any other candidate right now, wether it’s good or bad. He knows exactly what he’s doing. More media coverage, more people see his face and actually start to listen to some of his bullshit that vomits out of Biff’s mouth

    • Trump is playing the media, and I agree, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s playing the media, but the media is playing us. He’s actually dangerous to the leftist media narrative, as referenced in this article. What other candidate even dares to suggest that the official 911 story is untrue? If he was a media puppet, I don’t think he’d broach the topic. I can agree that most of the candidates are dupes, but you can’t just throw Trump in there because you emotionally don’t like him. Use more than just your R-complex. I’m not saying I like the guy, but he’s questioning things that need to be questioned like political correctness, 911, etc.

    • Sorry I just can’t see Biff ever being Prez. Yes he does make it known to everyone, that he questions things but has some messed up solutions to some problems… Might want to research him alittle more my friend.

    • Michelle Pledger The 9/11 Commission won’t come within a light year of the truth, 28 pages not withstanding.

    • The government itself is a horrible solution. Just throwing out a term like “messed up solutions”, is your opinion. You absolutely have a right to it, but don’t assume because someone may not agree with you that they haven’t researched. I’ve done extensive research on trump and several of the other candidates. I’m just not allowing the media or anyone else to form my opinion for me.

    • Omg miichelle you are every where 😮 STALKER!!!!

    • that “commission” was a joke beyond words….

    • Building don’t fall straight down they just don’t.

    • HE never mentioned BUSHES !! Hes full of shit and if he does have the info spill it like a loyal American would !!! NOT FOR VOTES !!!!

    • Trump is a disease

    • Well good luck trump because if he does win and is really planning to tell the truth he’ll be assassinated before any of that gets to the public.

    • Even if it does come out it will probably be tampered

    • I love the Back to the Future reference. Its humorous. And accurate.

    • How could he get them released now? They’ll execute JFK style even if he is President………..

    • as a civilian, he has no power to do that…get smart ladywake up its for truth…time everyone wants the truth

    • Jerry Agee its for truth…open the eyes man

  • Quite a bold statement. I don’t hear Bernie Sanders saying anything about 911

  • Just do 10 mins of research you don’t need this idiot.

  • This is one rare case were the truth WON’T set us free. Besides, do you really need a douchbag with a dead cat on his head telling you what you know already?

  • no because we already know it was a inside job.covering up a debt useing thousands of inocent people .

  • Nope, still wouldn’t vote for him. Besides, even if those 28 pages are released, what evidence is there to support the notion that the information contained therein will be any more truthful than the rest of the 9/11 Commission Report?

  • Feel the Bern , Bernie Sanders 2016
    BUT…….If Trump were to get it done before-hand, He would have a YUGE shot at my vote. WE WANT TO KNOW>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • He’s just pandering to gullible people.

  • All I can say is J.F.K

  • Still not voting for Trump, but yes, those documents should be released.

  • Plausible Deniability: every president has it, and the content of those 28 pages no doubt fall into this category. It’s just one more promise that Trump makes because he doesn’t understand how government works.

  • The world needs the truth.

  • I would trust Anonymous to do that rather than that idiot..

  • Bush & his crony’s!!

  • It’s all fucked no matter who gets put in charge. Arm and defend yourselves is best advice.

  • He’s just gonna put in writing what everyone already knows.

  • we already know

  • Hell no

  • No I know it was an inside job and controlled demolition and I don’t need another empty promise from that blow hard.

  • He should release in NOW, because it is the right thing to do. Using a promise to release information that should already be public knowledge in exchange for votes is beyond despicable.

  • Obama promised many things too …. A promise from a President means NOTHING. Nothing at all.

  • Wow. Nobody else will even aknowledge there’s a problem

  • If elected he will have NO REAL POWER just like Obama. The problem with this country is you believe it’s the president who makes all the policies and rules when infact it’s APARTHEID ISRAEL who control’s and runs America. We are a occupied nation just like occupied Palestine… The ZIONISTS have control of this country, not the president and not you!!!

    • THANK YOU.

    • Yes! Why so many people dont get that??!!?

    • Perhaps because you people use to think with your balls instead with your brains, time and time again.

    • Presidents are not elected, they are chosen. Your vote will never ever count until the COLLEGE ELECTORAL PROCESS and all these superdelegates are abolished. The government picks it’s self, not you! Fools like you are what’s wrong with this country…

    • You’re killing me dude, I’m sad people are buying into your comment. If executive orders weren’t enough power =_= Please don’t touch on plausible points while pushing a bull shit agenda. Occupied Nation? Are you on drugs? When weren’t we? These lands belong to the Indians who lived here before we had if we’re gonna play that game.

    • Google how many so called “elected” USA officials are also duel citizen Israelis. You think these people have your back or Zionist Israels back? Is it a coincidence we give apartheid Israel over $40 BILLION a year to commit genocide? We arm a race of people with modern sophisticated weapons to fight a people throwing stones. They are killing and arresting children everyday in occupied Palestine. Time for you to put your bIG boy pants on and wake the fuck up. Comment again when you’ve joined the rest of thinking Americans…

    • Hit the nail on the head Ryan.

  • Im sure alot of u people on this page talking shit about some of the truth this page posts are goverment workers maybe even this page is meant to single us out

  • Nope. I wouldn’t vote for that lunatic even if he personally promised to give me a million dollars!

    • I almost wrote that myself but then I thought, hmmm, a million dollars for one measly vote…?

    • No amount of money is worth my freedom! My children’s future is far more important to me than money, no matter how much.

  • Ooops he’s dead

  • Donald doesn’t tell the truth about anything, why would he start with the truth about 911.

  • The bigger question is why should we be black mailed into voting for a candidate in order to release such important information to the American people?

    Why can’t we have the 28 pages released today?

    “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

    -Abraham Lincoln

    • 100% respect u sir

    • Thats hitting the nail on the head good Sir! Damn right!

    • Maybe because Trumps not in a position at the moment to have the documents released but he will be when he’s Commander and Chief. It’s just the tip of the ice berg- a little bit of critical thinking goes a long way.

    • Scott M Berry, I disagree with the idea that we have to wait for a politician to be put into a position to TELL US THE TRUTH.

      I will not say you are flawed in your thinking, but will say I completely disagree with that portion of your post.

      I firmly agree that “critical thinking goes a long way.”

    • I agree with Scott M Berry, how can you assume Trump has access to this info? Ask Obama to share this.

    • Kevin E Comeaux, I’m not assuming anything. I’m making a statement asking why you and I do not have access, forget Trump for a second.

    • Let me tell you facts about 9-11…
      The BBC said live on air wtc#7 fell down…
      Clearly still standing at that time in history..
      Later it came down typical of every controlled demolition on earth..
      Who gave the BBC the script to read????
      Wtc# 7 had to be wired prior to 9-11….
      John Kerry said to media they musta made decision to pull it…
      Who wired it????

    • Frank Campbell I would like to add that the planes people saw where nothing but advanced holographic images. Blue Beam project.

    • 9/11 was a false flag attack to start a systematic plan of taking away your rights and pave the way for perpetual war profits for the elite. IT doesn’t matter what’s in the missing pages. No one will EVER face prosecution even if it comes out certain people were responsible. The powers that be will ensure that. Since 9/11 their have been many people who have came forward with facts and they have either been payed off or killed off. This should not be new news to anyone. The Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag to start the Vietnam war. That HAS been declassified. No one has been held responsible for that. What’s the difference between then and now. We live in the illusion of freedom, not the reality.

    • He already knows he’s not going to get the nomination and is now trying to blackmail the GOP, he never was a Republican

    • That wAs my thought. Keeping it a secret for 14 yrs? Really? How can people fall for this ego maniac? That’s almost scarier.

    • Joe Martin, I think you’re right. If he really knew, he wouldn’t be banging the war drum like he has.

    • “Honest Abe” had faith in the people…

      If our gov’t don’t have faith in the people who voted them in, how can they begin to justify their positions in office?

    • Joe Martin Well said

    • Stacy Cordova There is no difference between republicans or democrats. They have the same backers.

    • Never gonna happen. No faith = no truth which I doubt will be released any time soon.

  • Whatever the GOP swallows… Trump will shit out of his mouth!!

  • Our economy and constitutional rights are going bye bye anyways, might as well go to the stocks saying “I told you so!”

  • Bertie Lumsden lol

  • his wig?

  • Seriously ? Even if the dickhead tried ( which I doubt ) he’d never be able to get that info cos they wouldn’t give it to him ..Bill Clinton tried to find out about ufo stuff and couldn’t !

  • No. He’s a fascist

  • F#!Kn crazy to vote for him for some shit that the public should always be entitled to. Wake up people. There rules are speak no evil,see no evil ,talk no evil. Only behind the doors that the Americans pay for do they do there EVILS!!! Talkn about those supposedly in charge. And its not Obama.

  • We already know.

  • It was not Bin Laden.

  • If he does get elected he will be JFK’d real quick.

  • why so many simply stupid questions of late?

  • For the record i dont like any of the candidate’s. I believe its time for anarchy so we can thin our numbers

  • I am going to vote for him just to piss off all the libtards that follow your page

  • That’s him dead then

  • Bernie would do that

  • please provide a credible source with this information. .

  • bullshit he would..why would he wait until being president?

  • If he will reveal the “truth” (whatever it might be) he will have the same faith as JFK …..

  • He won’t do it

  • Politicians NEVER keep campaign promises

  • Our own government brought them down.

  • jail the corrupt that sold out our country.

  • No.

  • If he is using this as a voting bate, that means he don’t give a fu…about the people, but he proves he’s an opportunist !

  • We don’t need you. We have brains and technology and people whom like to “share”, you ass-hat.

  • Didn’t Hillary promise UFO disclosure if she was elected? These people get more and more ridiculous by the day.

    • You are an idiot. There really is 28 redacted pages Trump said will get released.

    • ^ and we believe everything politicians tell us, right? Released my ass

  • I would never vote for that loser. The real question is, would he actually release those papers? Are they the real papers? Or is he just doing as every other politician does and says what he has to say to get in office.

    • No they are not humble but from exp. they are just as fucked up as us.

  • Honestly, he’s the only real chance thier is. Hillary, Saunders, Rubio, Cruz all laughable. At least Trump earned what he has.

    • I think you mean “inherited”. It helps too that he can use US bankruptcy laws to shield his personal fortune from the failure of his businesses.

    • Omfg… are you honestly comparing his integrity to the others. WOW DUDE! Lemme guess. You watch CNN & FOX.

    • wow, dude. integrity? I’m saying he did not “earn” what he has but rather inherited it and then benefited from a system that rewards rich people’s failures. I’m really not talking about integrity.

    • So what your really saying is he’s like all the others gunning for the presidency?

    • Love that long silence as someone starts to realize they’re wrong.

    • Big difference between him and the others… the people that run the Fed Reserve aren’t funding him. For this reason and a few others, like it or not, he is the only hope we have of breaking the cycle of lunacy.

  • Hell fuckin no! I’m not voting for ANYBODY who isn’t giving black people reparations

  • Trump is a clever son of a bitch. Trying to use the disguise of “uncovering the truth of 9/11” to get swing votes from free thinkers. Unluckily for him we are smarter than that. If you cared so much about the truth you’d do it for the truth, not for appeal to get votes.

    • You might be smarter but those who back him ……ugh ……. and the kicker is he is the best the republicans got running . I certainly do not want any religious nut bags .

    • What other candidate would even dare suggest that the official story is not true?

    • Free thinkers already know he’s an idiot. He’s just proving he is to the undecided.


  • We already know, dingus.

  • By now everyone should know 9/11 was an inside job by the Bush Cartel.

  • Trump would be the WORST person to release this information…no liberal would take him seriously and 9/11 would be buried even further in “conspiracy theorist” character assassination.

  • O

  • No because we already kno. Next…..

  • No….we already know he’s just pandering…

  • No because we already know who fucking did it.

  • No. He’s just using that to rally support. The main reason I know it’s BS is because he’s one of the people who happily profited off the war it caused

    There’s no doubt were being lied to about 9/11 but he’s not the one to bring it out.

    No different than Hillary saying wall street money won’t affect her presidency

  • Very tempting

  • Is that EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL or is that EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL ???? How can any American tolerate this ????

  • Trump is a businessman. Always remember its his job to provide the public with all the mouth service. He cant promise shit

  • Not even if he promised to release the entire contents of the warren commission, and pardon snowden

  • you mean find out where these engines they found came from. since Boeing says they haven’t used those engines for over 10 years. think some one just went to a jet junkyard and grabbed a few engines and threw them in New York and DC. by threw them i mean set them there

  • Trump can promise to cure cancer, aids, world hunger, poverty, and war….I would still tell him to go fuck himself because of course I knowhes lying to me to tug at my emotions to get me riled up on his side but I think with my logic, not my feelings. He has no way to give anything he says, in fact he even says he doesn’t know how to do anything except hire the right people. In which case why the fuck we hiring him? how does that make any sense? Fuck trump, fuck him to death!

  • Absolutely!

  • No.

  • Only if he would actual prosecute the guilty.

  • This is the same right populist – Christian libertarian alliance (InfoWars) as Pat Buchanan…
    And Hell No to Trump, but ABSOLUTELY. release the 28 pages and a FULL investigation and Declassification Immediately! (not gonna really happen)

  • Almost tempting. Do it anyways!!


  • He’s obviously a decoy, what is he distracting from though? I really want to know.

  • cia would top him if he did that

  • I’ll believe it when he produces Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate.

  • The facts already speak for themselves. There’s plenty of facts backed by engineers, science, and eyewitnesses that prove it was an inside job and if it wasn’t we had prior knowledge of the events and allowed it to happen. Fuck trump and his bullshit promises.

  • no way, Why vote for him whennwe can have more with Sanders!!!

  • This dudes gonna get himself killed…. the folks who don’t want the truth released will see to it…

  • We Already Know !!

  • It was an inside job. End of story.

  • Nope!

  • trump just landed his #2 spot with me

  • Brilliant political ploy. He doesn’t have to believe a word of the non-government story in order to capture a significant portion of the conspiracy vote.

  • We already know it was the Bush Administration that did it.

  • Sam Baclesse

  • any idiot can see controlled demolition was why the towers came down

  • Nope. That info will surface eventually.

  • He’s a businessman, he is doing what he does best; trying to make a sale.

  • of course

  • No

  • Nope. I’m over him. Truth is, I don’t think ANY of them should be the next president.

  • Unless if he promise to return the deceaded from heaven, because not only as a president, every high ranking government official can help in releasing/leaking the pages 😐

  • He’s just getting desperate now… he will say what ever possible to gain a vote…

  • Just tell ppl anyways…

  • nothing he promises could cause me to shut my eyes to what I see and vote for him.

  • Promise of a politician is worth nothing.

  • I don’t get caught up in any of this bullshit because it’s all one big staged soap opera just to divide and conquer and they are doing a hell of a job from what I can see

  • But who doesn’t know who did it? I can tell you and you don’t need to vote on me

  • Can’t wait to see him win

  • We already know, no thank you

  • not just NO but HELL NO

  • Using the truth as a bargaining chip to gain power and control? Nice ethics, Donny.

  • No because if actually elected, nothing of the sort will be released. Like every other shit-pig politician, he’s using the power of salesmanship for votes. They all just tell us what we want to hear so we can feel all warm and toasty inside, because Big Brother is our loving savior.

  • Are you stupid? I don’t believe shit politicians say!!! They only say such things to get elected…


  • I’m sorry, but FUCK NO!!!.. All we will know for years to come, if not forever, is the LIES they tell us…
    If you believe anything the government tells you, you ARE a special kind of stupid…..

  • And if you believe that, I bet he’ll sell you the Brooklyn bridge.

  • He’d release the information. Us who are unplugged already know what the documents confide, many would read and unplug with us. But majority would still be sheep, ignorance is bliss.
    I never understood that saying til a girl took me to a club, which I can’t stand. Nothing but sheep.
    I hate being a “Millennial”, have so much potential, but were glazed over by media and what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are doing.
    F him, and f that nasty bitch.

  • Hell no. Besides he wouldn’t have that choice….


  • And next up in the “World News”……ALENS TAKE MANHATTEN……Dudes a circus freak….Quit embarrassing yourselves please.

  • Fighting for Americas Freedom!!!! God Bless Donald Donald J. Trump.

  • CIA is the industrial military complex.

  • Even the guy who theoretically hates Muslims thinks 911 isn’t what it seems…..HMMMMMM

  • NO, never and let me repeat myself NO

  • Everybody knows who’s responsible for 9/11

  • Trump’s platform, “I want every American to be wealthy and secure.” Everyone hates him for it. Trump is hitting a lot of the right points, and he really is self funded to serve the interests of the American people. If you did you’re due diligence and really looked into Trump, you would find that he is a wealthy and successful builder and businessman for a reason, and that he is not connected to the Bilderberg, the UN, the CFR, Goldman Sachs, any of the big banks, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, David Rockefeller, any of the secret societies, etc. Sure, there are a few scandals and lawsuits, but he isn’t responsible for the political corruption that is rotting the core of our system. If youve been in the real estate business and New York construction as long as he has, its only reasonabke to see a lot of lawsuits. He always says he gets along with regular people better than the high society types, and there are hundreds of personal accounts that back it up. This guy is the real deal, and his comments about 9/11 he’s made recently only show that he’s not afraid to go deep in exposing the lies. Get excited! This primary is historic! You guys are apart of history! We have a chance at some of the best years the country has ever seen! Vote true Americana!


  • Sure, but will anything be done about it? Most likely not.

  • Rofl. Implying the President has such power.

  • Again, the info is out there for everyone with a brain to find for themselves. If you keep going to these corporate entities for confirmation of shit you’re gonna keep getting half stories and lies.

  • no way

  • Was it the Zionists?

  • “All my life I’ve been greedy, greedy, greedy…” Most truthful thing Trump the Chump ever said. Vote monger tactics.

  • Another Psychopathic maniac

  • The fact that he’s even speaking up on this should be refreshing. I think I would consider voting for a candidate that’s not beholden to special interest groups, and is confronting real issues.

    • What is it with the comments here? You would think people would get over whatever it is they think he is and listen to and watch what he’s doing. Trump is really in this to save the American dream and serve the people. This is Reagan pt 2 and a political revolt.

  • No! Idgaf if he offered me his entire fortune to vote for him. There’s literally nothing under the sun that would make me vote for him. I’d rather eat someone else’s still warm vomit.

  • I guess that trump wants to be killed be Israelis?

  • No promise is worth a vote anymore. Those days are gone. When they put it in writing, then we can talk votes.

  • Keep him talking about this. He’ll end up whistleblowing. That mouth don’t stop.

  • Not just no, but hell no, I would not vote for Trump. Thus I hate it when I have to agree with him.

  • “you may find out its the saduis” wtf donald. trading one lie for another ? there was no hijacking , there were no hijackers.

  • Well if you think a bush or a clinton deserve authority over ypu all then i say you will all get your just deserts regardless who gets in

  • But we already know enough to know that the people who knocked them down ain’t gonna let us find out who they are. We know generally speaking who they are, who they’re connected with but as far as names go. I doubt it. Knowing trump he’ll probably come out and say it was actually Muslims lol

  • Hellllllllll no. Promises from a Real Estate Broker. Lmfao anyone supporting trump is an ignorant idiot.

  • I am voting for trump anyway but i am probably bias considering i live in the middle of illegal vato ville. I know from experience they are not the humble lettuce pickers just looking for a better life obama and the bias media would have you believe.

  • That moment when you know the truth and try to take advantage of the victim , Trump little piece of shit

  • Just another lie from The Donald.

  • lol, Donald going be our next Kennedy if he don’t watch what he says,,,,lol

  • Voting for someone especially someone like Trump because of a promise like that is just stupid.Apart from that even if he really was to tell such a thing to the public which i really doubt it people would just didnt want to believe it.Its always easier to blame someone else for your problems and thic case terrorists than accept that the real terrorists are inside your own goverment.

  • am i the only one who noticed how quickly after 9/11 they made drone tech public?

  • he is just asking to get “deleted”

  • Until the muderers are hanging from lamp posts for all the world to see, justice will not be given.

  • ever one of these assclowns are full of shit

  • So why doesn’t he tell us now?

  • He’s full of poop!

  • Bulshit, everybody knows it’s an inside job. If he was crazy enough to put his name to such a sensitive investigation, then he will meet the same end jfk met,when he asked the wrong questions and tried fucking about with things

  • Även om han blev vald så kommer det aldrig att hända….

  • wird

  • Seeing as we already know who did it, no… The bush administration did it knowingly and intentionally…

  • Fuck this ass hole. We’ve known.

  • the emperors new clothes…trump is insane but no one wants to say it or see it

  • Wouldn’t believe him/it anyway…

  • not commenting at all on who did the world trade centre

  • I’m betting his campaign plane mysteriously crashes in the near future

  • Open mouth, insert foot.

  • I wonder what he’s going to do when he finds out there is no story there. Will he hold a contest to make up the best conspiracy and make that official history?

  • Would it even matter? No politicians going to prison no matter what’s on those 28 pages.

  • This guy will do or say anything for votes

  • Yes because if he promised that he’d have a bullet in his head pretty quick

  • Haha Trump just won my vote. Then again, can we trust this tangoed, shredded wheat haired bigot? Hmm. We have a moral dilemma on our hands here chaps.

    • He’s not in anyone’s pocket and all sides of the political spectrum and their mouthpieces are against him, that should be reason enough to get behind him, but then he starts dropping the truth like it’s hot. Trump is the real deal, I’ve done my homework.

    • Trump is racist, homophobic, sexist and stupid. If he was in charge of the military-industrial-complex, it would be extremely dangerous for all of humanity. But still quite hilarious.

  • How dare he hold us hostage or anyone Mon the 911 commission ?? Motherfckrs

  • Ian Savory the truth is out there

  • Yup

  • they wouldnt let that happen…no way

  • Those 28 pages are no more relevant than the 9/11 Commission Report.

  • Dont have to look far. Just a hint we give them 23billion dollars a year and supposedly there the only democracy in the Middle East

  • …so it wasn’t JUST guys with box cutters???

  • Bush… move on.

  • Why if elected??? WHy not now because hes also a human being like the rest of us. wtf?

  • Not a Trump fan but this would explain his drop in poll numbers.

  • “Silly rabbit, ‘tricks’ are for kids”

  • Withholding that information from the American people is a horrible thing to do… Whether it be the Gov,or trump;the info needs to be out.

  • “Free the the leaf”– is the only way trump will get my vote. He was once for it but like everything else he’s flipped flopped.

  • Brian Christopher

  • sure, why not, they all the same shit, him getting voted in would probably speed up the revolution, he probably would be the most amusing president

  • …and who really assassinated JFK?

  • He doesn’t need to win for us to know. Bush did 9/11.

  • And then what……..

  • Hell No!!!

  • Tanya Mennenga Batten

  • that will change anything? no, the people have a lot of proof of the goberment fucking the people like MKUltra and nobpdy gives a fuck.

  • do it first

  • Why not just tell us now? Need some more time to make the BS plausible?

  • That would be suicide forsure . Just look at what happend to Robert Kennedy when told of his plan to tell UFO intel. And’ Not move on Vetnom . And also planed to dismantle the CIA and the FEDERAL Reserve bank . All the above have one name in common . That is Bush 4 generation’s deep .It’s very deep and cplicatated. Oh by the way , ‘IT’s all TRUE.

  • Y etait dans l avion

  • Is that a politicians promise?

  • Lol. No

  • Lol….please… I thought for sure he was going to announce he has very good friend that’s been keeping and hiding the Holy Grail. If we elect him president he’s going to keep it in the White House so everybody can see it when they come take a tour.

  • the pages will disappear or trump will be assassinated when he discovers that bush paid bin laden to do i, so he could justify the war, and once that is known, may as well tell us where Bin Laden really is…. apparently, the facts were enough to scare Obama into going along with the hiding of Bin Laden and the facts…

    • True, except bush didn’t pay bin laden bro , that goes with the assumption that our president has any real say , the same people that made sure bush got in office are the same ones who paid bin laden brother …

    • That very well could e the case…. Sooner that people let the government know hat we know they are scumbags with a different agenda than the american people, maybe they can come clean, and the inevitable change can happen, however it has to happen… Either way, Im sure it comes back to a rich person who for some reason thinks he needs ALL the money, but in the end of it all, they cant take it with them and and they are just another body in a box… never enjoyed heir own life because they were too consumed in ruining others…

  • Nope cause it won’t change the past & electing him only further endangers Americans futures.

  • Well he just lost Israel and Saudi Arabian support ..lol

  • WTF for – almost everyone knows that the Saudis are implicated and that Israeli ‘Art Students/Mosad agents” had long running access to the buildings. The only reason would vote for DT is if he is running against HRC. As an interim POTUS he would face opposition from all sides and get very little harm done and perhaps some good.


  • No I would vote for Trump. lol!

  • Sorry, bub. Richer people than you own that info. Nice try tho

  • Nope lol

  • Nope. Not in a million years.

  • Sheesh Jarod Taylor

  • David Coopie

  • He claims it was the Saudi’s. Obviously he knows nothing.

  • He won’t

  • I would vote for him if he made those papers public and with opening Area 51 to the public.

  • We already know it was an inside job Donald

  • look… Trump would release them , rewritten, re edited , re advised information to the public stating that so and so did this it’ll be propaganda .. not like are votes matter anyway .. the elections are thought of through time .. each person in presidential candidates have been selected from blood line .. they are going to be put there before they even hear of it . it’s all propaganda as long as they can get the public side of support. they always due it through manipulation and propaganda.. in all seriousness it doesn’t matter if you vote they control you through media .. basically telling too who to vote for .. it’s all schemes out . welcome too the matrix it’s been here for as long as we’ve lived..

  • Did you see pres. Bushes face when his brother declared that George new nothing about it? I would say he froze. We need to change our money and declare “theirs worthless”. “They” will become the poor…and we will get our country back. And we need to be far more creative in how we deal with our goals. We have had some real dullards mucking things up. We are smarter than this, right?

  • We might not know all the details but already weed mostly know that we did it to ourselves

  • Nope,,I trust Sanders to do much more

  • just empty promises

  • Most of us already know what happened!! We don’t need him to tell us…

  • It’ll never happen! The Republicans won’t let W and Cheney be arrested!

  • Loll

  • Ups, bye bye Trump

  • Wow that will get him some stupid people votes !

  • We all know it was the government that used it as an excuse to steal oil from Iraq.

  • NO!!!

  • We need to start kicking doors in and get ahold of these corrupted Filthy fucks.

  • I’m still waiting for his “Smoking-Gun-evidence” that Obama was born in Kenya.

  • Clever prick. I bet he wouldn’t release them when he found out the truth.

  • Trump is SO full-of-crap.

  • We already know!!! The elite will just kill him!!!

  • As if he wasn’t part of it. All those people who lost their lives on 9/11, died in the name of profit. The sad thing is that those who were involved will never pay for what they did.

  • Such a liar and fraud

  • When conditions are attached to the truth, it looses it essence! The american people should be able to have access to documents that pertain to their freedom and safety! Convictions shall never be compromised! –Maria– (@)–>—

  • In the name of “Freedom” I’ll kill them all!!!!

  • Ask your major investors mate.

  • Nope still wouldn’t vote for him. The only way I’d vote for him is if he gave every American making under 30k a year a small loan of a million dollars

  • If that’s what it take’s

  • How about we don’t even elect a president, and the people decide how the country is ran????-Wade

  • I guarantee the 28 pages won’t mention any Israeli or US involvement. It will simply finger Saudi Arabia. The 28 pages are a red herring.

  • I’ll save you the vote, it was aliens.

  • 9/11 Commission my ass. We all KNOW who took down the towers, and it wasn’t Bin Ladin.

  • Fuck Trump… This racist bastard does not stand for any of the supposed moral standards the The Free Thought Project.com portrays. Please get off his rod.

  • We already know and so do you it’s your pals you dipshit.

  • Are there aliens, though?

  • Forget it sunshine…we already know lol

  • Was reluctant to vote for him until now . 9/11 was a game changer and didn’t happen the way we were told it did. 2 planes 3 buildings?? Don’t think so !!

  • No….. We will all find out without him….. Besides, anyone with any skills already know…..

  • not falling for this stupid shit, either. fuck trump.

  • Trump is Israel’s bitch, just like all the other CIA-pre-approved candidates. Including Little Rand.

  • one of the best 9/11 docs i have watched shows who was really behind the obvious false flag….https://vimeo.com/39578648

  • No way. This statement, alone, tells us that he will not be elected. The shadow gov’t will not allow it.

  • I would never vot

  • He be like it was us now wot u gona do bitch get bk to being a slave

  • Hell to the no

  • vote me pres and i’ll hang all corrupt politions on reality tv to raise money to pay back a little of what they stole

  • Careful trump, the last president who set out to expose a plot ended up with a bullet in his head and we ended up with Reaganomics. just sayin’.

    And fyi you Internet monitors (nsa/fbi etc..) that’s not a threat, that’s what happened.

  • Everyone has the truth already and nobody gives a shit. This would not change anything. But if you vote for Trump for ANY reason, you are a fucking maniac and do not deserve to live on this planet any more. That’s all there is to it. Don’t you fuckin dare vote Trump.

    • I’m gonna

    • I feel sorry for the US. And consequently the rest of the world, if Trump gets voted in.

    • Some people still believe that it was terrorists from middle east and that their government would never commit such attrocities. Your right though half the people know about the governments participation and just don’t even care… Its really unfortunate that we are standing idley by while our governments plot our demise behind closed doors.

    • The government aren’t “plotting our demise” the governments and the people controlling them are simply devising ways to make money and just control the population. Without a people to govern, there is no power. A few thousand here and there is ok by them, but not all of us. It’s simply about money and power. Advertising, selling fear sells TVs.

    • Killing people because of their political choice?

  • gonna vote for him anyway

  • We already know it was the Saudis, the same guys the W Bush was holding hands with.

  • Nope

  • Dick move, Trump! The truth is out there, we all know it.. You don’t need to vote this dick in to find out!

  • Donald J. Trump you truly are the definition of IDIOCRACY….. The world already knows the real truth…. If you really want to help then share your wealth… STOP BEING GREEDY AND GIVE TO THE NEEDY

  • Nathan Nelson

  • Will it bring back the lives lost? Will the buildings magically reappear? When will we learn from history. Vote Libertarian no matter what. Vote for any third party. https://www.garyjohnson2016.com/

  • We already know. Next

  • No he is a republican. Are you serious!!!

  • We all know it was the CIA and MOSAD false flag operation in order to trigger war in the mid-east much to the profit of large multi-national corporations. Been at war ever since.

    • That’s because the new wars are meant to be won they’re just meant to be continued

    • We all know some of us need to buy more tin hats.

  • Clinton promised to release the JFK files…

  • Release the pages anyway!

  • No, but we should still get to know the truth.

  • I wouldn’t vote for trump if my balls were on fire and he was the only one around with a bucket of water

  • Not in a million years. Trump is subhuman.

  • We already know the truth.

  • No because voting perpetuates this sham system that insists we need a ruling class to ensure our survival.

  • Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • No. I wouldnt vote for that asshat for any reason.

  • Ry Dawson

  • I already know, its convincing everyone else to open their eyes!

  • There is no question, our government did it. if your still in denial there isnt hope for you.

  • And with that, he proves he’s no better than what’s already in Washington.

  • IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB.. due to the fact they lost BILLIONS when a fibre optic link was cut at CHASE SIDE in BOURNEMOUTH UK which LINKS EUROPE to AMERICA… so they had an insurance fraud occur killing 5000 people.. jews huh Morgan Stanley.

    • The explosives were put on the supports to stop the building toppling over – a shock wave caused a domino pancaking action effect to occur.. the people at work all knew about the Huge financial LOSS a few months earlier from Bournemouth UK,
      and so had to be silenced for the fraud to take place
      … Marshmallow Man

  • Loose Change

  • There is NOTHING this “man” could say to entice me to vote for him.

  • We know already fat boy

  • jumping on the band wagon prick

  • I don’t need to know THAT bad

  • The 28 pages are a limited hangout, if not pure disinfo !

  • Yes I would

  • Nooooooo

  • He’s definitely going to get assassinated for exposing plans on that level. If he actually does it. Look. 9/11 was hell on earth, but we should focus on the victims and how the community was impacted. All of this arguing over who did it is selfish. Thousands of people are dead. Let’s focus on their legacies.

  • Bullshit!!! Cunts already up to no good,if he really has info the cunt would spill his guts now an not wait till an election,bribing people into voting for him SMH ….. I do hope you all realise these maggots all work for the same cunts !!!!

  • I’d like to find out about that information.

  • wouldn’t vote for him if he promised a universal basic income for every living creature on the planet

  • Y

  • lol, you think our vote counts…

    Think for yourselves

  • Are Americans really goin to let the First Lady be a immigrant???

  • I Don’t Believe The Americans Are Ready for The Truth Yet.

  • Forget Trump . Just waterboard Bush and Cheney till they sing and they will . No worries as neither of them had issues with waterboarding innocent goat farmers . Then nuke Tel Aviv.

  • not sure people can handle that

  • Promises……

  • He wouldn’t have the clearance to do that.

  • He would never be allowed to do that, they would straighten his dumb ass out good. He’d heel like a good boy in spite of all of his bluster, and perform like a trained pony just as O’Bomber has done.

  • 2 planes where evacuated
    2 drones hit the buildings
    They shipped all the scrap metal to China immediately to hide the evidence
    They literally covered up the land in front of the Pentagon as soon as the next day
    Billion Dollar insurance policy’s were in place
    Create a problem so you can apply the solution was in effect

    • I believe drones or planes where not used.
      Controlled demolitions and Blue Beam project. Holographic and sound images that look real if witnessed .

  • Did the government do it? I doubt it

    Did the government know about it in advance? Possibly..but we may never really know

    Did the government use 9/11 to gain public support to wage illegitimate wars that killed thousands of innocent civilians, detain people indefinitely and subject them to questionable torture practices, and gain support for further eliminating our rights and creating a surveillance and police state? You bet your ass they did, and they did it with 100% certainty….

  • This was an inevitable boast….I recall President Obama promising the same thing – unfortunately, once you’re sworn in, your lips will be sown shut (figuratively speaking).

  • Would be nice but I don’t trust you at all, Trump.

  • No, because he won’t have the power to divulge the information as the Fed Cabal (which will have sanctioned his appointment if he became president) won’t allow him to. The truth he would divulge would just be a reiteration of the ‘official’ line. As a votecatching scam it’s a non-starter. If Trump was in earnest he would have spilled the beans already as it would be a great way to undermine just about everybody else who’s in the running whilst at the same time boosting his credibility in the eyes of the people. He can’t because he doesn’t have the authority to. He’s a billionaire who knows that he cannot afford to upset the trillionaires who call the shots.

  • I don’t vote for morons who just good talkers and tell people what they wanna hear to gain support rather gain people’s support through honesty, respect and dignity.

  • And while you are at it , have the educational documents that Obama had sealed. That would tell us a lot.

  • Does it even matter at this point? Despite my sympathies for all of those who lost family and friends ,knowing wouldn’t change what happened and it might make things worse.Betrayal is betrayal no matter who is the betrayer.

  • oh good, another to be assassinated!

  • The world’s a fuckin cirkus! Sell your tickets and hide out in the woods!

  • It was done to destroy the evidence towards a wall street banking scandal. It had nothing to do with a man in a cave on run with out internet service. Who was half way across the world. The evidence was in the towers, building number 7 and the pentagon. All evidence to the banking scandal were destoyed that day. This investigation had taken down half of wall street. It is called the labore banking scandal. The movie theatre shooter in Colorado a few years ago. His father was do to testify in a grand jury hearing the very next day. Isn’t it Ironic!

  • Remember people it takes 2200 degrees to melt steal and jet fuel burns up in 7.2 seconds. Open your eyes.

  • Kevin dammit trump…

  • Already know, President Bush.

  • The american need Daryl and Rick.

  • You mean bombshell campaign bullsh*t.

  • No I wouldn’t. Truth can still come out but the other damage he would do is too heavy a price.

  • Hell no, he is lying turd politician who will say anything to get elected. Besides, I’ve done lots of research and have a pretty good idea who did it. Hint, it wasn’t the guys who were accused!!!!!

  • He is just desperate and reaching for votes, it’s really kind of pathetic

  • Nope. He’s far too close to insane to be trusted to do anything besides plunge the nation into a new world war, and destroy the economy to satisfy his adolescent mentality. I’d rather vote for the squirrel he keeps tied to his head.

  • Is this the same as Hillary claiming we will know what is at area 51, too? The stuff these folks say…

  • Bring it out before the elections! Let’s get the ball rolling. I’m tired of waiting

  • Why not right now ? why after elected ?

  • Really?! I believe they are dead! Didn’t they die in the crash! 😉

  • Really stretching for votes

  • Maybe a large bribe

  • As soon as he made any move to open the chapter involved there will be a grassy knoll…..Somewhere.

  • the truth is gonna come out sometime soon either way. if I did think that my vote was worth two shits, I certainly wouldn’t waste it on someone lying to my face.

  • Hey trump make sure you tell us how building # 7 went down..

  • and then keep his mouth shut lol….lmao…

  • bush,cheney,rumsfeld, the saudis..there now you dont need to elect him

  • No, would you Elle t Stalin if he told you who killed Kennedy? No because you don’t let a burglar in to kill you to find out who destroyed your mail box a a year ago.

  • Hahahahahahahahahaahhahahhahahha OMFG

  • We don t need him to know who did it ….
    Politics = terrorism

  • No way he gets that done. Empty campaign promises.


  • Maybe

  • For that info… HELL YES.

  • Do it any way putts your the billionaire

  • He wouldn’t have the guts after the forces whisper something in his ears.

  • Signing his death warrant.

  • Oh hell no.

  • I wouldn’t bother voting for any politician who promises to do something ‘for the people’. The very concept is a joke unless proven otherwise.

    Regardless, Chump can go shove his policies up his ass.

  • There is a very good and very sad possibility that this man could be the start of world war 3…

  • Trumps been a birther all along, the mans no fool, everyone with half a brain believes the gov bullshitted us about 911. He also has to know the fucking Feds will execute him if the can!

  • Tina – I know how much you love a conspiracy theory

  • Electing a tyrant just to tell me something I probably figured out on my own (or a blatant lie)? I mean, nevermind the fact that we haven’t elected our leaders in at the very least decades (and that is being unrealistically generous). I hope you and your fucking toupee burn.

  • Jay Be

  • i already know, i dont need you to tell me

  • NO i will not vote for trump for any reason

  • hmmm who else releases half the truth,,, our government

  • He shall release them with a fat zensur from the second page till the 27.

  • Under no circumstance would I ever vote for Trump.

  • Haha , if it was a conspiracy I’m sure he wS part of it

  • 500% Bernie all the way!

  • Michael C Ruppert did this work already. Fuck Trump.

  • No I don’t believe he’s remotely sincere

  • I wonder who did it

  • Go ahead and vote…it won’t make any difference.

  • Yes

  • The only thing trump would release is the statement prepared for him by the people in charge.

  • then you’ll never get elected …..we know who did it ,we’d like to know officially but it won’t happen now ………dumass!

  • You’d have to be seriously gullible to think he would even have access to those files.

  • racist ass

  • All it takes is for him to mention 9/11 and you’re on his nuts now too? we’ll just forget his racist blabbering bs. Lost a lot of respect for your site right now. Pathetic !

  • I wouldn’t vote for T’rump if he promised to reveal who shot JFK, proved we never landed on the moon, pulled some yellowcake out of his pockets and paraded an actual alien from another planet along 5th avenue.

  • An I should believe him…..why?

  • I wouldn’t vote for him even if he gave everyone a million dollars.

  • Good, release Matt Dehart then

  • T’Rump is going to claim it was planned by those ‘hundreds of people dancing in the streets’ on 9-11 in NJ. They didn’t exist either.

  • Those pages will mysteriously disappear before there is even a hint of someone releasing them

  • Maybe Putin will hear him to it lol

  • we already know who did it. bush and cheney with the help of the CIA and the Moussad

  • Pope suggests Trump ‘is NOT Christian’ https://youtu.be/EYaaJfIL0oY

  • ..meh, it’s gonna be all blocked out, anyway..

  • Promise that and it’s motivation to become assassinated.

  • All of you Americans konw the truth of this and many other things but you are not brave enough to say that.Or you admit it.

  • So if he doesnt get elected he will keep the truth to himself, sound for that donald

  • Lol he never would say the truth about it !

  • I think it’s a lie to make it look like the truth when revealed.

  • The fact that the richest people in the country and all the people in government talk about openly now as fact that the official story is bullshit, is such a slap in the face. Only thing I can say positive about this is that at least it’s getting national coverage now. For those who were still asleep and thought 9/11 was a bunch of junkie terrorists who took down the most heavily defended country in the world, at least now maybe they will all open their eyes.

  • He did 🙂

  • Ya ok maybeyhe’ll tell us it was Homer Simpson

  • As an economist. Fuck no. MB

  • Its like the late Bill Hicks once said….when the new guy gets elected he goes in a room and a tv screen comes down. The JFK assassination is played from an angle NO ONE has ever seen before.Screen goes up.Any questions?

  • No! Why would it matter then? We gonna be in WW3 or we gonna die from glabal warming.

  • is when we discovered it was aliens, cos nss said so

  • Nope. I’ll do my own research, thank you. Besides, with him in office, it’s just a matter of time before we’re at war again. It’ll be over something idiotic and he’ll hedge his bets to make money off it.

  • No. If he had that power, he would’ve done it already.

  • Still won’t vote for him we all know the government did it

  • We already KNOW who did it. Trump is a con man and a carnival barker.

  • Why only if elected?

  • I just want him to expose our government lol

  • Its hard to believe its been that long. If I lived in US I wouldnt vote for him

  • ya right… Is that why you wanna mark all musllims like fuckn animals in the wild?

  • He can write fucking burrito recipes in those 28 pages when he gets elected, he’s a friggin liar and a phony
    Electing him will be the downfall of america

    • all puppets controlled by the same puppetteer. And dont think america could get any worse tbh. If trump gets elected atleast we’d have a few good laughs

  • If you want to be elected let people know now you idiot!

  • So who has oil this time?

  • 9/11 truthers aka heinous vermin who can’t even spell “commission” aren’t even…

  • No because this information shouldn’t be held ransom and also we all know it was a government scam all about money!

  • No we have hackers who will do it for cheaper

  • he will win


  • fcuk dat, im sure the US already know who did it

  • Such bs dont fall for it, he is learning that people for for bs really easily

  • Kerr Fletcher

  • We also want to know who in the government, CIA, FBI, etc killed JFK

  • well thats a relief, this proves that trump will never win as the peasants will never know the truth and they (elite) would never allow it

  • Brandon Maldonado he’s got my vote

  • He is gonna wind up dead. In the mean time, try unseeing this.

  • Bush administration and if they think he has prof bang boom goes the goof ❤️

  • A big trap.

  • He’s a liar… Like all the others (Bush, Obama, you name it) and he won’t be able, even if he really wants to, to open the files.

  • Ema Brunton hmmmmmmmmmm

  • Worth the price of admission!!!!

  • Go back under ur bridge troll trump!

  • Why if? Just an other puppet.

  • NOPE. I do not negotiate with terrorists.

  • I’d vote for him anyway. We need a change!

  • That I would like to know

  • Robert Meese

  • If he knows now and is silent, he’s just a traitor. He is using a national tragedy, a wound, maybe one of the worst crimes in the U.S as an attempt to extort the people? Wow.

  • Just another lying politician saying whatever he thinks is going to make him the next president if you remember Bill Clinton was going to expose the UFO phenomenon

  • Not a chance in hell!

  • George W.Reichel


  • I would like to know about the Saudi Royal Family’s involvement.

  • Anyone can promise shit, but whom can really deliver? I can promise to make every citizen as strong as superman, don’t mean that isht is gonna happen. Obama promised to close Guantanamo see where he sits at NOW? The question isn’t who can get it done, it’s who is trustworthy enough to actually do it regardless of what others claim

  • Not a chance in hell.

  • Really? He probably thinks Mexicans did it. Lol

  • Bush. Did. 9/11. And even trump knows

  • we already know!!

  • I already have a pretty good idea.

  • Why should it take this for the truth to come out. This is fucked up.

  • The world allready knows Hair-bag!!!

  • He’s a moron

  • Fuck no.

  • A lot of FBI CIA will go to jail if he does.

  • Clinton said about the same thing, he said that the truth about the Kennedy assassination should be released. After he was elected they (congress) made it so it will NEVER be seen.

  • Stupid question guys!

  • oo he’s treading water. maybe they will elect him just to assassinate him?

  • No because he is still a racist,facist,arrogant arsehole

  • This bastard is another bum licker of the Zionist entity….a dummy of the Jews and they have deployed him to fool the masses as an alternative choice. Anything that comes from the existing system cannot do a fucking thing….no US President have any power than the bloody Jews who are mastering it from behind.

  • I just might

  • Trump just might wake up dead if he starts promising this kind of stuff

  • Ooops, he’s playing with fire now… The industrial Military Complex will not allow that.

  • Well now we shouldn’t have to hear much from Trump, the machine is now planning his death…

  • He would probably be dead before he opened his mouth!

  • Would not vote for Trump if He suddenly had wings and a halo.

  • A promise? Fuck no, I wouldn’t vote for this scumbag for dogcatcher!

  • I won’t admit to knowing exactly how it went down. Ask yourself this…When Bush first learned of the events of 9/11, when the plane hit the first tower, it was whispered in his ear, “Our nation is under attack.” And he just sat there for several minutes in a daze. Wouldn’t you want to know what, how, where, why immediately??? Unless he already knew something…food for thought.

  • i would suffer 4 yours of trump to see thoe other fuckers burn in the fire of treason.

  • Promises before election are no guarantee

  • Never!

  • This man will be good for the USA .hes really got balls

  • YES!!!

  • wow. thats something to ponder on.

  • No. He’s a pathological liar. Nothing he says means anything.

  • ISRL everyone knows that already

  • No such thing as a two-party system in this so-called nation-state. It’s all a facade; it’s not real. It would help society more if you stopped promoting the idea that we live in a democracy. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you go look up quotes from some former U.S. Presidents, e.g. Wilson, FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy.

  • Bullshit!!!!!

  • Any one with common since knows !!!!who gives a shit about the play by play!!!

  • No! I wouldn’t! The US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia did 9/11, the new axis of evil!

  • Why Pay to hear a know fact?

  • once bitten, twice shy…

  • Now, that is something all the candidates should promise!

  • Hell NO that shit is behind us now…screw the goverment anyways we are as free country, so be free of this crap

  • Just like any other politician, “false promises” if “they” didn’t even Cared for the Innocent lives, Do you really think that they wouldn’t get him kill ?

  • he is so money hungry we can only imagine what will happen to us when he raises the lower income peoples taxes and gives tax cuts to the wealthy like him self.

  • OMG it was the Mexicans! Who would’ve guessed

  • People won’t vote for Bernie Sanders because they think he wants to give away free stuff, but people will vote for Donald Trump because they think he’s going to give away free information they can’t get.

    The low-hanging fruit have officially tipped over the tree

  • If that happen his own party would have him disappear. poof

  • -_- so he is going to tell us what millions of us who aren’t docile, and gullible, and asleep what we already know? Nope I wouldn’t trust him even if it were the last thing on Earth to save it from imminent destruction.

  • never

  • Stop believing in these fuckers. ALL of them are a bunch of fucking liars. When will you retards ever learn.

  • Robert Barden

    Oh sure … that sounds a lot like ol’ Dr. Strangelove McCain … “I know where bin Laden is”. Yep, sure you do. Didn’t work then, won’t work now. What’s the definition of insanity (well, other than Donald J. Trump)?

  • if he is elected and he did try to find out the truth my guess is that he would end up getting assassinated by an mexican who can’t remember what happened !


  • Patrick Blaine Jamison Brad Daberko Jason White People’s head would explode.

  • You are too stupid to know.

  • This is a tuff one because he also wants Apple to give access to everyone’s phone

  • go ahead do your deal with the devil

  • Still not worth it.

  • We don’t need to vote for this creep to know the truth about 9/11….

  • We already know it was an inside job asshole

  • No! I don’t care if he opens the area 51 and the Kennedy assassination papers or anything else, I would never vote for that buffoon

  • Well, these “so-called” presidents are kind of like the CEOs of the corporation known as America. Go figure.

  • Is this guy for real.. Oh My God,, can the American people really be considering this man for the ultimate Administration???

  • no matter how outspoken Trump maybe when asked about impeaching bush he cowered, saying call it whatever you want but he refuse to use that word impeachment

  • There gonna kill him.

  • Kiera Nachman

  • YES! Release them now, Obama was afraid to.

  • Wow. I was really open to most on this page, but you’re 911 “Truthers” ? Yay, it’s been interesting. Bye

  • If he wasn’t a racist asshole, that would be an incentive to vote for him

  • Are you fucking retarded?

  • Every day that passes, makes him even more pathetic than he already is. And the people who agree with him are just as pathetic as he is. Nothing but lies and idiotic remarks come out of his mouth. #FeeltheBern #Bernie2016

  • Nope.

  • What a CUNT. If? I know who motherfucker…JEWS.

  • Im not falling for that!

  • Trump will say nothing of the sort but rather be another puppet.

  • He says anything to get elected, he’s a business man, so that includes lies and false advertising.

  • No, I’m pretty sure we all know what they’re not telling us

  • Even if he was telling the truth, which I seriously doubt he is, I would rather those 28 pages remain secret until the end of time than to have America become be an even bigger joke than it already is by having him become president. The truth will come to light in its own time with hard work from the community and pages like this.

  • Wtf

  • Too bad I already know fuckbag. If you were about “America” wouldn’t you day who was responsible anyway?

  • Gwilym

    Old news. Everyone knew there were 15 Saudis involved, and of the complicity of Saudis in high places.

  • Wow

  • JimSr
  • Eric Bolt

    We will find that Zionist Kabbalah terrorist who stole the $3.9 trillion before 9/11, wrote the pre- 9/11 Bible Code warning how Saddam not them would do and be behind 9/11-! like CIA terrorist fighting American hero terrorist while flying one of Dick Cheney’s Drone Missiles on 9/11-! And the untold 1000’s & 1000’s who went underground before 9/11 into their U.S Military proof underground bunker cities-! those behind the Wrong Way Worrier False Flag terror projects for your ENLISTED-!