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Trump’s Ban on Refugees is Creating a New Refugee Crisis and More Terrorists

President Donald Trump claims sweeping strictures barring refugees from several predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States do not constitute a ‘Muslim ban’; but — however you view these temporary prohibitions — severe travel restrictions have created a secondary refugee crisis, with epic ramifications.

Families separated across continents. U.S. citizens and those with green cards unable to return to their homes. Random people detained in airports. Translators who have assisted the U.S. military suddenly forced to return to the countries they betrayed to help American troops overseas. Spouses barred from communicating as one faces deportation without appeal.

With the sweep of a pen, Trump set fire to the most fundamental foundation of the United States: that we — those of us whose ancestors are not Indigenous — are indisputably a nation comprised entirely of both immigrants and descendants of refugees. Emma Lazarus’ immortal words adorning the Statue of Liberty extend a warm invitation to anyone in need of safe harbor, and weren’t viewed as conditional before the billionaire took office:

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Shirking humanitarianism so hypocritically is perhaps the greatest abomination in Trump’s long-expected yet abrupt slamming of America’s doors — indeed the move perhaps evinces the new president’s desire to placate supporters rather than base policy on fact.

And facts, even those deemed ‘alternative,’ simply do not validate a ban on immigration — particularly not on the terms the president has set forth.

“The order blocks citizens from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Libya from entering the country for at least 90 days. It also bans refugees from anywhere in the world for 120 days — and from Syria indefinitely. Trump said the goal is to screen out ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ and to give priority for admission to Christians,” the Washington Post reported on the tectonic presidential orders.

Considering the largest terror attack on U.S. soil was coordinated primarily by hijackers from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Lebanon. In fact, no immigrants or refugees from any of the named restricted countries have ever carried out an attack against Americans domestically — but not for lack of U.S. military provocation on their soil.

No refugees will be allowed to set foot inside the Land of the Once Free for 120 days — but for Syrians fleeing the morass of civil and proxy wars in their homeland, the ban is indefinite. Funny, that, considering the United States’ goal of ousting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could facilely be said to have worsened the massive efflux of civilians desperate to save their own lives.

And that’s one of several glaring points where Trump’s immigrant and refugee clamp-down laughably miss the mark — refugees who happen to adhere to the religion of Islam or hail from Muslim-majority countries aren’t, by default, terrorists. Indeed, the U.S. already has one of the strictest screening procedures for newcomers on the planet — these restrictions just choke logic out of the system and create a bottleneck in travel at airports around the globe.

World leaders, human rights advocates, security experts, international groups — and even tech leaders — spurned Trump’s autocracy. And for good reason.

His paper tigers, The Ban and The Wall, might appease the masses, for whom the murky concept of terrorism has been instilled for decades as more pervasive and insidious than reality belies, but they do nothing to curb terrorism — and indeed, will likely fuel further blowback.

If the U.S., whether Obama or Trump mans the helm, truly sought to end terrorism, the military would not be party to bombing campaigns in the Middle East and elsewhere in which innocent, non-combatant civilians die at exponentially higher rates than actual militants.

If the U.S., whether Obama or Trump mans the helm, truly sought to quash terrorist cells, the government would cease turning a blind eye when allies fund, arm, and train extremists — or would cease doing the same, itself.

If the U.S., whether Obama or Trump mans the helm, truly sought to prevent an influx of embittered radicals from any religion or faction, the pantomime of denying entry to disparate groups based on their geographical happenstance wouldn’t be considered practical or reasonable or effective.

Muslim ban or not, the orders will undoubtedly be perceived as such by actual terrorists already emboldened by what they term the West’s war on Islam — particularly in light of preferential consideration for Christian immigrants over Muslim counterparts as mandated by Trump.

None of the policies the U.S. government has enacted since the attacks of 9/11 made war on a concept acceptable have effectively curtailed terrorism — many, in fact, worsen the matter exponentially.

In truth, our government never intended or sought to end terrorism — and cared little our foreign policy foments more terrorist groups than prevents future attacks, domestically and abroad.

One of the pricklier issues responsible for sparking cynicism and descent into radicalism is the refugee crisis. Vulnerable by nature in foreign lands where citizens have wearied of the burden outsiders place on the system, resentment builds in the minds of young immigrants and refugees — creating fertile ground extremist leaders can readily farm for their own political goals.

Randomly forcing people to become refugees, due only to their nationality and religion, exacerbates the resentment.

When you fabricate real-world obstacles adding to the staggering refugee crisis spawned by the war on terror — without ending the wars creating terrorists in the first place — your moves must be called out for the exercise in pacifying the geopolitically illiterate they are.

Trump’s ludicrous Wall and maddeningly futile travel bans aren’t legitimate for their stated goals; and as far as preventing criminals and terrorists from continuing business as usual — or slowing to a trickle the number of people evacuating their homes out of necessity for a better chance at survival elsewhere — such policies are the epitome of counterproductive.

You want to stop terrorists in their tracks? Stop gifting the disaffected with myriad motivations to radicalize.

  • Tom Madden

    It’s more than just a little disingenuous when you put pluralities on every single individual case, as if there are interpreters from the Iraq War being detained everywhere, not one interpreter being detained in one place. A few people being mildly irritated isn’t enough to garner empathy. You saying that being mean to a certain religion turns that certain religion in to terrorists, tells you everything you need to know about Islam. Jews have been persecuted their entire existence, yet you don’t see them threatening to blow up s*** everywhere all over the world because of it

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      I’m sure a few Palestinians might have something to say about that last bit.

      • Mike Menlo

        Who cares? Not a real country, home to terrorism. Stand with Israel

        • Reasonable?

          The oppressed became the oppressor long ago, iSSrael!

    • women and children dying and living in vile circumstances that have already waited up to two years are being more than inconvenienced. How about this. Everytime you cross the border they detain you, search you, go through your phone and interrogate you; You sit in a cell until you can hire a lawyer to force them to let you out. No inconvenience at all right?

  • tz1

    Why does the US have to be the dumping ground of the world for human refuse? That don’t want the constitution, hate our freedoms, and only want to mooch when they aren’t actual terrorists.

    Saudi Arabia has a bunch of air-conditioned tents and is a Muslim Country. How many refugees have they taken? ZERO.

    And except for Syria, the list was compiled by Obama, and he with Hillary was the one that created the crisis in Libya that is flooding Europe with rapefugees. Few women and children, lots of fighting age men for some reason.

    I expect and hope Trump will end the wars and lock the doors so the terrorists can’t get in here.

    We can help 12 refugees “over there” for the cost of sending one here. And they don’t want to learn English or assimilate, but demand Halal meat, no dogs, and Sharia law.

    Canada says they will take in all the refugees. Send them to Trudeau.

    I’ve lived here and paid taxes. Why can’t I get free food, a free nice house, and a stipend? Oh, I’m a citizen, not a refugee. If it is so bad there lets use the FEMA camps like for Katrina and give them what they need there and send them back if they don’t like it.

    The refugees have no gratitude, only demands and a sense of entitlement.

    • Emma Goff

      How in the hell do you know all this? Because Faux told you so?

      • Billj357

        because it is true, dummy !

        • Emma Goff

          Oh l see now, your Liar-in-Chief must have said it. Things are true because the savior told you! You are as delusional and pathetic as that pee vert you call president!

    • wayne_s_swanson_ii


      • tz1

        True. But a half dozen virtue signalling sites said “We are a nation of immigrants” – even @Twitter said it was built by immigrants – excluding Native Americans. But the left doesn’t care, apparently Native Americans, except for the mini burning man at DAPL, don’t care about Native Americans, or even American citizens, but Muslims from the seven countries OBAMA labeled as security risks.

      • Aaron

        I’m one of those Americans that lives and works on a reservation and I still agree with the temporary halt on refugees coming into America until this government can start weeding out the terrorists as I have young children and their future to worry about and every legal citizen in this country should do the same.

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        • what terrorists? You cant name a single one because absolutely no refugees came to American and committed terrorist attacks. None of the terrorist attacks in America were committed by people who came from those countries or even their parents. Not even the 911 terrorists came from those countries. They came from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Lebanon. Incidentally Trump does business with every one of those countries except Lebanon. Thats why they weren’t on the list.

    • Let me guess. Your a devout Christian.

    • Brian King

      You blow up shit you clean it up and where you get your shit from Rush

  • JimZimmerman

    Wow you should have added to your story that the 2 Iraqis were allowed to enter AFTER they had been vetted. Your story is full of half truths and insinuation. Would have expected a higher standard from the Free Thought Project. Oh by the way Islam is NOT a religion. You should STOP calling it that. That is either intentionally or insidiously false, or just lazy reporting on your part. Oh and the Fundamental foundations of our country are not unfettered immigration but LIFE,LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

    • Reasonable?

      If you’re tired of butt hurt quit having anal sex snowflake. Yes I’m standing up to all the butt hurt Assholes on the Block!

      • JimZimmerman

        It takes an asshole to know one. Arguing on the internet is like running in the special Olympics. Even if you win your still retarded. Snowflake HAAAAHAAAA.

        • Reasonable?

          Cuck, cuck, cuck, cuck,…cucka cucka douche whines lil’ Herr Zimmermam!

  • doucyet
  • Big Horn Staredown

    Anything Trump does creates more of this lol he can eat an apple and ISIS will use that as a recruitment tool

  • doucyet

    Baseless rhetoric…..

    0bama used the same type of “ban” in 2011-12 and we didn’t hear a word about it!


    • Scott L

      Not really. I dislike Obama intensely and never voted for him but this isn’t true. Obama’s action was quite different and based upon fact in that potential terrorist refugees discovered in KY had gotten through the vetting process. Obama slowed, not stopped, the process for Iraqi refugee visas only while implementing improved vetting that continues today. He did not ban, had an identified problem and it was one type of visa only.

      • doucyet

        He placed 180 day bans while he improved the vetting process, that is what I read. I’ll have to go back and check for accuracy.

  • Geff Smith

    Find it strange that the American Public blame every thing on Islam and Obama’s time as President. The shadow Government in Zionist Israel ordered the American Military to Attack all the country’s that Trump has stopped any Refugees or Immigrants. What does Trump think these people might want revenge for all the Murders that america has committed in the name of the American Type Democracy. You have Oil so you must need American Freedom. Why has the American Public got such short memory’s. Bush Senior started the start of these Wars and Through to now. Nothing has changed apart from Presidents. All the Greed is still there. If Trump wanted to stop all this Terrorist type of attacks. Then he would stop the American and Israeli Air force from bombing in these Country’s also stop supplying them with Weapons that are used to Murder innocent Civilians. The Zionist Ashkenazi Jews [FAKE JEWS] have already stated they do not want Daesh to be Defeated. It is about time the american Public stood up to their Corrupt Zionist government and told them to go and play in the Traffic like the film Death Race. Trump is just another Zionist Lapdog. It will not get any better under his Presidency, it will probably get worse.

  • pt020

    How will he create more terrorism if he will ban them it is the logic of the liberals.

  • Henry Johnson

    This story is slanted against Trump from the beginning. Might as well start out saying, According to Hillary:

  • wayne_s_swanson_ii

    racist, fascist bigot is now an ELEGITIMATE UNITED STATES PRESIDENT the 45th President of the United States THAT HAS FIRED ALL KNOWLEDGEABLE HOMELAND SECURITY PERSONNEL AND REPLACED THEM WITH FELLOW FASCIST and BIGOT Steve Bannon a known Anti-Semite( JEW HATER)!And now FASCIST TRUMP kissing up to Russian Dictator and Murderer Putin ! Politicians who attended Donald Trump’s inauguration attemped to legitimize and normalize his platform of HATE! misog…yny, racism and xenophobia. Public resistance to Trump’s ELIGITAMATE PRESIDENCY is growing. Many celebrity performers, have stood up to Trump’s TREASON and hate filled agenda by refusing to have performed during AMERICA’S DARKEST HOUR during the inauguration.Trump is unfit to serve as our president and commander in chief: He’s a racist who has already installed a white supremacist in one of the top positions in his White House, a misogynist who has bragged about his sexual assault’s by bragging to news reporters, on the Bus that day that was a PUSSY GRABBER and the bigot has given the NAZI order deport, surveille and harass millions of people because of their religion and skin color. We cannot let Democrats and the elite political establishment in Washington pretend Trump’s inauguration was business as usual.AMERICAN’S have a choice: They can RESIST FASCIST TRUMP’S FASCISM and FASCIST,BIGOTED Trump’s hate for MUSLIM’S and other MINORITIE’S by refusing to acknowledge Trump’s bigotry and HATE and not to just stand idly while he sets his dangerous agenda in motion. This is not the time for compromise or decorum. AMERICAN’S, our very DEMOCRACY has with RUSSIAN DICTATOR PUTINS ESPEONAGE by Fascist Trump’s invitation! As everyday FASCISM IS UNLAWFULLY CRAMED DOWN AMERICAN’S THROAT! AS a diversionary Tactic to SHOCK & AWE AMERICANS WHILE HE RAPES THE UNITED STATES OF BILLION’S OF DOLLARS SHOWING PARCHALITY TO HIS NATION’S THAT FEED HIS GREED WHILE AMERICAN’S ARE SO SHELL SHOCKED THEY ARE FALLING FOR HIS SHIT

    • Tony Giordano

      Fuck you asshole

      • Jack O’malley

        how clever, fascist

      • Reasonable?

        I’m warming up the ovens for you, a very special oven for you! I can abso-fucking-lutely not wait to herd you white supremacist fascist self centered self serving cowards into the “showers” and turn on the gas. Your “Final Solution” used on you, priceless.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Yeah, I’m not reading that. It really doesn’t matter what you’re saying when you stand on the table and scream it like a crazy person.

    • mardabo


    • Mike Menlo

      The only thing anybody in the sissy islamist traitor’s shaministration is knowledgeable about, is corruption. The fraudulent Kenyan poser was the most incompetent, dishonest, bigoted, hateful, divisive and fascist excuse for a president we’ve ever had. He made Nixon look honest, and Carter look strong. He was a national embarrassment – and a traitor.
      Obama worst ever
      islam is not a religion
      islam is lies
      islam is violent, barbaric misogyny
      islam Violates Human Rights
      islam is bigotry, treachery, hatred, extortion, slavery, perversion, rape, and murder
      islam is not compatible with American law – or common human sense, reason, and dignity
      No Islamic refugees
      Ban islam

      • Reasonable?

        Don’t worry there’s room in the “showers” for you too Koch holster!

      • theresa perry

        Sooo if Islam is all the things you say, why do so many “Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Agnostics, Hindus, and Atheists” do the same things? So what are you Mike?

  • Badcopwatch

    This article must have been written by a left wing idiot.

  • William Thrash

    Send the refugees to DUBAI. Thousands of empty high rises there that can accommodate ALL the refugees in LUXURY.

    • Scott L

      Dubai has only 1.9 million population and all of UAE only about 8 million compared to the US over 300 million. They could not absorb that many new people. But more importantly why would we send educated moderates to live in a country ruled by Sharia?

      • William Thrash

        Because they can all easily fit in the vacant high rises and also be fully accepted by like-minded religious people.

        Westerners want them crammed into slums, slaving for the Welfare Class, and persecuted for political gain.

        In Dubai, they can be accepted and live in absolute luxury.

  • mardabo


  • Why does Trump love Saudi terrorists more than these other nations terrorists?

    Oh, because he does business with the Saudi royals (who secretly fund global terrorism).