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DOJ Wants to Arrest You for Terrorism for Not Liking Them


Propagandists for the U.S. ruling class—I mean, “spokespersons for the United States government”—usually choose their words carefully, trying to use insinuation to demonize their opponents, euphemisms to deify themselves, and other spin and lies to make freedom sound bad and authoritarian power sound good. But they’re not usually stupid enough to come right out and say, “war is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength” (see George Orwell’s “1984”). In most cases, to see their true agenda, you need to read between the lines. Sometimes, however, their totalitarian mentality is put on display for all to see.

Consider, for example, this CNN article, talking about how the DOJ wants to shift its focus more to domestic “terror groups.”

Just so we’re clear, I’m a voluntaryist myself, who believes in the non-aggression principle. I abhor actual assault, murder and terrorism (which, as it happens, is committed by agents of “government” far more often than by anyone else). So if someone is actually harming or endangering innocents, I hope someone stops them, using whatever it takes. Whether or not the aggressor, or the protector, wears a badge is totally morally irrelevant. Ain’t I just an extreme, dangerous kook? Anyway, back to the story.

The CNN article starts by quoting “government” officials saying that “domestic terror groups” are a greater threat to America than ISIS or al Qaeda. Well, since those (sometimes fictional) groups are no threat at all to America, that isn’t saying much. Then the article explains how, according to Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, the DOJ has a new plan “that will coordinate the investigation and prosecution of anti-government and hate groups.” That’s already a strange thing to say, since neither being anti-“government” nor hating someone is actually a crime. But wait. It gets worse.

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Carlin is then quoted as claiming that “a number of violent attacks or plots against the U.S.” were motivated by “anti-government views, racism, bigotry and anarchy, and other despicable beliefs.” Of course, that wording was chosen to: 1) make people think that not liking the federal “government” means that you must be a racist and a bigot, and; 2) make people think that it’s “despicable” to not want to be ruled by a bunch of power-happy parasites.

The only specific example given of this supposed “anti-government” violence was the shooting of two cops in Las Vegas by Jerad and Amanda Miller back in mid 2014. Curiously, just after that happened, when I tried to find out more about those supposed “anti-government extremists,” I couldn’t find anyone who knew them. In fact, despite having about 4,000 Facebook “friends” at the time—most of them anarchists—I had no shared “friends” with the two. Gee, what are the odds?

But then comes the most amazing part of the article. The feds already declare certain groups (like ISIS and al Qaeda) to be “terror organizations,” and prosecute people for supporting such groups. But there is no equivalent law allowing the feds to prosecute “white supremacists,” the KKK, or “anti-government extremists.” So, according to the CNN article, those poor federal control freaks are forced to “find more concrete charges to lock them up.” Since “domestic terrorism” is not an actual crime, in and of itself, “domestic terror groups or actors must be prosecuted with firearms or explosives offenses, hate crimes or murder.”

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Wow. Those poor federal persecutors, complaining about not being able to cage people for thinking things or associating with certain groups or ideas. What is the world coming to when you can’t lock someone up until they’ve actually threatened or tried to hurt someone? Apparently we need a Federal Department of Thought Police to protect us. Of course, given their twisted Orwellian terminology, I would absolutely count as an “anti-government extremist,” which means I’m one of those people (as are many readers of The Free Thought Project, no doubt) whom the DOJ really wishes they could lock up just for thinking things and saying things. I am openly and proudly anti-“government,” precisely because “government” is always pro-aggression, anti-freedom and anti-justice. I guess that makes me an “enemy of the people” who must be destroyed by any means necessary.

It is quite clear from Carlin’s comments that the fascists at the DOJ are not content to only go after people who actually harm (or try to harm) others. No, if you don’t like being ruled, if you think violent aggression is bad even when it’s “legal,” if you think all human interaction should be peaceful and voluntary, then you are despicable and dangerous, and the DOJ will be looking for new excuses to lock you up. Good to know.

  • the new ss is it thank god I live in communist Canada

  • That’s almost 100%

  • DOJ is a gun manufacturer?

  • This Man’s creative act of kindness will restore your faith in humanity!

  • They’re always looking for new ways. Even the simplest thing like a 30mph speed limit on a fore lane road is designed for profit.

  • Screw the DOJ. I don’t like the DOJ.

  • “Anarchy and other despicable beliefs” lolz

  • So did HITLER…….

  • Here I am. Let’s take this to SCOTUS and see if America is as corrupt as the World think it is.

  • They are training us for this by calling everyone who doesn’t agree with us a “terrorist”….the pentagon has named all protesters,”low level terrorists”…..so once they train your mind,you don’t feel bad about locking up terrorists when you see it on the news,you never think twice about it.The patriot act takes away the right of habeus corpus from those named terrorists,so they could hold protesters indefinately with no trial.

    • All part of Over throwing America- I think Citizens would like to see Obama arrested along with a few other adjustment and all will be better. So simple a 5 year old could do it.

    • So in short, they admitted their role in world terror.

    • if you think this started or will end with Obama you aren’t thinking.

    • When Obama signed the Indefinate Detention act hes showed that he is just another cog in the plan

    • Republicans wrote the patriot act but i will agree Obama continued it.

    • All the original founders of this country would be on their list.

    • Agenda 21 and 2030

  • WHO , you gonna call ! When your Constitutional Right’s are violated ??? I guess you can’t call the VIOLATOR’S .

  • Universal Declaration of human rights forbids government abuse, article 30 http://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/

  • Interesting leaps of logic from the author. As we have seen from the failed Bundy Bash in OR, people are actually armed and ready to try and destroy symbols of gov’t.

  • What a bunch of crap… hateful and rude and rotten americans…

  • Can you say Gestapo?

  • What would you expect from the stasi ?

  • They would love to drive people to do psycho things so they can be more relavant again.

  • They can try.. No one is going to take me alive..

  • I forget. What does the “j” stand for, in doj????

  • Kennedy said no to the DOJ”s Northwoods project of terror on American soil and was murdered for it.

  • How very fascist of them

  • of the government, by the government and for the government.

  • Finn Kirk Lesley Williamson

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    Thanks for view: Wow, the DOJ will be looking for new excuses to lock you up

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  • But but but…..it’s the land of the free!!


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  • The best criminals have mechanisms to cover their own scumbaggery and crimes .

  • Isn’t this country founded on the idea of antigoverment? Hell, I thought the Republicans entire party establishment is smaller government.

  • What did you expect when for profit prisons are threatening to sue because not enough people are being convicted??

  • No wonder why those enormous prisons were built all around the U.S.

  • America, land of the………….?

  • You do understand that want and reality are separate things right?

  • This was the purpose of the so called Patriot Act…single largest violation of civil liberties ever.

  • DOJ is corrupt it easy not to like them

  • And here’s a pair of nuts for the doj to swing on.

  • The Stage is Set, Act One begins. DOJ is prepping to utilize its access to your data, that was only intended for homeland security, and is now prepping using it against domestics that disagree with those who control them. They no doubt see the strength and commitment to an individual who stands for the people, whom they will not control as most others have been. They do not like that people are seeing, and discovering the oligarchy for what it is, and are prepping for the control of people that is coming. History repeating itself. The People are finding a common ground despite their attempts to keep us hating each other. This happens whenever the focus starts being on where accountability actually should be. On Politicians, on the connections of the powers that control them, and government, and ultimately us. They didn’t see this coming just like they didn’t in 1960, and the DOJ is proactively positioning to squelch this peoples movement too. Pay attention, stay informed, all that is coming is change….

  • War is peace
    Freedom is slavery
    Ignorance is Strength

  • So glad to be a part of the fascist nation. NOT!

  • Wow! How about they just ban emotions altogether?

  • being a conscious man has even made me more of an outlaw

  • I wonder why people don’t like them.

  • The United States is the biggest terrorist organization this world has ever seen and will continue to be so until something changes

  • Heeling us in?

  • FB needs the F*ck You, middle finger emoji!

  • 1984 was warning………. not a blueprint

  • Can someone please give me a clear source that states this and isn’t just speculation?

    Misinformation is as bad as fear mongering.

  • Low level terrorists, oh my… I think the term “communist dictatorship” fits better. DOJ wouldn’t know justice or fairness, its just a funded corporate body, clearly acts in the interests of the highest bidder it would appear. Do not feed the beast, do less talking and more doing, they like picking one off at a time. With a population of around 320 million I would bet on the people every day of the week to win this, and remember the whole world is watching them too. The only terrorist here is your government.

  • Come and get me

  • We’re freeeeee

  • I am seriously doubting it. Something about free speech and all. PS I don’t like the DOJ. Come arrest me, I dare you.

  • Live free or die

  • Not “liking” them is putting it nicely

  • Get off the grid* — NOW!!!!

    *P.S. You don’t have to find a chunk of land “in the middle of nowhere” to effectively remove yourself from “Sauron’s Eye”. Get together with a handful of neighbors and start making your community Compassion-based, mostly money-free and self-sustainable.

    Here’s how my buddy David Herbert MunciePhotography is doing it … You don’t ahve to get as fancy as he does, but there are lots of good tips to find here … Peace.


  • Our government is the biggest terrorist organization in the world. I have declared my Independence,and you can to. Freedom can’t be taken. It can only be given up.

    • Damn right. Won’t be going down without taking a few with me

  • Sounds like bullshit propaganda, but little surprises me anymore.

  • Welcome to 1984.

  • We now live in a probationary society. We live in a gradient culture of levels of legal status from slight misdemeanor offenses to complete incarceration. Each of us retains a ‘record’, a shadowy identification with a variable legal quotient. This permits an easily applied social restraint (largely imposed on lower classes.) Greater control is easier and can come swift and mercilessly with mechanical efficiency.

    • Guilty until proven innocent, one must prove patriotism. It’s the time of the Secular Inquisition. And “no one ever suspects the Inquisition to suddenly show up!” (Monty Python lol)

  • So if I build a 30′ tall triple guillotine and set it up on the National Mall as an art installation they might take offense?

  • Sanders, Trump, and Clinton are the same animal. They are all employees of the elite, when’s the last time you heard of Gary Johnson? Exactly, but you keep watching your TV, following the “debates” and “rallies” as if it’s anything more than a show put on for your entertainment. The last time the people had any real control in an election, Kennedy won. And we all know how that turned out. Stop being a mindless statist and break the system, stop worshipping the god America created.
    A god created by “We The Sheeple”. Endorsed by corporations and elitists you’ve probably never heard of that have existed since the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. Advertised by your precious media all over the globe. And you think you have ANY idea what’s going on? Please, scrub the fecal matter out of your brains and start using it!
    Stop playing their game! Wake up! You want to take this country back? Then open your eyes and actually see the big picture. The last time a president went against “their” wishes, they had him shot in front of the entire world, and got away with it. Our freedom died with JFK.

  • I think someone needs to educate them on the true definition of a terrorist – someone who carries out indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians and/or women and children to draw attention to their cause. Accuse me of something that I am not guilty of and I just might say fck it might as well do it since they are accusing me of it anyway.

  • This is the bottom line ,if you are a good boy and support the corrupt government and criminal ruling class, ( do to ignorance and systematic brainwashing ) they will magnanimously leave you alone ,but if one dares to question, criticize or disagree with the government, you are a traitor and potential terrorist, and will be arrested and prosecuted without due process ! I didn’t know that our country had changed it’s name to Venezuela junior !!

  • Facism didn’t die with WW2. It seems to have migrated to the minds of the so called ‘Victors’

  • Sounds like the kremlin

  • Welkom to Kommunist Amerika!!!!

  • If they trusted their government..this Country would have NEVER been founded.

  • Freedom huh?

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  • Was that general Cromwell who dismissed Parliament in England?..boy we could use one in this country.

  • http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread685271/pg1 THE FEDERAL RESERVE is an ENEMY of this country.

  • According to reports that at least 48% or more of the population. Is this how they intend to just lock up everybody in America in those camps? Because they disagree or don’t like the DOJ? Then, I guess the DOJ should do their jobs. What is their jobs again? lol

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  • What the f is wrong with the DOJ.

  • Land of the free lmfao F@*k liberation if this is the case

  • This is another conspiracy theory. Come on, you’re better than that.

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  • Do needs to be reminded we are bot Nazi America. We are bot founded upon being a police state. If thisbisbstill America then DOJ should have the civilian public question them and have to answer to them. After all it is the public they are suppose to be working for anyway. This is dangerous and will become more dangerous if allowed to continue.

  • I love the DOJ. Lol Fuck you guys.

  • David Cejmer

    I love this paragraph

  • I Found the Passcode!
    by Dan Scanlan

    I did it! I figured out the six digit passcode the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been seeking! The need to hassle Apple, Inc. and cause so much dismay and fear of the loss of privacy among the citizenry is gone.

    Here’s how I did it: First I added J. Edgar Hoover’s age when he took over the “Radical Division” of the Justice Department — 24 — to the year he took over, 1917, the year the FBI was created, 1927, the number of years he ruled, 48, and the number of wiretaps he placed on the NAACP, 3000. Then I multiplied the numbers together and added the product.

    Next, I added in the 3,165 FBI file pages on Martin Luther King, Jr., and his birth year, 1929. I multiplied them and added the product. Then I added the 17,000 pages the FBI has on American Indian activist and poet John Trudell, and 1979 for the year he burned a flag on the steps of FBI headquarters in Washington DC which was followed immediately by an arson fire at his home on a Nevada reservation that killed his three children, his wife and mother-in-law. The FBI refused to investigate, and I added 5 to the sum, multiplied those numbers together and added them to the total.

    The FBI executed 21-year-old activist Fred Hampton in his bed in the middle of the night in Chicago, after providing FBI informant and provocateur William O’Neal with seco-barbitol to surreptitiously drug Hampton so he wouldn’t awaken during the raid, so I added the year, 1969, his age, and 5000 for the number who attended his funeral and 1,850,000 for the dollars the government had to pay in settlement for Hampton’s execution. Again I multiplied and added the product to the mix.

    I added the 4,400 pages the FBI had on John Kennedy, his death date; the 1000 pages they had on Jackie Kennedy and her death date; and the 50 pages they had accumulated on Lee Harvey Oswald before others killed Kennedy. I added their product to the sum.

    I added the year 1996 when Geronimo Pratt was released from prison after 27 years, eight of them in solitary confinement, and 4,500,000, the number of dollars the FBI and LAPD paid Pratt in a settlement for framing him for a crime he didn’t do.

    To the mix I added 1975, the year the FBI framed Leonard Peltier for a crime it instigated when it sent 150 FBI agents onto Pine Ridge reservation with an anti-Indian terrorist group who called itself GOONS, and added the 140,000 pages of FBI files they withheld from Peltier’s defense attorneys. I added the 40 years he has spent in prison, multiplied the numbers and added the product.

    The total grew to a 10-digit number, but I wasn’t done.

    In 1990 the Forest Forever Initiative was on the California ballot and was winning. Then somebody, perhaps an FBI provocateur, placed a bomb under her car seat that exploded when a ball bearing rolled onto a switch as she rounded a corner in Oakland CA. The word “eco-terrorist” came into use by the FBI and she was accused of accidentally bombing herself. So I added the numbers 130 for the Proposition, 1990 for the year, and 4,400,000 for the number of dollars the FBI and the Oakland Police had to pay Judi and her fellow musician Darryl Cherney for falsely accusing them. Again the numbers were multiplied and their product added to the total. The FBI has never investigated the bombing. Too much exposure, I reckon.

    I added in the number 1967 for the year the FBI created its COINTELPRO—BLACK HATE program, 113,000 for the number of non-profit social welfare groups whose confidential tax returns they seized from the IRS illegally, the 10,000 cases being reviewed because of false testimony from FBI agents and faked lab results by FBI evidence processors, 3,000,000,000, a number that approximates its budget, and 4,600,000, the number of dollars it paid to a scientist it falsely accused of executing the anthrax letters that went along with the fear-building 9/11 operation.

    I selected a few more significant numbers, added, multiplied and added again and came up with a final total of 444,770,281,921. To keep this project on an unbiased, scientific plateau, I calculated the square root of the final total ‘cause that’s what scientists do, and, voila! — It generated the passcode the FBI needs so badly.

    I give to you now: 666911

    Dan Scanlan

    Feb 24, 2015
    Nevada City CA

  • Rise up patriots.

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  • they just getting ready to jump on folks when donald trump take the reigns of authority

  • I despise Obama and the DOJ so I guess I’m in trouble now.

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  • See how long it is before they get berned! https://youtu.be/4YFoptghRyE

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    Civil unrest and mass rising against these fascist vermin
    It’s OUR world not these bunch of fucking control freaks

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  • Good thing the patriot act will protect us domestic terrorists oh it’s from domestic terrorists… http://webstation19.8k.com/patriotact.htm

  • Even the Creator of everything gives His created free will!!! They sound like dictators!

  • Un-fucking beleivable. Im so disgusted

  • The time is coming, i will not be controlled , i am prepared.

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  • Well they will have to build lots of prisons because just about anyone who can think is not happy with the government.

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  • Watch it live by staying up to date on what the DOJ, FBI, and BLM are doing to anyone who stands up for the Constitution of the United States.

  • is this real??????

  • WHEN YOU READ THIS, BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE LINK FOR THE ACTUAL CNN politics article in the 2nd paragraph

  • BY THEIR DEFINITION, Patrick Henry, George Washington and all the “founding fathers” of America were terrorists

  • Never hate, have no enmity in you and win the game, compassionately..! 🙂

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  • Obama in this contraversty shit?


  • https://youtu.be/AuogpUbhNHQ

    We are in the final stage normalization

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  • Eddie Larmour

  • Gonna need a shitload more “detention”/”re-education” centers

  • This is what happening in india now. If you dont agree or question the government, you are labelled as anti national.

  • good my poor broke ass will just have to rot in prison then since our crappy gov’t is doing it’s best to remove any safety net i may have haa

  • It’s all coming down. Sit back and watch it burn.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Flash

      I think yes

  • Morgan Morris

    So because you didn’t know 2 anarchists they didn’t exist? You are not THAT important.

  • Steve Corner

    Why do you we still have a CIA?