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Respected Biology Teacher Killed by Police in Minnesota — He Was Unarmed


Mankato, MN — A community is mourning the loss of a 33-year-old biology teacher this week after he was killed by a Mankato police officer responding to a disturbance at a hotel on New Year’s eve.

Chase A. Tuseth, a graduate of Minnesota State University Mankato, and high school biology teacher in Shakopee, was killed in the early morning hours of New Year’s eve in the Country Inn and Suites in Mankato. Officer Gary Schnorenberg was the officer who killed Tuseth — who was unarmed.

According to police, they were responding to calls of a heated encounter between Tuseth and hotel staff. Tuseth allegedly went behind the counter of the hotel and began throwing things. However, up until police arrived, no one was injured.

After only 5 minutes of the hotel clerk’s 911 call, according to the dispatch audio cited by the Mankato Free Press, Tuseth would be killed.

This short period of time between the 911 call and Tuseth’s death suggests that Schnorenberg, a 30-year veteran of the Mankato Department of Public Safety, must have quickly escalated the situation.

Schnorenberg encountered Tuseth in a hallway near the hotel’s pool and Schnorenberg used his Taser against the man after he ignored “several verbal commands,” the police news release said.

After tasering Tuseth, Schnorenberg tried to place him in handcuffs. However, Tuseth “broke free and began hitting and kicking” the officer, according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which is investigating the shooting, as reported by the Star Tribune.

Only seconds later, he was dead.

Mankato officers do not wear body cameras and it is unclear what, if anything, the hotel’s surveillance cameras captured.

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A South Dakota man staying at the hotel for a wedding weekend told KEYC-TV that he awoke around 4 a.m. and heard four shots.

According to the dispatch audio, emergency medical personnel said Tuleth had been shot in the left side of his body with the exit wound in his back.

EMTs attempted to revive him, however, they were unsuccessful and Tuleth died on scene.

Up until this point in his life, Tuleth’s only run-in with police was a ticket for drinking and driving in 2008. However, that charge was later dismissed.

Tuleth was not a criminal. He was an upstanding member of society who was killed by police who appear to have quickly escalated the situation to violence.

“He was an innovative teacher,” said Tokata Principal Eric Serbus. “He was always looking for the next and best way to connect with students. He brought his experience of project-based learning from the Integrated Arts Academy to Shakopee public schools. He was on the cutting edge of learning.”

“I never saw this coming,” Tuseth’s roommate, Luke Mikkola said. “He’s a super nice guy. He works with kids and is very accommodating to people of other backgrounds. He’s lived all over the world.”

“This is just too weird, you know,” he said. “It doesn’t have to escalate to this.”

According to the Star Tribune, Tuseth was a 2008 graduate of Minnesota State Mankato and a high-jumper on the track team, said his uncle, Mark Liptrap. He attended high school in Stewartville, Minn., and competed at the state meet in 2001. His mother, Mickie Tuseth, teaches and coaches track and cross-country in the Stewartville School District.

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Nekima Levy-Pounds, a mayoral candidate in Minneapolis, who is not afraid to speak out against police violence, addressed the killing in a passionate Facebook post on Monday.

“I hope that folks begin to understand that these types of incidents can happen to anyone in a system that lacks proper checks and balances and accountability,” said Levy Pounds before also drawing attention to the lack of public outcry. “It is equally disturbing to see that there is hardly a public outcry unless groups like the Minneapolis NAACP, Black Lives Matter, or other advocacy groups rise up and bring attention to these issues.

“The public in general, and especially the white majority, should be rising up, asking questions, and demanding accountability. De-escalation tactics and techniques should be the first approach of law enforcement in the overwhelming majority of circumstances instead of a shoot first, ask questions later mentality. We cannot afford to have more unnecessary deaths of any of our residents, irrespective of race, ethnicity, or class at the hands of those who are supposed to protect and serve. The time for change is now.”

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

    Intellectuals and free thinkers are the first to go.

    • I see freethinkers every day of my life, most commonly standing on the curb with a cardboard sign. But they sure do a lot of freethinking while waiting for someone else to feed them..

      • TOPDOG1

        I am referring to those with IQ’s much higher than yours.

        • Is the best you can do? Really? I suppose that group necessarily excludes you.

          • Elle

            Here’s some truth for ya but you can ignore it as many do..the public doesn’t want to take responsibility for this and they are responsible https://youtu.be/gIRuPkUyAeQ

          • cjdoren

            On youtube cops are having sex on the hoods of their cars during WORKING HOURS. The bad apples have spoiled it for the good cops. You just don’t know which ones to trust for your safety. AND OUR TAX DOLLARS PAY THEIR SALARY. A little power too often goes to their heads and they don’t give a shit who they kill. Usually within seconds of them getting to the scene.

          • cjdoren

            We have too many Barney Fifes in our police departments. Why kill an unarmed person when you could use a taser. These police are scared of their shadows and shoot to kill rather than shoot to maim. I don’t need police and I don’t want my tax dollars used to pay them for killing those they are supposed to protect. I live in an open carry state. A stand your ground state and I’ll be damned if I call the police. Come to me and I got something for your ass.

          • The cop did use a taser, chief. And you are ragging on him while AT THE SAME TIME saying that you have a gun and you will kill with it if attacked, which is EXACTLY what the cop did and exactly what you are bitching about.

            The hypocrisy of the commenters on this forum is astounding. The lies, inattention to detail and inability to tell right from wrong is beyond shocking. This dead guy must be just like most of you – thinking that whatever he thinks or feels must be valid, because HE thinks it or HE feels it. So he thought “I will show this cop who is boss” and breaks free from the arresting officer, then he thinks “I’m gonna whup his ass” and attacks the officer and then BANG – he is dead because he stupidly thought that because it was his idea, it was both justified and a good idea.

            That’s what rational people refer to as “reality” children. But go ahead and test it. Next time you see a cop, attack him. Do it. Or are you all mouth and no fight?

          • Lee Whittaker

            Truth, you are extremely pleased with your own unquestionable intelligence to the extent that you speak like an ass. I suspect that most of your friends and family avoid conversations with you. You sound like nothing more than an arrogant, disdainful bully.

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            Not exactly Sherlock Holmes are you with that decayed dilapidated none thinking!

          • haauwnk

            How does that cop dick taste? I sincerely hope the next unarmed person the cops kill is someone near and dear to you.

          • Robert D Williams

            Logically, the word ‘attacker’ applies to the shooter, not the victim. So, you’re advocating for ‘someone’ to kill the cop. Right?!?

      • Elle
  • Guy

    After an thougheal in in depth investigation by all public agencies involved, it will be determined that, the Policeman did no wrong in the tragic death of this fine and upright citizen ! Upon further investigation within the department, it has been also determined that the officer involved, had followed all rules and state regulations required, to execute this man, without the benifet of a trial or jury of his peers ! So help us god and allmen !

    • cjdoren

      Bulldookey. Why could he not have used a taser?

      • why should he, a taser was already deployed and proved ineffective

      • Guy

        For the same reason that cops with video cameras, turn them off !

  • doucyet

    Tragic for sure. All police should wear cameras, and I mean good ones! Just make them part of their everyday attire, that’s how accountability will (may) be assured……..

    • Elle

      Policy changes are required or the cameras mean nothing, policy allows a lot of abuses.

      • doucyet

        Cameras allow prosecution……

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          I’m sure that brought a LOT of comfort to Walter Scott’s family.

          • doucyet

            It wasn’t meant to, it’s merely a suggestion to have “eyes” on the scene other than cops eyes. Why the sarcasm?

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            Just because we live in a cop-worshiping “no video means it didn’t happen” society does NOT mean that having video ensures justice… or even a prosecution. Plenty of cops have been filmed coldly executing suspects that were NO DANGER to them, only to be “cleared of wrongdoing” and sent back to work.

          • doucyet

            That be the case, “plenty of cops cleared of wrongdoing”, who’s to blame? I’m guessing liberal and or corrupt DAs. Aren’t they the ones that press prosecution?

          • haauwnk

            A liberal DA prosecuting a cop? What universe do you live in?

          • doucyet

            The wrong one I think!

    • Jason Werner

      Exactly, Just don’t give them a power button….On the clock = camera on. Period.

  • We do not know the details of the incident. Before we vilify the cop who shot him, let’s gather all the facts. We don’t have any facts other than the cop shot the guy, and that the guy was apparently friendly. But I have seen lots of friendly people get high on coke, pcp and meth and then presto! Not so friendly. Alcohol can have the same effect and if the cop was fearful for his life, he was probably right to shoot the guy. But we do not know yet.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Oh, blow it out your ass! I, for one, do NOT want a police force that feels entitled to fucking KILL PEOPLE every time they feel a little unnerved. What happened to men who aren’t deathly afraid to get their ass kicked?

      • James Latham

        Why should he blow it out his ass? He is quite right about all the facts. I am not a cop lover but tired of sites feeding the public false info.

        • Wade Rhein

          James Latham Please go to your other sites forthwith.

      • I understand. Facts and truth are unimportant. Certainly the proper course is to immediately and hysterically condemn the cop when we know absolutely nothing about the event, other than the smiling man photographed in the desert wearing a backpack was shot by a policeman at 4AM in the hallway of a hotel after being summoned by the hotel night manager. So yeah, the cop is evil. Certainly. Bad. Wrong. He just murdered the smiling teacher. You DO NOT have the FACTS. Do you understand that? Facts. They have value. Do you understand “value”? It is a meaningful term. There is no hysteria in it. And if anyone physically assaults an armed police officer, they can rightfully be expected to be shot. The cop is not required to take a beating from anyone just to make you feel good. He represents the law, and when he says “halt”, that means halt. Refusal to do so is dangerous, and attacking a police officer is frequently fatal. Try it yourself sometime. Please.

        • Jamie Hall

          It seems that the only one who immediately and hysterically did anything was the cop, with his bow down now bitch or else approach. Maybe you’d like to be his bitch instead, take the burden off the public.

          • Did you not read the article? He asked the guy to stop several times, and the guy did not. He tased him and attempted to cuff the guy, and the guy attacked him. Did you miss that, or do you just choose to ignore the facts? All of that action is a long way from “immediately and hysterically”. Do you understand that?

          • Jamie Hall

            I didn’t miss the part where time and time again those claims by cops desperate to cover their own ass turn out to be through and through fabrications. Considering their track record, I’ll believe it when I see irrefutable proof.

          • Now you are making sense. You are right, there is plenty of that. I fault the Chiefs. They provide the cover and nourish the culture. But get the facts first, and when the facts point at bad police work, tear them up.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            But it just goes on and on. They never seem to get “torn up”. Too little detail in this report. Some comment above says “pedophile”. Where did that come from?

          • Liz O’neill

            he tased him, cuffed him, faught with him and shot him dead, all in less than 5 mins, and still you make excuses, you are definitely a cop, or a wanna bee

          • Five minutes if plenty long enough to command an individual to stop doing something, experience that individual disregard a lawful order, arrest that individual, be attacked by that individual and shoot him or her dead. But you tell me, Liz, how many minutes should it take?

          • cjdoren

            Unarmed, he should be one of those cops like Barney Fife with one bullet in his pocket. These cops out here are MURDERING citizens that PAY their salary. A little power goes to their heads and they think they are all that an a bag of chips. I do know that there are good cops but some of them are sons of bitches and scared of their shadows. Why shoot a man you KNOW is unarmed?

          • cjdoren

            Thank you. Sometimes they kill unarmed citizens in seconds. Over the most minor shit. Hell why are our police more like Barney Fife. They deserve to have one bullet and keep it in their pockets.

          • cjdoren

            He should have continued tasing the victim. This country lost a valuable man over bullshit of a Barney Fife chicken shit scared cop.

          • haauwnk

            …and cops never lie.

        • Sid Samsara

          “I understand. Facts and truth are unimportant.”

          I understand too… No coke PCP or meth was mentioned in the article or by the police themselves. I understand what guilt by association is and the suggestive nature of what you wrote.

          I understand about facts and value also. I understand that using fear as a professional metric is a poor way to determine when a killing is justified. The fact is; If that’s your standard you’ve given the biggest cowards and most willing liars a license to kill.

          I know about value. Human lives have value, a great deal of value, Chase Tuseth’s life had value. I also understand the value of the lives he touched, the the loss they feel and why it’s likely they feel robbed by that loss. What value did killing Chase add?

          • And you still do not understand that we do not know the facts. Facts seem irrelevant to you. Correct, no coke or meth or PCP was mentioned in the article, and no statement was made by me that they WERE in the article. So you cite an irrelevant fact. Still do not understand facts. You also do not understand anything about fighting, or law enforcement. When someone attacks a man or woman who is paid to enforce the law, the attacker is likely to die. They crossed a line that common sense says not to cross.

            There is no “guilt by association” in my comment. Those are called “examples” or “possibilities”. “Suggestive nature” my ass. You still cannot wrap your brain around the simple, plain and common sense fact that we do not know what happened, yet most of the voices here want to hang blame on the police officer.

            You know NOTHING of the event, but have already judged. You cannot think; You do not know how to weigh evidence; you throw in comments as quoted text that are not even in the discourse, desperate to win an argument that you lost from the moment your opinion leapt from your rectum.

            Collectively, you are hopeless, and in the end, finished. You have nothing to contribute anywhere because your minds simply cannot weigh right from wrong. Your opinion rules your lives, and your opinions are empty.

            I want to thank everyone here who stepped up to the plate and proved to me how decayed we are as a society. You remind me of the state-controlled human drones in Orwell’s 1984, shouting to hang Goldstein. They didn’t have a clue, either. Just drones. Mindless, unthinking, emotion driven and so profoundly dumbed down that they had no idea how defeated they already were.

          • Sid Samsara

            “You remind me of the state-controlled human drones in Orwell’s 1984,
            shouting to hang Goldstein. They didn’t have a clue, either. Just
            drones. Mindless, unthinking, emotion driven and so profoundly dumbed
            down that they had no idea how defeated they already were.”

            OK Spock, I see you’re not really into human emotions although the reply does sound a little like all those facts really make the veins in your neck bulge when you type.

            Basically your wrong about everything. Let’s start from there and work outwards.

            No. Attacking a LEO or particularly scaring a cop is not a one size fits all excuse for murder. No. Subduing an unarmed drunk should not under pretty dam near any circumstances result in a shooting, this isn’t specific to law enforcement but more of a general rule of thumb. And No. Goldstein can’t really be used as an analogy as he didn’t really represent the state law enforcement apparatus, he seemed much more in tune with folks like me who seem to be on the receiving end of the “Two Minutes of Hate”. Ask your TV, it’s a fact.

          • Get your facts from TV, do you? Classic and perfect.

            Goldstein is not the analogy – the mindless manipulated ignorant drones are the analogy (you know, your pathetic crowd) and the subject of the sentence. One cannot pick and choose which parts of speech one refers to in a legitimate argument.

            You speak as if you know the facts, which I will state again and forever: You do not. You possess an uninformed opinion, upon which you hang your self-respect.

          • Mustafa Curtess

            Except that an unarmed citizen was killed in a situation where no violence was alleged prior to the addition of a cop.

          • That part about “attacked the police officer” just blew right past your empty head, didn’t Mustafa?

          • Mustafa Curtess

            Not at all. “Armed” vs “Unarmed”. What was the nature of the “attack”? A double-standard is commonly part of stories involving cops. Just touching one can be considered (by them) an “attack”. (Altho they can shove civilians around – even beat the daylights out of them.). 30 years as a cop – and his only response to a punch being thrown his way or a fist being brandished – is to draw his weapon and fire? Presumably cops are “trained”. That’s why Law-enforcement is commonly considered a “profession” – and being drunk and disorderly is not. Oh Well – this tragic nonsense will go on until enough of the public demands that it stop. Obviously we’re not there yet.

          • cjdoren

            Cops are on drugs too. Believe me. I worked as an Admin Assistant for a Chief of Police. He was not on drugs but SEVERAL Officers were.

        • Liz O’neill

          either you are a cop or you have some serious issues, if you honestly think that there is ANY justification for murdering an unarmed man, so he was drunk, so he was rowdy, since when did these things warrant a death sentence.

          • You do not know the facts, Liz. Why are you assuming you do?

          • cjdoren

            Then you have the Drew Petersons that truly are murderers. A hell of a lot of cops beat their wives cause they know their buddies won’t do shit. Everyone that is a cop should not be a cop.

        • Elle

          Let’s play the odds here truth man. The odds alone don’t favor the cop.

          • Here you have a valid point. The police departments in many cities are deeply corrupt, and lots of cops cover for the crimes of their fellow officers. But we the people are not animals and we will not respond like animals. We will review the event, weigh the facts, dig out the truth and then judge. When we condemn a cop simply because other cops are felons, we are as bad as the corrupt cops.

        • Elle
        • cjdoren

          Why are they issued tasers? When you have an UNARMED man use a taser. Damn, how much does it take to know you don’t have to be judge and jury on unarmed citizens that PAY your salary. Too many of our police have the Barney Fife mentality. That is not acceptable. If you are so scared that you murder a person within seconds of your arrival, you need to find another job.

    • Liz O’neill

      so you are perfectly happy for the police to shoot dead an unarmed man, within 5 mins of being called, and that is after they had tased him, I don’t give a good god damn what he was doing, the cop is a trigger happy coward who murdered an unarmed man without any attempt to deescalate, the pure fact that he was unarmed should have saved his life, and don’t give me any crap about the police protecting other citizens, the only ones the police protect, is themselves, and I also don’t want to hear the bullshit that the cop was in fear of his life, he was armed to the teeth and had backup, just what could he have been afraid of. its cop appologists like you who keep letting them get away with it.

      • And still you cast judgement without knowing anything about the events that led to the shooting. You intentionally SKIP citing the dead man attacked the police officer. You SKIP the dead man resisting arrest and breaking free of the officer who was cuffing him. Had he not broken free and attacked the officer, he would be alive to complain today. You SKIP all known relevant facts and blame the officer for defending himself.

        • Jason Werner

          Sir, or should I say Officer? Nobody is SKIPPING anything here Einstein. We can read. What the rational people in this thread are saying is that resisting, drunkenly fighting back and generally making bad decisions should have cost this man in the court room (ie fines and jail time), not his life. He was unarmed, this disgusting coward took another life because he was inept at deescalating situations. THAT WAS HIS ONLY JOB!!!!!

        • Jason Werner

          Attacked him with what? His drunken fists? A red solo cup? Come on. A trained officer armed with a night stick, a taser, handcuffs and at least 1 firearm had no choice but to kill him? Sounds like he is in the wrong line of work.

    • cjdoren

      Still why not use a taser? Why deadly force on an unarmed citizen?

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Why run the risk of being an assassin when you can do it with impunity if your a cop.

    • Elle

      Pedophiles seek out jobs to have access to kids. Hhhmmmm wonder why anyone would want to be a cop these days?

      • David Daisy May Boldock

        Good point lass, and i concur. The Judicial system in the US is nothing short of a travesty of justice. Same here or getting that way in the UK. Paedophiles need dealing with in only one way, that being chemical castration. Normal castration is not effective enough as it does not remove the urge. Question for you? Do cops shoot paedo’s over there or do they seem to be a protected species like over here?

    • CC Crimcops

      If you want to kill Americans, don’t become a terrorist, become a cop.

      • David Daisy May Boldock

        Seems to be the way forward for them CC but what next, or should i say who next. They are like rabid dogs.

        • CC Crimcops

          Who’s next?
          Well, since Tuseth, police have killed:
          Daniel Ralph Daily
          Randy Wayne Cole, 40
          Richard A. Jackson, 45
          Joshua G. Dove, 35
          Welby O’Dell Mullins Jr., 64
          Muhammad Abdul Muhaymin, 43
          Joshua Martino, 18
          James Owens, 63
          Trevon Johnson, 17
          Jose Nieves, 38
          Mark Guirguis, 21
          John McLaughlin, 42
          James E. Lewis, 44
          Juan Carlos Cuadra, 23
          Chad Erik Roberts, 35
          and two as yet unidentified men in California.
          That’s who’s next.

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            I see 1861 being re-enacted.

  • john smith

    the idea of there being a memorial and or grave yard of people murdered by the police needs to happen
    we need to find a way to fund this into reality and a way to make it work nation wide

    • cjdoren

      2015 They killed 1208, in 2016 they killed 1152 and already in 2017 they have killed 10. If a cop has a Barney Fife mentality, he is in the wrong profession. If he is scared of his shadow, he is in the wrong profession. I would rather the military protect me than these shakey scared cops.

  • This sentence from the article “This short period of time between the 911
    call and Tuseth’s death suggests that Schnorenberg, a 30-year veteran of
    the Mankato Department of Public Safety, must have quickly escalated
    the situation.” pre-judges the cop straight up. It states that the cop escalated the situation. The cop. But what did the cop do? He asked the guy to stop, and several times. Then he tased the guy to help him stop, and attempted to cuff him. All proper. Then the guy broke free and attacked the cop. Yeah, you shoot that guy. Plain and simple. The cop did do his job, based on what we know from this blatantly biased article.

    There certainly are plenty of insane people, including in law enforcement. But going to war against them without knowing the truth is wrong. And dangerous. If you are asked by the police to stop, then just stop and respond with some good manners. Most of us want a civil society and we can have it if we ourselves are civil. Probably the teacher was a decent person, but maybe he was drunk and belligerent. And maybe he held animosity toward the police, and maybe he got angry and attacked the cop. We do not know what motivated him, but apparently something did.

    Maybe he had been reading comments that some of you so-called “freethinkers” posted on other sites. Maybe your own hatred infused him, and just maybe your own bitterness is partly to blame for his death. Freethink on that.

    • Guy

      Yep ! Of course you are right ! Because obviously, this guy did something mighty bad enough to piss off this cop, resulting in cop just doing his job and blowing the guy out of his shoes !

      After all, were dealing with a even tempered, dudley do-right sort of guy here, that happens to be a cop with 30 years of nobel experience !

      So in the end, it’s partly my fault along with everyone else that is here, who say’s things negative and controversial about American Policing Practices and Policy’s in America.

      Sound about right ?

      • Sound’s like you do not know what you are talking about. The police officer was attacked after the suspect broke free of the cuffing process. Attacked the police officer. Attacked an armed, uniformed man. Attacked. Do you understand that? You left that actual fact out.

        The officer defended himself with deadly force, as he had already tased the guy. Then tried to cuff him. Suspect broke free and attacked the cop. Boom. Justified. It does not matter that you do not like it. The cop was defending himself, based on what we know.

        And you know zero about that cop. Nothing. Yet you act as if you do. You insinuate that he is not even tempered, but you know nothing about him, and nothing about the dead guy. Except that the dead guy, while he was alive, attacked a uniformed and armed police officer. Not much “even tempered” in him, huh?

        Sound about right?

        • Ed

          Nothing in this story says use of deadly force was necessary! Drunks are picked up daily without being SHOT! This 30 year veteran cop was out of shape and afraid he couldn’t handle a drunk without using deadly force. Rambo would have had him handcuffed and hog tied in 30 seconds.

          • He wasn’t Rambo, and we do not know what the dead guy was doing at the time of the attack. But he resisted arrest, broke away from apprehension, DID NOT RUN, and attacked the officer. Bye-bye attacker.

        • Guy

          So by your own logic. If I am walking down the street, minding my own business, and you or a cop comes up to me, asking me why I’am walking down the street, and I say none of your business and keep on walking. You or cop lays a hand on my arm, to stop me, then by definition, that is assault or attack, and I am free to take my gun out or billy club and either shoot you dead or beat the living snot out of you, untill you stop moving, because I was in fear for my own personal safety or life !

          So what’s to know ? Other that he is a cop, with a badage, uniform and gun, he has the law on his side, that say’s he can legally shoot, kill, beat and arrest people, for just about anything, including jaywalking. He dosen’t have a moral code, he follows the brotherhood that all cops do, knowing that they all have each others backs, even for the bad ones as well as the good, because that’s the code !
          By following the code and department policy manual, sets him free from all responsibility of morality or ethics, that we all follow, because he is set above us, to enforce all laws, never to question any, but strictly to enforce all, no matter what it takes. So if he or one of his own plants a little coke in someone’s, pants pocket, to help get the bad guy, or makes a questionable shooting or maybe run’s over some old lady in the street, that okay, because it’s to code. “And Our’s Is Not To Question What Is To Do Or Is Right, But Our’s To Do And Die” for the code and policy manual !

    • Elle

      No one was hurt or dead until 5 minutes after the cop arrived. LOGIC states the cop is to blame. Oh and the bullet came from his service weapon DUH.

      • What logic is that Elle? I can’t wait to hear this…

      • Mustafa Curtess

        Four bullets, according to one witness that heard four shots.

    • Verigan

      For someone claiming people should “know the truth,” you sure are eager to spout a one-sided version of events based on hearsay. Cops have been caught lying countless times, so until they show us proof that there was no alternative but to kill that man, taking them to task is right and proper.

      And as for escalation… The initiation of violence is always an escalation, you lying half-wit! And according to the police statement, force was used because the victim was non-compliant, not because he attacked the officer. Therefore, they ADMITTED that the officer escalated it, which makes the article completely factual in stating as much.

      • Read the article, sport. It is plainly written in the officers statement.

        One sided version of events? Listen bud, I can only go by the information in the article. I have not added one thing. Sooo, if you can read and comprehend what you read, how about you go back, take notes, and reach out to me if you have any questions?

        To help you succeed, I refer you to the seventh paragraph.

        Now, if you will be so kind, please refer me to the police statement in the article that you say is there regarding non-compliance? Let me see… hmmmm… does not seem to be there. Nope, its not. Are you a liar, Verigan? Why yes indeed, you are. You make things up out of the blue and vomit them forth as fact. Pathetic.

        • Verigan

          Jerry, I don’t know if you’re a moron or a liar, but basing your entire viewpoint on the assertions of the police, who have provided zero evidence to support them, is as one-sided as it gets.

          As for non-compliance, here’s a quote from the article:

          “Schnorenberg encountered Tuseth in a hallway near the hotel’s pool and Schnorenberg used his Taser against the man after he ignored ‘several verbal commands,’ the police news release said.”

          Ignoring verbal commands is a form of non-compliance, and it does not make a person a threat. The cops don’t say he was violent; therefore, it was the cop who initiated the violence. That means the cop escalated the situation. It’s a basic exercise of pre-school level logic.

          So what is it, Jerry? Are you a liar or a moron?

          • Verigan – a liar, eh?
            You chose to leave out the part when, after the dead guy refused to stop whatever he was doing, the cop tased the guy, and then attempted to cuff him. That cuffing is also for the dead guys safety, but the dead guy fought the cop, broke free and attacked the cop. And then the attacker died. What a fool. Drugged up, probably.

            The cop did not escalate anything. He ordered the guy to stop doing whatever the hotel called the cops on him for doing. The dead guy refused to stop. Cops don’t have to say “please”. The cop then tased him. That’s humane enough. The tased guy broke free and attacked the cop. That got him shot.

            You called me a liar, but perhaps that is only because you are a judgemental, blind, collectivist fool. You are a dumbass, Verigan. You cannot interpret data when it is written in plain English and printed right above your type space.

            “pre-school level logic”. My goodness you are a brainy man.

            I don’t want to get real ugly with you, and I won’t but HOW CAN YOU OMIT FACTS LIKE THAT? Oh wait… you are a collectivist; a numb-skulled non-thinker who does not need the facts because you already have a verdict burned into that super-fine brain of yours.

            I’m not responding to this article again. If anyone here, including this illiterate flake verigan, just has to flex his intellectual genius, scroll through the comments and read what I already wrote. I already broke whatever argument you pose.

          • Verigan

            Jerry, you really are a fool, and I take back what I said about having been unfair. You’re a liar, as well. You’re so determined to be right that you’ll see or say anything to vilify the person you’re arguing with, never once considering that you might be wrong about anything. The proof is in your claim that I’m a collectivist when everything I’ve said clearly proves the contrary to be true. I could also point to where you called me “illiterate,” which is clearly not the case.

            Again, you don’t know what happened. You only have the cop’s word—a one-sided account which could easily be a complete fabrication, concocted to conceal and justify an act of murder. Because you’re taking it as fact, despite the lack of evidence to support the claim, you prove yourself to be blind and judgmental.

            And I notice you said nothing at all to actually contest my point about who initiated the violence, but instead of admitting your mistake like a man and moving on, you tried to cover it up by going off on a moralistic attack like some kind of rabid SJW, regurgitating the same nonsense that I’ve been saying you can’t trust in the first place, making your argument circular and worthless.

            Lastly, you can’t just waltz out declaring victory. A participant in a debate can’t decide that they won. It isn’t for us to decide. What you’re really doing is tucking your tail between your legs and running away like a coward because you ran into a tough opponent.

  • michael92064

    No witnesses?

  • LawrenceNeal

    When people look back over their lives, most of the things they regret happened after midnight, in conjunction with alcohol.

  • permalink

    The guy was acting-up. He was tazed. He fighting not to be handcuffed. All he had to do, not to be shot, is what he was told.

    • Liz O’neill

      when are you going to stop saying its ok to murder a man for non compliance, does a cop have to shoot you, or your mother or your child or your dog, NON COMPLIANCE DOES NOT CARRY THE DEATH PENALTY. end of, the cop is a yellow coward who murdered an unarmed man.

      • Non-compliance? How about self defense? You forget that. It was not non-compliance that got him shot. Non-compliance got him arrested. He resisted, broke free and attacked the officer, who then properly shot and killed the attacker.

        You people do not want the truth. You lie to yourselves.

        • Ed

          You are on the wrong DRUGS!

      • permalink

        Not my fault the guy was drunk and rebellious. Some folks just get stupid when they drink, obviously this character was from that gene pool…

    • Elle

      Can you cite a law where it says not obeying a cop justifies your death? I can’t seem to find that one.

      • permalink

        Everyone I know stops what they are doing and obeys whatever the LEO’s request. Yeah, I know, it sounds stupid, but it has kept me alive for a number of years…

        • Jason Werner

          Doesn’t make it right or legal. Stay scared…. lol

          • permalink

            “Stay scared…. lol”

            I am not scared. Police have stopped me numerous times and have never been a threat.

    • Exactly. Very simple and done thousands of times every day.

  • ♓Ξ▲ѴƳ Ƙ∆RM∆~Ð∈ßϯ SᏝ▲V∈

    Cops … Black LIES Matter ..

  • Ʈ♓ΞƳ L¡Ѵ∈ 。。 { ఠ ͟ಠ) ⌐●-●

    Cops are being taught to have total disdain and contempt for the citizens and it shows ..

    • Elle

      It’s always been this way. Nothing new.

  • PatrickHenry

    They are trained to escalate the situtation so they can claim they were in fear for their life when the execute you.

    • John Howell

      If that were the case then hundreds if not thousands of people per day would be killed by cops.

      • dweav

        Look around you, hundreds a day are killed by cops!

        • MasterJames

          Thats not true at all. Google is your friend.

        • John Howell

          Cite your source, and allow me this opportunity to thank the police for the difficult and important work they do.

  • Elle

    Another White privilege card expired again!!!???? Two days in a row. I know from personal experience and awareness of many other cases friends family others that cops violate people of all ethnicities and I’m just hoping that the divisive derailing narratives of the last several years are on the way out. Then maybe just maybe SOMETHING will be done to change this.

  • Elle

    The time for change is OVERDUE

  • Ed

    Even NON-criminals can act stupid!

    • cjdoren

      But acting stupid is not against the law. Some are mentally ill.

  • Ed

    All Cops can’t keep saying they “Feared for their Life” to justify shooting someone. We must let a jury of their peers decide in each and every case, the prosecutors will have to work to Free a Cop! I can’t see how we let Prosecutors decide what’s justified or NOT!

    • billdeserthills

      The last few jury trials found the cops charged to be innocent. Cops are indemnified and it’s
      hard to hold them responsible, they need a civilian board of review


    My 7th grade biology teacher was a perv. I strongly disliked him, so I’m glad this guy got shot. He deserved it. Allahu akbar!!

    • Jason Werner

      Troll much?

      • FHRITP

        All the time. Be unoriginal much?

  • cjdoren

    Our police officers remind me of Barney Fife. Scared of their OWN shadows. They rather shoot to kill than shoot to maim and if you are a person of color unarmed, you get a death sentence within seconds. Never mind that you are a child that is unarmed. Instead of protecting the public, they take their power to the hilt and have become paid assassins. Paid by OUR TAX DOLLARS. Police need to be better trained and better vetted. Racist police should not be in minority neighborhoods and likewise black racist police should not be in white neighborhoods. People are fed up with the number of unnecessary deaths of the youth in this country. Oftentimes, a taser would have worked fine but our Police with they chicken shit scary asses would rather shoot within seconds EVEN IF THEY KNOW THE VICTIM IS UNARMED. I am at a point that I don’t think we need police anymore because they murder and get away with it. I won’t call the police, I am armed in a open carry state. Mess with me and I have something for ya.

  • You hit anyone that has a gun, that is a representative of the rulers, you get what you deserve

    • Yeah, and in civilian areas, same thing. I am not required to take a butt whipping from anyone. Should anyone attack me, I am fully within my rights (at least in my state) to bust a cap in him or her or it. Its common sense. If someone attacks you, it is reasonable to assume that he or she or it might kill you if they gain the advantage. A line has to be drawn somewhere, so it is drawn at the “defense of life”. No one knows if a given attacker will kill them, so the assumption is that if someone attacks you, they intend to kill you. That keeps a lot of peace. And it is especially true of law enforcement officers. If someone attacks them and the cop feels that he might lose that fight, BANG. He was not hired to die for anyone, he was hired to enforce the law. People need to learn that if they attack anybody, expect to die for it. The ones who do not learn it become extinct.

      • In civilian areas I didn’t cover in-case they are a robber, a rapist, some other form of scum to be eliminated (without any trial if possible). What a lot of people don’t realize is for their feeble sensibilities of “justice” we all pay a lot. When they say “what if you were fitted up?” I say, unlikely and fantastical as it is, at least it’d be over quickly from a bullet to the head

        • Guy

          Make sure you hold really still, while I put a “Bullet To Your Head, Without Any Trial,” because of your “Feeble Sensibilities Of Justice, For running that red light and jaywalking ! “At Least It Will Be Over Quickly !” BANG !!!

          • I don’t speed or jaywalk, so sure if you catch me doing things I don’t do… I think you thought you’d be talking to someone that gives a hoot. If a law is unjust, cancel the law; this is what “thin government” means. There are plenty of places in the world where you don’t get shot for jaywalking and it’s not a crime.

          • Guy

            We are not talking about “other places in the world” we are discussing what goes on, right in your own back yard, that should be even close enough for you, considering, that you don’t jaywalk or speed, nor break any form of laws, as dictated by our “thin government”!

            Ever put your front bumper in a crosswalk at a stop light, or not come to a full and complete stop at a stop sign, so as to just sort of hesitate and roll on ? That is breaking the law, and by definition, you can be stopped, ticketed and end up being arrested and booked, sent to jail or even shot for it ! Depending on how the cop chooses to escalate it and your response to his escalations !

            Many cases of mistaken identities, where the wrong people have been accused of breaking the law, warrants issued and nasty things done to them, as the result ! Grandmas and babys, flasbanged because of SWAT sent to wrong address, innocent people are shot and killed just about every day, by our police, because of it, and no accountability given in return, most times not even a “I’Am Sorry. But, see you in court, is now the new norm, with DA’s shopping juries in secret, to set the fix for the cop to be found not guilty !

            Perhaps it’s time you wake up and smell the coffee, look around and realize, you are only as free, as they let you think you are ! Just try not to pay your income tax one or two years in a row, and see what happens !?

          • Oh I realize I’m not free, I don’t desire to be free, I just desire to be the head house-boy because it’s a lot easier than the route you go

          • Guy

            Head of house boy ? I allready did that for over 43 years, while raising two son’s to there mid 30’s and managed to be married to the love of my life, while running a contracting business for 38.

            You can’t make this shit up ! But somehow, I think you find comfort in the thinking you can !

    • Guy

      Oh ? What would that be ?

  • Kwokka_54

    Police are death squads now. Anybody who calls the cops better be prepared for the gestapo to murder somebody. If you dont care about others, be aware they’re just as likely to kill the one foolish enough to call them too.

  • Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    So why was a respected teacher flipping out of his ever loving gourd? they never tell you what you really want to know.

  • Stephen

    If public schools are gradually installing cameras in classrooms then its not too much to ask cops to wear cameras. They should have no fear of transparency if they are doing their jobs correctly.