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Cops Raid Wrong House and Kill an Innocent Young Man – Steal Witness’s Phone for Filming It


Albuquerque, NM — Edgar Camacho-Alvarado, 23, was shot and killed by police this weekend while police were searching for a murder suspect in his neighborhood. The young man was not actually guilty of any crime, nor did he pose a threat to officers, and he never even attempted to interfere with their investigation. He was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, working to fix the engine in his truck in the driveway in front of his home.

The police are refusing to release any further information about the shooting, but Edgar’s family wants answers.

“This morning, we got a call about APD and U.S. Marshals being at my aunt’s house. We have no idea why they shot him. He passed away instantly. They were looking for someone else and they killed him,” Perla Alvarado, Edgar’s cousin told KRQE News 13.

What’s going to happen to my cousin? Is there going to be justice served? We need justice,” she added.

The Marshals allegedly thought that Edgar was their suspect and shot him “by accident,” but exactly how it happened is unclear.

“They said they have made a mistake because he was out there at the wrong time. There’s no such a mistake by killing somebody. There’s no accident,” Alvarado told reporters.

Immediately after the shooting, the Marshals realized that they had shot the wrong person, and then they began a standoff with occupants of a nearby trailer where the actual suspects were staying.

The family was also concerned about how the situation was handled after the shooting. Officers just left the dead body to lay in the driveway and did not even bother to call an ambulance or attempt to give any kind of medical help.

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“For this to happen is outrageous. It was a wrongful death. They didn’t even ask his name before shooting. What they’re upset about is that they didn’t bother calling an ambulance. That hurt more than anything,” family friend Minnie Mirabal said.

Edgar’s mother says that she ran out of the trailer screaming “don’t shoot” as the shooting was happening, but she was pushed away by the officers, and no one in the family was able to go anywhere near Edgar.

PINAC reported that the victim’s little brother had his cell phone confiscated by police and that it is possible that he recorded the killing on his phone.

The family said Camacho-Alvarado was planning to get married next month.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help his family deal with the aftermath of the shooting.

The officers who killed this young man are just as bad, if not worse than the homicide suspect that they arrested later that day.

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  • Darryl Dikie Bland

    This been going on for years, there’s nothing new we have the internet now they keep doing it because no one hold them accountable. Police can’t do no wrong.

  • I am Who I am

    This shows Clearly that the States of this Country doesn’t care of the Safety Dignity and Civil Rights of the People. and continue letting the Police Power been abused by individuals with Poor and limited Education low profile training no morals and so much ignorance reflecting in their way of conducting police work, if we can call it like that! they are so Corrupted Criminals, we the People are in Danger with this individuals called “POLICE OFFICERS” We Demand the Governments for Real Law, Real Police, Real Rights, Real Respect, Real Dignity, Real Internal investigations against Abuse of power and Murder committed by this corrupt individuals, we will not settle for less and we will stand and come against the Crime and all corruption of all the departments and individuals involve, the World is Watching Quietly and waiting for this Country begin to do what Hitler did, to Jump in!..

  • RoadBlock


    Does this article give you some idea that it’s time to join together and begin holding these murders responsible for their criminal acts? Paying large amounts of tax-payer’s money to the family for their negligence is not justice. They have to be held responsible just like everyone else, they are not above the law..

  • Fernesque Golan

    “They said they have made a mistake because he was out there at the wrong time.”

    The above quote by police demonstrates their stupidity. When is it a good time to go work on your car? Do residents have to check with the local jack-booters before leaving their home to make sure there will be no trigger happy cops out shooting people who happen to be on their front lawns.

    These police shootings aren’t accidents, they are policy. The new edict is to settle the case on the street by getting rid of the supposed perpetrator. It eliminates a lot of hassles.

    They came looking for a felon with the intent to kill him. The fact they targeted the wrong person without finding properly identifying him clearly demonstrates their intent. The real perp lucked out because if the cops would have accosted him first, he would be dead.

  • Blue Thugs

    POS cops are just gangs of jack booted thug killers, always looking for their next high, by killing someone. They are so uneducated low IQ morons, they know they can get away with murder. That is why they are so quick on the trigger. If they were held accountable, there would not be thousands of murders by them. Taxpayers get murdered, then have to pay millions to clean up their fucking mess.

  • “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

  • The crime was negligence on the part of the police.

  • I had my phone stolen by police before for filming my buddy getting wrongfully arrested. Smh

    • looks like were going to need someone filming cops snatching celphones from people filming those cops…. ;p

    • They get Fuck all without a search and seizure warrant.

  • Then the police should get charged with murder! More specifically, manslaughter!

    • Murder in the first, weren’t they intending to kill? Wouldn’t it be pre med murder…? Now I’m dreaming

    • It would be a confusing topic in court. True, they intended to kill. But wrong house, wrong person, manslaughter? Who knows, they still need to be punished to set an example so other corrupt police officers don’t become trigger happy.

    • You can add negligence to that as well , where was the intelegance lead up to the event ? Or was it that they were in a cultural neighbourhood so who the fk cares (2 for the price of one ) … Pls take note I’m only speculating from the vids and photos I seen here ….

  • Another murder by the police! The police should also be criminally liable for stealing people’s phones.

  • They are there to kill and steal not protect and serve…

  • Looks like murder so far, everyone knows nothing will happen to the kings men.

    • Pathetic

    • When the masses realize what they allowed to be built in the name of safety, it will be to late.

    • Will not change until they split a political figures, kids wig. It’s a sad state when these goons are above all, not just laws. Sad, siento mucho para familia.

    • It’s never going to change, collapse is inevitable.

  • There is nobody to protect us from this kind of “mistakes”

  • Makes Me Sick Law Officials covering up for each other. Getting away with Murder.

  • Why isn’t there a national shut down of this shit !!! Dayaftetdayafterday! More murder of innocent CITIZENS!!!

  • Was he brown..?

  • Yah, that absolutely has to stop. I think that we need to have events maybe formed around a meal, Breakfast Lunch or Dinner. Where the community and police can get to know each other. I do not know my police, and they only know me when I get a ticket or something. In fact most meetings would be a negative experience for both. If they knew us “they ” might be less likely to kill us. And if we knew them, we could see a problem maybe. The chances of psychological problems must be pretty high. Maybe like going to war or something similar. We need to get a handle on this or it won’t get better. Certainly the pres. or the congress can’t legislate it.

    • Good idea…I agree. The police used to be our neighbors, now they’re just strangers.

    • The police need to be dissolved. Stop being a statist and realize they’re not here for your protection. They’re here to make sure you obey.

    • agreed ! it is a good idea … But like Ariane added , same thing happend here in Australia long time ago , they started to move cops around from suburb to suburb every 6-12 months , so that they remain strangers to the community they stationed in , better suits the draconian / gestapo style of enforcement

    • Michael Schooley nice link ! … According to the Mayan calendar we have most recently entered into the Age of Aquarias and this is why more and more people are becoming aware and awakening , and this is also why the powers that be are becoming more agresive , they don’t want to lose their seat of power !!! …

    • there’s a cool idea !! It reminds me of how to treat psychopatic murderers who have kidnapped someone… Look at how often parents or relatives of the kidnapped person are put on television to adress the killer and constantly use the name of their victim and how the killer gets informed that their hostage needs medical care… In short : They emphazise the person of the hostage.. So maybe you are right and if Americans want to stay alive, they best try that same approach and emphazise, through a diner or barbeque, to these sickening psychopaths that those ‘suspects’ they keep shooting.. ARE HUMAN BEINGS…

    • So i have to let a cop get to know me so he will think twice before killing me or he could just act like a human being and have compasión

    • Oscar Serrano you don’t have to do anything. You can just do nothing and see how that works.

  • ropes

  • I see no remorse from these officers. Now you’re trying to act all professionally by explaining to the family what’s going at the moment. You should excercised that same professionalism prior to shooting an innocent civilian.

  • They are not here for your protection, they are here to make sure you obey! They do their gods bidding, and that god is government.

  • Typical.

  • He was not at wrong place and it was not the wrong time … It was the police that were at the wrong place at the wrong time …

    • Atleast somebody with a good understanding of responsability…. A lot of the statements of judges/ police officers -or whoever does the ‘explaining’-… seem to come right out of the mouth of a psychopathic murderer: The officers were either ‘scared’ or ‘felt threatened’, or as in this case put the person up as responsible in a subtile way…iow : they are the vicitmes ! To me it’s kind of simple : Being a police officer puts you in a position were you can get killed very very easily and at the same time one must under THAT kind of stress function WITHOUT mistakes, it’s the same thing for any kind of job, you can’t make mistakes or you will get laid off. If a person cannot cope with these very very stressy situations… then they are not cut out for the job, nomatter how much weight they gain and how tough they look… Toughness is a mental thing and the shootings only prove that a lot of those anabolica & steroid cops are actually ; pussies..

  • But but if you don’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to fear!

  • pig bastards


  • Americans you guys need prayers,there is something wrong with your system and I think is all about leadership. when one of yopur own is captured by terrorist your president will do anything to get them back but they are killling you in your own country this means something

  • Sally-Ann McCarthy

    Unfuckingbelievable. This behaviour by the police is clearly supported at the highest levels of government. I feel like they are testing the population to see how much they will put up with prior to complete control , and it appears to be a lot

  • The cops should suffer TWICE the penalty

  • Using the line”I was only following orders” is the same bullshit line the Nazi’s used

  • shoot first……New Mexico cops are waaaaaay trigger happy….unarmed homeless people, body cavity searches for non-existent drugs, shooting at women and kids fleeing in a van….I would avoid NM at all costs….no such thing as innocence

  • So sad!

  • How in the hell does America still attract tourists ?? I’ll never understand …

  • This is terrible!

  • The police can’t just blatantly shoot anyone including a murder suspect.

  • State sponsored terrorism.

  • When they violate your fourth exercise your second.

  • Dear cops, if you don’t know how to use google maps or google earth…then at least ask a local pizza delivery driver to point out the correct house.

  • Cam Alft

    sue these copsuckers…each of them involved and the city and the department….and everytime their lawyers tell you no to something,raise the amount by half a million…everytime they argue with you raise it again,everytime they laugh at you,raise it again by half a million……..tell them you will take it to trial for each of them,when they laugh,raise it again…….this needs to stop,remember obama promising he would put a stop to it a yeaqr ago with retraining,and yet,nothing has or im guessing will be done about it,have each officer fired,then sue them each and of course the department,get them where it hurts,the money belt……

  • if u record cop fuckit streem it live if u can

  • They didn’t kill him they murdered him.

  • Fascist police state i bet Hitler’s is smiling in his grave

  • He wasn’t even remotely in the “wrong place at the wrong time”. His own house isn’t the wrong place or wrong time.

  • I don’t care who you r come in my house

  • Ill give u some some my fam ill protect

  • We need more gun control…

  • If the innocent person didn’t want to get killed by a cop he should of killed himself first. Liberal logic.


  • Happens all the time.they mess up .turn you into criminal to cover there butts

  • Cops are getting increasingly incompetent, it seems

  • Thats the kind of things Nazis do isn’t it.

  • And of course it was just an HONEST MISTAKE . there will be no charges filed and no consequences !! After ALL ITS THE AMERICAN WAY !!