Uncovered Emails Raise Suspicions of Oil Company Paying Police for DAPL Crackdown


December 5 will be a fateful day in the saga of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests, as the Army Corps of Engineers announced they will close all lands north of the Cannonball River, which includes the Oceti Sakowin protest camp.

We can expect that the camp will be forcibly cleared and protesters evicted by the same militarized police forces – and possibly National Guard – that have been acting as protection services for Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind DAPL.

What makes this even more concerning is that veterans, possibly numbering in the hundreds, have committed to join the protests on Dec. 5-7 to stop DAPL and defend water protectors. They are organizing “like a military unit” and say they are prepared to take a bullet, rubber or otherwise.

The gathering of militarized police forces protecting the 1,172-mile-long, 30” diameter oil pipeline is not just from North Dakota, but includes at least six other states — Wisconsin, Indiana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. This multi-state force is only possible by abusing a law meant to aid states in times of natural disaster.

It’s costing millions of dollars to deploy of all these cops, complete with riot gear, armored vehicles and LRAD cannons, against peaceful Native American protesters.

This peculiar situation begs the question: how are all these expensive deployments being paid for?

It appears that at least some police departments are expecting to get reimbursed by the oil company, which would make them nothing more than mercenaries.

Unicorn Riot has obtained emails from the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, which call for an investigation into the money trail enabling the militarized police crackdown at DAPL. One email from the Stutsman County Sheriff’s Department, which lends their MRAP armored vehicles for use by SWAT teams, states the following:

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I’ll ultimately be paid by the oil people dealing with the protests. I’m guessing when all of that is finally over and the dust settles, the oil company is going to want all the paperwork for reimbursement. I figured I should have some formal form instead of writing hours on a napkin (smiley face). Thanks.” – Tyler Falk

Unicorn Riot notes there is no direct evidence of Energy Transfer Partners or other private companies actually paying police departments, and a spokesperson for the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services stated, “ETP [Energy Transfer Partners] has not provided funding to any law enforcement agency or state agencies.

However, an interview with the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners earlier this month raises even more suspicion in light of the emails. CBS reporter Mark Alpert stated the following from an interview with CEO Kelsy Warren:

Warren told us the company wants to reimburse the state of North Dakota and Morton County for millions spent so far for protests and security, but that authorities have not yet accepted his offer.

The governor’s office has denied receiving an offer from ETP, but the Morton County Sheriff’s Department said, “We have heard there has been an informal verbal offer, however Morton County has not responded to Energy Transfer.

When pressed about the “informal offer,” the sheriff said that’s just “what we heard while watching the CBS program.”

All of this calls for further investigation into every penny of funding going into the militarized police crackdown at DAPL, which has inflicted serious injuries on protesters and arrested more than 400 people. As Unicorn Riot notes, the uncovered emails reveal that at least some of the cops indeed view themselves as mercenaries for a private oil company.

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In the interview, CEO Warren was absolutely sure their pipeline will be completed, even though the Corps of Engineers has delayed granting the easement to build under Lake Oahe. the drinking water source for the Standing Rock Sioux.

They will not stop our project. That’s naive. They’re not stopping our project,” said Warren.

Despite already losing tens of millions of dollars due to delays caused by the protests, his oil company is willing to give the cops millions more for their services in brutalizing and rounding up protesters.


    If it is violence they seek, it is violence they shall recieve.
    Sign me
    Just another vet crazy enough to practice the skills I learned in nam.

    • Gene

      That would put you over 60 years old. WHat kind of violence? Dusty farts?

      • roddie1111

        Funny eh! Humans don’t need water. lol

      • Richard H. Jones

        Some dusty farts are lethal, son.

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      • elropo

        You poor fool, you don’t have a clue about age. A lot of us old folks have more courage and less to lose than you kiddies.


        This 60 something year old runs 10 miles and rides a bicycle 20 miles 7 days a week.
        Whatever I do will be more than whatever you do..you must be one of those precoup snowflakes I hear so much about..

      • William Cuppoletti

        I will be standing with my brothers and sisters. I see you have never served or volunteered to assist mankind. Just a user. At 60 I was able to carry other firefighter down a ladder then up another. Let that sink in couch potato.

      • Charlie3

        You’d make a good member of a Senior Death Panel. If Paul Ryan has his way, they’re coming.

    • Alom Fox

      FTP 🙂

    • Rachel Alice-Pauline

      No one is seeking violence there but the hired thugs in uniform. Go there with peace in your heart and prayerful intent, or don’t go there. Thank you, for all our relations

    • bougee

      Rag fembuviner, you crazy azz , you is batshit, keep you french ass home ! No ones lookin for violence ! They are for moral support, this is Native American land, please respect them in Protecting the water

    • Linda Gordon

      Please. Peace. Resist like Ghandi.

  • congressive

    Ever since the Greenhouse Whistleblower court case brought it to light, it seems the Army Corp of Engineers is a wholly owned subsidy of the oil industry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunny_Greenhouse

  • Richard Knopf

    Violence is the last thing to bring to standing Rock. Take your violent retribution else where. When you can come in prayer with a compassionate heart, you will be welcomed.

    • elropo

      And I can agree, but nothing will happen, sorry….If that worked we would never have war..

  • Prince

    It’s time for We The People to start arming up and militarizing against these Police Puke Jack-Booted Stormtrooper Donut Nazis!

    • billdeserthills

      The protesters don’t want any guns present

    • Alom Fox

      Not On This One I’m Afraid. No Solution Should Ever Not Be Discussed Tho 😉

  • Richard Knopf

    The author of this piece should read the latest letter from the corps.

    • congressive


  • 30yrfed

    “Force always attracts men of low morality.”

    Albert Einstein

  • AdrienneHB

    WHERE THE HELL S AG LYNCH? Isn’t the DOJ supposed to protect our civil liberties?

    I think the Corps just threw gas on the fire. That date is no coincidence; the hundreds of veterans who are joining the effort for the water protectors will present a whole other dimension to the site. If the Colonel thinks otherwise, he’s on crack. Bad enough the water cannons. Bad enough the government is violating the water protectors civil rights in favor of a private consortium, this is going to be epic. Wonder if the good Colonel will have the balls to be there on Dec 5. I’m betting not…

    • Alom Fox

      We Must Get The Veterans Behind More Actions In The Future. This Is A Key. We Would All Be Wise To Use It Accordingly.

    • Robyn Ryan

      He’s the local tool of the Oil Kings.

  • Rolling Stoner

    #IStandWithStandingRock #WaterIsLife #JusticeForSophia #NoDAPL #TheWholeWorldIsWatching

  • permalink

    Wonder what these protestors are thinking now, waking up to six inches of snow.

    • D Laurier Beaulieu

      that it will all be worth it to see their children and grandchildren safe

      • Alom Fox


  • John Cokos

    Brings us back to the old days of Standard Oil and JD Rockefeller. What goes around comes around…

  • Ibcamn

    cops always get paid off to do shit like this,always,cops are dirty fuckers and criminal thugs with a badge……

  • WarlordOfViduus

    I know if anyone who is able to be in ND and if someone is killed, all hell will break loose because the entire planet is watching. Most countries hate the U.S. and for obvious reasons from historical records going back to at the latest during WWI or the 2/3 of the colonials who didn’t want to separate from England. I would be up there if possible. I have a fractured vertebrae, degenerative disks and possibly MS for all I know. My doctors aren’t giving me answers and are milking me for insurance purposes and enjoying the co-pay. If my cousin decides to go back up there and bring me along like we planned after he went to scatter his grandmother’s ashes along the reservation in Rosebud. We were just gonna camp, hike, climb stuff and visit family but if he decides he’s had enough, I’m coming up there, maybe my grandma’s friend who does some pencil pushing shit for Alabama in the Capitol Building sees me get injured or killed that might make some kind of dent since I inherited the lighter skin instead of my sister. If I get to go up there and I get killed, they better make it uglier than any shit they’ve had nightmares of. Since my spine is basically deteriorating, I’ll take what can be thrown at me. This country and the lack of logical reasoning that I’ve noticed since I was in middle school.

    If they see subhuman maniacs in the crowd in Standing Rock, I would gladly show them one because I could dying anyway and my doctors or family could be keeping it from me. I possibly listen to too much doom metal but I’m physically fucked so they can make a gas can out of the fat on my ass after I croak…should be forced to.

    Yes, I’m insane…which was why I wanted to join the military but I have the body of an 80 year old man. So, yeah. If I get to go up there and if I happen to be killed.. I want to look like a character in a medieval painting of hell. I’m sure I could find someone sadistic enough to go along with what I have in mind if that happens. I have no concern for anything that happens to my body after I die so may as well make it as disturbing to those country-club pussies as humanly possible.

  • Charlie3

    SS Stormtroopers.

  • David Jones

    Army Corp. denies any intent to forcibly remove anyone after technical “eviction.”

  • Jeanie Delgado

    Oh, it can be stopped! No such thing as an informal offer! Intent to do harm for filthy luchre has already been proven!

  • Robyn Ryan

    The LOCAL Corps Commander sent that letter. Sloppy journalism, dammit.
    You’re spreading misinformation.