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Soldiers Told they Must Accept Sexual Abuse of Boys by US-Backed Allies, or Face Punishment


Kabul, Afghanistan – According to a bombshell report by The New York Times, U.S. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan often witnessed acts of sexual abuse committed by Afghan commanders against local boys. If that’s not horrifying enough, it’s been revealed that they were told to look the other way and keep quiet about it.

Scores of witnesses have come forward to report the rampant sexual abuse committed by their Afghan allies. One of these soldiers, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley could hear Afghan boys being sexually abused by Afghan police officers at night on his military base in southern Afghanistan.

“At night we can hear them [Afghan boys] screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,” Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr. reportedly told his father prior to his death in 2012.

Gregory Buckley Sr. told his son to report the depraved sexual violence to his commanders, to which his son told him that due to cultural considerations he was told to ignore the abuse.

“My son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture,” Buckley Sr. told the Times.

Another U.S. solider spoke to the NYT on the condition of anonymity.

“I’m not a hundred percent sure what was happening under the sheet, but I have a pretty good idea of what was going on,” the former Lance Corporal said.

Former Special Forces Captain Dan Quinn bluntly questioned the credibility of the entire U.S. mission in Afghanistan in light of the character of those we put into positions of power.

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“The reason we were here is because we heard the terrible things the Taliban were doing to people, how they were taking away human rights…But we were putting people into power who would do things that were worse than the Taliban did — that was something village elders voiced to me,” Quinn told the Times.

He raised extremely poignant realities of the American legacy being left in Afghanistan in light of these horrific abuse stories. He claims to have witnessed numerous cases of local boys and girls being abused by Afghan militia forces aligned with the U.S. government.

Quinn was relieved of his command after a fight with a U.S. backed militia leader that had been keeping a young boy chained to his bed as a sex slave.

According to the exclusive report by the New York Times:

Rampant sexual abuse of children has long been a problem in Afghanistan, particularly among armed commanders who dominate much of the rural landscape and can bully the population. The practice is called bacha bazi, literally “boy play,” and American soldiers and Marines have been instructed not to intervene — in some cases, not even when their Afghan allies have abused boys on military bases, according to interviews and court records.

The policy has endured as American forces have recruited and organized Afghan militias to help hold territory against the Taliban. But soldiers and Marines have been increasingly troubled that instead of weeding out pedophiles, the American military was arming them in some cases and placing them as the commanders of villages — and doing little when they began abusing children.

The fact that decorated commanders are having their careers ruined for standing up against the sexual abuse of children boggles the mind.

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The military is currently attempting to forcibly retire another Special Forces member, Sgt. First Class Charles Martland, who participated in the assault on the Afghan commander with Captain Quinn. Martland now has political defenders coming to his aid.

“The Army contends that Martland and others should have looked the other way (a contention that I believe is nonsense),” California Representative Duncan Hunter, wrote last week to the Pentagon’s inspector general.

While there is a certain amount of validity to being conscientious of local cultures and customs, there are also certain practices that are simply unacceptable, such as forced sex with children. Furthermore, many dispute that this is even a cultural practice, and claim that it is simple and outright sexual abuse done under the guise of a cultural practice.

According to the Times report:

But the American policy of treating child sexual abuse as a cultural issue has often alienated the villages whose children are being preyed upon. The pitfalls of the policy emerged clearly as American Special Forces soldiers began to form Afghan Local Police militias to hold villages that American forces had retaken from the Taliban in 2010 and 2011.

By the summer of 2011, Captain Quinn and Sergeant Martland, both Green Berets on their second tour in northern Kunduz Province, began to receive dire complaints about the Afghan Local Police units they were training and supporting.

Regardless of the cultural history the U.S cannot tacitly approve of pedophilia and sexual slavery. Some actions cannot be allowed to continue to exist in the modern world.

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While some would argue that this is Western cultural imperialism, the reality is that stopping violent authoritarian aggression against defenseless children takes moral precedence over some archaic cultural tradition.

Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, AlterNet, InfoWars, MintPressNews and many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

  • any soldier that would turn a blind eye to this /shouldnt be a soldier/turn in your weapons !!!

    • This has been going on for decades. High ranking military men in Afghanistan kept young boys – known to the Americans. There is actually a YouTube documentary about such boys. But because it is cultural they said nothing.

  • WTF are we doing there, bringing Democracy?!? GTFO…

  • You say “soldier” but you show a Marine. I know, I know, I’m nit picking and my comment has nothing to do with the meat-and-potatos of this article but my fellow Marines will probably appreciate the attention to detail.

    • Even though I’m an ex soldier I’ll give you an Oorah! Haha

  • Spreading morality and freedom one bullet at a time huh? What a fucking joke. Way to spit in the face of every man and women in our armed forces. And the people they assume serve.

    • I appreciate your perspective and have to agree whole heartidly with he sentiment of ” if I knew now”. It’s one of the many lies told to recruits. I feel fortunate to have had the conversations with my dad about what the military really is and how it works. I was a freshman in college in 2001 when the towers fell and I have to say not enlisting was possibly the best decision I made. Or didn’t make. Thank you for your service, regardless of whether or not it was for the “greater good” or not. I support the men and women in uniform, not the ones in suits and ties sending them to die for lies and profits

    • Graham, you’re just a simple minde boot licker. Why don’t you bend over and take it up the ass cuz that’s what you should do in order to be a good patriot

    • And you know this how frank?

  • How about we look in our own closets first!

  • Why is anything so horrific “acceptable”? The U.S. has a responsibility to protect children from the Iraqi police pedophiles and you want descent people to stand by and ignore this atrocity?? WHAT THE FUCK IS THE U.S. MILITARY DOING THERE WATCHING CHILDREN GETTING RAPED??? UNACCEPTABLE

    • Afghanistan.

    • US doesn’t have a responsibility for shit. Our government meddles in others affairs without OUR say. Our people shouldn’t be over there. Our government should learn to stop fucking with other countries because the innocent over here will end up paying the price for their mistakes. Our government is one giant police task force and believe me, same shit is going on over here with civilian military know as cops.

    • ”At least one picture shows an American soldier apparently raping a female prisoner while another is said to show a male translator raping a male detainee.
      Further photographs are said to depict sexual assaults on prisoners with objects including a truncheon, wire and a phosphorescent tube.”


    • Can you imagine the emotional and physical trauma by both the solders and boys? These boys grow up to become enemies (if they survive at all) and these solders become suicidal with PTSD. This is absolutely atrocious. Where is the UN to put an end to this torture?

    • America is full of shit..our government is full of shit..American people r full of shit..were so quick to put someone down and fail to notice that we’re the wrong ones ..but u don’t know that cuz our government is so good at brain washing it’s Americans …oh look a gay flag I think ima go talk shit to that person because I “think” it offended me

    • Prolly cause they eat everyone’s daughters, mothers and sisters here.

    • I guess in that part of the world, its normal to sodomize little boys. Just like how in Saudi Arabia women can go to jail for just being in close proximity to a man they aren’t related to and other forms of justice that, us in the west, would deem barbaric.

      When you look at the whole picture, Right and Wrong is a subjective concept, so depending where you are in the world, those cultural difference that seem wrong to you, may actually be right with the majority of people in said culture.

      Sodomy of children is a practice that should be outright banned and persecuted throughout the world, in my opinion. But i believe this because i was raised to believe in those type of values.
      Unfortunately, these soldiers werent.

    • And then we are supposed to tolerate that behavior when those throwbacks move to this country?

    • Its all about them green backs and ear marks.

    • The US ARMY likes to rape little boys too! In front of their mothers as a punishment for the mother for being a prisoner of war! Start reading more hey

    • The Americans and Brits are the worst types of terrorists! Isis is being funded by the US FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!’ Wake the FUCK UP!

    • Iris Cruz Salvador lol the UN?…the UN is not getting involved because kids are being violated…there was a post floating around that the UN peacekeepers in haiti were demanding sex for the water and supplies sent to them…corruption is everywhere 🙁

    • Diane Pomykala im fearing ur words are true…hoping to fkn hell they arent…but facts are pointing more and more to this being a sad reality

    • this is why they commit suicide at such a high rate when they come back

    • Hang the Bastard by there feet and cut them open!

  • This is fucking appalling if it’s true. I could never stand idly by if I knew that was going on.

  • US allies can literally get away with murder. Sick and twisted.

  • Sure they can if there’s a buck in it!

  • PSTD anyone?

  • Obama’s army? Sorry but to decent people this behaviour is unacceptable. Shoot the child raping scum.

    • More like Bush and his moronic oil war! Obama is just trying to fix his predecessors mistakes!

    • By asking soldiers to accept child rape? Now there is a morale booster. What has asshole Bush got to do with this? Why not comment on this subject rather than deflect away from it Paul?

    • It’s been going on for a long time. This practice has been going on since at least 2001. Watch “The dancing boys of Afghanistan”. PBS has it on its website. It’s not just Obama’s fault; but he is complicit just as Bush and every other person all the way to the very bottom of the chain of command who has ignored and enforced and even those who followed this policy of ignorance.

  • Vice had a documentary about this a few years ago. You can find it on YouTube.

  • When do these soldier sheep say enough! It is legal and right to disobey an order that is contrary to human values!

    • The whole process they go to brainwashes them it’s why they break them down so they can mold them how they please thought free

    • Yeah, schools today do the same thing!

    • Exactly, not producing upstanding and productive citizens but rather sheep that follow and obaaaaa-eye.

  • that is who they serve

  • 22 veterans commit suicide a day.

    Doc out.

  • it’s not thur fukinfriends. it’s them

  • maybe next time we are attacked we will opt to attack the country that attacked us? just a thought.

  • wtf ?…Have the loonies finally taken over.?

  • Debbie Doyle

  • pedophiles are running for presidential office lol… one reason hillary isn’t turning over her emails.

  • The mericans were raping young boys in front of their mothers ffs…there no better

  • Honest decent! If you know something is morally wrong you are under no obligation to follow those orders. But you had better be in the right when making those decisions, Its taught in the Staff Academy for those who attended and remember.

  • I wonder who the fall guy is going to be now? “Heads are going to roll….” I can just see it. Here comes the damage control.

  • WTF sick 🙁 I couldn’t imagine

  • but torture is fine,drugging ppl. false arresting for profit is fine but if you touch our flag , what a joke blah….

    • They can’t help it, they are only brainwashed people.

  • Why anyone with a brain would join the military.

    • Bc they were lied to and hoped that this would open doors for them. You dont see the military recruit in Calabassas for a reason.

  • what we ain’t fighting it the very thing we should be fighting

  • if the usa is the best this world has to offer , we are fucked.

    • Thank god the Brits still have some common decency!

    • Paul Batchelor……you can’t be serious….what a silly comment to make….
      Would you like me to rattle off just a couple of examples British “common decency”.

  • Kill anyone you see sexually abusing children !

  • No wonder they are committing suicide.

  • hmmm . . . <3

  • this is not right….period !

  • And we wonder why they grow up and want to kill Americans… Cause they did nothing while they were raped and beaten…

  • Well raping children/pedophelia whether called “cultural” or not is still child rape. Nice try perverts. And those who tried to protect and stand up for the abused children are the true heroes. Trying to impeach them is an utter joke. It makes me wonder what kind of perverts are running our military…. Oh wait, did anyone see who’s being promoted to the highest army position ???? BOOM ‼️‼️

  • All the more reason why we should let them fight their own wars!

    • You’re implying we are over there just for them and not ourselves.

  • What makes you think it’s only “tacitly?”

  • 🙁

  • Ya, there is no worse position to be in. God Bless our soldiers. (And, especially the abused boys!!!)

    • Unless our soldiers disobey orders and help these boys, fuck ’em. They’re just as bad as the Afghanis doing the abusing.

    • Because it’s such a hard choice, choosing foreign policy and pissing off the Afghan government, or stoping an actual real time abuse of a child? Shouldn’t be a hard choice, real freedom fighters.

    • They soldiers inability to do what’s right is the exactly the actions that led to such horrible evil during NAZI GERMANY. ….”I’m just doing what I’ve been told to do” allows them to have not guilty feeling and protects the weak asses from eny responsibility.

    • Yes. The right thing to do is go against orders. Unfortunately, it often means getting beat-up or worse. We cannot say we are a “leader” in society if we allow these things to continue because of “orders.”

  • What about the very high number of rapes and sexual assaults between US military members themselves. There’s also plenty of evidence of punishment for not looking the other way involved in those cases too. PARDON THE DISSENT

    • Those responsible have no honor or code

    • Including the ones that just look the other way.

    • Absolutely…,those are worse. Pretending to have a code and honor.

    • I hate to say this, the adults are far more capable of standing up for themselves. The children though? Fucking inexcusable and deplorable, had I been told to look the other way, I’d have been sent to Levinworth or become another US casuality of the “War on Terror”

    • The Soldiers are told that they’re comrades or brothers would never do something like this. They are trained to ignore the truth and tell lies. The American soldiers have no morals, except those that protect whatever the Government wants them to do.

  • Vice this is what winning looks like sheds some light

  • Fuck that. Do the right thing and stop the rape of an innocent child.

    • Right. One through the head and bury the body. If anyone asks, IDK what happened.

  • cowards

  • Its too late. No hope left. Every man for himself

  • Get people out and never go bak. Let them live in and with trash.

  • It is called bacha bazi, a disgusting tradition. Hard to believe the Taliban stopped it but the Northern Alliance did not! During the Taliban’s rule (1994-2001), bacha bazi carried the death penalty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyr5zo0vJ4k

    • The Taliban did a lot of good. Opium production plummeted as well.

    • Yes, sometimes the “evil” dudes don’t look so evil after we kill or dethrone them. Saddam kept things pretty quiet when you compare what is going on now. Not that they are decent humans, but maybe they were the lesser evil.

    • Well if we only knew the real truth. NATO has backed the rebels against the ASSAS regime who broke off to become ISIS, now we have a bunch of religious head-cases with guns and rocket launchers and surface to air missiles…..F**KING crazy! I now want to read these books to really see what world governments are up to behind the scenes. Books The Secret Government Hopes You’ll Never Read ,this info popped up on my feed from WorldTruth.TV….I know its a strange site with some freaky ideas but sometimes they have good stuff like this. http://worldtruth.tv/books-the-secret-government-hopes-youll-never-read/

  • Whoever introduced this order needs to be named, shamed and Jailed

  • If they were your sons what would you do?

  • Disgusting…won’t win us any friends.

  • if you have a voice you can do something. anyone ever hear about that one guy edward snowden?

  • Seems like a pretty straightforward position to be in to me. You have the means to protect someone and a human that needs protecting. If I had seen that when I was in Iraq, no threat of discipline could have stopped me from helping a child.

    • God bless you! You’re one of the few

    • Iris Cruz Salvador I like to think most people would help in that situation, but unfortunately we see these stories about people being bent by the system into allowing or committing inhuman behavior. Being a soldier is hard, and you’re asked, then threatened, to abandon humanity on a daily basis. I’m sure memories of this will haunt soldiers for the rest of their lives (as they get inadequate support through the VA, but that’s another issue).

    • Yes Mike, easy to stand tall and take the high road sitting behind your laptop on my deck. Until you are in the situation, held back by superior officers with so much more experience than you. Maybe it does not sink in until you get back home, and th s could be a factor in the high suicide rate of American armed forces.

  • He’s condoning it if he does nothing

  • There is a documentary about the afghan dancing boys. It’s sad but it’s there

  • WTF……..

  • sick.

  • Shit like this is going to cause a uprising & have generals out of power

  • Way to go Obama. This has to be by his command.

    • Yeah it is Obama’s fault you are cleaning up this mess. After all he initiated the attack on Iraq because of those dreaded WMD’s. And yeah, I know we are talking Afghanistan, same principle applies.

    • You such an idiot liberal. Still trying to claim it’s all Bush’s fault. Wake the fuck up, Dimwit.

  • Us soldiers raped kids in front of their mothers in an article from 2014 theantimedia.org

  • When does an order override your humanity? Kill the predators & frag the officers.

  • If you are told to keep your mouth shut then do the opposite.

  • fuck this look many terrorists hide in deserts and fu little boys, stop such when u find out, how can anyone in carge let that happen ,KARMA if you need a map just call me

    • This is cultural to Afghanistan. It has nothing to do with “terrorism”. Idiot.

    • what it s culture raping children? answere that question and i find a discribtion for you

  • Wrong is wrong no matter what part of the world we are in… I guess they only put their lives in the line for oil fields…

  • wow

  • This is appalling. How can we support a military that allows this?

  • I seen some youtube vids of former govt employess talking about how the fly in kids for govt emplpyees to molest them. I think there is a lot of suspicious activity going on in this counry and elsewhere. They are destroying the ethical sanity, and moral ojectivity. They are insane. They are maliciously gross, and it must be delt with.

  • I would kill anyone who even remotely touches a child the wrong way , oh and if you touch my child you wont be living ether motherfucker BELIEVE THAT !!!

  • We shouldn’t accept such horrific actions and call them allies. If they are excusing this behavior they should be our enemies! We went to war over oil and money and now we’re tolerating sex offenders. What exactly is our foreign policy requirements?

  • U.S Soldiers can protect opium fields but not children being raped. This the American way. No wonder the world hates us

    • I do not hate the people of the USA, its the US’s militaristic interventions that attract the harshest criticism

  • I’m not a soldier, but I can tell u…… I would go against orders and do something about it, simple as……… There comes a time when a man can not follow a law (order) that he thinks is injust

  • That’s going to cause some ptsd

  • All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, what punishment could be so bad that a man would stand by and let it happen? Discharge? Would you really want to belong to a group that would tell you to stand by while others rape children?

    • Because a dishonorable discharge WILL ruin your life. How many of us would really, knowingly, destroy, not only our futures, but those of our spouse & own children for a stranger? Sad & pathetic but true.

  • Crimes against children. As much as I think NATO is a joke at times, they must intervene.

  • Who are the “superiors”? They need to be brought up on charges and put in prison for accessory and war crimes.

  • Wait a minute, over there minding someone else’s business in the beginning, but obeying ordered not to help screaming, sexually abused boys? I’m sure I got it wrong.

  • So what… they don’t allow goats on base?

  • Just Abu Ghraib all over again…

  • SHOOT them. Sexual assault of minors warrants death.

  • Wth???!!

  • Can’t do anything about it

  • Damn, our country is evil.

  • Obama’s America…..

  • I’ve lost the little respect I had for the troops a long time ago. Can’t respect any man who blindly follows orders

  • Anyone committing rape deserve nothing but a bullet to the brain on the spot without trial.

  • Smh

  • I’m aware of the dual nature of our mission there Jamie and I don’t like any of it.

  • .

  • what are we fighting for ,I don’t give a damn, next stop is vietnam,and it’s 5 6 7 8 open them pearly gates,whoopie were all gona die

  • SICK !

  • That’s sick. Where is the justice?

  • I actually know a retired military personnel who talked about this and commented several times on fb about young Afghan boys begging for help while they (americans) laughed and walked away. I thought he was just being crude but apparently this is really going on.

  • I have heard this from others. We need people around the world to know this so it can be stopped. This is the problem that corporations own governments instead of decent humans. Its such a screwed up world.

  • Governments have no hearts PURE EVIL FOR OIL.

  • Sick

  • Shameful

  • Well according to the under reported torture report the WE, the US, had boys raped in front of their mothers at Abu Griab and Guantanamo. So there’s that.

  • They will all rot in hell!!! This is not right!!! You don’t have to be a genius to determine this!!

  • This country values and morals are gone! Then we wonder why the world hates the US!

  • : ugh… more human garbage >:( what’ the fuck is wrong with people!!!!

  • good grief!

  • This is a joke right?

  • Dylan

  • It is an easy answer why the US army is directed to do so.
    When you arm and able evil and vile people you are essentially destabilizing the government. That is all the US and its allies is there to do so.
    Bach baazi, opium and other drugs, prostitution and other vile things were nonexistent in the Taliban times, it was eradicated to an extent. So Thank you very much US and its allies for destabilizing the government, bringing in so called democracy and killing the people. Round of applause

  • The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. Albert Einstein

  • That is a non-lawful order therefore it doesn’t have to be obeyed.

  • Consider that the Pentagon has 5400 cases of kiddy porn currently. So consider yhat thry are videoing the abuse and selling it on the Dark Web to fund their actual encounters, which run $10,000 a pop here in the Metro DC area, and yes your Congressman and Senator are also most likely involved.

  • Or what ? Be a fucking man bunch of fucking cowards

  • Joshua Pruitt

  • Typical American priorities, if they would have been smokin weed we probably would have cluster bombed them

  • Sick and disgusting.

  • They can do something. They can even do something collectively but they don’t. Sorry I don’t feel bad for the soldiers that “can’t do anything” bullshit.

  • They should be shot on sight

  • Just kill all them ass fucking pedophils so there is none left to tell on you for killing them, NO more problem!!!

  • We should not even be over there!! No wonder our people come back with PTSD. These people are evil and there’s just no way to get around that fact!!

  • Terrible and all but what about the American death squads who go in and kill a whole families on the back of some piece of Intel they received which usually turns out to be bad, what about them innocent men, women & children? suppose when it come to atrocities committed by the USA, it’s just casualties of war, collateral damage

  • “Not allowed “?! What’s the punishment? Discharge? Great why would you want to be a part of an organisation that would stand by and not step in and stop a child being raped? Easy choice for me I would stop whoever was doing it… Permanently

    • Because a dishonorable discharge WILL ruin your life. How many of us would really, knowingly, destroy, not only our futures, but those of our spouse & own children for a stranger? Sad & pathetic but true.

    • Listening to children screaming for help, help you could give them but don’t because it would inconvenience your way of life is what would really ruin your life, so I say to you,not true and very pathetic

  • “Because it’s their culture”?
    What kind of bullshit excuse is that? Then those who try to stop it are punished for doing what’s, for once, morally right? But alas, even soldiers partake in this twisted shit. ( http://theantimedia.org/us-soldiers-raped-boys-in-front-of-their-mothers/ )

    And to think, people still think the U.S army is overseas to improve human rights, overthrow tyranny, and (my FAVORITE) “protect arr freedomsh frum dem terrishts”.

  • I don`t believe it.

  • That’s there way of life if there’s no little boys then they opt for animals …. execute them all fucking pigs

  • A house leaks from it’s roof….

  • Good luck stopping me doing something about it !

  • Awe, the money game!

  • That so sad

  • Psst: the policy is set in place by our troops, for our troops. You people are just too blind to see that.

  • People are sick!!

  • This is so horrible…

  • No fucking way

  • Wouldn’t care I’d just shoot them and face the consequences later

  • You have machine guns and tanks and shit what the fuck do you mean you can’t do anything?

  • not right

  • Curtailing a widely supported atrocity has ALWAYS had a social (if not also financial) cost associated with its initiation. The US military apparently considers the cost of protest to be too high, in this instance.

  • I would take care of this myself if my commander did not.

  • Sick sick sick

  • Sickening

  • We need to get the hell out of here!!! It’s over…

  • Kill em all

  • Not right

  • What can you expect from a country that encourages immorality.

  • Corrupted. Cruel culture… Let them kill themselves !

  • This stinks of propaganda

  • “Just following orders”

  • They could do something they choose not too!! Fuck fighting the war fight the bad guys no matter who they are!! Or should we just start getting rid of the pissy pants that sit back and put people in that will destroy these monsters


  • They dont care about coming over her and attacking our citizens why the fuck should our military not beat,shoot, and/or cut their balls off for raping little ones or even their women press our beliefs on them like they’re tring to do us smh congress is such a joke in our country anymore just a bunch off pussies afraid to hurt some other countries feelings

    • Afghanistan didnt attack us, do some research dude.We are there to protect poppy fields that supply our prescription painkillers and heroine supplies.Google 9/11 architects&engineers. Take an hour and listen to what they say.

    • Oh I’m sure our slime ball of politicians had a whole lot to do with the attacks on American soil for some stupid profitability I’m talking about the muslims that are here now complaining and even attacking citizens due to they’re beliefs as americans are not the same as theirs I for one think all religions are man made so therefore are flawed not saying I don’t believe in a higher power just not the ones religion keeps tryin to shove down our throats or kill over I mean what kind of a god is so loving that he has a person kill for him even though murder is one of the deadly sins i mean if you cant respect another’s beliefs how do you expect them to except yours ya know.I meant no offense to Afghanistan those poor people are caught in the middle of a political/religious war that many probably never asked for.

  • if i were a soldier…my dumbass would be in the brig or whatever u call it…cuz w/that weapon im supposed to be carrying…id shoot the dirty bastards

  • Well we circumcise boys only in north america. Without their consent, we tie them to a board and remove %50 of the penile skin.
    I remind you right now, that the scar is half way down the penis. Behined the glands…
    Mutilation is not acceptable, unless you are male.

    You are suprised they can’t do anything for these victims of sexual violence either.

    Men do not have rights to protection from sexual harm.

    This creates a lot of hate and anger.

    Circumcision is abuse.

  • Is this real?? WTF??!! What can we do to take action besides pray…. Who do we call, where do we put pressure?? These people are just as guilty. F***ing cowards!!!

  • Qem Chaplin Luiz Stoner Stanley Buğra José Istek

  • “We were just following orders!” It was not good enough for the Germans, so why is it good enough for the bloody yanks? Oh, sorry, I forgot, they are exceptional and above international law! I bet neither the Russians or Iranians would stand by and do nothing!

  • Well everyone is always saying we need to keep our noses out of other countries business… Go figure.

  • Well I guess the US Military has completely lost its moral fucking compass. If we cant expect them to defend children then how the fuckin hell can we believe they will honor their Oath to the Constitution? .. We can’t … The military has become a morally bankrupt insitution.

  • While the US military allows this to happen our own US Soldiers also rape, sexuallly attack, and sexuallly harass other US Soldiers. ….our government and troops have no honor.

  • Terrible

  • Quran says it’s ok..

  • Exactly what egal action has been taken against wackenhut U.S overseas contractors in their homosexual sex scandal in the same warzone?? Policy from the most high command..

  • Not your country, maybe you shouldn’t be there

  • This shouldn’t happen to anyone let alone a child their should be something that OUR Government could do to help put a STOP to this.

  • War is terrible & brings horror. We should not go to war easily. We are just oxymorons.

  • And people keep wanting to become soliders.

  • creepy

  • What a pity these “soldiers” are too gutless to “do the RIGHT thing”. :-/

  • horrible

  • Disgusting.

  • The soldiers are told that it is tradition…. Not to interfere, even when the parents beg them too. You will save 1 child for 1 night! Then, when your career is ruined and you are being procacuted under UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) for Failure to Obey a Direct Order. (Loss of Rank, Money and Jail, it could even lead to Dishonorable Discharge) and chaptered out of the military, in any case, it’s business as usual.

    • What about the Geneva convention …code of conduct. These are the very people that want to kill us over our decadence here in the US but its common practice to rape little boys ?

  • Would never want to be part of an organization that systematically strips you of your individuality and teaches you to stop thinking for yourself. That’s the only way you convince people that sitting there allowing something like this to happen makes sense.

  • Wtf why were these soldiers told to keep it quiet? It should have been dealt with and stopped.

  • That is some bullshit. Why are the troops even there if they arent allowed to do the right thing? O, i know why, there’s no money in saving a little biy from being abused.

  • “…the American policy of treating child sexual abuse as a cultural issue has often alienated the villages whose children are being preyed upon.” Bravo. Not.

  • Shameful, disgusting, and immoral.

  • ffs i’d go rouge ..this is insane

  • This is fucking sickening…. If I witnessed some shit like this, damn what the higher ups said, there’d be some “dispatched” pedos….


  • The USA grows/protects the poppy/opium field as they are PUSHING it towards Russia and the East!!!! Reminds me of the Brits who tried the same with TEA in China, many years ago. NOW BRITISH drink more tea in the world. The USA will become the DRUGS den of the world! I can see it coming!

  • Mila Dubocanin

  • No career is worth being forced to accept murder or rape!

  • Blessed are the children! This broke my heart!

  • BULLSHIT..that is an immoral and unethical order and should be opposed then if you get in trouble file with the World Court for Human Rights. Any military that issues that kind of order is NOT worth serving. SAVE THE BOYS AND FUK THE BRASS.

  • What happened to be all that u can be

  • Anyone with half a brain knew this was going to happen… everything our military touches turns to absolute shit. Remove Iron-fisted Saddam from power and ten thousand little tyrants with ultra-inflated egos and pedophilic tendencies rise to take his place. We should have never intervened in the Middle East in the first place, I’m talking not even have armed them during the cold war to fight ruskies. WW2 was a long time ago time to reinstate American isolationism.

  • The devil rules…I can’t stomach this stuff anymore…

  • Dafuq?!

  • The American government is just a legalized mafia! !And the military is nothing but thugs “following orders “!!

  • Has it occurred to anybody that this boy rape may be what leads to insane suicide bombers? Time to nip it in the bud.

  • Yet another perfect example of how fucked up our own military is and it’s thinking in regards to “Different Cultures”. Rape is rape in any country…

  • Sick fuckers

  • Make em glow!!!!

  • It’s been going on for a long time. This practice has been going on since at least 2001. Watch “The dancing boys of Afghanistan”. PBS has it on its website. It’s not just Obama’s fault; but he is complicit just as Bush and every other person all the way to the very bottom of the chain of command who has ignored and enforced and even those who followed this policy of ignorance.

  • pathetic

  • Wtf

  • Please spread the word!
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    SB277 will remove parents’ rights to a religious and personal belief exemption and require that all children be vaccinated per the CDC recommended schedule of vaccinations. Roughly that will require children to get up to 49 vaccine shots before kindergarten and at least 10 more before the 7th grade checkpoint.
    You can support the Referendum TODAY!
    1. SIGN THE REFERENDUM – Signing locations can be found at http://www.sb277referendum.com. The deadline is fast approaching
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  • pedophiles-every which way yu look at it!

  • I heard my superiors talking about witnessing this in Iraq. Some were sympathetic, some were not.
    I just want to say that I have no doubt this is really happening.

  • patriotic heros ?

  • I could not contain myself. I’d rather face penalty then see a child being raped.

  • Time to get the F out of there!

  • Distractions, focus MUSLIMS are the perpetrators. Soldiers were told by high ranking commanders. You will NOT interfere with there RELIGIOUS PRACTICES. FOR ANY REASON. PRESIDENT UNITED STATES. this REFUGEE crises is nothing but a HUMAN TRAFFICKING RING . Catholic CHARITIES is the main perpetrators. Wake the fuck up

  • 🙁

  • The USA have the Christian moral high ground? I think not.

  • It’s disgraceful to put our American military in a position to have to deal with it, but not being able to help, give aid, or save a victim. Here in the states, people do not always look away, and we are deeply offended by child abuse. If it is allowed there, not considered a sin, then why come to America and take a stand against homosexuality? They hurt children. Homosexuals are normally not child molesters They seem to have a mean ‘double’ standard, which seems to be the beginning of trouble here. Scary stuff.

  • It isnt our business. We wouldnt allow them to come over here and tell us how to live – so dont go over there and tell them how to live. Its pretty fucked up over there,. but .. again .. it isnt our business and it is an internal matter. There are lots of things that we do here they wouldnt tolerate and that we would fight them to the death over because of “culture”.

  • If you do as your told when it comes to this you’re not a man

  • Holy sickening crap from hell.

  • Christian Maynard