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Legal Weed is Doing What Trump’s Wall and a Trillion Dollar Drug War NEVER Will

Vowing to be “ruthless,” building a mammoth wall, and revisiting crackdowns on federal cannabis prohibition won’t stop barbarous drug cartels or the flow of substances the State deems illegal into the United States — reinvigorating the war on drugs will, in fact, have quite the opposite effect ostensively intended.

But if he sticks to his word (unlike with that dubious swamp promise) President Donald Trump will empower the exact criminals he eviscerates publicly by keeping illicit substances the prized goods of the black market.

Perhaps the president simply has not examined the overwhelming evidence across-the-board that decriminalization or legalization focuses funds on providing help to addicts, robs cartels of viability, lowers the rate of drug abuse, and empties prisons of otherwise nonviolent offenders.

Or perhaps he has.

Because the war on drugs wasn’t meant to be won — or, at least, not by anyone but the pharmaceutical industry, the military-industrial machine, the for-profit prison-industrial complex, politicians, and, perhaps incidentally, violent drug cartels.

“We’ve defended the borders of other nations, while leaving our own borders wide open, for anyone to cross — and for drugs to pour in at a now unprecedented rate,” Trump proclaimed in his first full speech to Congress, moments later adding that, with getting tough, “Our terrible drug epidemic will slow down and ultimately, stop.”

Abandoning logic for a fear-based appeal to the perpetually paranoid masses, Trump continues heralding the notorious border Mexico border wall as a feasible method to keep the bad guys and bad drugs out of the U.S. — presumably under the premise Americans will be safer. He continued,

“For that reason, we will soon begin the construction of a great wall along our southern border. It will be started ahead of schedule and, when finished, it will be a very effective weapon against drugs and crime.

“As we speak, we are removing gang members, drug dealers, and criminals that threaten our communities and prey on our citizens. Bad ones are going out as I speak tonight and as I have promised.”

Not many would argue the presence of violent gang members isn’t desirable — particularly if they involved in violent and destructive behavior — but expecting the deportation of criminals and cartel members to somehow stifle the drug pipeline or thwart criminal activity is ludicrously negligent.

Worse, reviving the dead horse that is the cannabis prohibition robs Americans of a vital medicine not only treating everything from cancer, Crohn’s disease, childhood epilepsy, PTSD, and countless other conditions, it prevents people addicted to tobacco and dangerous opioid painkillers from having access to a potential cure.

Claiming you have the country’s best interests at heart while ratcheting up the effort to prosecute those who use a plant, for any reason, belies Trump’s actual goals of placating the somnambulant masses while ensuring excessive laws generate income for prisons, police, and Big Pharma.

“But this president can’t, as he as forcefully remarked, expect much fairness from the national media, and if he keeps promising draconian reductions in crime and especially drug abuse, and doesn’t act accordingly, it will haunt him,” writes the National Review’s Conrad Black. “The War on Drugs has largely been a fraud and a complete failure. After the imprisonment of nearly 7 million people and the spending of at least $1.5 trillion, narcotics are as readily available — and as or more widely used — and absorb more of the GDP than ever. And the United States is not blameless in the inflammation of virtual civil wars in Mexico, Colombia and elsewhere, though there were many other contributing causes in those countries.”

If the new administration sought seriously for a major victory in the war on drugs, Trump and his cohorts would look to Portugal and other countries where — although kinks are still being worked out — decriminalization of all drugs has had impressive results in reducing crime, addiction, and imprisonment.

But broad decriminalization wouldn’t keep Americans addicted to prescription opioid pharmaceuticals — thus yanking the unspoken basis for U.S. troop presence out from under that operation. Broad decriminalization, by nature, means less people would wind up mired in the boggling complexity that is the court and prison system.

Something darker than pure profit motivates political drug warriors, however — this isn’t just about the money.

Cannabis prohibition and the classification of substances as arbitrarily harmful — despite voluminous evidence even so-called harder drugs like LSD, psilocybin, and cocaine have viable medicinal qualities — represent an insidious method of control. American society tends to conflate morality with legality, thus instilling a stigma around substances, against those who ingest, and particularly against anyone struggling with dependence.

Drugs and users have been horrendously stigmatized throughout the duration of this failed political battle, precisely as former President Richard Nixon desired when he ratcheted up the war on pot in the name of criminalizing the antiwar left and being black. The worse opinion the public maintains of drug culture, the simpler it will be for the State to hoodwink the ignorant into believing the easily-refuted — such as that cannabis holds no medical value and those who partake must be stoners and amoral lawbreakers.

This pits citizen against citizen and neighbor against neighbor, as the State encourages everyone to poke their noses in the affairs of everyone else, and dutifully report anything even minimally suspicious.

Militarized police investigating drug ‘crimes’ have permission to knock down doors, ransack residences, seize assets — houses, cars, cash, savings, and any valuables — in many cases, when the activity is only suspected of taking place.

As a bellicose nation with the most bloated military budget on the planet, our choice of belligerent language aptly describes the war on drugs and its consequences — masking the need to question its validity with the somber overtones of a military endeavor.

“Instead of conducting a serious war,” Black continues, “which would entail a massive sweep of campuses and a severe interdiction of delivery, as well as a tight control of border points and the air approaches to the country, it has been easier, these 40 years, just to troll through African-American and Latino areas, round up users, give first offenders a soft ride for denunciations of their suppliers, and send 7 million of such easily replaceable people to prison on absurdly extreme sentences, and masquerade as warriors against drugs. If the anti-drug war were conducted against white middle- and upper-income-area users, and the university students of America, with the same zeal it is waged against the non-white poor, the demand for and supply of drugs would decline sharply, the obscenely inflated number of incarcerated people would skyrocket, the ranks of students in institutions of higher learning would be thinned out sharply; and practically every elected official in the country would be impeached, recalled, or hammered at the polls.”

In telling ways, the United States has surreptitiously held loyal to its Puritanical roots, sanctimoniously denouncing illicit substances on the world stage while secretly taking a toke or snorting a line behind closed doors.

This — that Americans, like anyone else, wish to be left to live life without a nanny state dictating what should be verboten — is the elephant in the drug war room.

Trump doesn’t want to end the war on drugs anymore than any other president in a succession of administrations who see value in depriving the populace of liberties while profiting off the misery criminalization brings.

No matter how tall or impenetrable the president and his supporters build this wall — no matter how tough on crime and drugs, users and dealers U.S. police forces get — nothing will ever stop these substances from circulating.

Demand necessitates supply, but rather than legalization and resuscitating the economy through businesses centered on cannabis and hemp, the carbon-copy White House has chosen the predictable, stale, and forever-hollow call to arms against drugs.

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But in actuality Trump’s heightened war on drugs just another tired manifestation of the government’s war on you. 

  • tz1

    The problem is not with Marijuana – it isn’t coming over the southern border so the wall is irrelevant, and it isn’t controlled by gangs in the states where it has been legalized or decriminalized.
    You don’t talk AT ALL about methamphetamine, heroin, or cocaine.
    If you want to argue, you have to argue the real problem, not a straw, or in this case, weed man.

    The nanny state wants to take my gun away and force me to bake a cake for a Gay wedding. Sometimes libertarians will make the argument “will you give up your gun prohibition of they give up their drug prohibition” but this is becoming more rare, perhaps because both are becoming legal.

    • TechGump

      No, weed isn’t a strawman. It’s still illegal in most states for recreational consumption, which is what most of it’s used for, and it remains to be one of the top consumed drugs among Americans. People, everyday, are caged and stolen from by Gov’t over a plant. Criminalization will continue to keep cartels in business; it’s a fact.
      Anyway, what’s there to talk about with methamphetamine, heroin, or cocaine? The argument is the same for them all. It’s not more or less “real.”

      • tz1

        Arguments are best when the worst case is taken, not the best.
        I’m for total “states rights” on everything, with the exception that the feds control the border. And within the state, I’m for total legalization (with responsibility for the consequences). And it is then up to me to convince my neighbors.

        One example which I have not heard anyone but myself make is that we have mandatory minimums on possession or distribution drugs, but not on the theft or violent crime which we are told are the problems CAUSED. Why not reverse this so actual property crimes and violence are certain to be punished and not mere use of commerce in a substance?

        If you start with “but Marijuana is just a medicinal herb” (true), you end up with not even limiting the drug war, but with Marijuana legal everywhere. And keep civil forfeiture, DEA raids (pushed by NSA parallel construction), and all the other evils.

        • TechGump

          I don’t think you’re understanding the point of why “over a plant” is used. It’s not the principle or pinnacle of the argument for legalization. It merely stresses the ridiculousness of where criminalization (and State in general) has lead… to the violence and theft initiated by State over the private use a plant, most ironically that the Framers of this nation themselves grew and smoked.
          I’d argue the arguments for decriminalization is the same for all drugs… arguments of which are many, and valid, and I don’t feel need to re-hash here. My only point was that marijuana isn’t a strawman. It’s an example, and a good one, of the lunacy and dangers of Statism.

      • Thebob

        Get the statement right, top consumed Illegal drugs…the top consumed drugs are sold to your everyday house wife…The largest group of “drug” users are white married house wives taking their Prozac and many other drugs…Which cause more damage and do more harm than ALL illegal drugs COMBINED….

        • TechGump

          Read the statement right. I stated it is ONE OF the top consumed drugs, and it is. Nobody argued there weren’t legal drugs consumed more, let alone the damage they cause. Anything else?

          • Thebob

            I guess that is correct, but a plant isn’t really a drug to begin with. But the use of this plant has stayed about the same some 10% of Americans use it on a regular basis…Compared to nearly 50% of all College Students take some form of Pharmaceutical, probably even more so use Alcohol….It really isn’t even near the top of the list.

          • TechGump

            “but a plant isn’t really a drug to begin with”
            Sure it is. Are magic mushrooms also not drugs?

            1. A substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease or as a component of a medication.
            2. Such a substance as recognized or defined by the U.S. Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
            3. A chemical substance, such as a narcotic or hallucinogen, that affects the central nervous system, causing changes in behavior and often addiction.

            Both 1 and 3 mean marijuana is, by very definition, a drug.

            “But the use of this plant has stayed about the same some 10% of Americans use it on a regular basis…Compared to nearly 50% of all College Students ”
            Um, are you following your own logic?
            First, I noticed you incorrectly claimed marijuana, not a drug, but correctly claimed alcohol, a natural substance, a drug. That’s odd.
            Second, college students are a small faction of a population; a period of time in one’s life that lasts 3-6 years. 10% of 320 million is almost quadruple 50% of of 18 million.
            Third, lumping pharma drugs into one category is the same as lumping mushrooms, marijuana, and alcohol into one category. Unless we’re comparing artificial chemicals to natural ones, there isn’t a reasonable basis to do this.
            Marijuana is indeed one of the top most consumed drugs in the US, and worldwide.

          • Thebob

            A plant that grows in soil is natural…not a DRUG, the PLANT Cannabis, not street name Marijuana, IS NATURALLY OCCURRING IN NATURE ALL OVER THE PLANET. Alcohol is man made product, Beer is not a drug, Alcohol is a drug/or drug substance…CBD and or THC would be the active drug you are referring to is it not? Same for mushrooms it is just a mushroom magic or not, some may kill you some won’t…Others will just make you sick, it isn’t the Mushroom that is magic or kills you, it is the substance IN the mushroom…

            Difference here is ALL BIG PHARMA Drugs ARE MAN MADE….vs God given plant(s)…..Cannabis, IS probably one of the most widely used “Illegal” drugs, IT IS NOT even close to the top of Drugs used PERIOD Illegal and “FDA” approved CRAP…

            Say of the 18 Million College Students, is just a good pool of examples…If 50% of College students are on some kind of MAJOR SSRI Anti-Depressant Big Pharma drug, You can bet same goes for their Parents and the General Population….Of those 18 Million College Students, which seems like a low number, I bet nearly all of those 18 Million DRINK ALCOHOL…
            There is no difference between what substance you want to use or abuse, only the effects of those substances are different, typically the outcomes are the same….Addiction is addiction, which is the ROOT problem for MOST CRIME….Not drug use or illegal drug use or users….

          • TechGump

            I don’t have time for your essay regarding semantics. People aren’t smoking pot stems, they smoke the bud, and for good reason. It’s where the THC resides.

            “Alcohol is man made product”
            No, alcohol is a natural chemical substance that is created during fermentation. This happens in nature all the time. Cocaine is a natural substance from Coca leaves. THC is natural substance in marijuana (which isn’t a “street name”, btw).

            “.Addiction is addiction, which is the ROOT problem for MOST CRIME”
            No, the root problem for most crime is that it is deemed criminal by State, which doesn’t solve anything, and makes markets violent.

            My point stands. Semantics is your prerogative. I’ve no interest in that.

          • Thebob

            Actually Marijuana is a STREET NAME….Mexican Street name, which has been made “main stream” THE REAL NAME OF THE PLANT IS CANNABIS SATIVA, CANNABIS INDICA, and CANNABIS RUDDERALIS or Hemp… Family of the Cannabaceae which includes Hops and many other plants….
            You seem smart, please stop using the MSM Gov’t propaganda associated with this plant…Don’t believe me just GOOGLE MARIJUANA, first listing is Wikipedia for CANNABIS….But I guess if we all used the correct term for things it wouldn’t be PC…
            Okay, you got me with fermentation…Still can’t beat NATURAL PLANT, NOT A DRUG….Just a plant, just like millions of other plants on this beautiful planet…Like lettuce, or tomatoes or any other plant….
            And technically it isn’t the Bud of the plant that is smoked either it is the Flower….
            A bud is an undeveloped shoot from which embryonic leaves or flower parts arise.
            The bud, turns into the Flower, which is harvested and dried, cured, and smoked or eaten or processed into extracts and oils etc..etc..

          • TechGump

            I’ll bit one more time. Marijuana is a COMMON name, not a street name (there is a difference). It’s actually a word used to describe the plant in many binding US legal documents banning the substance, as it is, again, a common name to describe it.
            As for your petty dictations of what I ought do nor not, don’t bother. Your opinion of me, or what you think others must do to accommodate your narrow view, isn’t relevant to me or this argument.
            Bye, now.

          • Thebob

            Do you mean Bite? not bit….Also, I do not think my view on this is narrow at all…Yes it is used in legal docs, so yeah “common name” only common cause the majority populace doesn’t know what Cannabis is, which is the true name, common name or street name….Also by those same legal docs only Cannabis-Sativa is the only one Illegal…
            Don’t care about your opinion only that you disregard THE FACTS…Which makes you the narrow minded one, fool…

          • Thebob

            That’s your problem I guess, not mine that you can’t look at what reality is…Yes Fermentation is a natural process…BEER VODKA IS MAN MADE….Those processes don’t happen with out HELP…

            You are right about semantics, I guess facts don’t matter to people like you either…On that note, ever watch REFER MADNESS? Probably the age group you come from, watched in grade school, I bet, didn’t you? That is where Marijuana became the “name” for Cannabis, it is all was about Racism and money, which is the only reason it still remains “illegal”. Check it out yourself…Look at 3M and Harry Anslinger, and his connections with the Cannabis Prohibition…Then the Nixon Admin studies and Recommendations to that it doesn’t cause harm like MSM leads you to believe and that same study recommended it be removed from DEA Controlled Substances Act…All ignored.

          • Thebob

            Additionally, Cocaine, is also man made process from extracting the compound from the Cocoa Plant…Same as making Chocolate from the Coco Bean…
            And if you want to talk all drugs and drug compounds, SUGAR is the most widely used man-made processed DRUG on the planet, it is also the most damaging and costly and addictive substance known to man….Even more so than Nicotine or Heroin….
            Tobacco subsequently is not a DRUG either it is a plant…Nicotine, the drug, found in the NATURAL PLANT is what makes it addictive…Nicotine also makes for a very effective Pesticide that doesn’t harm plants nor the environment…

    • 174thandvyse

      I am as Liberated as they come, and I really don’t wanna take your gun, or force you to officiate at a Gay wedding. However, I’m not quite in agreement with the NRA. They come out with this narrative that most gun crimes are the result of armed robbery, or other crimes. The REAL truth is that most gun crimes are caused by people showing off, trying to look like a tough guy, or to settle a score. Showboating, period. Determining who is eligible for gun ownership is a very inexact science. Just because somebody has been law-abiding up to now doesn’t mean that the person will continue on that path. Anybody can become angry, or jealous…how can you tell beforehand? There really is no perfect solution for this.

      • tz1

        Just because somebody has been law-abiding up to now doesn’t mean that the person will continue on that path>/i>
        Pre-crime. No due process. Guilty until proven innocent.

        How do you know someone doing drugs won’t go total psycho and kill or hurt someone? How can you tell beforehand?

        Same argument or total lack thereof.

        Police and politics need to be REactive, not PROactive.

        Not all crimes are intentional or malicious. Showing off might be imprudent and even injure, but drugs can cause the same.

        If we preempt the rights, they are not rights.

        • 174thandvyse

          What this “pre-crime” bullshit? What is this…one of those Tom Cruise movies where they can predict who’s gonna commit a robbery in the future, or something? That’s crazy talk. I don’t wanna take anyone’s rights away…I’m better than the NRA. I’ll be willing to bet that they wouldn’t like to have a guy like me with a gun. They would deny someone that smokes herb to purchase one, ahem, “legally”. My point is that it’s better to have an otherwise law abiding herb-smoker possessing a gun in his home, to protect his family, than to give a gun to some dude that has personality problems, so he can go out, take his gun with him, and try to act tough.

        • Thebob

          How do you know an Alcoholic won’t do the same? How do you know that someone on an SSRI won’t go and do a mass shooting or just blow their wife and kids away? How do you know that if they didn’t have a gun they just wouldn’t find another way to do it?

          • tz1

            Government, at best, can only be reactive in responding to crimes as they are reported by actual victims. (I’m stating the minarchist case).
            Government being proactive is an evil.
            (I will concede to the point that some things via negligence or maliciousness can be a clear and present danger, like a badly designed or built dam that will flood, but even that is reacting to a known likely result, not some abstract assumption)

          • Thebob

            Gotcha!!! I get what you mean now…That is actually a good way of looking at it…

      • patriot156

        which is why Gun should of been deemed Unconstitutional.

        We lived just fine without it and the first spat of Gun control came in the 1930’s due to the ST Valentines massacre. Which when it passed the NFA was after Alcohol Prohibition was ended, so really a useless law. Then we lived for 30-40 years without anymore until the 1968 Gun control law which was due to Kennedy being killed.

        The reasons for gun control aren’t valid and never have been. Keeping felons from guns isn’t the truth to begin with it’s to make us all felons then only the Police and Govt will own them.

        Even though our forefathers weren’t as much on our side as people like to say Jefferson did say when you keep the people from owning firearms you give those with the idea to attack them the advantage. keeping felons from owning guns isn’t what it says it’s to make it harder for those not felons to have.

        Also just because your a felon doesn’t mean your always going to act in a felonious manner, and have just as much right to self defense as anyone not a felon. I’ve read stories of where a guy has a felon gets out pays his dues gets married has kids keeps a job and eventually buys a gun to keep his family safe. Some guy breaks in his house he uses his gun the police arrest him and now he’s pretty much fucked again even though he’s been strait for years.

        • 174thandvyse

          Oh, I agree. I have a gun myself which I keep in the night table drawer just in case some fool tries to get stupid with me, or my family. And since I have been arrested for herb years ago, the pigs — oops! I meant the, ah, “police” — would probably arrest me for defending myself. Which just goes to prove that there is never a perfect solution.

          • patriot156

            yeah that’s the shit Repubs give us our guns but take our weed. Democraps give us our weed but take our guns it’s all BS.

            I say this is America let it be we can keep our guns and weed Tobacco and what ever else.

          • 174thandvyse

            Right on! When it comes to civil liberties, I am a pure libertarian. I quit smoking cigarettes many years ago, but I am totally against the Democrats’ “war” on tobacco because I believe that your body is YOURS, not the Church’s, and not the States’. You ultimately decide what is good for you, or not.

          • patriot156

            cool and maybe hope yet but so far were not a majority yet.
            I would of voted Gary Johnson if he hadn’t turned stupid. Can’t lead the nation not knowing who world leaders are and where or what Aleppo is. Too bad though too I think the Far right brought that out just before the election seeing he may gain traction. I did Vote Trump but only to save the second amendment and the supreme court pick, but all this other stuff Thumbs down.

          • 174thandvyse

            I don’t agree. We herb-smoking TRUE Americans ARE the majority, don’t let anybody, especially a Prohibitionist LOWLIFE, tell you different. Prohibitionists are NOT “well-meaning” people, they are shit, and they must be squashed.

          • patriot156

            I think you misunderstood my statement. While I do agree there is a majority that does support weed and want to end the Drug war I meant as a third party we are not.

            If that were the case Gary Johnson would of won and or been a better contender than he was.

            As it is now were held to two parties who truly don’t give a rats ass about us or anyone else. At least in any real way. Socialists Progressives only care about their damned utopian agenda, While The fascist Right only care about money and how many people they can throw into jail.

          • 174thandvyse

            Perhaps, but it has been my experience that the Democrats are definitely the lesser-evil when it comes to the Marijuana issue. Originally, Republicans targeted Marijuana because all the people who they don’t like…the hippies, the multiracial, the sexually liberated, the poor, Unions…were the ones to smoke herb, or at least that what Nixon thought.

      • Thebob

        Sure their is, ALL GUN LAWS ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL…Even for Felon’s once they are out of prison they should have ALL their rights restored, they are either Rehabed or they are not…Most gun crimes are done with Illegally sold guns…Most gun deaths are suicides, brought on by mentally disturbed people, who needed help. Sorry the Gov’t doesn’t have the Right to dictate what I can and can’t put into my body..Nor should they have the right to dictate what I can and can’t grow on my property…

  • Too many big money interests (Big Tobacco, Big Alcohol, Big Pharma) have a stake in the status quo, Trump won’t be siding against them, he is them.

    Time to get this revolution started.



    • Gary Smith

      “Time to get this revolution started.”

      And replace the current corrupt government with what?

      • 174thandvyse

        Replace it with a people-oriented, not money-oriented society.

      • A RBE.

        Or, no government at all.

        An interim government may be required, perhaps a Technocracy type government where experts in their fields make decisions on that field only. In the end, there will be no government at least in the way people think of government today (following some leader or party).

        • Thebob

          How about as it was intended to promote freedom of the individual to make the best choices for themselves…Not as a collective which doesn’t work either…Less limited Gov’t as intended by our Constitution would promote the general welfare of the people and promote more freedom to choose for the individual not this Gov’t knows best crap…

          As intended the Gov’t isn’t here to take care of the citizens it is actually the other way, we are intended to take care of our Gov’t…It is OUR Country NOT the Gov’ts…It is our SCHOOLS not the Gov’ts….etc..etc…

          I would rather see Anarchy than what we currently have, at least you know what to expect…

          • What you have now is an Oligarchy, a few people ruling and dictating how you live your life, that is all tied to the monetary system. As long as people use money, they will forever be enslaved to those that control the money. Government in its current form is only there to protect the top 1% from the mob and as a tool for making the people fight each other, that is how it has always been.

            In a RBE, you will have freedom the likes the world has never even imagined. Want to go live in the mountains by yourself, go for it, no one will stop you, no one will tax you and force you to work some crappy job that you hate. Want to live in a RBE city and contribute to society in the way that makes you happiest, go for it, we want that, but no one will ever tell you how to live your life or order you around.

            This isn’t to say that there won’t be any laws, we do need to punish those that would harm others.

          • Thebob


          • Thebob

            I didn’t say what we have now, I said what was intended…Liberty for All…Equality no matter what color or social class you come from under the Law.

            It is really simple if you just read the Constitution, everything is already in there…No need for gay rights laws…They have them..no need to pass a law saying Blacks can vote IT WAS ALREADY IN THERE same goes for Women…WE HAVE THE INNATE Right to live our lives as we see fit as long as we do not infringe on the Rights of others….It is really simple…

          • Yes, but those that rule don’t want you to be educated enough to question why things are the way they are and they want to strip you (slowly) of those rights just as they have been doing over the course of the last two decades.

            As long as there is money, there will be people who hoard it and eventually overthrow Democracy (supposed to be a Republic but hasn’t been that for quite some time).

          • Thebob

            Part of this is because of the Education system being Hi-jacked…..Also not being on a Gold backed currency…Smaller Gov’t will be better for all…

          • I used to agree with you on that statement (big Ron Paul fan) but not any longer.

            What we need is no money and no government, let me explain.

            As long as there is money, there will be those that control it, sure, at some point maybe you can pry that ability to create it out of the current Oligarchies hands and give it back to the government or the people. Eventually you will end up right back here where we are today once someone or some small group manages to accumulate such a large amount of wealth that they will do anything to protect it, you can see that in the cronyism of today. This might not happen in ten years, it could take many decades, but in the end history will have repeated itself and the 99% will be enslaved once again to the few just as they are today.

            And as long as we are willing to hand over our decision making to others, whether it be small or big government or some leader in a monarchy or dictatorship, we will always be slaves. We as a species need to free ourselves from this top down leadership model we have been stuck in for thousands of years and lead our own lives. That begins with education and I am not talking about reforming our current system but replacing it all. People need to stop being intellectually lazy and looking to the media (left or right) to tell them how to think and learn critical thinking skills, become freethinkers and learning the scientific method, only then will we be able to achieve this freedom.

            This is all the things we talk about doing as part of a RBE.

          • Thebob

            You will always have that because we have resources we need and Humans are very Tribal, that will never change.

  • 174thandvyse

    Prohibition never works. It never has, and it never will.

  • patriot156

    maybe that’s why he has Sessions? To fuck our states rights that we’ve been able to do for just four years, arrest everyone close down their business Create FEMA work camps and have them build his fucking wall?
    I mean Obama’s Executive order to allow the Govt to force people to work for them just opened the door to someone who wold just do that.
    Bush started the Police state, Obama kind of let it be but brought it to the forefront more, and Trump will Propagate it all the more!

    • Thebob

      The Police State started MUCH MUCH Sooner than with Bush…Try Regan or even further back to Harry Anslinger in the 1930’s….The Police State has been here the entire time; it is this thinking by people that I need someone else to determine my safety BS….We don’t need Cops or very few of them to actually investigate real crimes…Most Cops are just tax enforcers to garner more taxes from the citizens…

  • patriot156

    Here’s how you make America great again.

    Take out all gun control.
    Stop the war on drugs
    Leave legal weed alone

    let the states decide and then people within those states can keep up the pressure to legalize it,
    Get us out of the UN and get the UN out of America.
    End the fed

    End the IRS
    Trumps Deregulation on the EPA and business I do agree with make us number one again in Business and manufacturing.
    I do partially agree with is Immigration stuff, but don’t agree with Militarizing ICE and all that crap.
    Maybe but harder to swallow, amnesty maybe but stop completely the other illegal influx coming in.
    Fair trade but I do agree with Trump that NAFTA was a job killer and maybe a return to Tariffs as we had before the IRS came in.
    Return to the Gold and silver standard.
    Take out the ABC Federal cops, FBI,DEA, all that crap needs to go.

    Let the states take back the land as the Constitution does say, but have conditions that they can’t sell it off to the highest bidder as some fear with the Legislation that they did try to do.

    With all the money they save not enforcing Drug and illegal gun laws and other, states would have more money to be able to take care of land and keep it public.

    Make hunting and Fishing a federal Right, and let tried and true Science be it’s protector not emotions.

    If you put in wolfs then let us hunt them and keep their numbers down.

    There’s plenty more but that’s a god list to start.