When there are reports of a mass shooting, and many politicians and mainstream media pundits respond by pushing for gun control, it is important to take a moment to look at the statistics and whether there is evidence that the proposed laws would make an impact—and in the United Kingdom, that impact is painfully apparent.

The UK has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, putting the burden on its citizens to prove to the government that they are worthy of owning a specific firearm, and their intent for its ownership.

As The BBC reported, Getting a license is a long and complicated business. Every stage of the process is designed to reduce the likelihood of a gun falling into the wrong hands. It starts with an application form which asks specific questions about why the individual wants a gun, telling them they need to show ‘good reason.’”

The latest calls for gun control in the United States have come as a result of a mass shooting at a high school in Florida, in which suspect Nikolas Cruz has been accused of using an AR-15, which he purchased legally, to shoot and kill 17 people.

As a result, gun control supporters are arguing that if Cruz had not had access to an AR-15, then the massacre would not have happened. Now, ignoring the fact that Cruz could have committed murder by setting off a bomb at the school, driving his car into a crowd of students, or coming to school armed with the knife collection he showed off on social media—the question remains as to whether stricter gun control laws would have prevented this suspect from committing mass murder.

In the UK, where it is highly unlikely that Cruz would have been able to legally buy a gun, his knife collection would have remained legal. And if he chose to go on a stabbing spree with those weapons, he would have joined thousands of others who have brought stabbings in the UK to a staggering high in recent years.

There were 37,443 recorded knife offenses in the UK—12,980 of which took place in London—between September 2016 and September 2017, which was a 21 percent increase from the year before, according to records from the Office for National Statistics.

The increase in knife crimes is affecting a variety of ages, and on Dec. 31, 2017, four individuals ranging in age from 17 to 20 were stabbed to death, bringing the total number of stabbing deaths in London to 80 in 2017. The Independent reported that the number of teenagers murdered in the capital is now at its highest in nearly a decade.

Despite the strict gun laws already in place, the Office for National Statistics also found 6,694 recorded gun offenses in the year leading up to September 2017, which was a 20 percent increase from the previous year.

As The Free Thought Project has reported, Cruz made his desire to become “a professional school shooter” public when he posted about it online, and despite the fact that he was reported to the FBI more than once in the months leading up to the shooting, the agency—which received more than $9 billion in taxpayer funding in 2017—did nothing to stop him.

While gun control advocates may argue that if Nikolas Cruz was barred from purchasing an AR-15, it would have deterred him from committing mass murder, the fact is that even if he lived in the United Kingdom where strict gun laws are already in place, he still would have had a number of opportunities to contribute to the increasingly high rate of violent crimes.

Rachel Blevins is an independent journalist from Texas, who aspires to break the false left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Steemit and Patreon.


  1. Since you can’t really use a knife to kill 17 people and wound another 14 in a single act of violence, the UK is actually still WAY ahead of the game! “Take away their guns and they’ll just stab each other,” is a piss poor argument for why violent sons of bitches should have more killing power.

    • “There were 37,443 recorded knife offenses in the UK—12,980 of which took place in London—between September 2016 and September 2017, which was a 21 percent increase from the year before, according to records from the Office for National Statistics.”

      We need to stop playing the blame game and focus on offering REAL options for change. It’s not the weapon of choice that is the culprit here. I’ve owned an AR-15 for almost ten years now and it has zero track record of running out on it’s own and killing anyone. And it’s an oft forgotten point that people in their very nature are a violent species. Short sided views like “MAKE THAT SPECIFIC WEAPON ILLEGAL AND ALL THIS WILL GO AWAY” are a massive part of the problem halting growth and actual change in our society.

      The community is 100% at fault for what happened with this last shooting. All the signs of a troubled teen with violent urges were there. From the shooter’s social media to his conversations with fellow students, you have a veritable cornucopia of foresight. The shooter’s classmates even say in their interviews that they all knew this would happen. And yet no one thought it was a big enough issue to REALLY do something about it. When complacence and political correctness hijack the reigns from common sense, you’re left with the result of every single one of these mass shootings.

      This was taken directly from the CDC: “Tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. Cigarette smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans each year, with more than 41,000 of these deaths from exposure to secondhand smoke. In addition, smoking-related illness in the United States costs more than $300 billion a year, including nearly $170 billion in direct medical care for adults and $156 billion in lost productivity.

      In 2016, an estimated 15.5% (37.8 million) of U.S. adults were current* cigarette smokers. Of these, 76.1% smoked every day.”


      No more “us vs. them” mentality between the right and left. Because of this infantile, reptile-mind behavior, nothing is getting done in a time when we need to be more productive than ever. Until we stop pointing fingers and start addressing the fact that our culture is well off course, and mental health is an escalating problem, then you will continue to see people killing people in an effort to gain notoriety.

      • I’m not one of those “ban all guns” nuts. I’m just saying that “knives are deadly too” is a terrible argument in favor of everyone having a gun. Think about it. There’s a fucking REASON you own an AR-15 instead of a sword. Unfortunately, that reason can very easily carry over from “I want to protect my family, even from a whole gang of intruders,” to “I want to kill as many innocent people as possible before somebody stops me.”

        I’m sorry that a handful of irresponsible, violent lunatics is “ruining it for everyone,” and I hope you’ll forgive me if I think keeping your expensive little toy collection isn’t worth the kind of damage those toys could do in the wrong hands. A pistol and a shotgun is more than enough firepower for any one person to have… and even those shouldn’t be sold to people with a history of violence and/or the non-“eccentric” varieties of mental illness.

        • One problem is that the majority of gun crimes are committed using pistols; use of Armalite style rifles is infrequent by comparison. And had the recent shooter, for example, used a shotgun the carnage could have been worse.

          If curbing gun deaths is the goal, which everyone can support, going after the AR style rifles is relatively ineffective. Get the pistols. Or perhaps the quest to grab the ARs isn’t really about reducing gun deaths.

          • “And had the recent shooter, for example, used a shotgun the carnage could have been worse.”

            Not really. There’s a limit to how many shells you can load into a shotgun and yes, I’m against letting people legally modify that limit.

            Plus, you’re confusing “wanting to mitigate the impact of mass shootings” with “wanting to end all gun violence.” Don’t muddy the waters like that and think you’re gonna ace this debate with something as trite as a Nirvana Fallacy. You can do better!

          • Funny that You think there is a limit to how many shells can be loaded into a shotgun–My fav, a Saiga 12 gauge accepts a 20 or 30 round drum magazine, while my 1919 will easily take a 200 round belt of .308 ammo. The thing thing that is killing all these kids is the ‘no guns zone’, and the reason the no guns zones won’t be changed back is because liberals need more gun shot dead & wounded children in order to try to revoke Our 2nd Amendment rights. Same reason why democrats won’t use the NRA’s Eddie Eagle gun safety course in Our public schools–Anti-gunners cannot afford to save even a single child from a gun-caused death

            I find this a bit confusing, as Planned Parenthood kills children everyday and these dead kids are obviously not cared about in the least by these same democrats

          • I find this a bit confusing, as Planned Parenthood kills children everyday and these dead kids are obviously not cared about in the least by these same democrats.

            *softly, sweetly* I will come over this keyboard and cut you.

          • And you see why no one takes you seriously Jenna.

            You argue for ‘sensible’ gun laws and then make jokes about cutting people.

            You’re the reason we need guns.

          • Seems like you’re stretched a little thin here. Lots of discussion…

            I want readers to know that I didn’t write ‘wanting to end all gun violence’. You wrote that but, oddly, put it in quotes as if I wrote it! I guess that takes care of your nirvana thing. I was never into grunge anyway.

            And it looks like Bill addressed the ‘limit to how many shells’ thing. He beat me to it. The Saiga 12 he mentioned is a magazine fed semi auto. Like AR style rifles. Yikes…particularly when each round contains nine .33 caliber projectiles. Hope with all my heart we don’t see its misuse.

            But these things are beside the point. Which you didn’t, or most likely can’t, address. No biggie. I’ve enjoyed all the comments on this piece. Take care.

          • Something else not mentioned or researched that has apparently been a factor in some..if not most US mass shootings… putting aside the possibility of CIA run set-ups like the Florida shooting in the Homosexual club (one of the set-up perps ran to Calif and turned himself in instead of shooting), the youngsters have been deeply involved in negative occult black arts, complete with books, sacrifices of small critters, and satanic paraphernalia. News media never mentions this.

        • If you want to kill a lot of people, an automobile or truck will do just fine. Wait till the kids are coming out of school, down a crowed sidewalk and speed into them. It is what we see going on in Europe. There are also bombs, which we see most of these people have researched. If someone really wants to kill you, they probably will and nothing will stop that. Almost all of these shooters have been on psychotropic drugs. That is where we need to start. Yet not ever Fox News will discuss this fact, as they received to much ad revenue from the producers of these drugs.

          • You really want to focus on every mass murder that DIDN’T involve an AR-15? G’head, let’s see you post a list longer than my own!

          • Isla Vista, 5/23/14 – three handguns
            Kalamazoo, 2/20/16 – one handgun
            Seattle, 5/20/12 – two handguns
            Virginia Tech, 4/16/07 – Two handguns
            Salt Lake City, 2/12/07 – Handgun and shotgun
            Ft. Lauderdale Airport, 1/6/17 – handgun
            Manchester, 8/3/10 – two handguns
            Alger, 9/2/08 – handgun and lever action rifle
            Kirkwood, 2/7/08 – two handguns
            Carthage, 3/29/09 – handgun and shotgun
            Seal Beach, 10/12/11 – two handguns
            Brookfield, 3/12/05 – handgun
            Atlanta, 7/29/99 – four handguns
            Red Lake Indian Reservation, 3/21/05 – two handguns and shotgun
            Seattle, 3/25/06 – handgun and shotgun

          • You posted it and jenna had nothing to say.

            They always follow with silence, ‘fake news’, attacking the source, etc.

            Thanks for doing the heavy lifting ssg.

          • You missed the guys with knives…most recent being that one that took out some of his neighbors and 4 others before acquiring a gun… and all those Detroit gang war casualties.. but anyways…think you got your point across. As for the Las Vegas mess…that appears to have been done by a merc or special ops group….the ‘players’ have been caught on folks cellphone video’s and controlled gun bursts are clearly seen coming from the belly of one helicopter circling the hotel. Mass murder there may have been some sort of attempted cover for an op against a Saudi prince. But that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.

    • Looks like You missed out on the almost 7,000 gun related crimes…
      Just because they didn’t take place in a school doesn’t mean nobody died as a result

    • Actually, China had a case recently where a mass murderer used a knife (or was it a machete?) to kill an incredible number of people, …will have to see if I can look it up to get more details. But either way…. I think women should still be able to be armed with guns if they wish too…. its a great equalizer for the evil guys that may try and do us harm, whether rape or murder. Police arrive AFTER the fact… mostly they are the ‘mop and bucket’ squad.

      • That’s ONE anomaly. It by no means suggests “knives are just as bad as guns.” That’s a crock of shit peddled by people who want to keep their toys. After all, if that were REALLY true, they’d all be happy to arm themselves with knives.

        • anyone that calls a gun a ‘toy’ isn’t to be taken seriously.

          Move to california if you’re unhappy with all the liberals killing people and blaming it on conservative’s gun rights. You’ll be more comfortable with your own kind jenna.

          • > Toy is exactly what guns are to many people.

            anyone that calls a gun a ‘toy’ isn’t to be taken seriously.

            > You don’t need a firearm to do target practice

            Thats not what guns are for. Anyone that thinks guns are just for target practice is not to be taken seriously.

            > You don’t need a firearm to do target practise
            > You don’t need a firearm
            > don’t need a firearm
            > need

            And you don’t get to decide that.

            > and if you really need a gun to protect yourself from constant threats

            Wait, but I thought you just said I don’t need a firearm? Which is it? Do I need it or don’t I? Make up your mind.

            > I suggest you move to somewhere else.

            No thats not how this works. You don’t get to use your 1A rights to advocate for removing other’s 2A rights, or anyone’s rights.
            That would be like someone using their 2A rights to silence your 1A rights.

            If you don’t like one right, then you don’t support any of them. They all work together. And if you don’t like the bill of rights then *you* are always welcome to move somewhere else.

          • Your reply wasn’t needed. You are not to be taken seriously and neither is anyone else like you. Majority of earths population gets along just fine without guns. I will block you.

    • There has never been a mass shooting in areas or jurisdiction that allow the carrying of guns.

      Without exception, Every single mass shooting has been in GUN FREE
      ZONES by weapons 95% obtained illegally. Every single mass shooting has
      seen the breaking of at least a dozen different GUN LAWS.

  2. 20 years ago, a man walked into Dunblane Primary School and murdered 16 children and their teacher. Soon after, the UK banned ownership of all handguns. There have been NO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS in the UK since then. No bullshit!

    If you think dead children are just “the price we pay” for any idiot to have any gun they want, then you’re more like a fucking terrorist than a patriot.

    • Despite the strict gun laws already in place, the Office for National Statistics also found 6,694 recorded gun offenses in the year leading up to September 2017, which was a 20 percent increase from the previous year.

      Gun offenses increased in 2017 despite strict regulations. A sign that says “no guns allowed” doesn’t and can’t protect disarmed people. Good people who follow the law can only properly protect themselves if they’re legally allowed to arm themselves for self-defense.

    • Yeah but there were still other mass murders after the Dunblane mass murder. 2005, 52 killed. 2010, 12 killed. 2017, 6. 2017,23. 2017, 8. In Australia after their gun ban there were arson mass murders. The point? There are evil people out there that will always find a way to murder. I think the only idiots are the ones that think guns should be banned,taken away from people that are not criminals.

  3. “There were 37,443 recorded knife offenses in the UK—12,980 of which took place in London—between September 2016 and September 2017, which was a 21 percent increase from the year before, according to records from the Office for National Statistics.” Of course those gun instances included mostly “carrying a knife, brandishing a knife” etc with no violence or actual crime committed. “bringing the total number of stabbing deaths in London to 80 in 2017.” Sooo instead of 12,980 the real total was…oh EIGHTY! See y’all are just as pathetic as the people you claim to hate that overinflate gun crimes. Tell me this or shut the hell up. How many school shootings were there in the UK the past two years? How many mass shootings? Hell, how many shootings per capita as compared to the US. Y’all keep harping on the UK and Australia using BS statistics to try and prove that they are as bad as the US and all you do is prove you’re full of crap. So go ahead, past two..hell five years…number of mass shootings/school shootings/gun deaths in the UK and Australia combined versus the US. Go on, try to prove you’re right. I am waiting to be amused.

    • When was the last school shooting in the UK? Was it in 1996? I can’t think of or find any since Dunblane, 1996. Also in general, the only other mass shooting in the UK since 1996 was Derek Bird shooting a bunch of people in 2010. I suppose there was also Raoul Moat, who copied Derek Bird, but he only killed one person so it isn’t a mass shooting.

      I tried to count how many school shootings there have been in the USA since Dunblane in 1996 but there are so many. Equally, I stopped counting the mass shootings in the USA as it got ridiculously high. Imagine if we had the same levels of gun violence here in the UK?

      • You poor sobs do have the same kind of violence though–You can’t see it with all those no-go zones and raping, pillaging & murdering refugees everywhere.
        In the end do dead people actually favor being shot to death over being run over or stabbed by the invaders You welcomed into Your homeland??

        • There aren’t any ‘no-go’ zones though, and it amazes us that this myth still perpetuates. Our levels of violence are low and if they go up one year and down another year it changes little. It’s a peaceful society here, nobody here would recognise the society you described. We had a couple of terrorist attacks and so did you. The sky hasn’t fallen where you are and it hasn’t here either. We haven’t had raping, pillaging and murdering by foreigners since the days of the Vikings.

          • Good news, cause Syria has a whole bunch more ‘refugees’ and they can’t wait to rape your females & boys

          • I’m sure paul will be over their in the corner ready to deny it as it’s happening. He seems like a daft slimey pencil-dicked pikey skiving arse-licking airy-fairy trollop pretending to be a man.

          • I feel for the folks over there who have to watch their beautiful, once happier place be torn apart. It can’t be an easy thing to contend with

          • I’ve been on flights to the u.k, london in particular. To anyone reading this there are in fact no-go zones in london and your a fucking lying sack of shit paul–a traitor to your own. May you pass into oblivion and be forgotten that you were their countrymen fuckstain.

          • Name one. An area, a postcode, a street. Name one supposedly ‘no-go’ area. For all your expert knowledge you must be able to name at least one, right? Then we’ll go take a look and see if you are right.

          • Fucking Shadwell. AirBnb’d there because it was cheap and I was sloshed. Biggest mistake. Place is getting worse by the day.

          • You haven’t proved anything Paul, except exactly what I said: 200 years ago we got away from you people and you’re still trying to tell us what you think is best.

            Are you also for disarming rape victims?

            How about disarming innocent muslims?

            You are, aren’t you?

            But hey Paul, maybe I’m just a loud arrogant american?. Maybe, I just don’t like being told what to do paul., despite common sense and supposed reason. Maybe I don’t like how you think you know better and yet call *us* americans arrogant paul. Paul, Maybe I just don’t like your hypocritical smug fucking smile. Paul, maybe I just don’t fucking like *you*.

            I suppose you take my disagreement and loud aggression as indicators or ‘proof’ that americans shouldn’t have guns, but you forget yourself and who you’re talking to. Americans, unlike the ‘polite’ society of britains state-nanyism socialists, don’t hold our tongues, because we understand the difference between words and actions. You see someone thats aggressive and you think “bloody hell those people are dangerous. They shouldn’t be armed!”
            And the reason your people are like that is simple: You don’t see aggression and drive as normal and healthy, which is why your ancestors stayed behind while mine came to america. It’s why, like the eskimos with 31 different words for snow, we can properly distinguish between aggression and force versus violence.

            I’m not a polite person. Most of the people in my family aren’t polite either. Most of the people I know are brusque too. We say what we think and damn the argument that follows, let it. While you’re being polite also be humble because while I’m arrogant I at least don’t pretend to tell you how Britain or your own life should be run.

            And thats the difference between my people and your people. The british don’t trust people to run their own lives, americans do, for now.

            If you ever come to america hit me up, we’ll go to the range and maybe get a few beers after. By the way, have you watched the gun debates with piers morgan. Real gripping stuff.

  4. “Now, ignoring the fact that Cruz could have committed murder by setting off a bomb at the school, driving his car into a crowd of students, or coming to school armed with the knife collection he showed off on social media”.
    Well, the fact remains he chose none of those alternatives.
    Why? You tell me Ms Blevins.
    I’ll offer some suggestions to help your thought processes:
    1. Owning an automatic assault rifle is a turn on for some and/or it compensates for other psychological deficiencies
    2. Owning an assault rifle is easy to achieve, particularly in Texas, where you come from, and where your living probably is predominately derived.
    3. None of the alternatives you mentioned are anywhere near as effective or swift to kill as a powerful automatic rifle
    Frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting such spurious arguments.

    • What is the difference between an Armalite-15 (AR-15, does not stand for “assault rifle-15”) and a .22 caliber semi automatic, other than the size of the round? Is it because one looks mean and cool you call it an assault rifle? The constitution is clear “shall not be infringed”, and most certainly the public at large must be allowed to have similar firepower as the police and military, that was the point of the amendment.


        But the AR-15 is not ideal for the hunting and home-defense uses that the NRA’s Keene cited today. Though it can be used for hunting, the AR-15 isn’t really a hunting rifle. Its standard .223 caliber ammunition doesn’t offer much stopping power for anything other than small game. Hunters themselves find the rifle controversial, with some arguing AR-15-style rifles empower sloppy, “spray and pray” hunters to waste ammunition. (The official Bushmaster XM15 manual lists the maximum effective rate of fire at 45 rounds per minute.) As one hunter put it in the comments section of an article on, “I served in the military and the M16A2/M4 was the weapon I used for 20 years. It is first and foremost designed as an assault weapon platform, no matter what the spin. A hunter does not need a semi-automatic rifle to hunt, if he does he sucks, and should go play video games. I see more men running around the bush all cammo’d up with assault vests and face paint with tricked out AR’s. These are not hunters but wannabe weekend warriors.”

          • Of course you do! “Guns good, moar dead kids, plz!” What’s not to like? My bad for not reading what I post before I let it rip!

          • Lets go back, back to the long ago, in fact to the first mass school shooting, way back in 1764–4 injuns entered a school, shot everybody, scalped them and made off. Now that you know school shootings pre-date Our Country how would You like to help some of the 480,000 who die Every year as a result of tobacco product use??

          • You kind of brought that on yourselves though, by being the armed illegal immigrants and massacring the legal residents of the country. It’s an easy evil to perpetrate; we British have been doing this to the rest of the world for centuries.

            Want to stop tobacco deaths? Stop people from smoking.
            Want to stop gun deaths? Stop people from shooting, perhaps?

          • I’m not complaining just explaining–people die, it’s all part of God’s plan

            Gonna be sad for Your people when they realize that they ‘brought on’ the current runaway ‘refugee’ problem to Your shores all by themselves…ya poor sad bastards
            Why not try limiting Your Freedom some more? Doesn’t seem to have worked yet, but who knows–Someday when it’s against the law to pick up a stone– perhaps then?

          • Don’t forget – we can still shoot, hunt etc. We just made it harder to do and required a bit more effort from people who want to plus we vet them thoroughly.

            The ‘refugee problem’ is a bit like this article claiming that stabbings and violent crime are ‘out of control’ – the truth turns out to be much more boring and normal, and not such a problem after all. Just like how, in most of America on most days of the year, there isn’t a gun problem.

          • I carry a couple of guns with me wherever I go, I have been robbed & beaten in the past & next time the robber is gonna get a surprise.
            Yes I realize that if you think you want a gun, you may join a gun organization and after a ‘suitable’ time you may even be approved to buy a gun of your ‘very own’. Unfortunately that gun will never be used for anything but target shooting and you must leave it at the range, cause you have to ask your betters for permission to do anything that Freedom loving people do everyday.
            I have also been informed that you may shoot whatever sorry excuse is available if you can find someone with an estate, who will allow it.
            I guess what with the disparity laws against using force against a criminal You may actually be better off without a gun, as you wouldn’t want to accidentally kill the criminal and then get thrown in jail yourself–You folks got a funny idea about Freedom

            I’m sorry to hear that You don’t have your fill of criminal ‘refugees’ yet, I’m sure eventually You will have more than enough of them to go around

          • I don’t know where you get that information from but it is incorrect.

            We keep our guns at home – during the license application the police come to our homes to inspect where the weapon and ammunition will be kept, to ensure that it will in fact be kept securely and safely at home by the owner.

            We can store guns at gun clubs, and some people do that if they don’t want to (or can’t) store them at home. But it’s your choice.

            I don’t need to find an estate to shoot my guns. Estate managed shoots are for people who don’t have firearms licenses but who want to shoot. The licensing is handled by the estate so that any member of the public can shoot.

            As for killing anyone – I think the law in your country is pretty similar regarding the rights and wrongs of that. Here the law is all about proportionate force – I can kill someone in self-defense if I believe my life was in danger from their actions, and can prove that the threat was real. Even in the USA you can’t just kill someone and claim that it was self-defense – you have to have some proof of that. That’s why one of the most famous cases over here led to the homeowner being jailed – he shot an unarmed burglar who was running away in the back. Shoot an unarmed man in the back anywhere in the world and show me a judge or jury who will say that was self-defense.

            I think you people have some funny ideas about our country and if some of the so-called ‘factual articles’ I have read on websites like this are anything to go by, I am not in the least surprised that you all might have the wrong ideas if you read and believe it.

            From what I can see, people calling themselves ‘journalists’ take a single fact and then bring it out of context and smother it with layers of lies – they make it sound plausible, but it just is not true. This article we are commenting on is sadly one of those. Apparently knife and violent crime are ‘out of control’ but apart from a rise in statistics since last year, that’s it. Not sure if a link will work here but in this data from the ONS you can see that most (77%) violent attacks involve no weapons at all. Does that sound out of control to you? It doesn’t to me.


            “Although knife crime is on the increase, it should be seen in context. It’s relatively unusual for a violent incident to involve a knife, and rarer still for someone to need hospital treatment.

            Most violence is caused by people hitting, kicking, shoving or slapping someone, sometimes during a fight and often when they’re drunk; the police figures on violence also include crimes of harassment and stalking.”


          • You are correct in that citizens here in the US may not shoot a fleeing felon in the back, only law enforcement is allowed to indiscriminately take other people’s lives without being punished-
            Good Luck with Brexit

          • Sure those stabbings aren’t ‘out of control’ You folks get stabbed just as often and as much as You like, right? Let’s not forget the british gov’t is removing the points from your kitchen knives just for the fun of it…
            Have you seen the new Nerf kitchen knives? They don’t cut very well but it sure is hard to stab people with a piece of foam

          • Umm…people dying violent deaths is Satan’s plan not Gods, but God’s plan is for us to be able to protect ourselves, in more ways that one. After all…if the strong man knows when the thief is going to try and enter his place, would he not be allowed to prevent it? Both physically and spiritually. And as for being armed… how far would Hitler or even Stalin have gotten if the Citizenry effected had all been armed… The worse mass murders in history have always been the people’s OWN Governments. Mao…Pol Pot…etc,

          • > You kind of brought that on yourselves though

            That is the sort of cold blind irrationality that allows pillock liberals in the u.s. to say ‘oh, the poor children!’, while saying a massacre at a basebal field by a lefty was ‘fair game’. You’re fucking disgusting paul, and I sincerely hope you die alone an old man because theres no one that could fucking care for someone like you.

            > Want to stop tobacco deaths? Stop people from smoking.

            No, thats what the u.s. fought you poor dumb bastards over. Being told what to do. We don’t want your state nanyism here.

            > Want to stop gun deaths? Stop people from shooting, perhaps?

            Yeah because gun free zones worked so well for ireland and the u.k.

            Crawl into the sea and drown you twit. The world and your country is poorer for having you.

          • No I understood it perfectly. You’re the same arrogant “I’ll tell you whats best for you and you’ll like it. WE’RE RIGHT YOUR WRONG” pricks who we told to bugger off two hundred years ago. Fuck your rainy little socialist island, fuck your regulations, and fuck you ya cheeky daft cunt.

          • I like how you lead on to imply that AR-15 can be chambered for .50

            For those reading his post, it cant be. It can be chambered for .223, thats all.
            Anyone saying differently is trying to mislead you.

          • I never implied any such thing & as I was a licensed gun dealer in the past I assure You that I am better informed than You are on this subject.

          • “Many much more powerful chamberings than the .223 exist”

            You’re technically correct. On that note, how many mass murderers had customized ARs?

            “Many much more powerful chamberings than the .223 exist
            In fact a .50 caliber weapon is around that uses the lower from an AR-15 as it’s firing system”

            This right here might lead a bystander to elide into “well if its so easy then AR 15s really are powerful military weapons!”

            .223 was chosen over more capable loads because it was more likely to wound rather than kill.

            But you know that don’t you.

          • Actually I heard the official reason the Army selected the AR (M-16) over the rifle then in service (M-14) was the overall weight. The old rifle used a heavier ammo round, as well as being heavier itself. The lighter weight gun allowed troops to carry more ammo. The military is perfectly ok with having every round fired be a kill, but forcing the able-bodied enemy members to lose effectiveness through the need to carry wounded may have appealed too

            Don’t make out like having a chambering that differs from .223 is some wildly different, new thing because they are readily available at most every company that sells AR parts & sometimes at no extra charge.

            I have heard that the most commonly used round by assasins is the .22, a rim fire round that is seriously underpowered when compared to the .223 round

        • The Second Amendment “ain’t about hunting…
          The citizenry must have the same firepower capability as the military, per the Miller decision.

          • Jenna doesn’t argue from an honest postion.

            Shes a socialist, and in other threads even supports the state owning all children.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if she was some JIDF shareblue propagandist scum.

    • Do you understand the difference between an “automatic” and a “semi-automatic” weapon? Do you understand that automatics weapons are HIGHLY regulated (and taxed), and essentially never used in committing crimes?

  5. We predicted that knifing would go up in the UK before they did this. And, sadly, we were right. 🙁

    Why? Because taking firearms away doesn’t make bad people want to do good, it makes bad people find another way to do bad. What’s next? Take away knives? Why not just take away stones so people can’t throw those at each other?

    • So, let’s give everyone their guns back in the UK, so anyone can buy one like they can in the USA. Then the headlines will be about how murder rates in the UK have gone up by a factor of 30 because people have a far easier time shooting at multiple targets than running after each one in turn and trying to stab them. Guns are a force multiplier. That’s why we let soldiers use them in theatres of war. We like our soldiers to have the most lethal weaponry we can supply, so that they can multiply the force that they project on the battlefield.

      Shooters choose guns because they are a combination of lethal force multiplier and easy/cheap to procure. The school shooters didn’t opt to use knives or cars or baseball bats. They chose guns because they wanted to inflict maximum damage, injury and loss of life.

      It surely must be possible to cut down shooting deaths without banning all guns. We still have guns in the UK, I still shoot in the field and in competitions etc. but crucially it’s a lengthy process requiring mental and emotional health checks and tests in addition to license applications and police visits to the home to check the environment and safe storage facilities etc. Just a few extra steps in place in the USA would catch a lot of crazies as they attempt to buy guns and ammo, and this would stop a lot of shootings. You have to ask yourself why politicians on all sides of the house have not acted to limit gun crimes in the USA. It’s sad that so many of my American friends own guns to protect themselves from their fellow Americans and not from the tyranny of the state or a foreign power or terrorist.

      • Part of the reason many Americans have firearms is specifically to protect themselves from the tyranny of the state or a foreign power or terrorist. Why DO these terrorists , and that IS what they are…terrorists, shoot up a school? What part of “gun free zone” do you not understand? That is what a school is. So…the law abiding citizen leaves his firearm at home when going to school. The bad guys know this. What, you think the bad guys are there saying “hmm…let me check if my fully automatic AR-15 is legal here”? How do FELONS who are NOT allowed to have firearms get their hands on them? They aren’t allowed to have them!

        How do you propose to go about enforcing the ban? You know what else is illegal? The black market. Has the black market been eliminated? No. Criminals will still have fire arms. Fully automatic firearms are illegal to civilians in USA. You can easily get instructions on how to convert a semi-automatic to fire fully automatic. And we are NOT talking about bump stocks either!

        • Schools here in the UK don’t have guns either. Yet no school shootings since 1996. So what’s different between the UK and USA? What part of our ‘gun-free zone’ do you not understand? Why does it happen in the USA regularly, but not for over 20 years here? We have a black market here too, with illegal guns available but it takes some effort and risk to get hold of them. You can’t just pop down to the shops and tool up with weapons. The things that are illegal in the USA are also illegal here. I can buy deactivated weapons and reactivate them, easy enough to do. But it takes effort, and apparently this makes all of the difference. Maybe a few more obstacles in the way of getting hold of weaponry wouldn’t hurt law-abiding citizens and would deter the majority of casual criminals/crazies? Because that’s how it turned out over here.

          So why have criminals/terrorists not been shooting up schools in the UK these last twenty years or so, when nobody would have a gun to stop them and the majority of our police are armed only with a baton? But they have been doing it in the USA where people and the police are armed with guns? By your logic, they would be doing it here too where it would be even easier to kill people without fear of coming up against armed opposition from citizens or police.

          • > So why have criminals/terrorists not been shooting up schools in the UK these last twenty years or so

            I don’t know, maybe because they’ve been busy you bloody dishonest wanker.
            November 21st, 1974, Birmingham Pub Bombings, Birmingham England, 21 dead, 182 wounded

            August 16, 1980, Denmark Place Fire, London, 37 dead.

            December 21st, 1988, Lockerbie Bombing, Lockerbie England, 37 dead

            July 7th, 2005, London Bombings, London, 52 dead, 700 injured.

            March 27th, 2017, Westminster attacks, Lodon, 6 dead, 49 wounded, done with knives and a vehicle

            May 22nd, 2017, Manchester Arena Bombing, Manchest England, 23 dead, 400 wounded

            June 3rd, 2017, London bridge attack, London, 8 dead, 48 wounded, done with a vehicle and knives.

            Vehicles are more regulated than guns, explosives outright BANNED in many cases, and yet this still happens. Englands got a bomb problem. We should ban household chemicals from being owned by you people–you’re obviously getting high off them and then using them to kill each other.

            It’s bloody insane actually, the double think. You people blame a whole class of objects and then when we point out ‘almost all of the shootings in the u.s. and uk were done by liberals’ you say ‘you cant blame a whole class or group because of the individuals.’
            And its worse because the cause of it is obvious, liberals, and muslims are *people*, animate things that make decisions, while no gun has ever *pulled its own trigger* and intentionally murdered anyone. Why? Because its a gun, an inanimate object.

            How about, before you go advocating for restrictions on others rights and mental health evaluations, you go get your head checked out first. And then when your done make sure to kiss the ring of your authorities because last I checked you’re still just a dirty fucking peasant in england. And a cuck for letting your country get invaded while the rights and safety of your people are given the backburner treatment to foreign priorities.

            Fuck off back to ‘merry old england’ you cheeky cunt. We told your dipshit royalty to bite our ass once before and we’ll do it again.

          • You are correct. We don’t need snooty Europeans telling us how to run our country. We had to bail you Europeans out of two wars…Europeans have no room to talk…

          • Well…being on AN ISLAND all by yourself kind of helps. It’s easy to smuggle weapons, drugs, rpgs, bombs, nukes, whatever you want into the USA. Just walk across a border, and you’re in. We don’t have miles of water separating us from our nearest neighbor!

      • “I still shoot in the field and in competitions etc. but crucially it’s a
        lengthy process requiring mental and emotional health checks and tests
        in addition to license applications and police visits to the home to
        check the environment and safe storage facilities etc”

        You don’t get to comment on the u.s.
        Go back to your rainy little socialist island and thank god you were never our countrymen.

      • The American revolutionary war against Great Britain actually started in Exeter, NH, when the British came to take away the citizens guns. You guys can stay weaponless and vulnerable to thieves, rapists and murderers that are stronger or greater in number than yourselves. We will keep our guns and remain a free people, and not have to rely completely upon police that are essentially a ‘mop and bucket’ crew…arriving after the crime has been committed. You guys can keep your failing, socialist police state.

        • I guess living so much in the past like this explains why you might be so out of touch with the present. But carry on living in your fantasy world while we very much enjoy our peaceful, free, well-defended and successful, conservative, free-market and free-people nation. You carry on shooting each other.

    • Yep you predicted that we would see it rise to the astronomical death rate of 213 people per year. The combined deaths from guns and knives in the UK is 239 per year. In the US it is over 15,000.

      • Yes, but thats not per capita. The u.s. population is way higher than Britain (300 million vs 65 million). I’d call you dishonest but I don’t know you and can’t tell whether or not you’re mistaken or arguing in bad faith.

  6. Haters hate & killers kill — it doesn’t matter what laws are put into place because criminals don’t bother to look up the law before they commit their crimes

  7. I recently was in a discussion tonight. An Australian gentleman popped up and bragged that Australia hadn’t had a mass shooting in over 21 years. As I was typing out my detailed reply I happened to follow up on something from the Fact Check site and a gut feeling had me looking at massacres in Australia. Turns out that that country’s most recent mass shooting was only about four years ago. I also had the data that that country’s Guns-Per-Capita rate (20 GPC) was greater than the world average (~16 GPC). Great Britain’s is about 6-7 GPC. Neither the presence of guns in a given culture or the types thereof is a motivating factor in criminal conduct. They are just a means to an end.

    • So a mass shooting 4 years ago justifies your mass shooting every other day? I don’t think you are making the point you think you are.

      • What language do they speak on your planet? I never said anything related to justifying any mass shootings. And your fevered imagination seems to have produced the idea that there are mass shootings every other day. Where? Not in the U.S.

        The idiot in the other discussion tried to wiggle out of it with nonsequiturs too. Failed. I then pulled out of the same history Australia’s long tradition of genocide against its aboriginal people. I have Native American heritage and I thought the history of the U.S. in that regards was bad but Australia’s is much, much, worse – even when you bring the Trail of Tears and Wounded Knee into the equation. Australia has a LOT of blood on its hands.

        Oh, and all those guns that supposedly got rid of? Australia only got rid of at most a third of them; there are literally millions left “in the wild”. All it takes is a motivated person for Australia to have another Port Arthur-style tragedy.

        My POINT was that these nations that people are holding up as shining examples of gun control aren’t doing as well as we are being told. I don’t like being lied to. If you are an Australian check your arrogant, lying, self-righteousness and STFU. Americans did not hop onto your national tragedies and tell how much better we are.

      • > So a mass shooting 4 years ago justifies your mass shooting every other
        day? I don’t think you are making the point you think you are.

        I understand your lack of reading comprehension and liberalism might lead you to believe that ‘one shooting justifies another’ (as was the case with liberal silence after the baseball field shooting here in the u.s., where liberals said it was alright that gun-supporters got shot because irony or something). Let me spell it out for you:

        Hes saying australia is a bunch of hypocrites and if you cite australia as an example your a fucking moron. Its not about justification you cheeky cunt. Go back to ‘hooked on phonics’ instead of ‘hook on crack’

    • They can’t protect themselves from the Muslim gang violence or the dingo predations now either…whether in the city or out in the countryside they are our of luck. Also folks forget how American sportsmen ARMED Great Britian in the opening years of WWII because they didn’t have the needed weaponry!!!!
      OH, and one of the casualties of this whole Aussie disarmament was the ‘real’ Crocodile Dundee, who was gunned down by the police…. after having said what some Americans have said… They will get ;my guns when they pry the out of my cold dead hands… and they did.

  8. There has never been a mass shooting in areas or jurisdiction that allow the carrying of guns.
    Without exception, Every single mass shooting has been in GUN FREE ZONES by weapons 95% obtained illegally. Every single mass shooting has seen the breaking of at least a dozen different GUN LAWS.

    • I didn’t realise Florida was a gun free zone, I thought you were allowed to carry guns there. And the recent school shooter bought his gun and ammo legally, didn’t he? Are schools ‘gun free zones’ then, even though Florida isn’t? How does that work? Does everyone leave their guns at Reception?

      • Even people with valid Concealed Weapons Permits issued by the state are barred by Federal law from bringing their legal guns on the campus of a K-12 public school. So, yes, this was a “gun free zone” and probably why the “security” person was unarmed.

    • Plus most if not all mass shootings have been performed by someone on psychotropic drugs–in other words, only the insane & intolerant have any real interest in these shootings

  9. The 37,443 recorded knife offenses figure is mostly charges of possession of a knife – which is an offence in the UK. There were actually 213 murders.
    The article insinuates that people will simply switch to knives if deprived of guns. If this were true then the combined murder rate of guns and knives should be similar for both countries. The combined deaths due to guns and knives in the US (for 2016) is 15,138 in the UK it was 239 people. The population of the US is five times larger than that of the UK, so we should really be expecting the US murder rate to drop to about 1,200 people per year.

    • I’ve argued these numbers dozens of times and you’re arguing dishonestly because you’re not arguing from per capita. And if I argue them here now, again, and show you the actual numbers, you’ll do the exact same thing every other wanker has “but, but! fake news!” or just flat out deny it with something like “well I still think it’s wrong”, etc.

      If you seriously want to know, if you are genuinely correct, you need to dig in to the numbers yourself, and dig deep, because to the people who took AP statistics are actually embarrassed for you and laughing at you.

  10. Let’s look at “merrie ol’ England” which pretty much outlawed civilian ownership of firearms. As it stands now, home invasions are at an all-time-high as criminals KNOW that home dwellers are disarmed and unable to properly defend themselves.
    However, there are many cases where home dwellers have repelled intruders, and ended up getting charged by the “crown” (prosecution) themselves, for “using too much force”. Quite often, the honest home dweller receives a much more severe sentence than the intruder. There have been cases where BOTH the home dweller and intruder were transported to the police station in the same vehicle. How’s that for “justice”? The God-given right to defend one’s life and home does not exist in Great Britain or many other countries.

    For those who insist that “other countries” have found solutions to violence problems, here’s one for you. Great Britain likes to lecture us Americans on our supposed “gun violence” problem. For one, a gun is an inanimate object which REQUIRES ACTION by a HUMAN BEING in order to operate as intended…Take away the murder rate involving firearms in Americas minority-run urban areas (cities), and we are at the bottom as far as firearms misuse is concerned.

    • I think if you took away the ‘all-time high’, ‘many cases’, ‘quite often’ vague hyperbole your point would be more accurate. The one case that fits your description would be Tony Martin shooting a fleeing unarmed burglar in the back and killing him – Martin was initially found guilty of murder, later reduced to manslaughter due to his mental state (diminished responsibility). Martin also didn’t have any valid licenses for his weapons, and the murder weapon was an illegal one. These factors, and the fact that the lethal gunshots were not deemed in self-defense, meant that Martin did not use proportionate force i.e. in UK law I am allowed to kill you if I can prove that you are trying to kill me i.e. you are carrying / using a lethal weapon or lethal force etc.

      I’d be interested in seeing any of the ‘many’ cases you mention.

      As for your assertion that “Take away the murder rate involving firearms in Americas minority-run urban areas (cities), and we are at the bottom as far as firearms misuse is concerned.” that is hilarious. Take away the majority of the crimes and yes, there aren’t many crimes left. We can all play that game – the UK is way below the crime rate in a nunnery if we take the crimes from urban areas out of the statistics.

      The God-given right to defend one’s life and one’s home does exist in Great Britain, and is frequently used. I know it’s frustrating that the truth doesn’t fit your arguments, but honestly, you should try visiting and see for yourself. It would save you the trouble of repeating a pack of lies for starters, and you’d hopefully have a nice holiday as well.

      You can come here and shoot, hunt, and do all of the things you love. It’s really not that bad a place. You just can’t hunt with a bow. And we call deer hunting ‘deer stalking’. Apart from that, we’re pretty much the same.

      • “The one case that fits your description would be Tony Martin shooting a
        fleeing unarmed burglar in the back and killing him – Martin was
        initially found guilty of murder, later reduced to manslaughter due to
        his mental state”

        “The God-given right to defend one’s life and one’s home does exist in Great Britain”

        These two statements are contradictory.

        • There are many more cases where the “crown” prosecutes home dwellers for “using too much force”. There are a number of cases involving ball bats in which the “crown” determined that the home dweller “used too much force” by whacking the intruder too many times. You see, a law-abiding citizen is the easiest person to charge, as they (unlike the criminal) do not know how the “criminal justice system” works.

  11. Shitty article.

    Actually being us the useful statistics!

    How many killed in knife mass murders in the UK and US Vs how many killed by gun mass murders in UK and US. Now per capita.

    “Gun offences” and “knife offences” include “carrying a blade over 6 inches outside of a locked carry case” and “not surrendring a firearm for inspection”.


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