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BREAKING: President-Elect Trump Calls for Jailing People for Protected Free Speech

As Voltaire famously wrote, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

Not in Trump’s America.

Only weeks after he’s been elected to the United States Presidency, Donald J. Trump has made his intentions on free speech quite clear. In what can be considered one of his most ominous jabbers yet, Trump just called for jailing people who burn the American flag.

In the early morning Tuesday hours, the president-elect just made a knee-jerk Twitter rant that circumvents the entire first amendment to the constitution as well as a landmark supreme court ruling.

With this tyrannical push by the neoliberal establishment media to censor fake news, Trump’s willingness to dismiss free speech and resort to calls for kidnapping and caging people who disagree with him — is nothing short of bone-chilling.

Clearly ignoring the ostensible freedom the flag supposedly represents, Trump would rather see people punished for their speech — because it offends him. 

In the famous Supreme Court case of Texas v. Johnson in 1989, a five-justice majority ruled that desecrating the American flag was protected speech under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

The majority of the Court, according to Justice William Brennan, agreed with Johnson and held that flag burning constitutes a form of “symbolic speech” that is protected by the First Amendment. The majority noted that freedom of speech protects actions that society may find very offensive, but society’s outrage alone is not justification for suppressing free speech.

In particular, the majority noted that the Texas law discriminated upon viewpoint, i.e., although the law punished actions, such as flag burning, that might arouse anger in others, it specifically exempted from prosecution actions that were respectful of venerated objects, e.g., burning and burying a worn-out flag. The majority said that the government could not discriminate in this manner based solely upon viewpoint.

Despite this ruling, Americans from sea to shining sea continue to call for the arrest, or even death, of those who’d dare express their opinion through the use of Old Glory. 

And now, the supposed future Leader of the Free World is calling for it!

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Trump’s adversary during the election is also a fan of criminalizing the act of burning flags. In 2005, Hillary Clinton proposed the Flag Protection Act of 2005 which would have prohibited burning or otherwise destroying and damaging the US flag. It called for a punishment of one year in jail and a fine of $100,000.

Trump wants to take it a little further and strip your citizenship for it.

The very essence of freedom is tolerating peaceful forms of expression, no matter how uncomfortable they make us feel. Sadly missing the point, however, are folks like the future President who fail to understand that burning or desecrating a flag without fear of punishment from one’s government, is what liberty is all about.

When a society becomes more concerned with a piece of cloth than the freedom it is meant to represent, it’s time to wake up.

As an honorably discharged sergeant in the USMC, I am unoffended when I see flag set ablaze or stepped on — because I see it as an act of expression by a group who feels oppressed.

Those who feel oppressed must never be silenced.

Of course, by simply writing this article, I will be referred to as a liberal, a hippie, a commie, and a Clinton, Sanders, or Stein supporter. However, all these labels would be wrong. I am nothing more than pro-freedom.

I swore an oath to defend the constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Those who call for jailing citizens for their free speech are enemies to the constitution and to that freedom.

On January 20, 2017, Trump will take that same oath. If he continues to attack the constitution the way he is doing now, the oath will lose what little meaning it had left after Obama bled it dry.

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If Trump has any respect for the men and women who serve in the armed forces and who have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution, he should immediately issue an apology and a reversal on this tyrannical stance.

Please share this article with the good people who support Trump so that they may see the dangerous path he wishes to take America down.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit
  • Sarah Faroon

    Burning a flag is NOT free speech. I dislike Trump but whoever wrote this article is an idiot.

    • Matt Agorist

      I wrote this article and you need to read more. SCOTUS officially declared it free speech.

      • Mike Menlo

        You mean the same group that allowed the national fascist healthcare scam, gay “marriage” … Spare me. LMAO

        • Matt Agorist

          Of course, not all scotus decisions are just, as in the case of obama care. But this does not justify jailing people who harm NO ONE

          • Guy

            Of course it dosen’t. Maybe waterboarding, public flogging or being drawn and quartered would be more appropriate for a sighn of disrespect ! Sort of like, what could happen if, you don’t tip your hat to a lady in the street, or steal a man’s horse !

            Sorry ! Sometimes I just can’t help myself, and like to poke the “Bear.” Keeps me sane and silly at the same time !

          • Guy

            You got that so right about some SCOTUS decisions ! Some are incredibly boneheaded and just overbearing in there own weight. To be believable ! Some, not so much, like thouse about Civil Right’s and a few others. I won’t debate it here, because I don’t want to get crucified !

            To jail people who harm No One, is both foolish and asinine, sort of like what some States still do about Marijuana Law’s, that make it a crime against humanity for simple usage, or as a means to stop seizures, forcing people to move to other States !

            Personally, I think that someone needs to take the Iphone away from President Trump, and loose it for his own good ! He just keep sticking his foot in his mouth, with his tweeting and making himself look like a total jerk !

        • Candice White

          You spare us your homophobia the only facist I see is you.

          • Mike Menlo

            They don’t scare me. I know/work with lots of gay folks. I just think the idea of gay marriage is silly. Marriage is between a man and a woman – always has been, and will be. Gay couples don’t need a marriage certificate to have the same rights as others; civil unions, power of attorney, etc.,. Go ahead; exchange rings, vows, become legally enmeshed, be happy, but don’t expect us to consider it a marriage. God Bless

          • Mike Menlo

            Check the current illegal, perverse, parasitic, national embarrassment currently befouling the oval office – and yourself 😘😆😂😂😂

      • HellGato

        Matt we understand you wrote this article but simply don’t agree with you, or the current SCOTUS Decision at this time.

        • Matt Agorist

          Because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean it should be illegal. I’ve never burned a flag, nor will I ever burn a flag, but I don’t think people should be kidnapped and caged for it — that is the definition of tyranny

          • Alom Fox

            Right On 😉

      • Blaine

        —“But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god.”—-

        Or to burn twenty flags or none…as long as they don’t steal my flag as part of the statement.

      • Sarah Faroon

        So now agorists are quoting scotus? Lol You still are an idiot. You guys are just like anarchists who chose to vote. Preaching one thing and then doing something totally different. You should read about your own thing. You’re a joke.

        Secondly, a flag represents values of a country. Stomping on it or burning it means you don’t respect them.

        • Blaine

          “…a flag represents values of a country…”

          What values might that be? Feel free to enumerate them, or is it something a true American feels and has no need for further discussion?

          To me the flag represents the Federal Govt, my state has its own flag. That federal Govt that is 20 trillion in debt, whose pentagon has lost 9 trillion to corruption and incompetence. Whose intelligence services have overthrown a large number of democratically elected leaders of foreign countries and actively engage in drug trafficking both past and present fueling a raging heroin epidemic following a raging crack epidemic. Also engages in death squad political engineering across South and Central America. Whose State dept actively colludes with Islamic terrorists, whose congress has approval ratings in the single digit and low teens on any given day. Who’s court system has given legitimacy to all manner of abuse by law enforcement nationwide right up legalizing theft of property without charge or affirmation. Who sends it citizens to fight and risk their lives or sanity in wars that do not serve the public, are not legal under international law, are not legal under the Constitution, and are bankrupting the States.

          Is that the same flag we’re talking about or does you flag stand for God, apple pie and Mom?

          • Sarah Faroon

            The flag doesn’t represent federal government you idiot. It represents the US of A.

          • Blaine

            That would be the Federation of States formed by the Constitution…aka the Federal Govt.

            “…and to the Republic for which it stands…”

            question: What would the USA be without the Federal Govt?

            answer: it wouldn’t be the US of A.

            The same Constitution that everyone loves to bandy about also established the Federal Govt – one Ring to rule them all.

            In any event, if your USA flag stands for God, apple pie and Mom ( and not necessarily in that order) then I too am in favor of outlawing its public mistreatment. I’d also suggest changing it to something more representative of those values – a cross in the background with a stylized portrait of your mom holding a fresh backed apple pie in the foreground. By God I’d personally cold cock the first sorry SOB who tried to set it alight!

            If those are not the “values” you mentioned earlier, again, feel free to elaborate as I’m just not feelin’ it on the same instinctual level as some of the folks responding here. .

          • Sarah Faroon

            😂😂😂😂😂 you’re crazy

          • Guy

            Yep ! I’ll agree, he’s as crazy as a loon. But you know what is really crazy and scary !?

            He’s making perfectly logical good sense, when you stop and think about it for a bit !

            You do too ! You just need to learn to articulate your thoughts a little better is all. Leave your passion out of this, or you’re going to get buried, or not. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, if you don’t !

          • Sarah Faroon

            Hmmmmmmmmmm 🤔 they still don’t make sense

          • Guy

            Well then. I can’t help you if they don’t, but tried to stick up for you, just the same !

            Fact is, you all do to at some point or the other. You all, just don’t realize it yet !

            Unlike that damn fool, further down, who’s yacking about gay marriage and homophobia ! The Big Dummy won’t stay on topic, and just veers off into lala land, to hear himself talk !

          • REM

            I’m more amazed you were able to read that entire thing and only able to respond on like the 3 sentence. lol Calling people “idiot” and stupid seems like such a terrible way of going about things if we’re all about being progressive.

          • Guy

            You know she is partly right, depending on how you look at it ! Although she is being rather simplistic and naive.

            When I see our flag, it’s not something that I want to wrap myself in and start yelling about my protected rights, nor do I see all the wrongs as you mentioned, because that would be to horrible to see, realising we have as a Country, lot’s of blood on our collective hands !

            This has never to me, been about the Federal Government, or what they do in other Countries, with the forcing of our values onto there’s. That is not who I am, or my values, and think, that the Fed’s are more wrong than right, on the World Stage !

            I see it, as a symbol of a Nation Of Americans, who have fought and died for it, along with the freedoms it represents to all of us, even to thouse here, who would disrespect it and you !

            There is plenty wrong with our Country, and lot’s right with it also. I for one will always cherish it, flying it proudly, honoring it for what it represents to me, and I think all of us as Americans. Knowing that, is what gives me pride in it’s symbol of us, and this Country I love, as corny as that may sound !

            You may not believe me, that’s okay and can live with it ! But I don’t suggest that, you go up to a Marine in Uniform with our flag in hand, and blow your nose in it ! Something tells me that, you won’t be standing upright for very long, if you do !

          • Blaine

            When I was younger I had a lot of patriotic zeal. Many of my family have served and one still has the scars where an AK stitched him half a dozen times in Nam. But I am a compulsive reader and have a long memory for things I’ve learned.

            To me the only thing I will pledge allegiance to is my fellow citizens, and to me the flag does not accurately represent them or the debt I owe to them.

            To me the flag represents the massacre at Wounded Knee. The bloody occupation of the Philippines. I see the photos of American officers in WWII gear impassively observing the mass killing of civilians on Jeju island (literally begging on their knees) and on mainland Korea prior to and just following the outbreak of the Korean conflict. The enduring tragedy of Vietnam and surrounding countries after Uncle Ho repeatedly visited the US for assistance. More recently I see the innocent people running for their lives, and kids in the van being lit up in “Collateral Damage”, torture victims at AbuGhraib. Palestinian kids in Hebron having piss thrown at them, shot in the head with .22 Ruger Bull barrel rifles, the fear and courage of that 12 year old kid who had his head cut off with a kitchen knife by terrorists supported by my country. I see the people in my life who are dying because of the flood of cheap heroin – a bundle has NEVER been cheaper. None of these things are happening by accident.

            My taxes extorted from me have helped fuel all these more contemporary crimes and hundreds/thousands more left unmentioned, and the money borrowed to perpetrate these horrors will be paid back by my kids and their kids with interest just as I am paying interest on crimes committed before I was born. The Social programs I paid into my whole life will not be there when I am old and broken, plundered to pay in part the staggering bill for these crimes, yet another lie told me by the govt represented by that flag.

            I understand some people look at it with a form of unfocused religious fervor that somehow overlooks all the negative, or in the worst cases actually absolves the horrors perpetrated under that flag simply because the flag blessed them with its shadow. I understand for some it IS a simple representation of their feelings toward their fellow citizens and a sense of being part of something good that is larger than themselves. Because of this I am not about to burn one myself, but I feel zero outrage if someone else does.

          • fgt4urights

            You know, like values of freedoms and rights to burn your own flag. I heard the military burns old flags as it’s part of their code to get rid of them. I guess if true they have to stop also.

        • Candice White

          Have you served in the military he has, he has the right to his point of view you are the idiot you and that draft dodging Trump.

        • Alom Fox

          Idiots Who Wore The Uniform In Defense Of Both You And Our Country Dear. You May Be Forgetting That……..
          And We Should Respect The Current State Of Our Union, As Well As Accepting It All At Face Value????? Not Me, I’m Not The One.

      • Guy

        I got to admit you are one clever and crafty person ! But by either design or not, you have been able to light a fuse under everyone’s butts, igniting passion and debate, that will go on for quite some time !

        Who’s Right And Who’s Wrong, is not the question, if everyone is right and nobody wrong, in there own beliefs and opinions ! (hell, I’ve even got one too) And just because the Supreme Court Decided on it, dosen’t necessarily make it so either !

        You certainly got the juices flowing, if that was your intent. Smart man, really smart. Keep it up, and we will just have to keep reading and pounding the keys ! LMAO !

    • kugelmum

      It is free speech. Burning a passport is too!!

      • Mike Menlo

        Great. Maybe, if we “irritate” enough of these “refugees”, they’ll start burning their passports, and we can deport them. I’m kidding. We’re deporting them, anyway. Screw islam. Let’s make a big bonfire with the toilet paper they call a “holy book”, and dance around it, eating bacon and spare ribs 😆😂🖕👌

        • Guy

          Now that, would be just plain ol mean, funny as hell, but mean just the same. I’ll bring the weenies and marshmallows. Who’s got the beer ?

        • Michal Jackson

          if you’re not native, then your family started out here as an immigrant. I say screw christianity its killed more people than islam

          • billdeserthills

            Likely there are few religions that have not killed in the name of their god

        • kugelmum

          The Bible?? You want to burn the Holy Book? And feast on spare rib!!

    • Mary

      Yes, it is. – Facts and case summary for Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989). Flag burning constitutes symbolic speech that is protected by the First Amendment. Look it up or something and learn. Link provided below for your convenience.


      • HellGato

        I have already read this with interest long ago and is a bad decision and can be overturned in the future by SCOTUS once again.

    • Kyrie

      It is free speech as long as you own the flag you’re burning and you’re burning it on your own property. By your logic a piece of colored fabric is more valuable than human life.

      We can also view this from the perspective of moral law, which is the law of equal liberty, and you’re still dead wrong. The only time government is justified in using violence against a person is if they aggress against the person or property of another.

      The flag worshippers’ sentiment amounts to this: the government should kidnap anyone who burns a piece of colored fabric, they own, that has a certain pattern.

      • Michal Jackson

        Some people are so patriotic they care more for symbols then they do people. These are the same people who feel that what was done to the indigenous people of this land is ok, or that using the labor of the black slaves to fund the industrial revolution was ok. They have no real love for people. They love ideas, things. and self perceived stature.

    • Guy

      Oh ? Why is that ?

  • kugelmum

    O.K. We are going to have this ongoing ridiculous tweets in order for us not to see what he is doing with all his businesses abroad. Who do we report the conflict of interest to ?? The President elect is playing games with our country and just empowering and enriching himself. He tweets dumb things so we don’t see the business deals go through!! We need to see his businesses and debts abroad listed before he transfers all the names into his “elect” officials. who are going to cover him .

    • Mike Menlo

      Conflict of interest? There’s no crime in owning businesses. After the corruption, pay-for-play graft, and blatant, illegal, self-enrichment practiced by the current shaministration, I have NO concerns about Trump’s legal, legitimate, and separate business interests. He spent $60mil+ of his own money, turned down the salary … That’s the opposite of self-enrichment. Bo and hrc are ONLY interested in their own their own self-enrichment, and egocentricity. They don’t care about this country, or its’ citizens. Thank God he won.

      • kugelmum

        So naive!!

  • Wise Guy

    There are many free and democratic nations which have laws against flag desecration. Matt you should do your homework on this one. Germany, France, Philippines etc will put you away if their flag is desecrated. Don’t make this a Trump issue…It’s not.

    • Matt Agorist

      Like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?
      People’s Republic of China?
      Democratic Republic of the Congo?

      Freedom is non-negotiable — One cannot say, ‘I believe in freedom….but’

      Outlawing the burning of a flag is anti-freedom.

      • Mike Menlo

        No, it’s not. Vandalism isn’t speech, doesn’t make any point.

        • raz-0

          If you own the flag, it’s not vandalism. It’s your choice to do what you with with your property. If it is someone elses flag, or a public flag then yeah, no, leave it be.

          You are either moving towards increasing individual freedoms, or you are moving towards reducing them. I know which direction I like.

        • Matt Agorist

          Again, how is it vandalism to burn a flag you own?

      • Paschn

        Agree. Very similar to censoring comments for stating obvious truths simply because the comment doesn’t follow the “coveted” narrative. No “hate speech”, no obscenities. Think about it..

  • Mike Menlo

    Yes, we have free speech, and that’s good. We have rules concerning how our flag is to be treated/handled. Why can’t someone say their piece without committing vandalism? Why do they need to burn anything? I don’t see how making it illegal to commit the vandalism of flag-burning prevents or inhibits free speech. Vandalism only discounts the credibility of the vandals, and whatever point they may be trying to make, like the way the deadbeat diaper-pin dandies discredited and demeaned their alleged position during their petulant tantrums. They weren’t protesting anything. They were just whining. They had no legitimate complaint, no-one’s rights had been abridged – except the rights of those who were trying to get to work or lead their lives innocently and productively, and were prevented from doing so by the pointless, manufactured, and manipulated mobs of vandals.

    • When a country, like the USA, has governments that act as a vandal almost all the time, not only to people of other countries, but also in a daily basis to lots of American Citizens, their flag is just a flag of Vandals. So why are you so concerned about vandals burning other vandals flag? Everybody would like to see the American Flag as an venerable icon, but sadly it just turn into a symbol of bad things.

      • Mike Menlo

        Know what I’m NOT concerned about? Your opinion. You’re welcome to it, and I’m welcome to not GAF 🤗

        • Sarah Faroon

          Ditto Mike. Whoever you are, I love ya!

        • Robert Kepner

          I’m not sure which is stronger: the irony in giving your opinion and expcting others to listen it then telling someone you don’t GAF about their opinion when it differs, or the hipocrysy of the scenario.

          • Mike Menlo

            I have ZERO expectations, and every right to not GAF. See? I’m doing it right now 😀 wheeeeee

      • HellGato

        We the people aknowledge in the past our Government has done things we as Citizens would and did not approve of and we are actively and though our Laws and Votes trying and will make a change for the better and especially in the World Arena.. IMO I would simply withdraw most all our foreign aid and all military defense spending for the rest of the world and use it at home.

        Let me educate you some the American Flag represents the American People not the CIA of the White house Administration or Congress. If Americans are burning it they are simply burning and disrespecting themselves.. Unless they are rejecting being American Citizens they can simply leave or be removed.

        I do understand if you are from a foreign nation you maybe not get that part what the flag really is.

        This is not really that complicated at all.

        • skyp0ckets

          I think too many people (myself included) confuse the symbolism of the flag. It is used to evoke a nationalistic attitude that ‘yay, hurray, our government is awesome’ and not ‘yay, hurray, our citizenry is awesome.’ Heck, our citizens are hating each other pretty openly right now. It’s hard to know what the flag is supposed to stand for. The pledge is a joke. This country has never afforded liberty and justice for all, but that is a different topic.

    • Matt Agorist

      How is destroying one’s own property vandalism?

      • Sarah Faroon

        Flag isn’t your property.

        • Sid Samsara

          Whose property is it? Is it like Windows something you have to buy but never own?

          • Sarah Faroon

            Your property is the cloth. White wash it and then you can burn or stomp on it, whatever you want to do with it. Just don’t get the flag if you can’t respect it. The fact that people like you get it and then burn it just to provoke others is pure evil.

          • fgt4urights

            “I perfer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution over someone who burns the Constitution and then wraps themselves up in the flag.” – Molly Ivins (Columnist)

          • Razedbywolvs

            Ironically burring the flag is the most preferable way of disposing of one.
            From the US flag code: “When a flag is so tattered that it no longer fits to
            serve as a symbol of the United States, it should be destroyed in a
            dignified manner, preferably by burning.”

          • Sarah

            Or giving it away

          • Razedbywolvs

            lol You cant give away the flag, you don’t own it. Only the cloth the intellectual property is printed on.. unless it’s actually made of cloth? Intellectual property law is crazy.

        • REM

          How is the flag not your property?! We’re not speaking on symbolism or the false pride everyone has from a colored cloth. How could that not be your property?

          • Hmmm lets see if I can make this simple for you the US Flag is much like a DVD movie , you can buy the DVD and do what you wish with he physical disk however you do not own the movie on the disk You can not play that DVD for a paying audience nor can you profit from its contents .

            You can own the cloth that comprises a flag but you can not actually own the US flag it belongs to all citizens it is public domain .

            Personally I do not have a issue with burning the flag has a form of protest I chose to fly mine upside down in the universal signal of distress.

          • REM

            I really like this response, it’s well said and it puts it in a complete different light for me to learn from. And I completely understand that, so are you saying “The Flag” is a figment of our imaginations? Or just an idea constructed by the government? I’m in the Air Force reserve and also on my way out the door with that but I have a friend who thinks it symbolizes and pays respect to the soldiers who fought and died for our country? What do you think about that?

          • the flag is a symbol and like all symbols it means different things to different people . For a solider it could represent the reason they suffer and die . When I was active duty I did not have a lot of respect for the government of the day but have always respected the flag has it endures longer than the criminals in charge and it represents the ideals I believe in , that said I can understand why some would see it in a negative light because lets face it our government has done some pretty horrific and evil things around the world and the stars and stripes are always there ……

            For me the bottom line is this how one sees the flag is their own personal choice and that choice can never be mandated by ‘law’ and never should be , respect is always earned never forced. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/37255d0f9f4e2e7f95484e66dd928e5caa5a74c5b1237c2df8f9f6226a352436.jpg

          • Sarah Faroon

            It’s no one’s property. You can own the cloth but not the “flag” because it stands for something that you cannot own. And by the way, if you can’t respect the flag, why get it in the first place?

        • fgt4urights

          It’s most likely China’s property being though most flags are made in China.

          • Alom Fox


      • you do know this is almost word for word the same thing that Hillary co sponsored in a Bill before Congress right ? somehow I doubt you spoke out about that back then .

        seems you have unwittingly become the distributor of the dreaded ‘fake ‘ news.

        • Michal Jackson

          no its not. trump wants to take away citizenship.

          • Hillary’s bill made flag burning a felony ……. a felony conviction for all practical purposes DOES revoke ones citizenship …………..the right to vote is lost the right to arms is lost the right to run for or hold public office or hold a government job is lost along with most of the 4th and 5th amendment protections citizens and illegal aliens receive . So I will repeat Trumps statement is ALMOST WORD FOR WORD identical to the bill Hillary co sponsored before Congress.

            sadly you seem to be a Cool-Aid drinker …………………you took the bait and ran with it without doing even 1 iota of research , the hallmark of ‘fake’ news reporting . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ec3da53c55d3dcffb1cbf3bb85f61731d9cd8fae244fbe2ef0d08c0b9bc9075f.jpg

          • Greg Price

            you sounded almost reasonable until you appended the arch-Libertarian meme to your post.

          • Blah Blah Blah …………..labels are for retards

            FYI I am far more a anarchist than a Libertarian and I only agree with about 75% of that list .


          • skyp0ckets

            and that you still use the insult ‘retards’ speaks volumes

          • JW Mack

            Retard means different things. You can retard your engines timing or you can act like a retard. Lastly you can actually be retarded. Don’t be such a little snowflake.

          • skyp0ckets

            In other words, be as thoughtless as you. No thanks.

          • Vincent D’Emidio

            I agree with the part equating the “Thin Blue Line” with GANG LOYALTY. That’s what the police force is…a murderous, cowardly Gang.

          • ha ha – i did laugh at this, but one important difference, though, is that the british didn’t have the kind of hugely superior weapons and military equipment that the US government has.

            also, the forefathers were not able to broadcast the truth to the world in real time.

            nor were the british worried about their public image.

            the key to keeping things working in the usa for government and the super rich is to keep up the illusion – necessary illusions and manufactured consent.

            it is hard to keep that illusion and that consent when people can see for themselves the blatant abuse of power and lack of caring, empathy, and respect we have been seeing at standing rock.

          • Michal Jackson

            “for all practical purposes ” for all your well written words, this still does not take away our citizenship. I am assuming without citizenship, not being a citizen also means that i can be deported. Deported where i’m not for sure. If i am incorrect, feel free to ridicule me some more. Your type likes to think so highly of yourself and your superior to others. In reality you’re probably a sad little person who does not have a life.

        • REM

          She didn’t propose taking away citizenship. lol You’re the one distributing nonsense.

    • Sid Samsara

      Would it still be vandalism if you burned a flag in a “free speech” zone?

      • skyp0ckets

        That will cease to exist under Trump.

      • Guy

        Possibly no it would not ! Just like I can call you every name in the book as you do so ! Tit for tat, baby !

  • Mary

    Facts and case summary for Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989). Flag burning constitutes symbolic speech that is protected by the First Amendment.

    • Guy

      So by that ! If the Supreme Court said, it’s cool to shoot your Dad, Rape Your Sister and Camp In Your Neighbor’s House ! Would You Do It ?

      • Mary

        Are you kidding me? Comparing burning a piece of lifeless cloth to raping and murder.

        • Guy

          Don’t tell me about it. But you can try to convince a few million dead American Soldiers, plus their families, why you think it’s just a piece of lifeless cloth, not worth the effort or time to fuss about it, being perfectly okay to spit, defecate, stomp, burn, and sneeze on it, as you yap on about your friggin rights !

          Don’t mind me, as I stand and watch you try to do it, while promising not to act too surprised, when you get knocked on your ass, as you try to !

        • Greg Price

          The point Guy is making is that SCOTUS does not determine what is RIGHT, only what is LEGAL. Slavery was LEGAL. Segregaton was LEGAL. Abortion is LEGAL. Corporations have the same rights as people is LEGAL.

          None of those things is RIGHT. Just like flag burning.

          • Guy

            Thank’s for say in fewer words, what I was saying in many !

  • Acts238toBsaved

    I totally agree with the President on this. We need to stand up for our country, NOT tear it down and burning, stomping, stepping on, is flagrant insult to the America we all need to live. It is not taking away anyone’s free speech, it is protecting America by respecting her. Thank you President Trump !!! 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7edf939095cbba85aad31410e6464b928f7e9f724f6b5d81e4708d8459bdfa92.jpg

    • Candice White

      It’s called my right you and Trump can believe what you want and so can I.

    • billdeserthills

      How can burning any flag ‘tear down a country’?
      If I want to spend my money buying a flag why can’t I light it on fire?
      I was in harbor freight last week and I wanted to light all the ‘made in china’ american flags on fire!

  • Blaine

    So according to Trump, cheating on your tax returns makes you intelligent, but exercising your 1st amendment should get your citizenship revoked?

    Shouldn’t depriving the govt of operating revenue be as odious as burning the flag?

    They both show disrespect for the country, only one does actual harm.

    • HellGato

      Do you have some proof Trump somehow cheated on his tax returns or this is another mass smear opinion?

      Your entire argument rests somehow on someone who maybe is cheating on taxes and this is depriving the Nation of its revenue..

      With zero proof of any kind.. and now you set there and slander and libel someone and proclaim is disrespect for the country..

      You my friend are the one who is openly disrespecting and slandering someone on a opinion and say it is a fact.. but oh that right is all freedom of speech…

      You do understand that destroying lives and reputations with false or unprofitable slander and libel are in fact against the law as well.. so you are not coming off as a upright citizen, IMO, over wild accusations of Trumps taxes at all.

      and quote a song poem like you are some social warrior..

      Sorry I don’t buy it.

      • Blaine

        He swapped bad stock for forgiven debt he owed the taxes on. It was probably illegal at the time and has since been made expressly illegal by statute largely because of his actions. I’d say that amounts to cheating whether he was legally pursued for it or not.

        I noticed you completely sidestepped the point of my statement – is it worse to cheat on your taxes and deprive the govt of material resources, or to burn a flag you bought with your own money and probably paid sales tax on?

        WTF is a “song poem” or a “social warrior”?

        that’s a line from a song by The Who, a rock and roll band, “won’t get fooled again”, which for you apparently is too late.

      • Guy

        Trouble is that all of you, including Blaine and Raz-O, are right in your own interpretations of the topic, as I see it, and just pounding sand on each others heads !

        Damn Dudes ! Who Knew that could even happen here, with respect to each of you, I tip my hat !

        Good for you guys, because to me it shows that there is some hope for us all !

    • raz-0

      If he were actually cheating, I’m sure the IRS would be all over them. Taking the permitted exemptions makes you smart. More precisely not taking every exemption permitted to you makes you stupid.

      You can even sure your accountant for taking due care to do such. So…

      • Blaine

        His accountants at the time advised him not to use that strategy due to its legal ambiguity. He skated due to luck, notoriety or some other factor that would have had the average Joe swept up like trash.

        Again, I’m wondering why Trump isn’t advocating tax cheats lose their citizenship, as avoiding taxes is undoubtedly worse for the country than burning one’s own property.

  • HellGato

    This where we disagree..

    I do not think the Constitution is being interpreted correctly where the plain language of “Free Speech” become magically “Free Physical Actions”, especially when these actions are abhorrent to the majority of Americans and a insult to the lives lost to defend the freedom and risks public safety as these actions could easily lead to violent repercussions by others.

    Have no doubt that Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989) like Roe Vs Wade can be overturned by the Supreme Court if it decides to see reason. There are State Laws and Federal Law still on the books criminalizing the flag desecration and burning.

    You can easily find another way to peacefully protest.. but the whole point nothing get someones attention like burning up your flag or someones store or your own neighborhood to get attention.

    Too Many are trying to “fit” the Constitution into their own agenda not as it was written and at the expense of other Americans and their Constitutional Rights as well. Thus is the road to a Communist Utopia is the erosion and elimination of protected Constitutional Rights.

    Constitutional Rights must be protected against all enemies foreign and domestic including those who would pervert it as some “living document” that they can stretch and manipulate to achieve extremist goals.

    • raz-0

      Once again, shit understanding. Arson is not protected speech. Burning your own flag is. PIctures, drawings, dance, etc. Are forms of non verbal expressions and also enjoy first amendment protections within the confines of being protected speech. Snuff films? not protected speech.

      You have no right to not be offended. So rather than take the same path that reactionary islam does and banning things you don’t like under color of moral authority, jsut accept that you’ll know who the assholes are when they start burning their cheap made in china flags and be glad we have more individual freedom than the caliphate.

  • HellGato

    By this whole analogy of protected free speech defense of buring a flag you could easily argue that burning your neighbor alive is protected Free Speech.. is a insane approach to free speech is not illegal actions as a speech. I do not believe the founding fathers intended the speech to be interpreted as a action at all.

    • raz-0

      That’s a bullshit analogy. Burning your neighbors flag is illegal unless your neighbor wants you to. So is burning the neighbor. While burning your neighbor may be a form of symbolic speech, it is not protected symbolic speech and is in fact murder, or at least aggravated assault. Burning your flag on your neighbor’s property is not protected free speech unless your neighbor wants you there doing it.

      Burning your own flag on your own property is like smashing your own window. You deciding what to do with your own property. If you want to call it symbolic speech, yeah, it meets the level of protected free speech.

  • cold340t

    Supreme Court says burning the Flag IS FREEDOM OF SPEECH. DEAL WITH IT! By the way Clinton wanted to do same bs in 2005, yawn! Much ado about nothing!

  • tz1

    Burn the constitution instead of the flag. The parchment barrier no longer stops government. Somehow the murder of 60 million babies is protected by emanations and penumbras of the 4th amendment, but the NSA is constitutional.
    First, it could be considered an incitement. Every time you see Old Glory burning, burn a rainbow and Mexican flag in front of the protester.
    Is not open carrying also “expression” – try that and see how the cops take it especially in gun control states – even though it is protected by the 1st and 2nd amendments.
    Burning a flag is not an argument, it is a screech of feelings.

    • Guy

      So, if I come to your place of business or home, because the Supreme Court says I can, and burn all of your books, including your family bible. You will be cool with it !?

      • tz1

        Burning won’t make me cool, but if you try it you are likely to be shot, by my neighbors if not me.
        I’m not cool with the Supreme court allowing the murder of 60 million innocent unborn babies either, are you cool with me taking up arms to defend innocent life against those who would murder them?

  • Guy

    Sorry Folks ! But, Bla Bla Bla And Yak,Yak,Yak ! You all have valid points, to some degree correct, and won’t argue the fine details of it ! After all, the Supreme Court ruled on it in 1989, with their decision that Flag Burning, although offensive to some, is a form of Free Speech, Right !? After all, they are our Demi-Gods, who we must all follow, even blindly, because they know better than ALL OF US PUT TOGETHER !

    But you all, IMHO are missing one point ! Were In The Hell Did Your Pride Go America !? There was once a time here, when we would honor our flag as a representative of our Freedom’s including our right to freedom of speech ! Fighting Wars and Dying In Defence Of It !

    Since it now, more fashionable to honor the concept of all forms of our Constitution, while you are so busy hitting each other over the head with it ! You might as well use the flag, as toilet paper, break the crosses off the churches and burn your constitution and white house to the ground, and in the mean time, shoot the president while you are at it !

    To Me, Trump is right and you are wrong ! Although I don’t advocate jail time or fine’s for showing disrespect to our flag. Because, you allready do that plenty enough, for a look or sigh of it, by shooting and beating each other, all for your foolish pride and false sense of honor ! You have corrupted and devalued yourselves, in the name of being all politicaly correct, to the point of not having any pride or honor at all ! The Old Saying Is True “If It Feels Good, Why Don’t We All Do It In The Road !” Hollywood Is Proud Of You All ! But you better watch out, because your wish may come true, sooner than you think. ANARCHY AND FASCISM IS NEXT !!!!

    • Sam

      You can not have both anarchy and fascism at the same time. They’re antonyms. fas·cism
      an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
      synonyms: authoritarianism · totalitarianism · dictatorship · [more] an·ar·chy
      a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority:
      “he must ensure public order in a country threatened with anarchy”
      synonyms: lawlessness · nihilism · mobocracy · revolution · [more]
      absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

  • Big Horn Staredown

    Anyone else just see this Tweet as trolling?

  • JT Swamphawk

    To everyone that supports banning flag burning I just want to make sure I’m clear on your position. You want to live in a country where the government is so involved in your everyday life that you are not allowed to go to a store and purchase the U.S. Flag with your own money, pay the arbitrary sales tax on that purchase, and then do as you please with what would then be your property? I understand that people died for that flag. Remember the most important war Americans fought was the war for our own independence. Men gave their lives in order to form a country where people had the freedom to disagree with their own government if they wanted. They so believed in this right they made it the 1st AMENDMENT!

  • Gene Auger

    The flag is nothing but a piece of colored cloth!

  • Greg Price

    There is a fundamental difference between disagreeing with or even disrespecting a particular administration and showing disreepect for the nation itself. The former is free speech. The later isn’t, and shouldn’t be permitted. This is one of the few things I (shudderingly) have to agreee with Trump on.

  • Rick Clapp

    I am just concerned that Trump will cause another Civil War, and it will be just as bloody. There are simply to many things happening to ignore the possibility. I just hope the Services and Veterans remember their oath was to the country, not the president and if given an illegal order – that they refuse it.

    • billdeserthills

      Because a bunch of wussies are being paid to protest by george soros?
      Few people are really interested in getting shot or doing without their cable just to play revolution

  • Stephen Daily

    The Flag Protection Act of 2005 called for a fine of $100,000 and a year in jail for burning the flag. It was introduced to Congress by then Senator HILLARY CLINTON.
    There’s some free thought for your dumb @$$.

  • Michael Rath

    What people fail to understand about the Trumpsters approach to policy making is his innate ability to raise a ruckus. See here’s the thing. Most politicians and let’s be easy about this folks will find an issue and debate the two sides of the coin. In the end more often than not they agree to disagree and do not come to any sort of understanding. They instead push the issue off for another day and move on to more important things. You know, like raising their own salaries and making everyone use a health care system they do not have to use themselves, the important stuff.

    The Trumpsters approach is to invoke emotion into the discussion so that people not only feel a need to discuss the issue but to do something about it. Because when emotions are involved people take sides and formulate plans for correcting the way they feel.

    Right or wrong, genius or whack job he is will all be determined on which side of the issue you fall on. The point is you are now talking about it, and some are forming opinions on how to fix the issue.

    Will people lose their citizenship? Maybe not, but if they write a law that says burning a flag is equal to renouncing your citizenship verbally. Well then there you have it.

    Personally I agree. I think it is time this country took a stand for our beliefs. We can no longer afford stupid youth being mislead by older, richer buffoons that wish to hold onto power. It is the rich bankers and politicians that decide they are mad at someone and subsequently determine they cannot solve the situation without exacting a toll of blood. Unfortunately it is our youth that is blindly sent off to die. Our youth that is sent like sheep into the streets to act like animals. Our youth is misguided throughout school by their elders and driven by hormones of invincibility.

    Maybe if someone is taught to have pride in their country and the people they stand along side we might see a more positive level of interest in how we all evolve together.

    First offense for flag burning is a local crime to include a $5,000 fine and 6 moths in jail with no chance of reduction. Second offense you lose your citizenship and are held in a federal prison until such time a deal can be reached for you to be extradited to some other country willing to take you.

    There are a thousand ways to express your disdain for our countries government and policies. Disrespecting our military, service people such as police, or disrespecting the flag that is supposed to stand for all this freedom should never be on the table as negotiable for expression of angst.

  • tvsgael2

    This is about Trump saying or tweeting things that get him into trouble. If you think that will cease after he’s elected, I’ve got some property in Florida swamp to sell. Eventually, he’s going to lose the respect of even his followers. He’ll eventually piss on them too.. Just give him time, but never become am excuser for him, like he’s just being Donald. His personality is that of self destruction and he’ll it do to himself in time.

  • Gordon Klock

    Kinda reminds me of that ignorant cop who went off, & tried to arrest someone for flying the flag upside down, without understanding that is how you are supposed to signal distress, but they no longer seem to teach old school ‘boy scout’ type stuff anymore….
    The weird thing is that the flag is ironically, a symbol of one’s own right to burn it…..