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UK Police Announce There Are So Many Pedophiles, They Will Stop Arresting Them

Because police “cannot cope” with the “huge” influx of reports on child abuse, they now say pedophiles whose ‘only’ crime is viewing child pornography should undergo rehabilitation — instead of going to prison.

In a mere three years, child abuse reports have skyrocketed in volume by 80 percent; and, as Chief Constable Simon Bailey of the National Police Chiefs’ Council and head of Operation Hydrant, “which is investigating multiple allegations of historic sexual abuse across the UK,” the BBC reports, “knew his view would cause nervousness and draw headlines.

“But he said the numbers of reports of abuse were at ‘huge proportions’ — an NSPCC study in late 2016 used figures which suggested the number of individuals looking at such images could exceed half a million.”

Child pornography, indeed an incredibly serious crime from any standpoint, seems to have erupted in popularity — Bailey told BBC Radio 4’s Today program around 400 people each month are arrested by police working with the National Crime Agency for viewing indecent images.

“There are undoubtedly tens of thousands of men that are seeking to exploit children online with a view to meeting them,” he continued, “with a view to then raping them and performing the most awful sexual abuse upon them.

“That’s where I believe our focus has got to be. They are the individuals that pose the really significant threat.”

Bailey’s stance isn’t unfamiliar to the dark realm of child sexual abuse, but it’s exceedingly unusual for a police official of such high rank to advocate re-prioritizing criminality — particularly given the murkier crime at hand perpetuates and fuels the cycle.

Without providing statistics or references, Bailey championed referrals to rehabilitation for viewing child porn, saying they “increasingly are effective” — as would be vacating the court system of these cases, to “speed things up.”

Because the child abuse and exploitation is so rampant, the overwhelmed chief constable believes the imperative to target the worst pedophile offenders far outweighs the severity of the crime of viewing explicit images — despite the latter being a serious, repeat transgression against the victim.

“Every time an image is viewed, the victim is being victimised again and there is nothing as abhorrent. But we have to be able to manage the totality.”

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Besides police operations, a spokesperson for the Home Office told the BBC it had allotted £20 million (over $24.8 million) to the National Crime Agency, specifically for battling child sexual exploitation on the web.

“Alongside ensuring we have a tough law enforcement response to bring offenders to justice, we are also committed to preventing offending in the first place,” the spokesperson said.

Prison terms and harsh punishment can be efficacious as deterrents, but, a spokesperson from the NPCC noted, “We cannot arrest our way out of the situation. If we are to protect more children we must make prevention and rehabilitation a priority.”

Resources across the U.K. have been stretched to the breaking point recently, after a series of high-profile cases of child abuse and sexual exploitation involving prominent figures had commandeered headlines for weeks. Such astonishing scandals might have provided public awareness and a platform for victims, but reports to police and pleas to charitable organizations for help have created an enormous backlog.

Lisa Thornhill, a senior practitioner at the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, “which works with people who have sexually harmed or fear they may harm a child,” said the center is not only full to capacity, but has had to turn away hundreds asking to be rehabilitated.

“Most people who commit these offences have some idea what they are doing is wrong,” Thornhill told the BBC. “We appeal to the brave and responsible part of those people to get in touch with us and stop, and stay stopped.”

According to the station, “Calls to the helpline are over capacity – about 800 people each month call, but about 2,500 calls are unable to be taken due to demand.”

Whether or not Bailey’s appeal to lessen the severity by default for pedophiles who view child pornography will result in a change in policy or law remains to be seen, but a furious backlash from victims and their families will almost certainly ensue now.

  • Guy

    I know that I am going out on a limb here, so please be kind and don’t beat me up to hard, considering the site is called *Discus* and just mhop.

    A couple of thoughts first; Not that I am of the nature to view kiddie porn or agree with it’s use at all, how does its use by the simple viewing of it on the web do harm, if that is all there is done ? I have often thought that as a Nation, we are way over harsh to thouse that do, considering that just locking them up seems not to be the solution to the problem, how does that really do any good in the long run, other than destroying the lives of thouse that do, who get caught at it ! Lots of times, I hear and read about people getting busted for having it on there Iphones or at home on the computer, and their arrest comes not from it directly, but as the result of something else, and the porn is second to the original charge ! Then becoming way worse than the original, landing the perpetrator in jail for long sentences as the results.

    Pornography of any type is as old as the hills, and can be traced back for millennia, so it’s never going to go away ! I agree that children should be protected and never exploited for any reason, knowing that my thoughts on it is not reality either, because Hollywood, has been doing that for years, with parents leading the charge, so there babies can be a movie star and Mom and Dad can live in the lap of luxury, just like I have seen in HS sports, when the kid is the baseball rock star and there’s Dad talking it up to the scouts, who is really counting the money the kid is going to get payed, so he can buy the new sports car, and anything after that, is just so much fluff on the cake, like a College education, which is great, untill the kid blew his pitching arm out, and then what, no more contract, no more big money, it was lucky for the kid he did get the scholarship, or he would have had hardly anything to show for his 15 minutes of fame !

    So again I ask, are we being over the top moralist basterds, with larceny in our hearts over this !

    • John Lawrence

      The biggest issue with it, imo, is that, even if you’re just viewing it, the kid is still being exploited. Shouldn’t matter if the video is from a third party or the person sitting in front of the computer simply rewatching their own work. Either way, with how the media almost seems to be ‘normalizing’ pedophilia these days, all that says is that they have no issue traumatizing the hell out of kids or worse. There’s always the possibility that you can track down where the original video came from if the police have, say, a missing kid poster or ‘we’re looking for this guy’ information, or whatever the case. Still fucked up either way, and this is coming from someone who dislikes kids a lot. Never understand how anyone can find a prepubescent sexually attractive. Probably more about a power play than anything.

      • Guy

        Once we had a Doctor in my town, that everyone knew he liked *little boy’s* He was my Dr. when I was little too, though never anything strange happened when he was at my house making calls, maybe because my Mom was in the room with us, watching his every move at the time. It wasn’t untill years latter that I figured it out, that is probably why she did what she did, because of his reputation ! He got busted for being *funny* with some of his patients and ended up going to jail and losing his practice back in the early 80’s, but only after years of him being a Childrens Dr. !

        Is it a power play, or a sickness that causes this, or both ? Whatever it is, it’s fucked up, that’s for sure ! But no worse than some of the other perverted way’s people get there rocks off. Like Besteality ! But as long as your over the age of 18, we say okay. Now that is what I find strange and rather gross !

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        • John Lawrence

          Yeah, the bestiality thing is just as weird. Same with…I forget the term, but it’s where you get all excited from inanimate objects like car mufflers or whatever. Never understand the wiring behind that. I think the only thing imo that’s somewhat forgivable, and I’m sure others will disagree, is ephebophilia. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s being attracted to POST-pubescent teens, like 15-17 or so. Only reason I think it can forgivable sometimes is because, with the way some of their bodies look these days, it can be hard to get an accurate guess as to their age without simply asking them, and, let’s be honest, it’s not unheard of them to lie about their age for obvious reason. I’ve seen girls who are in their early 20s who look like they could be 14 and 14-year-olds who could pass for 24. I wouldn’t fool around with a 14-year-old, but if they look like they’re legal, there isn’t a single red-blooded straight male who wouldn’t give them a look.

          Hell, I remember years ago when I was learning how to ice skate so I could play some recreation hockey when I was 20, I was done with my session and skating around a bit trying to cool off. These two girls were standing at one of the benches and randomly asked me how old I was. I told them, then I looked at them and guessed 17 and 15 for them. Turns out they were 15 and 11. I didn’t believe the 11-year-old since she looked like she had D-cups. Something she said a few weeks later out of the blue left me utterly, and quite literally, speechless since when *I* was 11, I had no idea about any of that kind of stuff. She thought it was funny. Mercifully, I didn’t see them hanging around the rink long after that incident. Hell, even today, sitting here at work in South Florida, it’s not uncommon for girls to come in looking pretty hot and then, after either listening to them talking or having to see their ID for some reason, they’re not legal yet. Makes one feel uncomfortable, but, like I said, I’m not one to act on that kind of stuff, even if I cared at all about sex.

          • Guy

            Hey ! I am over 60 and know exactly what you’re talking about ! I remember a few times myself, when I went to see a movie with my son a few years ago, and was just flabbergasted at the way the young lady’s behaved and looked like. I thought to myself, was it like this when I was their age, but just as clueless as the guy are now as then ? Young Girls wanting to be thought of and acting like much older Women, for sure puts a lot of pressure on guy’s to behave themselves and act like gentlemen ! I guess it has a lot to do with how I was raised by a single Mom, who taught me to always respect and treat women like lady’s ! That has always stayed with me and I was able to pass it down to my own sons, so I have never worried about it !

            But now there is such a mixed message being sent out by women, I don’t blame guy’s for being totally confused, but don’t find fault with any of them, girls or boys, so much as I do with Hollywood and The Music Industrys that promotes their bs, so as to make a buck ! If I was 17 all over again, I would find it hard to keep my hands in my pockets and my pants zipped, because of the attitudes of both the girls and boys in this day and age ! I don’t envie them a bit, knowing that it’s hard enough to be a teenager and young person, and just adding this to the mix, makes it much worse !

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Would you like one of your own family members to have the most disgustingly abusive moment of their lives plastered all over the internet for any pervert to watch and enjoy Also, demand creates a market for more. What happens when some bored pedophile decides he’s seen all the “good ones” and is willing to pay for more?

      • Guy

        Hell No ! No more that I would think anybody else, including you, would what their child plastered all over the internet, so some old far,t or young one for that matter, can get their cookies, over watching child porn !

        So wad ya want to do, throw em all into jail and let em rot for watching kids fondel each other, then say it’s okay if your a consenting adult over the age of 18 ?

        Two things, There has got to be a better solution that just locking them up and I can’t figure were in the hell do they get it in the first place or where it comes from, except maybe Asia, where I understand it’s as common as rain and as about as cheep. So maybe it should be stopped at the source, befor it get’s here, would be a better answer !?

        • cheese1smee

          there is NO proven treatment that REHABILITATES pedophiles. They have castrated, used hormone therapy, psychotherapy. And to no avail alas they reoffend with alarming progression into more invasive abuse of children. Yes SOMEONE is making this product to sell and make money. Yes those people need to be doing hard long sentences. But if we can’t find a way to stop it, then its a matter of fire control. With out demand, the industry dies, but this has been around since the beginning of time, that makes it no more right then bestiality.

          • LoveTheBillOfRights

            The demand argument was already proven to be false during prohibition in the US and currently the drug war. Locking people up does not stop the demand.

            Not all sex offenders are pedophiles (a psychological condition) which is actually a very small group of sex offenders. Further, the recidivism rate for sex offenders is much lower than people think between 5-10% according to numerous scientific studies. Studies also show that viewing child pornography does not necessarily lead to more hands on crimes. Many stop at that level. There are also proven treatments that work very well to rehabilitate sex offenders. Certainly, not all will change.

            I do agree with punishing the makers of child pornography (not children taking pictures of themselves) with hard prison time. They are the ones truly doing the harm and perpetuating it.

            We can stop it by better educating the public, especially children and parents. There are good programs out there that need better funding. Treatment also works but we are too busy wasting money on prisons and continuing to ignore the scientific data that can help us stop it.

          • Could you specify “the harm”?

          • billdeserthills

            Bestiality doesn’t seem like much of a crime, considering the seemingly lack of punishment

      • Guy

        I don’t honestly know Cat ! Maybe you would have a better handle on it than I would, considering your trade, because I seem to be just as clueless as most here on how to control this problem. I just know that locking up people for just looking at kiddy porn, is not a very good solution to the problem, but don’t have any answer either, so no help from me !

        If it’s any help, I won’t mind putting a bullet into the heads of the promoters and pimps alike, who are in charge of this sort of sick crap, anywhere they are found, here or abroad !

      • I doubt he has time to watch them all, but he could pay some third-world cam girl if he had to.

    • Poyzinsting

      One minute they are viewing kiddie porn next they are raping children. It’s like weeds, you don’t let them grow till they overtake the garden, like they eventually will cause that’s what weeds do. You have to nip them at the bud. Same with Child Predators cause eventually looking at pictures might not be enough. A slap on the wrist only stings for a little while. Easy enough pain to forget. It’s not a waste of money protecting Children, it’s an investment.

      • Guy

        Of course it is a good investment ! I am Gardener by trade and know what you are saying too, but just don’t have easy answers for you to address the issues either ! It’s way beyond me to figure out, and never will understand the need for it in the first place !

    • Jane domes

      Beside all of the obvious,it creates a market for abuse.Its sought after,children are harmed.Wow you sound like a pedophile yourself.

      • Guy

        Why ? Because I think it’s not such a good idea to put some one in prison for years, because they are looking at 12 yr old’s on videos and magazines ?
        The market is already there and the marketeers know it, being quick to capitalize off it too ! My belief is to cut it off at the source and find treatment for the addict ! But I guess that concept is beyond you, and would prefer to see em all fry !

        • Jane domes

          They are known to reoffend.It’s supporting the abuse of a real live human being.You seem to have difficulty accepting that.I also find it odd that you think a kid with an overzealous parent relating to sports is any kind of comparison.Two very different things.Opposite ends of the spectrum.Do you not think they would like to cut it off at the source?That’s not always possible,but you have to clean up the mess along the way.Whose to say those that view it might not enjoy it,and think its a way to make some money so they may try to produce some themselves.Its like anything else someone is fond of.Collect,trade,make,support etc.Its all wrong.

          • Guy

            Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and you are probably right about some who would try to exsploit there dirty habit to make a profit.

            Odd ? What’s odd about it ? What is the person who is the pedofile, chopped liver ? You would be suprised who are the ones you are talking about, could be your next door neighbors or your boss ! Just like some people have a fedish of dressing up in womens underwear or any other *thing* they do !

            Overzealous Parents ? I have been a coach for over a dozen years in sports, and see for myself to what degree parents are willing to go too, for there kid to be the *rock star.* Belive me when I say, there is no limit to what they are willing to do, to assure there kid makes the grade of little Johnny or Suzie getting what the parents want for em. To the point of total obsession and willingness to sacrifice everything, in there single mindless pursuit of Hollywood like fame ! A obsession is just that, and not much different how or what it is from or for. For some it’s looking at 10 yr old’s naked, for others it’s there kid’s in sports, and for some it’s a drug habit, smoking or alcohol. The monkey is on your back and we let it control us and not the other way around !

            I don’t have any real answer to the problem, just know that it is out there and messed up real lives of children and adult alike. But to say just lock em up, is no more an answer to the problem than the failure of the War On Drugs has been, and equally as dumb of a solution as just about anything else the Government tries to regulate for us ! I’am suprise they haven’t just thrown a sin tax at it, and said okay, since it’s never going to go away, let’s make some money off it ! But maybe even for them, they have their limits !

          • Jane domes

            I cant handle your nonsense.You keep comparing other types of pornography,while many unsavory things are associated with it there is one difference THEY ARE CONSENTING ADULTS WHO CHOOSE TO DO IT AND GET PAID TO DO IT OR GET OFF ON DOING IT.THEY ARE’NT INNOCENT CHILDREN.You act like the children themselves are the ones producing it.ARe you that f’ing dumb?

          • Guy

            If you can’t stand it , then I suggest you don’t bother to read it ! Then we will both be happy !

          • Guy

            Your giving me a headache ! You can defend it or condone it anyway you see fit too, that’s your boat to float ! My point or opinion is exactly that, an opinion, nothing more or less. If you are having trouble with it, then I suggest you take it up with the management or pound sand !

    • Marc Petralia

      Because it creates a demand do more children get abused. You really can’t be that stupid.

      • Poyzinsting

        You don’t have to be rude you know. It’s not a requirement for internet usage.

      • Demand creates supply until the market is saturated, like second-hand stores not accepting DVDs anymore because they’re overstocked already.

      • Guy

        Your over simplification to the problem of child pornography and the damage to children that it causes, by your really *Fucking Stupid* remarks, is what I see is part of the problems ! Now go put your shit back on and get a life !

    • winno1

      Most child pornography is of graphic sexual exploitation of children from babies up to 12 years of age. They are of these children being sexually abused (very badly in some cases). So we should just ignore those children as though they are not important because the person viewing them being sexually abused is not doing it himself/herself. Where do you get your logic from??. If there are no watchers then there is no need to film these disgusting videos. And lets be honest some of these children have been murdered on video’s for the gratification of those who are watching. When you begin to accept the small things then the bigger things become the norm. Look at some of the countries in Europe who brought in Euthanasia. Now they are force killing those who have dementia, disabilities (once they are at a certain age) with the permission of the families. One woman was held down by her own children while the doctors put her down with a lethal injection. Where does it stop once it begins. No Peado’s on a remote Island for the rest of their lives once found guilty so they never have a chance to abuse another child.

      • Guy

        I agree with a lot of what you say, as being the truth. But totally disagree with you lumping me in with thouse who say, Eh ! No Biggie, Live And Let Live ! So quit putting words in my mouth, that I never said in the first place !

        Just because some person, gets their cookies off, from watching or looking at child porn, to me they should not go to jail for years and years and have there lives ruined over it, any more than others who view porno of any other types of description either, is all I am saying. Of course there are also exceptions to the rule too.

        It’s a head scratcher for sure, and I don’t have answers for the problem, but not going to say lock em all up either, other than to admit it is a nasty business, it hurts children and adults alike, and thouse that make a buck off it by promoting it for personal gain and profit, should be shot !

    • Public_Sense

      Gateway drug to actually committing the crime. Even if the #’s are extremely low, saving one, 2, 6, children would be worth it!

  • billdeserthills

    Next step, free children for all registered pedophiles-sarc/off

  • bojimbo26

    Problem is , if they arrested all the Paedophiles , the UK government would collapse . ( Westminster Paedo Ring ) .

    • Justin T Rodger

      And that’s a problem why ?
      Two birds one stone.

  • What a sick and twisted society we live in and the sickest of the sick are all at the top of the pyramid.

    Time to topple the pyramid.



  • David Lewis

    you ever wonder what happens to a child when they are abused in any way and specifically sexually? their life stops at the point of abuse – they have a new “normal” that includes extreme hyper vigilance, fear and self loathing….same thing happens when a woman (or a man) is raped….

    • Ashley E Bryant

      That is not true…Changes when you become an adult. Based on experience from all. Now as a child yes.

      • Barbara Love

        David is correct I have all those issues. But am glad for u

  • Margaret Tabak

    Anyone who has been a victim of child pornography and/or childhood sexual abuse immediately feels at fault for what has transpired even though we all know it is not the victim but the abuser who is at fault. Guy, please stop trying to minimize the impact this crime has on the victim. Viewing child pornography is simply a precurssor of what is to come.

  • cheese1smee

    That is so sad. But at least the entire worlds pedophiles community can make a decision to immigrate the. Slowly phase in the offenders into one area of a city, move the non offenders, families with children, schools, day cares everything out of that area. And slowly let them take that area over. segregate them from the rest of the country, make it a compound for all i care. Most importantly don’t allow them internet access, stop the problem, treat it, but the reality is sex offenders have an offensive relapse rate. They need to be taken out of society period. Don’t have the funding for prisons, put up fences, allow truck deliveries with needed supply’s, allow them to employ the needed businesses ect. There has to be some way that we can prevent these offenders from escalating their behavior, re offending and doing so much damage by promoting the abuse of children, as long as there is a market for it, millions will continue to make this child porn and that should be just as vital to process. The market of human trafficking, forced prostitution, sexual abuse of minors, it all leads back to the sick twisted minds who have no conscious. Its deplorable.
    The real harm comes from the fact that some child somewhere was forced to pose for these images, and that will effect them for their entire life.

    • Guy

      Although I agree with most of what you have to say. I think your proposal of segregation is a little harsh. Like who determines who is to be segregated and for how long do they stay in these camp, a day, week, month or life !

      I do believe much more research needs to be done, in order to treat the problem of the individual, and more effort is needed, to go after the ones who make the money from the promotion of children’s sexual abuse ! It would not bother me a bit, if this type of monster was thrown into a deep hole and covered up permanently ! Using the example of the pimp, who is the source for this sort of thing, drawing and quartering the bastard, on National T.V. I think would be a good way to deter others from getting into the business !

    • Most child abuse happens in families with children, though.

    • billdeserthills

      Why not, it seems to work for muslims and I hear they are pedophiles themselves

    • rickie

      a great deal of these pictures/videos by young people are selfies of themselves made by themselves, and sent into sites by themselfes.

  • Wonkle

    And now we see why the UK outlawed guns so parents and guardians of children harmed by pedos can’t fulfill justice they are denied by their law enforcement and courts.

  • zarnon

    Stupid clickbait article. Yeah viewing a photo’s the same as diddling a kid.

    • Chirpy

      It leads to it, yes. To make the product a child must be abused. Abuse happens every single time that video is re-watched.

      • Not necessarily; what’s legal in one area can be illegal in another. Some places even outlawed fictional child porn, yet old art and horrible holy books aren’t banned there.

  • Mary

    Wow rehab? They think counseling will stop them? They should just shoot them… that’ll solve it. Less money they will suck out from the people as well!

    • justlogical1

      Maybe we should shoot ALL LAWBREAKERS. That will fix any and all crime and the few people left will live happily ever after.

  • ter ber

    The child whose picture is taken and viewed by millions is the victim. There by making the viewing of the child a crime, I’m sure if castration was the punishment the exploitation of these inncocents would be greatly diminished. And many would find themselves magically cured. This is an outage not to punish criminal monsters and making this crime of Torturing these children, acceptable in today’s society.

    • Barbara Love

      Castration was created for rapist. A pedestrian never stops he uses other things.

    • billdeserthills

      I like a big tattoo on the face too, that way it’s easier for the victim to know
      they need to stay away from these scum

      • Public_Sense

        Haven’t heard that one yet, great idea!!!!!!

  • Ross Pendragon

    There are so many bank robbers the police have stopped arresting them and will instead send the to rehab…by changing paedophile to bank robber shows the whole statement for what it is…nonsense.

    • False equivalence. Death threats are worse than attraction.

      • Chirpy

        Most of these abused children are, once used up, sent to the making of snuf f films, etc.

        Stop pretending you know what you are talking about.

  • Jürgen Wolf

    free all marihuana-users so there will be enough place for real pädophiles!

    • Catherine McDonald

      Jürgen Wolf
      That is the best suggestion so far, well done for finding an alternative solution. Much more productive than just trolling peoples comments .

  • xHoW DreadZx

    How can this be allowed, child abusers should get close to a life sentence. When they abuse, they take the innocence from one and the victims life will never be the same. The perpetrator should feel this with a life sentence. Bojimbo26 your right, most of the abusers are those in high profile careers, easy for them to say perpetrator has an illness. There now trying to say abusers have mental health problems, these are often grown men, disgusting, they know what they are doing. Its no mental condition or illness. Keep your kids by your sides peeps. Big talk about rehabilitation for abusers, what about the support and help for other criminals who have done far less crimes???? No, these get left to offend again with no support from the system. The whole system is corrupt, twisted and not balanced or fair

  • Donna Ticktoff

    just give them all the death penalty immediately. there is no cure for pedos