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Make War Great Again — Trump Boosts Military Spending by $54 BILLION

Washington, D.C. — (RT) President Donald Trump aims to increase the Pentagon’s budget by $54 billion, as part of a push to rebuild America’s “depleted military.” Trump also promised to rein in domestic spending and do more with less.

Both Office of Management and Budget head Mick Mulvaney and White House press secretary Sean Spicer confirmed the amount at the press briefing on Monday, describing it as the funding the military needed to “get off life support” caused by the Budget Control Act, also known as the sequester.

Details of the new budget will be unveiled sometime in March, but the president is expected to preview portions of it during Tuesday’s night address to Congress.

In a Monday meeting with governors at the White House, Trump said the budget will be heavy on “public safety and national security” and feature a “historic increase of defense spending to rebuild the depleted military.”

“We’re going to do more with less,” Trump said, “and make the government lean and accountable.”

By way of example, Trump cited the savings he negotiated with Lockheed Martin for the purchase of F-35 fighter jets, knocking $728 million off the initial sticker price. Announcing the block buy in early February, Lockheed credited the savings to Trump’s “personal involvement” in the negotiations.

The Obama administration requested $582.7 billion to fund the Department of Defense in fiscal year 2017, including the $58.8 billion for the warfighting “overseas contingency operations” fund. Congress eventually authorized a total of $619 billion.

Trump’s budget outline will not include any changes to entitlement spending such as Medicare and Medicaid, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Fox News on Sunday.

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“We are not touching those now. So don’t expect to see that as part of this budget,” he said.

Among the other priorities Trump brought up were repealing and replacing Obamacare, expediting environmental reviews, and investing in the crumbling US infrastructure.

Trump’s budget efforts have been frustrated by the slow pace of Senate confirmations for his Cabinet officials. Mnuchin himself was only confirmed on February 13, while Mulvaney received approval on February 16.

The president’s critics have pointed out that rebuilding the infrastructure, overhauling healthcare, beefing up the military and building the border wall won’t be possible without running up a massive deficit.

  • Byron Williams

    Waste of money. First fire all the generals. Don’t seem like they know what to do. Except destroy several countries, destroy their infrastructure, kill their citizens and kill and wound are soldiers. Plus cost several trillion dollars. Now we have dumb ass Trump which will really screw up the works!!

    • sandy

      the generals are ordered to “Waste of money. First fire all the generals. Don’t seem like they know what to do. Except destroy several countries, destroy their infrastructure, kill their citizens and kill and wound are soldiers. Plus cost several trillion dollars”..these are political acts

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        • Anthony Vincent Ciccone

          Congratufuckinlations!!! 🤓

      • Shane McAleer

        Congratulations…..You get the “I don’t really know squat about this topic” award ☺
        Seriously, you need to do some research and get both sides of the story!

    • Shane McAleer

      Do you understand anything about the military?
      You sound like a hater of anything Trump or people who are in uniform.

      • F Qg

        And? It has been proven that cops and Trump are corrupt. The military isn’t honorable anymore, as they’re now just trained assassins ran by the elite.

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        • Thebob

          Cite your source?

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    • Thebob

      Considering 60-70% of Gov’t debt and budget is wasted on “Social” programs…$54 Billion is nothing…Get a grip on reality…The military isn’t the problem it is morons like you who don’t understand reality…Hillary destroyed Libya, along with Syria and Egypt etc…etc…Nice try though. I do agree we need to bring our Military home and stop injecting ourselves into others problems, but it isn’t the Military who gives orders it was Obummer and Hildo….

      • BobFromDistrict9

        Look at history. There have been three times I have identified where the National debt was down to the point where it was with range of being paid off.

        All three times it was done by cutting military spending.

        Our debt was 33% of GDP when Reagan took office. It went up by 60 points under Reagan/ Bush I/ Bush II. If Clinton hadn’t brought it down by 7 points it would have been 92% of GDP.

        Then they left Obama a depression to deal with.

        War is the big debt builder.

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        • [email protected]

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        • elizabeth.edwards

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        • kenneth.edney

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        • Thebob

          “If Clinton hadn’t brought it down by 7 points it would have been 92% of GDP.” LMAO it wasn’t Clinton, it WAS CONGRESS just like it always has been..CONGRESS HOLDS THE POWER OF THE PURSE…And yes I have seen the only points in our history where we had our debt low was during times of peace…Which we have been in really this century has been the most peaceful time in our entire history….Obama created more debt in a peace time than ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS COMBINED…You need to learn some basic math skills…Our defense isn’t squat compared to our GDP and it isn’t squat on how much we squander with “social” programs…Which ISN’T OUR GOV’T JOB TO DO…Gov’t CHARITY IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL….Your state wants to do it then so be it, it isn’t the Federal Gov’ts job to take care of her citizens only PROTECT THEM…

          Bring our Soldiers home I am down for that…BUT WE MUST be able to have the proper equipment and training etc to be able to defend our Nation if the need were to arise…Oh BTW this last century has been so peaceful because of our Military power, just FYI…

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  • Jill M. Halbert

    We need to spend more money toward our military. We need better equipment. We also need to pay them better and have better retirement and medical for our veterans.

    • Mr. Wrestling III

      Or weed could just close some of the bases we have. I don’t think we need bases in 130 foreign countries to keep us safe. If we’d quit killing people over the petro-dollar and oil, we could cut the damn military budget in half while making us safer at home at the same time. More money? Our bridges are falling apart and you want to spend more money on bombs, ffs.

      • Anthony Vincent Ciccone

        How about we just let other countries in and have their own bases on US soil? Afterall we assume the right to do that to them. Imagine if the rest of the world did to the USA what the USA does to the rest of the world. Poor friggin 9/11, that shit finally hit home but lets think about what we’re doing all over the place DAILY!

      • Shane McAleer

        Do you really understand geo-politics and the effects it has on democracy, ie: womens rights, freedom of speech and movement, justice etc? I agree there is certainly an issue with oil but for God’s sake don’t make out that the military is all about that!
        If the esteem democrasies weren’t in these countries then it would be the Chinese, Russians, or worse hard core Islamists forcing Sharia Law.

        • Mr. Wrestling III

          I think perhaps you don’t understand them. China and Russia were our allies during WWII. They are not the bad guys. We are the country that fights wars over the petro-dollar. We’re the country that topples elected governments in order that we might control their resources. Islamists forcing Sharia Law? Yeah, I don’t think most of the countries we have bases in are in much jeopardy of having “hard core Islamists” setting up bases in their countries. Having bases in 130 countries makes us imperialists. It’s unnecessary and a total waste of our resources. It’s not my responsibility to protect those nations from other nations. Yet, my taxes go to pay for their protection. I want my taxes to go to feeding the 40% of children that go to bed hungry every night in my state. I live in Iowa. We feed the damn world yet we don’t have the resources to feed the children because we’re too busy building bases in foreign nations. They are called priorities and ours are very out of whack.

          • Shane McAleer

            Absolutely there needs to be a massive cleanup of the system. Kids and the health of a nation should be priority. But closing the bases! Do you have any idea what that would do to the stability of democracy and human rights around the world?!
            The west isn’t perfect, but it’s a hell of alot better than what any other system is offering!

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            No, it really isn’t better than anything. The west represents imperialism and murder for resources. That’s not any good at all.

          • Shane McAleer

            So REALISTICALLY Mr Wrestling, where are you going to move that provides you with your utopia?

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            Why would I need to move? I can not like the way we do things and still live here. I live in Iowa and I love this place. I just don’t like our government or our imperialism. What is it with people like you? You think the only option is leave rather than change it? You’re the same kind of person that thinks it’s ok here because it’s worse in other places. It’s like saying, “Well, sure, you were raped but in North Korea it would have been butt rape so you should consider yourself lucky.”

          • Shane McAleer

            Slow down Tex, I was challenging you to come up with solutions. All I hear is alot of bitching and moaning and no direction/solutions. As the old saying goes “if your going to complain at least provide a remedy to the problem”.
            Of course we need to change things. My comparison to other countries and systems was to get (as you say) “people like you” to look at what’s out there, see where we have come from, decide if we are ‘generally’ heading in the right direction, and try to come up with solutions that are viable.
            So……How can we work together as a humain population vs party supporter and do what’s best?

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            Oh, but you didn’t challenge me to come up with solutions and I can bitch and moan all I want. How do we do it? I already pointed out that we don’t need all those military bases. That’s the solution. Quit wasting money on imperialism. Jesus, pay attention. Other steps that could be taken are easy, tax the corporations and the wealthy. Invest in education and infrastructure. It’s not complicated.

          • Blaine

            Isn’t it amazing how many times you can be challenged to come up with a solution, you do, and then you are challenged once again – cognitive dissonance when it comes to military spending.

            And most don’t understand if we eliminated all the big social programs that are used to make defense spending look like a smaller percentage of discretionary than it really is, we would also eliminate those revenue sources. We’d all get a relative tax break but…
            The budget still wouldn’t be balanced, the deficit would continue to grow, defense spending would still be well over 50% of total, finance payments on past defense overspending would still overshadow interest payments on all other overruns.

            And here we are with USMC and Stryker units invading Syria in violation of the Constitution and International law. Probably scads of mercenaries running around also paid for with our taxes at orders of magnitude higher pay than the already high cost of deploying Service men and women, and folks scratch their heads, wonder why we’re broke back home.

          • Thebob

            100 Million+ deaths associated to Communism in just he first half of the 20th century…

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            Incorrect. You should get your facts straight. True Communism has never even been attempted. Not one nation on earth has ever used real communism as a system of governance.

          • Thebob

            Which is what? Oh great one please explain REAL Communism, so you don’t think it is this: a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating CLASS WAR and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs?? No?

            Or this a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party?

            Pretty sure North Korea is that way, Cuba, China, USSR that failed…Even China is now reeling against Communism and opening up to more capitalistic model, why CAUSE ABSOLUTE CONTROL AND POWER BY A CENTRAL ENTITY DOES NOT WORK….
            Besides according to Democrats today, all business are public entities already….
            Which definition is TRUE COMMUNISM? One where you don’t own anything? One where you can’t own a home or property? One where eh, I get paid no matter what so I just won’t work today or ever again for that matter? Are you the one who decides how much I make or my neighbor makes? Do I get to decide how much you are worth or your time is worth? Seriously you are a fcking moron.

          • Thebob

            How about this:
            Marx also detailed the 10 essential tenets of communism, namely:

            Central banking system
            Government controlled education
            Government controlled labor
            Government ownership of transportation and communication vehicles
            Government ownership of agricultural means and factories
            Total abolition of private property
            Property rights confiscation
            Heavy income tax on everyone
            Elimination of rights of inheritance
            Regional planning

            Hmm this sounds like what we already have….
            Central Bank check
            Gov’t Controlled Ed. check
            Gov’t Controlled Labor check
            Gov’t controlled tranportation check
            Property tax check
            Asset forfeiture and Imminent domain check
            High taxes on only those who actually work check
            high death taxes check
            Separate and Segregate everyone into groups Regional Planning check…

            How is Communism working out for you?

          • Thebob

            “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” Alexis de Tocqueville Please just sit back an continue being a slave…Ignorant fool

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            You don’t understand equality. They have much more in common. It quite possible for both to exist simultaneously in the same place. You seem to be conflating capitalism with democracy. Those two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Democracy can exist with socialism. It’s capitalism that is the problem, no democracy. I’m afraid you are the ignorant fool. Perhaps you should read up on democracy, capitalism and socialism. You might just learn something.

          • Thebob

            You are mistaken. That isn’t the Military or Us or the U.S. it is the deep state, big bankers that control and order those things…CFR, Central power Banks….IMF…get your facts straight please… Our taxes do go to feed the children, but it is up the parents to actually feed their children instead of defrauding the Gov’t and spending trading cashing in their “free monies” for smokes and alcohols and drugs…Or that nice new car rolling on 20’s…

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            I’m not mistaken. It most certainly is the military and the US government. You need to get your facts straight. People that are receiving government assistance to feed their children cannot waste that money on smokes, booze, drugs or 20″ rims. They receive a SNAP card that can only be spent on food. It won’t even buy them soda. Also, what a horrible characterization of the poor folks who need assistance due to neoliberal policies that enacted things such as NAFTA that caused their decent paying jobs to be move overseas. Your comment paints them as drugged out people that would drive ugly cars with 20″ rims? That’s not reality. That’s a generalization you made up in your head to justify not helping your fellow man. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if those thoughts are a good depiction of who you are as a person. It’s not a very ethical person that I’m seeing in those words.

          • Thebob

            Yes they can, I have seen it happen and have been approached several times before…It is simple, you wait in Walmart, ask someone hey Ill buy you $400 worth of groceries and you give me $200 in cash…It happens everyday it happens ALL THE TIME…Get real…Grew up poor, lived poor with kids….Only characterization and generalizations are coming from your ignorant brain that doesn’t live in reality…And most of the cars are not ugly they are new Cadillac’s or BMW or Escalade….Another example is the Corner Store owner is corrupt also, rings up their smoke and booze as a bunch of twinkies boom, food stamps used…..Get real dude.

          • Thebob

            When Capitalists can’t sell you something they will work to improve it, when a communists socialist can’t sell you something they pass a law and force you to buy it anyway….But then again it never really was yours to begin with…

      • Thebob

        If people worked we could cut the “Social” program wasted fraud and abuse that comprises 60-70% of our wasted debt and budget…Defense or Military spending is only about 3%….

    • Blaine

      Retirement and medical for military and all Govt employees should be same as for all the folks who paid their salaries in the first place – Social Security and Medicare/aid.

      They need better pay or better retirement they should get a second job and a crappy 401k, like the rest of us.

      • Thebob

        You wouldn’t understand the self sacrifice if it slapped you in the face…SS Medicare is not a retirement program and if you are counting on that then you are a moron…As you explained yourself take it in your own hand and get a 401k that is crappy or invest yourself…Sorry, but I am not working and paying my taxes so you can retire off my back….

        • Blaine

          Hang on, so you signed up to be a paid knee-capper for Congress and POTUS and that’s sacrifice instead of poor decision making? Now who’s the moron.

          I actually am planning on my crappy 401K and whatever other $ I can salt away the govt won’t steal from me to pay the military to fight phony enemies my intelligence agencies create, also with $ stolen from me, and also to help take my rights domestically. War debt and related expense in benees and ongoing care is collapsing the country, and all of it for needless murder.

          As I taxpayer I’ll steal a tag from Nam era when it comes to paying for our bloated and liberty threatening standing military that aught be about 1/3 of its size (the Founding Fathers were right about that!) – UUU.

          • Thebob

            You can’t blame the Soldier for those actions YOU VOTED FOR…If you didn’t vote then STFU….Again you don’t know and wouldn’t know personal sacrifice if it slapped you in the face.
            I agree with some of what you are saying even being that I served; it changed me seeing the things I saw and hearing and learning the things I learned while I served. Doesn’t change that I still love my Country and our people; doesn’t mean that I bow down to the Gov’t controllers….We really do not spend that much on our military, not compared to our GDP and how much we waste on “Social” programs….
            Matter of fact, we spend nearly $10,000 per man, women and child in this country on Health Care, which is more than ANY other country and yet our health is still failing, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Heart Disease ALL STILL ON THE RISE….Yep that is $10,000 well spent per person in this country per year….Not to even get into we spend more on that in “Education” indoctrination per child and we are still getting dumber as a society…
            All I hear from you is complaining and whining with out any solution being presented….You sound like one of my children.

          • Blaine

            I sure as hell voted, just not for anyone who voted to send you or anyone else overseas to kill people who have nothing to do with my country’s security. That doesn’t keep my Govt from stealing my money to clothe, feed, train, house, and provide medical care for a literal army of people who may overall be well intentioned but do zero for me in practice.

            I guess I can’t blame the soldier for not educating themself before volunteering to kill people for two of the most despised branches of the Federal Govt…why not, are they all infants not responsible for their actions? To people who signup and get horribly scarred physically /emotionally etc – they have my sympathy and a measure of respect, but not my gratitude. Anyone with a will to learn can find as many reasons not to sign up as you could care to ask for – you get what you deserve.

            As for what we spend on the military, the Pentagon has lost track of $38,000 for every American who actually has a job – that’s just what they’ve lost. They still cannot pass an audit and probably never will – more corrupt than the Fed. I’ll pretend I don’t have a heart or soul and not even quote the number of foreign civilians and combatants my military kills for no reason other than to spend money, and just complain that DoD is bankrupting the country and basically taxing my kids to death before they’ve even entered the workforce.

            As a “percentage of GDP” is meaningless compared to historical spending levels, most of US GDP is in the financial sector and lightly taxed – make Wall Street pay for the military. As a percentage of revenue it has never been higher. The county is going broke and it ain’t from social spending. Most “Social Spending” comes out of trust funded programs that are taken right outta folk’s paychecks for the express purpose of funding those programs – they shouldn’t even be tallied with discretionary revenue and to do so is spreading BS. Maybe we should steal the entire FICA cash stream and spend it on more wars.

            As for sounding like a child, you remind me of mine when they bitch about the house being cluttered and I point out its all their crap, pick it up. Then they say I complain all the time about their crap…

            Here’s a solution – take out the entire top three levels of heirarchy at the CIA and put a bullet in their heads after rectally feeding them a Thanksgiving day dinner. Shut down 2/3 of all overseas bases and stop giving money to Israel. Reduce the military by 2/3 and nationalize all DoD contractors. Eliminate civil forfeiture and end the war on drugs, or at least refer – the heroin supply will taper off with all the drug kingpins over at Langley buried in shallow graves. And then set a 10% flat tax on all income, watch our insolvent national finances turn around and enjoy the air as someone who no longer lives in a police state bent on global chaos.

            Or I can keep my mouth shut, encourage my kids to join the military where my daughter will probably be raped by a fellow soldier or at least have her personal pics hacked and put up on the net for asswipes to salivate over. My boy will come home as either a fucked up trained killer who can’t accept what he’s done and seen and is emotionally screwed if not physically ruined, or he can come home a fucked up trained killer who believes killing people he’s been told kill for no reason is a noble endeavor. While the country passes into a raging police state – monetarily, morally and spiritually bankrupt.

          • Blaine

            And…because your bitching about health care spending got me interested – Pentagon says it costs about $120,000 for every active duty military. $850,000 per year to station one soldier in Afghanistan (closer to 1 million actually, but 850k is the minimum). Who knows what we pay for private contractors.

            Since we got involved the cost of a bundle of heroin adjusted for inflation has never been cheaper. Mexican Black tar can only supply 10-15% of US consumption, the rest has been “liberated” from Afghanistan – well worth the cost. I personally know people who are killing themselves as a consequence of how available and cheap it has become.

            As for the situation politically, socially etc, it would have been far better for the average Afghani if the Soviets had won back in late 80s – women wouldn’t have to cover up, Northern Alliance rejects wouldn’t be running around abducting adolescent boys for sex slaves (our allies over there!) and when the USSR collapsed they would have inherited a functioning state. When we leave they will have nothing and we will have spent our kids futures down the crapper, and that on one failed theater in the multi-fronted “War on Terror”.

            Not even going to bring up Iraq.

            Another borrowed (stolen/extorted) 54 billion ought to help.

          • Thebob

            Well if she was a decent person she wouldn’t have pics to hack…You are very biased person against our military and soldiers…Sounds like you also hate yourself for living in this country, that SO MANY REAL MEN who came before you or I secured your Right to say what you are saying…
            I agree with closing over seas bases and to stop sending money overseas not just to Israel but TO ALL COUNTRY’s…Stop ALL FOREIGN AIDE as most of it is squandered, stolen, and wasted…It goes to people who hate our country yet love our money…Sounds kinda like you….Again you are speaking about things YOU VOTED FOR regardless of WHOM you voted for…As I said above I agree with most of what you are saying except your self hate of the military that is there to tuck you and your spoiled kids under the blanket of freedom at night…YOU HAVE NO CLUE SIR what the real world is like; try living in it and learn real FACTS…
            Sorry, but most of our debt and GDP are consumed by SOCIAL PROGRAMS, go look it up go look up what most of the US Budget, that doesn’t exist, is comprised of…SS FICA you say are self funded huh, they why is SS bankrupt by 2025? Those funds do not go into separate accounts they ALL go into the general fund and are spent and wasted….BTW it takes a certain type of person to volunteer for a military where you are most likely going to get deployed to some combat region…You have no clue what it is like nor could you compare any experience you have had in your pathetic life to you…Get real bud go learn some real facts about the Budget and spending…Here I will help


          • Blaine

            Here’s how items are actually funded:


            Maybe you don’t know how to read your payroll stub. Additionally, the country is 20 trillion in debt and SocSec hasn’t added a red cent to that number. If you diverted ALL social spending to cover war expense and debt it would still take decades to pay it down.

            In any event, if ringing the planet with bases and spending over 50% of the discretionary budget on war = “provide for the common defense”, then SocSec and single payer certainly fall within = “promote the general welfare” (from the Constitution).

            As for my right to say anything, increasingly it stops at my door and the Govt reserves the right to spy on me behind that door. All my Constitutional rights are evaporating. I never took an oath to defend them and apparently most folk who did were too hung over to imprint the meaning of the words coming out of their mouths.

            I am not hating the military in general, my direct family has put members in every branch and several have seen action as well as in one case being stitched with AK fire in Nam. That said, I have been shot at in anger more than any of them with exception the Nam vet (life not so soft and cushy as you might think here under my “safe blanket” of disappearing freedoms).

            I hate corruption and waste and the military is the king. I hate the idea of innocent people being killed and again the military is king. I hate people suggesting I should divert trust funded social program money to pay for war spending that serves no purpose.

            My country has been completely taken over by warmongers to the point where my conscience demands I at least attempt to leave for another state that kills fewer people with their citizen’s tax money.

            What’s your suggestion for fixing things? Steal all the money from programs people have paid into their entire lives and use it for war? That’s already happening as the SocSec trust fund has been raided for years to pay for war, and now you’re complaining that I’m complaining? Maybe I’d better warp my “safe blanket”a little tighter and let real men solve my country’s problems.

          • Thebob

            Please show me where I said SS added to the debt, never said that….IT is still SPENDING and included in the non budget budget…”I hate corruption and waste and the military is the king. I hate the idea of innocent people being killed and again the military is king. I hate people suggesting I should divert trust funded social program money to pay for war spending that serves no purpose.” With out it, you wouldn’t have that blanket to sleep under….You have a very biased hatred for the military and it shows through…Sorry but War is War, people die not excepting that as reality isn’t living in the real world or reality….

            All I provided was evidence that throws out your argument…Most of our money the Gov’t squanders is on social programs…You are correct in quoting the Constitution, It is part of the Gov’ts job to PROMOTE General Welfare, NOT CREATE IT BY STEALING FROM THOSE WHO WORK HARD FOR IT AND GIVING TO THOSE WHO CHOOSE NOT TO WORK HARD FOR WHAT THEY HAVE!!!!. Big difference there buckaroo….
            Guess what buddy, it is ALSO IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT OUR GOV’T PROTECT AND DEFEND OUR BORDERS….Actually that is the Feds. Primary ROLE…Everything else you speak of is suppose to be left up to the States to deal with…How about you go read that Constitution you keep trying to misquote and reword to fit your agenda…NO WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION DOES IT SAY THE GOV’T MUST CARE FOR ITS PEOPLE no no no….It is actually the other way around…”not a murmer about the complete lack of honor or respect for fellow service members let alone fellow citizens.” Not sure what you mean by this, but I will guess, I wouldn’t show any respect to anyone who treats a women like crap or a piece of meat…That is kinda what we were doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, but you wouldn’t know what it is like to live with out liberty or freedoms…You along with your kids are SPOILED BRATS plain and simple…You are half awake…

            My solution, CUT CUT CUT CUT, Cut the Gov’t in Half or more, We don’t need doubled up departments we don’t need SS TAXES cause thats what they are and they are bankrupt, the money has been stolen from future generations, so that money won’t be there anyway….Just like I half to do when my budget gets tight is STOP SPENDING MONEY, Now I know you are going to say something snarky about Military Spending…I am fine for bringing home our troops but WE STILL MUST HAVE A MILITARY AS PER THE CONSTITUTION…Cut DoE, DoA, CIA, DEA, ATF, and EPA…Cut Cut Cut spending. Get rid of the Federal Reserve and go back to a HARD CURRENCY BACKED MONEY by Gold and Silver….

            Sorry but by your logic even if we Stopped all Military spending hell even just got rid of it, that WOULDN”T EVEN COME CLOSE TO HOW MUCH WE WASTE OF EVERYTHING ELSE AND WE WOULD STILL BE IN DEBT WITH RISING DEBT….The only thing our Taxes pay for as concern for the debt IS JUST THE INTEREST ON THAT DEBT….

          • Blaine

            I do not hate the military, I admit to looking on those who were drafted and those who volunteered differently, but “hate” at an individual level isn’t there. I recognize it for what it is, largely useless for security and built expressly to assault other countries, with disastrous results. It is also a major conduit of tax money from the citizen to defense contractors, often for nothing. There hasn’t been a single military action in genuine defense of our nation or deserving of the high cost to civilians since WW2.

            If you want to equate honest criticism with hatred I could care less. You seem to be one of those “sheep-dog” brainwashed men who believe in the higher calling of people who in reality are required to check their morality at the door and kill when commanded to do so for reasons they may or may not comprehend. I regard you mainly the same way I regard a police dog – ostensibly there for a good reason but will take me down if ordered to do so regardless of circumstances – all depends on what command your handler gives you. The truth is you follow orders, protect the people immediately around you in your unit, and little more. Actually, in the case of some in Afghanistan you might also have the honor of guarding pedophile homosexual rapist warlords on your base, or provide security while interrogators rape boys or rectally feed people till their assholes fall out.

            You have bought your own propaganda hook line and sinker.
            What the military does in Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya, and Syria has absolutely zero to do with national security or my security as a person…ZERO. The military’s Constitutional job is to defend the borders and the Constitution. They are doing neither.
            Additionally the US is already the most heavily armed nation on the planet even without our military.
            Our nuclear deterrent and the fact we live on what is essentially an
            island with ten firearms to every living person within our borders (I
            own three myself and I’m not even a “gun” person) already provides a great deal of security. The truth is the only military on the planet that is capable of being a threat to the American people is the US military…just like the Founding Father’s feared.

            If the Govt slashed or eliminated SS and Medicare, it would also have to eliminate the revenue streams that fund them (Medicaid was never properly budgeted). What is left would look just like the current budget with trust funded programs removed – it would still be in the red, the debt would continue to grow. It would change nothing, except the programs intended to damp any true Socialist movement would be gone. I’m not sure that would be an improvement – do your homework on the how, why and when these programs were established. Now imagine a country with 23% unemployment and the highest percentage of idle working age men in our nation’s history, and all of them hungry, many with impoverished parents they are now responsible for who have lost most of their private retirement assets in the last two financial crashes.

            Military spending and overruns dwarf all other waste/unaccounted spending. It isn’t even close. Pentagon maintains 125 billion just in needless bureaucracy.
            DoD maintains over 7 billion in inventory annually that will never be used… ever.

            17 billion spent in Afghanistan went to fraud or was lost, and that outside the base defense budget.
            The Iraq war cost 2 trillion and counting, again much of that outside the base “defense” budget. All red ink, every cent.
            For what the F35 cost to develop and produce we could have bought every homeless person in America a half million dollar home. And it can’t even reliably fly in the rain.

            This is the scale of waste and fraud that DoD perpetrates – all other Depts are amateurs.

            We’re still paying interest on the bombs we dropped on Laos and Cambodia, more then we dropped on Germany in WW2 and every one more expensive in real and adjusted dollars.

            The truth is our Federal Govt is hopelessly corrupt and needs to be shut down/replaced. The military, the Congress, POTUS, everything. The current 20 trillion in debt cannot ever be repaid, it is mathematically impossible. Right now we’re just going through the motions until the country collapses. It should be retired with the Federal Govt and our military can be made up from volunteer levies from individual states. A “Union” of sorts could exist to manage our nuclear deterrent and Naval assets.

            My state is a net supporter of the Federal Govt – pumps in more than it gets back. If the Fed were dissolved I’d get a break on my taxes AND still have all the same social services. Or maybe not, but at least I wouldn’t be funding the wholesale destruction of country after country while being told the lie it is somehow keeping me and my kids safe and secure.

          • Thebob

            In your own proof, Mandatory spending (also referred to as “direct spending”) was projected to be roughly 63% of
            federal spending in FY2016.40 In contrast to discretionary spending, mandatory spending usually
            funds entitlement programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Temporary Assistance
            for Needy Families, unemployment insurance, some veterans’ benefits, federal military and
            civilian retirement and disability, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program


          • Thebob

            I would stop double spending on the same programs- Both mandatory and discretionary funds may be provided for the same program or purpose, or for
            purposes that overlap with one another. Sometimes this occurs for reasons that are budgetary in
            nature. An example is the federal Health Center Program at HHS, which awards grants to support
            outpatient primary care facilities that provide care to primarily low-income individuals or
            individuals located in areas with few health care providers.68 Total funding for this program has
            increased over the past decade—from $1.7 billion in FY2005 to $5.1 billion in FY2016. This
            increase was initially due to growth in discretionary appropriations, which had historically been
            its only funding source. Starting in FY2011, however, the Affordable Care Act created the
            Community Health Center Fund (CHCF), which included a total of $9.5 billion in mandatory
            appropriations between FY2011 and FY2015 for health center operations. The purpose of this
            new mandatory funding was to assure that budgetary resources would be available for the
            program at levels that were increasingly higher than FY2008, even if discretionary appropriations
            ultimately were eliminated.
            69 Most recently, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act
            of 2015 (P.L. 114-10) extended the CHCF through FY2017, providing a total of $7.2 billion to
            support health center operations.

            I would STOP Robbing Peter to Pay Paul scheme’s like SS and SSDI…Those people who paid into this are not going to see their money and shouldn’t have relied on the Gov’t for their “retirement” or pensions, they should have taken things into their own hands instead….That is your problem you expect the hand out, unlike myself I don’t expect anything from your Gov’t…

          • Thebob
          • Blaine

            Soc Sec trust fund should have 2.5 trillion, it was all stolen to pay for wars and cover all those higher income bracket tax cuts that have been enacted since the late 80s.

            This is the real reason so many are trying to kill Soc Sec because its outright theft of its reserves and the current govt doesn’t/can’t pay it back. The last thing they want to do is talk about where it went.

            I’m sure it won’t be there for me or my kids but I’m not gonna pay into it my whole life, sit there with a mouthfull and not say “Shit!”

            It was stolen and used to pay for other crap the taxpayer wouldn’t have funded voluntarily. Theft. Don’t blame the Boomers or Xers or Y’s etc. Greenspan and Reagan increased the witholding rate and said trust us while unzipping their pants.

          • Thebob

            Sad thing is, you believe all the hype about it…I don’t blame the boomer; it wasn’t their idiocy that passed this into law…Don’t want don’t need it. It can go bankrupt for all I care, but you seem to think they stole this money to pay for “black book” type things, well you are wrong there…It went to cover the US Gov’t ass on over spending for 50 years cause lazy ass people are looking for hand outs. IT ISN’T THE JOB OF THE GOV’T TO CARE FOR IT’S PEOPLE….

          • Blaine

            Actually, they cannot borrow to cover SS shortfalls because no one in Congress will vote to do so. And yes, since most budget deficits are defense related – if you take only those line items that are underfunded (refer back to my PDF) and look at defense related spending, esp since Bush took office – the lion’s share is defense spending…for nothing. Look at how even now they evade the Sequester with DoD increases in violation of the law, with narry a hoot of protest from patriots such as yourself.

            I wouldn’t worry about SS, once the Treasuries are exhausted the program is finished, and likely well before that even in violation of the 14th amendment. The Constitution means nothing anymore anyway. All New Deal policies are on the block and I actually look forward to how it plays out when they are all eliminated. It won’t be pretty, but it will be honest.

            “Lazy people looking for handouts” is a strange way to describe folks who’ve paid many tens of thousands into a program their entire working lives that was deliberately raided to pay for crap. Ask Krauthammer if we should reduce payment to Israel to cover obligations to US citizens, he’s a prime example of a POS with a plan. And like so many others they want SS/Medicare etc eliminated but not the revenue stream.

            Stop taking the payroll deductions or fund the fucking program – don’t even think about taking my old FICA deduction to pay for military pensions, debt for military misadventures or any other legacy defense related expense. They can survive on what I’ll have left, and if that’s nothing so be it.

            You must not be very old, it is something to think you probably have no recollection of a USA prior to 9/11 and 16 years of the worst two presidents in our nation’s history.

            Oh well, time to get my lazy ass back to my two jobs and my spoiled kids (yes, they have never lived in a country that’s had its civil infrastructure bombed to the stone age by USAF or seen their male relatives dragged off in the night to some hell hole by USA’s finest). Would be nice if Trump could pony up 54 million to pay for something other than more debt for Pentagon spending. Like I said, I’m making a serious effort to get the hell out of this increasingly heartless and brain dead country. May I be gone before it descends into a complete Banana Republic toilet bowl, Honduras on steroids.

          • Thebob

            I was a senior in HS on 9/11 I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the first tower fell thank you very much. Why would you care anyway you hate this country. Please leave you are just a POS self hating American we don’t want people like you here anyway.

          • Blaine

            And you totally misread that information ^.

            Soc Sec trust fund has invested in US Treasuries, as required by law…Is debt in that SSA gave $ to the US Govt in exchange for securities (physical). No different than if you or I bought Treasuries for our retirement we would be on the list of “holders of US debt”. What the Govt does with our $ after we’ve invested shouldn’t make us look like parasites, which way did the $ go?!

            In reality, the SSA cannot by law, fund any of its payouts by taking money from the general fund, it comes from the trust and from current payroll witholdings. Most of Medicare is the same, only Madicaid is flapping in the breeze, blame it on Nixon.

            There’s a lot of misinformation re SS out there by think tanks etc mostly related to Defense contractors who would love to tap into that stream. You will never get a break on those taxes, but you will see you benees eliminated.

          • Thebob


          • Thebob

            By 2030, 2/3rds of the US budget will be for 3 programs, SSI, Medicaid, and Welfare….By 2030 at current rates THERE WILL BE NO MONEY even for the Military…..

          • Blaine

            …and the whole world will breathe a sigh of relief.

          • Thebob

            Wow you really are just a POS…Thanks. Just another retard that facts don’t matter to. Awesome you are just super.

          • Thebob

            “But since 2010, Social Security’s cash expenses have exceeded its cash receipts. Negative cash flow last year was about $74 billion, according to the latest trustees’ report, and this year the gap is projected to be around $84 billion. While the credited interest on all those Treasuries is still more than enough to cover the shortfall, that will only be true until 2020. After that, Social Security will begin redeeming its hoard of Treasuries for cash to continue paying benefits – as was the plan all along.”

            The answer is that the federal government has borrowed all of that trust fund money and spent it, exactly as Krauthammer asserted. And the only way the trust fund can get some cash to pay Social Security benefits is if the federal government draws it from general revenues or borrows the money—which, of course, it can’t do because of the debt ceiling.


          • Blaine

            And who else should the US govt default on when they are no longer willing or able to pay back Treasury holders?

            As I mentioned in an earlier post, your outrage and mine are pointless, the current debt cannot ever be repaid anyway. IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE THE FEDERAL GOVT DEFAULTS. Once it does it will no longer be able to borrow for operating expenses for anything but the highest of interest rates, the massive Ponzi scheme that is the derivatives market will fail, and hyper-inflation will follow.

            If you have any brains left in your right wing talk-radio weakened brain, you will do as I do and start buying PMs, not futures or PM backed funds, but the real thing you can hold onto and bury in a safe somewhere. The confluence of military and corporate corruption has come to a head and the Empire is reeling drunk toward the cliff.

          • Thebob

            Thank you for calling me Right wing, I am not but thanks. You mean like Gold and Silver…Already do that. Least you haven’t lost all your screws and marbles…

          • Blaine

            Actually I am not a Liberal or a Democrat.The stealing was done by both parties just about equally and I despise them both in equal measure for this and many other well deserved reasons. And it is currently your Repubican party that is all too willing to borrow more $ for Israel, more $ for DoD, incur more debt by cutting taxes for corporations that still will not hire Americans. There is no amount of slashing of/stealing from social programs that will revive the US financial footing. Only a war will fix that now, if any of us survive we can trade with Wampum, iodine and penicillin instead of FRN.

            And yes I understand perfectly the $ is not there, my objection is to you characterizing would be recipients as parasites when it is the politicians who have done the harm. Both of those programs could have easily been made solvent if the will had been there instead of running the country into the toilet with tax breaks while simultaneously launching a two-front war of epic and epically useless and tragic proportions. But as bad as W was, Obama did the impossible and proved we actually could elect a president worse than W – simply amazing. And now followed by Trump. This country deserves everything it has coming – “If you aren’t going to be smart, you’d better be tough”.

            The only thing I hate myself for is not doing more to shut down the illegal wars we launched and continue to wage. Not that it would have helped – Iraq was opposed by the largest anti-war rallies in the history of mankind yet no shortage of self sacrificers were willing to throw in and kill for a transparent lie or for a temporary job. Now I’m simply dismayed at the amount of suffering my tax dollars have created in this world while doing zero good, not even to rebuilding our highways. And you’re bitching about old people’s pensions. We all have our priorities.

            There’s a good chance I’ll have to gut it out here anyway if my citizenship bid falls through. I’ll see you on the barricades.

          • Thebob

            Sorry we squander our tax money on other nations that is Dems fault. You’re not even a Citizen…Dear God. Sorry you don’t like President Trump as I see why; he is a Real Red Blooded American. I don’t think SS recipients are scum, they should get what is owed to them, all that money should be paid back to everyone who paid into it period. Simple solution to solve our financial crisis is to STOP SPENDING MONEY; pretty simple. cut the Gov’t down to its Knees as it should be and as it was intended by the Constitution. As I said before, IT IS NOT THE GOV’T JOB TO CARE FOR ITS CITIZENS, we don’t need social programs, except for those whom actually need it; elderly that don’t have family to care for them…Actually it should be FAMILIES who should be caring for those people who can’t care for themselves…Plus there are PLENTY of support systems for people like this with out using the Gov’t….Food stamps GONE, SS, SSDI GONE; no need for it. We don’t need the Gov’t wasting ANY MONEY on social programs. NO need for it it isn’t Constitutional…You mentioned the New Deal earlier that is our major problem; is people looking to Gov’t for hand outs instead of doing something about it themselves.
            Regardless whether you agree with DoD spending or not IT IS NECESSARY AND MUST BE DONE BY THE CONSTITUTION don’t like it then go back to where you came from I am sure it is much better suited for you there. Also it isn’t the Federal Gov’t job to build roads or maintain them it is up to the State, and we might actually have money for those things if half the population wasn’t lazy and actually paid their share of taxes.

          • Thebob

            “And yes I understand perfectly the $ is not there” You said in past posts that SS was self funded, so now you are saying it isn’t self funded cause you agree the MONEY IS GONE….Which it isn’t self funded to begin with as more people are taking from and not giving into. Same goes for our spending on everything; we have too many people on Gov’t dole who do not pay anything back into the system, hence the massive unfunded liabilities we have. And BTW it isn’t my Republican party; I am not a product of the 2 party system; it is failed broken and has never worked, except to stifle Liberty and Freedoms for everyone.

          • Blaine

            It is made up of Treasuries that were paid for in US dollars taken from working people’s paychecks for decades. So when I say it is TRUST FUNDED (I never said it was self funded) I mean just that – money was paid in for a specific purpose. It was placed in the general fund so it could be stolen, but still it is funded from a separate revenue stream.

            “we have too many people on Gov’t dole who do not pay anything back into the system”

            And this line from you is too rich! ^

            I, getting bad mouthed by you despite paying in and paying taxes and working private sector my entire life, and you who “served” under a (by your own words) corrupt Dem/GOP President as your commander in chief, had your salary, clothing, medical care etc all paid for by a corrupt Congress that “stifles Liberty and Freedoms” and steals from the current and future generations. Not only that but you were willing to kill nameless suckers in foreign countries that had nothing to do with our national security for a lie so obvious it was met with the largest global anti war protests in human history.

            You don’t even see you’re a big part of the problem. Military is a drag on real working people’s pay no different from a welfare cheat and in the end all it does is kill people overseas and sap our freedoms at home. One lie after another. At least the welfare cheat spends it locally.

            You can think whatever you want about me, you’re so full of shit you’re floating away. I’m more genuine an American citizen than you’ll probably ever be. Maybe someday looking in the mirror you’ll wake the fuck up but I doubt it.

          • Thebob

            You aren’t a citizen you just said that yourself last post….Sorry my family goes back to before 1776, my first family member here fought against the British and I had several relative in the War of 1812 and Civil War…Blow me bucko you have NO CLUE what our military does or doesn’t do. You have never sacrificed anything in your life for something bigger than yourself; you have NO CLUE none at all….Thank you that the MSM doesn’t show you the good we did and do in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do I think we should be there IDK Not my job to make that call or when I was in wasn’t’ my place to speak up or not. Pretty sure I didn’t kill anyone nameless just any scumbag who shot at me and my battles first….And you are still wrong that SSI and SSDI are in a Trust Fund; they aren’t never were never have been; they can call it what they want but if you or I took money from a Trust Fund that wasn’t yours or mine we would be locked up in jail for Fraud….So Taliban didn’t attack us on 9/11 now or in 91′ or in Beirut or the USS Cole in 94? None of those happened; backed by the Terrorist State of Afghanistan?
            Thank you I am awake it seems you still have eye buggers gluing your eyes shut….

          • Blaine

            Sorry you misread, I am working on dual nationality with another country, not my US citizenship. I am a born national and have no plan to revoke my US citizenship any time soon.

            My view on your (general) role overseas is based on what informed people knew before we invaded (plenty) and the result after the fact (failure). My 78 year old father in law (Korean War vet) almost had tears in his eyes when he learned we’d invaded Iraq “they can do anything they want, can’t they?” he replied quietly. On old man living alone was better informed than you, understood the magnitude of the screwup. You’re a dipshit.

            Whatever you sacrificed was for nothing, whatever your intent. The outcome no better than burning the money in a crap barrel. I’m sure when you were stateside you didn’t look around and say “every single one of us is sponging up the equivalent of SS benees for ten people, and when deployed overseas the equivalent of 100 people back home”. Nothing more than a conduit for defense contractors to steal from the taxpayer. And now you look down on the very people who paid your way. That’s America for ya. You should run for Congress, would fit right in.

            Astounding even now you don’t know why you were there. Taliban and/or Iraq didn’t attack the Cole, didn’t attack Beirut, didn’t attack on 9/11. That would be AlQ (if you believe the Govt line, they even wired bldg 7 too?! And they weren’t responsible for the Beirut attack at all) and they were a CIA project right up till they bit the hand that feeds. Taliban offered to give up BL and anyone else we could provide one shred of proof of complicity. Hell, Iran offered to help as well. UN and US inspectors verified Saddam had not restarted anything. Your whole job was to clean up after renegade CIA assets, shuttle cash to Cheny et al, and ramp heroin production back up so the CIA could expand their criminal empire. Mission accomplished except those pesky CIA renegades got stronger instead of weaker and nearly took over an area the size of Pennsylvania – whoops. Great job on the Horse though. Yes you certainly were part of something bigger than yourself, no one person could have fucked shit up that bad.

            We ain’t gonna agree on what factors are most responsible, but end result is the same – this country is headed for a fall of its own making. And for all your sanctimonious bullshit and oath to defend the Constitution, every day we hear about how the Federal Govt and intelligence agencies crap all over it from the 1st to the 14th and everything between. Time to swing into action is slipping away buddy. If I’m a sheeple you’re a clueless shithead.

            Like I said, a welfare cheat over their entire life steals less from the country than you already have.

          • Thebob

            I think you have me all wrong. That is part of my problem was learning the Truth while deployed to come home and feel like a real POS because the why and the what were all just bogus….I do not like our Gov’t. But I also cannot sit here and allow some putz to rip on myself and my fellow battle buddies cause YOU do not live in the real world. Sorry fool, regardless of the why or the what doesn’t matter. You still have no clue what personal sacrifice is nor will you ever know; you are just a spoiled rotten American. Sorry but your last statement is totally false…I don’t collect what amounts out to be an $80,000 a year job living on Gov’t Benefits, I work I went to school to learn and get educated cause I know I couldn’t be a “military man” forever….I have been poor grew up poor with 7 other siblings we didn’t get hand outs nor did my parents ever take food stamps. We did hit up the church food banks every now and then; but that is why they are there…I learned to work and work hard and work hard for what I have; now I am not even close to being well off, but we get by and thankfully have no debt…Good for you FIL…He would be able to comment on this with justification. I lost my Gpa in Korea, my Dad served in Nam, my other Great Uncles served in WWII, my other Gpa wasn’t allowed to join; he was skilled and the Gov’t wouldn’t let him join as his skill helped the War effort. 2 Brothers in Iraq, myself and my younger brother in Afghanistan where he almost died. The most your mother has ever had to worry about was you bruising your knee. You are a chump sheeple blinded by the unTruth’s of your pathetic life.

          • Thebob

            You need to look up “All American Chutzpah” I am sure you can find a post from him. You two would get along great. He at least doesn’t hate our country nor fellow country men, unlike you, but you two would probably have great discussions. Look him up. Sheeple.

          • Thebob

            I take it you didn’t look at any of the information or videos I posted, I actually read that PDF you linked to and it says the same thing I did. You really are a moron when facts are slapping you in the face or you just can’t read either or typical libtard doesn’t want to hear the facts.

          • Thebob

            Here it is BUBBA GUMP STYLE or K.I.S.S Keep it simple stupid..


          • Thebob

            Even better one, older but so not updated but still good. Watch the whole thing or start about the 5 Min. mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2RaWWW0eyE

          • Thebob

            What is your solution? Print more money? Not do anything? Raise taxes on the rich? Or is debt not a national security issue for you, cause it should be for every citizen…But I guess you are probably one of those ” I am getting mine, I don’t care about anyone else”? This is only screwing your and my kids…We will have a reconing when the baby boomers retire.

          • Blaine

            What is your solution, give another 54 billion to the Pentagon so they can wipe their asses with it and buy a wood stove for a couple hundred million to burn it in?

            You’ve heard mine already.

            As a second option I once (2003) tallied up all Fed Govt spending, entitlements, military, everything. The I divided it into the total amount of declared income for that year, not counting a lot of capital gains and some corporate income. A 12 % flat tax would have covered everything with no deficit. If all income were included the total would have dropped to closer to 10% at a guess. 12% flat would pay down the debt if we did nothing else but maintain current spending to declared income levels.

            Hmmm, I’m in the 25% bracket but with deductibles I hit just over 12%. Conclusion, a 12% max flat tax would fund the entire govt. Who the hell doesn’t pay 12%??!

            Just as Mr Wrestling III says, our national priorities are fucked. The tax code is so screwed we have no idea what the budget should or could be if it were fair.

    • BobFromDistrict9

      We need to get rid of weapon’s programs that don’t deliver fully functional weapons after 20 years.

  • Steve

    So on the one hand, President Trump and the idiots in congress who I keep very separately from President Trump, all say the government wastes money. Then at the same time, they want to pour billions more into the military. The largest military by spending equal to the next 23 countries combined. I spend a lot of time at the VA. If that $45B went to help the VA and our soldiers who have given up everything for this country, that would be one thing. But if that $45B just goes into the hopper to be skimmed by the greedy hands… I say audit the government. Every penny. Audit every government worker as well. Every penny. Audit the Pentagon, who recently allowed the first audit in 20 years and cannot say where $6 trillion dollars are. Its all a scam. All of it. Hang out in the VA and see the real effect of this scam.

    • F Qg

      Soldiers aren’t heros anymore, dude. Stop worshipping them.

      • Steve

        I hope for your sake you never need one.

      • Thebob

        We never claimed to be heros…Just defend the Rights for losers like yourself to be a loser….

        • F Qg

          Lol. Explain to me how going to another country to take their resources is “defending the Rights”. The only group I see that threaten my rights is the US govt.

          • Thebob

            You are mostly right on that…I can’t help what the Gov’t does or doesn’t do as following orders. We did and do good work most of the time in Iraq Afghanistan. Why we are there isn’t our job to determine…That is up to you/we the people who voted these people in…If you are speaking of Libya, shouldn’t have happened, only reason we went in there was for Oil; Qaddafi was creating a Gold backed currency….But the Military is there to defend our nation and our nation’s interests…I think we should bring every one home and close all foreign bases except for maybe a few Naval Ports, purely a defensive Military with the ability to strike offensively if need be. We basically have no Navy now and the equipment and war machines most of which are over 40+ years old.

          • Thebob

            Please elaborate on “Take their resources” cause if you are referring to Oil in Iraq, WE aren’t getting squat out of that…Now if the Iraqi Gov’t allows Private Business to get their Oil, that is on them…

  • Blaine

    He’s a crook, they all are. The Pentagon and rest of DoD at the top of the list. Murdering crooks is a better descriptor.

    Ultimately the $ is being skimmed from payroll funded programs that will fall into the red that much faster.

    They can’t pay for their BS by making cuts to these programs now, so they drive the debt further into the red knowing when the wheels fall off they’ll be the last ones to get kicked off the gravy train. The Federal Govt needs to be disbanded as its the only way to keep the military from bleeding us and our kids white.

    Form the army from State levies. International Corporations can hire mercs to do their dirty work.

  • Friendly Reminder: The “anti-war” Justin Rainmondo hammered ad nausea that Trump was anti-war. Increasing the budget is not the move of someone who wants real change to US foreign policy

    • James OGallagher

      Justin is in love give him a break.

  • Shane McAleer

    You people are seriously delusional! Painting everyone with the same brush is an epic fail for everyone. I know many people who have sacrificed much in life to keep you whiners safe from harm.
    Yes, there are bad cops just like there are bad Libertarians. Both need to be exposed and held accountable, so grow up and show some respect for those who work to keep you safe.

  • bluewater

    TRUMP is the SWAMP with his 5 dancing Israelis in the cabinet and Son-In-Law Kushner(Soros puppet),Don’t end the FED Netanyahu