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University of Texas Announces They Will Allow Students to Carry Handguns into Classrooms


Austin, TX — On June 1, 2015, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed S.B. 11, also known as the “campus carry” law. S.B. 11 provides that license holders may carry a concealed handgun throughout university campuses, starting Aug. 1, 2016.

In a letter to the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin, President Greg Fenves announced on Wednesday that the college will allow handguns in classrooms.

This law is not only for the faculty, but also allows students to openly carry a pistol in classroom, dorms, dining areas, study areas, and in the Unversity apartments.

In his letter, Fenves voiced his discontent with allowing handguns and noted that he was only allowing them to comply with the campus carry law.

“I do not believe handguns belong on a university campus, so this decision has been the greatest challenge of my presidency to date. I empathize with the many faculty, staff, students and parents of students who signed petitions, sent emails and letters, and organized to ban guns from campus and especially classrooms. As a professor, I understand the deep concerns raised by so many. However, as president, I have an obligation to uphold the law.”

The law is receiving mixed reviews from faculty. Last month, professors held a Teach-in to voice their opposition to allowing guns in the classroom.

According to the law, only licensed handgun owners will be able to bring their guns as long as it remains on their person at all times, or locked in their vehicle.

UT panel released their recommendations for policies to be put in place for handguns on campus. Specifically they say guns should be banned from dorms, offices, labs and child care facilities. However, the panel also said UT’s more than 50,000 students spend most of their time on campus in the classroom, therefore they believe by keeping handguns out of the classroom they are violating the campus carry law, reports KATN.

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As fears of rampant shootings on Texas campuses are sparked across the nation with the passage of this law, statistics show that they are unfounded. In reality, the campus will most likely stay exactly the same. Learning will go on as normal, only now, people will be protecting themselves and others.

Every time there is a shooting, controversy arises as the anti-gun groups call for “stricter gun laws” while the pro-gun groups cite Charlton Heston.

Gun rights advocates state the obvious when they say that restricting the possession of guns only keeps guns out of the hands of people who actually listen to the law.

On the other side, the gun controllers ignore this logic and push for even stricter laws across the nation to stop the flow of guns.

Unfortunately, taking away the ability of people to defend themselves is a popular notion in this country despite the logic behind disarming everyone to stop criminals being incredibly flawed.

Of course, a society without guns sounds fantastic and in a perfect utopian world, it would be nice not to need a gun. However, we do not live in utopia.

It’s not about “clinging to the second amendment” or being addicted to firepower, it’s about protecting you and your family and no one having the right to hinder that protection.

As John Locke stated, self-defense is the first law of nature. Each person owns his or her own life and no other person has a right to take that life. Those who would attempt to stop you from defending yourself, are attacking the very right from which all other rights are derived – protection of one’s own life.

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What advocates of gun control really mean when they say they want to ban guns is that they only want the government to have guns. After all, who would enforce the ban on guns, and how would it be enforced — without guns?

Ironically enough, there are many people within the police accountability movement who advocate the disarming of society. Somehow, they think that police will magically begin to act in a moral manner and respond quicker to 9-1-1 calls once the rest of society can no longer protect themselves with guns.

Calling the police for protection is nowhere near effective, not too mention that there is a good chance your house will be wrecked, your pet killed, or worse.

Not only is it a crap shoot to call 9-1-1, but it’s a terribly rigged craps game in which the house almost always wins – and you lose.

Researchers found that less than 5 percent of all calls dispatched to police are made quickly enough for officers to stop a crime or arrest a suspect. The 911 bottom line: “cases in which 911 technology makes a substantial difference in the outcome of criminal events are extraordinarily rare.”

Trying to claim that the police will step up to protect you once all the good people turned in their guns is a pipe dream devoid of any logical thought whatsoever.

Even the cops know this.

As the Free Thought Project pointed out, Police chiefs across the country are urging citizens to arm themselves and admitting that police cannot stop mass shootings, only a well-armed society can.

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • I dobt it anyone will fuck with students there,,,

  • And now we can truly see if GUN VIOLENCE EXPLODES LIKE CRAZY… Or if literally nothing happens at all

    • Remember what ‘they’ said about marijuana legalization in Colorado? Just the opposite happened. These are the same “they” who said back in the 1940’s that television would never catch on because no one would have time to watch it. The simple minded can always find something to worry about.

  • Can you stil carry a high-powered rifle up to the top of the bell tower?

  • “I believe you meant to give me an A”

  • This is so fucking silly. Americans and their gun fetish.. How childish..

    • What you fail to understand is not every Tom, Dick, and Harry is gonna be carrying. Only people who have a license.

    • And that’s so much safer… Derp

    • We don’t have a gun fetish, we love freedom.
      Don’t like it, don’t come here, simple easy plain.

    • Freedom means being able to walk down the street and not have to look over your shoulder making sure you don’t get shot…

      Freedom is being able to live life without something that can take another humans life away.

      Ignorance is choice. Freedom should come from love.. Not fear…

    • Jesus, what is with the rudeness from people in other countries??
      This country fought it’s way into existence. We are defined by our freedom. It is the very foundation of our government.
      It does not come from love…It is a fight, because it could be so easily taken away.

  • Nope. They wouldn’t be targeting gun-free zones if they wanted a firefight.

  • Ahh let them, we’ll see what happens.

  • On the one hand more guns, more chance of a shooting.On the other hand if a nut job starts shooting everyone at least he or she will be taken out quickly. Not before causing a small amount of death though.

  • Be sure to take those un-tested meds the quack prescribed before school.

  • “To paraphrase several sages: Nobody can think and hit someone at the same time.” – Susan Sontag

  • Thats fkn insane

  • what could possibly go wrong?

  • Will UT allow students, faculty, and staff access to roofs as snipers to watch for any sign of trouble?

  • I was in class today stopping and a door slammed with the wind and it sounded like an explosion I just about 100 the table I didn’t know it was a door but can I use in schools brought by students so what could go wrong let me count the ways

  • Figuring out the real shooter will be a lot more interesting.

    • Really, because someone indiscriminately firing at unarmed persons is unclear to you?

    • No, it’s all of the people who will return fire. A lot more forensic experts will be needed due to all the different guns used. Simple logic. Is that unclear to you?

    • You assume it will be business as usual when everyone knows all the students are armed. Why would you think such a silly thing?

    • Because people still get stupidly angry, especially hormonal college students.
      Being armed and angry usually will not end in a fistfight.

  • What a sick society we live in !

  • Nathan Flory Good move.

  • Generally, these guys don’t care about dying, so how is it actually going to stop school shootings? The entire culture is based around a false premise that everyone has the right to be armed. Armed while shopping at walmart, armed during an exam, armed at the football. It’s insanity. With all that “protection” around the place, why is the usa not the safest country in the world.

    • Only a crazy person could comprehend.

    • Its going to be really fun when they need to track down the shooter and everyone is armed. I can also see students panicking and shooting any other person they see who is armed during a shooting.

    • It’s hard to execute a mass murdering rampage with your body immobilized by bullet holes and no pulse, don’t ya think?

    • but Daniel, students might shoot others students because of spastic fear, and the cool and calm police might not know who the gunman is. Haha

    • It’s way better to not let anyone carry. If no one brings a gun into these gun free zones, then problem solved. If a crazy person brings a gun, get on your knees and take one to the face. Yup

    • So much fail in this post

      Almost all mass shooters give up or kill themselves as soon as they are confronted by another armed person.

      Good thing my rights are not subject to your opinion

    • I understand your hypothetical daniel, but i still dont see how it’s going to stop school shootings. Some colleges (like Umpqua) allow weapons on campus. It does not prevent shootings because being a gun free zone is not the stimulus for the killing. School and workplace mass killings are not just random attacks. In almost every case the shooter had some attachment to the victims, they do the killing there because that is where their percieved greviences are. Crazies will just be smarter about how they do their killing.

      In the case of schools, there needs to be better access to mental health services, not better access to guns.

    • Jason Steven Miller, they either kill themselves or they are killed by police. The only person i can think of in recent history to try and get away with his mass killing was the weak little pussy dylann roof.

    • Simple, idiot! You KILL the perp first…! Duh!!!

    • Just like in the movies? righto.

  • Yeah fine this may or may not stop a mass shooting 1 now everyone knows pick any of the other 3000 colleges in America then. 2 this will be ok til a student gets drunk or mad at some one and they do something silly. 3 all it takes is one person make a move or set of noises that someone not paying attention might think is an attack.

  • Just heading towards a shoot out like in the old west days

  • Americans really are stupid, it would be better to arm Teachers not the kids fs

  • The main way to stop a bad person with a gun is to use a good person with a gun. More focus is needed to help the mentally ill that never gets brought up with these mass shootings.

    • i wrote this just above…
      let’s go with the ‘everyone has a concealed weapon’ scenario. i think you’re a ‘bad guy’ – i shoot you – some other ‘good guy’ shoots me – another ‘good guy’ shoots you (the ‘bad guy’), missing and killing an innocent bystander – meanwhile, the police show up and shoot you (the ‘good guy’? or the ‘bad guy’? or does it matter?) – and even the police (trained, practiced, and held to much higher standards) still have ‘accidents’ and shoot ‘good guys’. let’s just shoot everybody and let magic sky-man sort ’em out.

    • With the millions of guns in America owned by ‘Good’ people, I’m surprised there are any gun relayed crimes at all.

    • James Dunbar by attacking the second amendment all your doing is taking guns away from the good guy- bad guys will alway get guns. The crime rate has risen in every state that has removed guns- check them stats. Obama is a dictator, Tyranny is upon the States. Who will defend the people once the petrodollar colappses – the Fema camps dont look that inviting. If someone has a concealed carry licesnce rest assured they have the common sense on how to handle their bussiness, they dont just hand the licenses out.

    • Steven Mallaber , get real. Learn how to protect your family.

    • Scaughdt Iam there’s plenty more acredited articles out there that prove otherwise. I suggest you get out more.

    • Scott M Berry – your response is gibberish, but thanks for not thinking.

    • Dumb cliche foisted by the NRA, pimping for the gun manufacturers.

    • Scaughdt Iam you do know the salon is a shit filled blog, right?

    • Man I’m glad to be Canadian ,,,

    • Plus your Second amendment is clearly outdated , as well as a complete misinterpretation ( Bought and paid for fabrication I mean ) of the actual text and intent of the amendment . Canada’s gun laws are actually closer to its intent , and we don’t need to possess tons of weapons .

    • James Dunbar you are putting the hero syndrome out there. Any practical and well educated person who carries regularly. Should and must know. You are NOT the police. That weapon may be used for your protection and those immediately affected. It is stupid to look for “bad guys”. It is smart to find a defensive position and act accordingly. Firearm Education is the true and only way to help with this very small problem called “gun violence”. Statically baseball bats, hammers and other Blount objects are the leading killer in violent crimes.

    • Duane – you are absolutely incorrect on blunt objects. murder by firearm is almost 15 times more frequent than by blunt objects (FBI data: https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2011/crime-in-the-u.s.-2011/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-8). you are absolutely correct that proper, thorough, and continued education is means to improve the very LARGE problem of gun violence (30,000 deaths in the US every year – far and large outnumbering any other comparable country [i.e. western, democratic, capitalist nation with scalable statistics]).

  • Wish I’d had one at school age
    Wish I had one now

  • Yes they go there to die. people will be everywhere bullets fired in panic. more blood more profit for the gun industry. before they die they will have time to be pleased – or whatever they get off on – at the extra carnage.

    • I agree. More guns on campus just mean more bullets will be fired. The whole “good guy with a gun” is such bullshit.

  • So no mass murderers in America have been school students?

    Columbine April 20 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were senior students, they murdered 12 students and one teacher. They injured 21 additional people, and three more were injured while attempting to escape the school. The pair committed suicide.
    In addition to the shootings, the complex and highly planned attack involved a fire bomb to divert firefighters, propane tanks converted to bombs placed in the cafeteria, 99 explosive devices, and car bombs.

    If students were permitted to carry hand guns and an attack such as this took place students would panic and start shooting each other.
    Over 1000 mass shootings took place in America in 2015, nowhere else in the world does this happen and in response to that they are going to allow students to carry handguns. This is bound to work, after all what could possibly go wrong :/

    • BS LIES!!!!!! Watch more FOX news you fkng sick bastard TROLL!!!!!

    • You’re right, the dead wouldn’t have been better off, with a firearm and a fighting chance.
      That makes total sense!

    • A total ban on guns makes sense. Why can Americans not see that.

    • No heck no a total ban in guns is gonna be hectic then how are we going to protect ourselves from government militia or wild animals

    • How many of those students were alowed to carry on campus?

      What’s your point again?

    • Shawn Zenisek if thats the best ya got you best grab hold of mummies skirt real quick cause your not ready to play troll with the grown ups ya moron !! OH and SOME meaningless words IN CAPS because YOU think it makes you a tough keyboard WARRIOR. Go forth and conquer ZENA warrior princess and make your mumma proud *rolls eyes*

    • Im not an arrogant Murican so really I couldnt give a fuck and as far as i’m concerned it would be doing the world a favour if keep your guns, give all the kids guns and then go shoot each other.

    • Only in Murica is it the norm to think “ugg caveman need gun to protect from mass murderer”. Meanwhile the rest of the world think “nah dont need a gun bro, the last mass murder was more then 5 years ago”.

    • I personally would prefer my freedom over my security.

    • That is the point. Relinquishing our guns and trusting the government to take care of us would be the opposite of everything that America stands for.

  • Crossfire.

  • Its a good move but in an arena of great immaturity where men routinely fight over women while drunk. I dont know, jury’s out.

    • How can it ever be a good move. The mentality of Americans makes me laugh.

    • Well allowing people to carry has statistically reduced the number of shootings or other violent crimes. However a college campus, I dont know. I stated my arguments. Overall, great idea, specifically, not so much.

    • Manish, I guess we know what kind of bars you go to.

    • But a total ban on guns would reduce stats even further

  • My sincerest condolences to anyone with any sanity left in murrica.

    You appear to be in a minority.

  • UT may be the safest campus in America! I would send my kids there.

    • Yep. Because guns are safe. Idiot.

    • Ben Harrison You are the idiot Ben Harrison. I hope someone pulls a gun on you so you can thank God that you do not have one to protect yourself. Idiot.

    • I live in england. We don’t have a obsession with them here.

    • Ben Harrison I hope someone pulls a gun on you so you can thank God that you live in “england” and do not have one to protect yourself.

  • We’ve just slipped back a hundred years, Mr. Dillon.

    • In 1915, purchasing a house would have typically set you back $3,200, according to Census records.

  • In the event of an actual shooting, this will more than level the playing field. Or it’s better to be unarmed when someone breaks the no guns rule and starts shooting. Yeah, being unarmed is way better!!!!

    • Your not weighing it up
      Correctly. The truth will be, do you feel safer carrying a gun for the really unlikely event of a mass shooting happening in front of you? What about after you realise that now 50% of the people around you have a hand gun hidden on them and one in four Americans aged over 18 have a diagnosable mental condition in any given year, one in seventeen classed as severe.

      Yep all those extra guns in all those shaky hands make me feel safe.

  • No mass shooters have ever been deterred by the possibility of armed victims at their targeted locations. They intend to die, there are no consequences for them and no fear of armed opponents. Sorry to bust your macho bubble.

    • Literally everything in your post is false

    • Be more vague.

    • As I recall it, there were armed people on the campus the day of the U Texas Tower shooter and he still shot people and more than 20 shooters fired at him as he killed 19?

  • Criminals don’t care about laws, don’t you statists understand this fact, or do you dislike reality that much to ignore it willfully?

    • Yes, they dislike reality that much they are willing to totally ignore the facts. Facts disturb their sleep.

    • So let’s get rid of all laws! Why have traffic laws or laws against murder. It still happens.

    • Leanne, there a difference between laws and justice with regards to victimless crimes and murder, you know this well and clear.
      Instead of acknowledging the facts, you skirt the issue; criminals aren’t deterred by paper in a filing cabinet from murdering innocent people nor are they stopped from carrying anything.
      Because those with ill intent could care less, shall we just allow them and not law abiding citizens the means to defend their life?
      You refuse to accept the truth, instead you make a association fallacy.

    • “Good guys” such as criminal cops don’t mind the laws they are tasked with upholding. Why should we?

  • That is so wrong, on so many levels.

  • Would Jesus want to carry a gun?

    • JESUS: Matt 10:34, “”Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” If they had guns back then, Jesus would have had one.

    • What a sick idea of what the supposed idea of the message of a fictional character (Jesus Christ) is. You can pick and choose various quotes from the fiction of a bible that was written by people that did not know Jesus Christ, even if he actually existed. And, there is absolutely no historical evidence that the guy even existed. The whole Christian religion is based on a fantasy invented by men (not women), whose only goal was to control the masses.

    • Odin would!

  • Good!

  • Another brilliant idea!!! People are so ridiculously ignorant, you haven’t learned a damn thing with the school shootings from the past? Wake up and smell reality!!!

  • Oh shit but what if someone gets hela mad n have a gun fight

  • HELL NO!!!!! COOL.

  • haa Nobody fails anymore lol jk


  • let me just tell you i carry a gun pretty much every where i go including places its illegal to do so but no one ever knows because its concealed id rather be safe than sorry

    • Ever considered therapy? You sound a bit scary.

    • Why is he scary? These killers intentionally target gun free zones. Criminals don’t care about the laws it better to be prepared.

    • Because he’s a potential killer. Scary.

    • People who feel it is necessary to carry a loaded gun with them at all times are looking to use them. I feel that this is paranoia. I also feel that such People are looking for trouble and inclined to be a perpetrator who very well could be the very person whom they claim they are offering protection from. Thus, they are ‘scary to me and other rational people.

    • Bill Hohenwarter
      Only scary to people who want to strip away our rights to defend ourselves. I applaud this effort. Shootings can end quickly in one of two ways.

      1. Shooter succeeds and commits suicide.

      2. Someone kills the shooter before too much damage can occur.

      Tell me how you’re gonna approach someone with a gun. How will you take him out first?

    • Jacob Andersen Nice John Wayne mentality. But the odds are, statistically, that you’ll get shot first.

    • While at the same time bystanders are at greater risk, you might be mistaken as an offender…

    • Bill Hohenwarter scary no, a person that will stand up for you or protect you in a emergency.. Yes.. I’m happy for people like him.

    • odds are statistically? wow i didn’t know odds had anything to do with statistics. thanks for sharing. gotta link?

    • Opps,.. His point is valid, focusing on the way she expressed herself is not a valid response. I’m not anti gun, simply not in favor of people carrying loaded weapons with them at all times and feel it’s irresponsible and, yes, scary.

    • If you carry a loaded weapon, statistics suggest that you are placing the public in danger. Apologies for any typos, that’s my phone spell checking.

    • let’s go with the ‘everyone has a concealed weapon’ scenario. i think you’re a ‘bad guy’ – i shoot you – some other ‘good guy’ shoots me – another ‘good guy’ shoots you (the ‘bad guy’), missing and killing an innocent bystander – meanwhile, the police show up and shoot you (the ‘good guy’? or the ‘bad guy’? or does it matter?) – and even the police (trained, practiced, and held to much higher standards) still have ‘accidents’ and shoot ‘good guys’. let’s just shoot everybody and let magic sky-man sort ’em out.

    • Karl Knize mind showing us those statistical odds. Please don’t link to an op-ed that doesn’t cite. I really wanted to see that 4.5x more likely, Because it doesn’t really go into detail. And considering some peoples mentalities, a victim could very well be the mugger getting shot. Which in that case, it’s not a bad thing.

    • Every state with the strictest gun laws have the most violence. Stupid people are the problem not guns

    • Hey Bill, do me a favor. Look up the statistics for the number of CHL holders who commit crimes. I’ll give you a hint the number is incredibly low something like less than 1%.

      The problem isn’t the gun the problem is the mentality. I carry a weapon with me at pretty much any given time. I am lucky that I have not yet had to draw my weapon. And I definitely don’t want to put myself in a position where I have to draw my weapon. However I have logged lots of time at the range as well as practicing various other tactics so that if they could chew ation arises I feel confident.

      Talking with several friends who are law enforcement officers on multi-levels including one federal agent all have come to the conclusion that people with proper training carrying a weapon is one of the very few things I can actually slow down the rate of crimes.

      Police are not there to stop crimes police are there to investigate crimes.

      But we all have our own opinions. I sleep a little better at night knowing that if someone were to break into my home and try to cause harm on to my family that I can handle the situation without having to call 911 and wait 20 minutes for someone to arrive.

      By the way even though I’m in favor of Constitutional Carry, most states that have a caring program require you to have a license to do so. In order to get a CHL there are a few requirements. The first thing that you are not a felon have not committed a misdemeanor in the past 5 years or have any history of family violence. You must be over the age of 21 as well as go through two different classes one classroom and 1 range. I am active in several local gun groups and the majority of people who have a CHL continue their training.

    • Live in fear you do.

    • Yes, the fear mongering works well in our country, doesn’t it ?


    • Mike Hobbins actually no. I’m an Eagle Scout, so the motto be prepared is pretty much why I do what I do. We live in a day and age where pretty ugh anyone can get a gun for the right price.

      I also carry on me a pocket knife. Would you say that makes me want to run around stabbing people all day? How about my medical kit in my backpack? Do I just go around scouting for wounds for me to heal? Or what about the paracord? Mayne I’m looking for someone to kidnap, and I use that to tie them up with.

      You can look at any tool, which that’s what a firearm is, and find a a bad purpose for it.

      Since you drive a car, a reasonable assumption is there is a spare tire and Jack in it. A jack makes a semi decent melee weapon. My assumption is that you want to go around and beat people with it. #BanTireIrons

    • Bill Hohenwarter your a potential killer.

    • Bill Hohenwarter so police are all paranoid?

    • And you dont wonder why masshootings accure in america and NOT in europe? Why are you americans so stupid??

    • Xevair Aliu look up violence statistics. Europe may not have the legal firearms like we have, but there is more violence per capita than there is in the US

    • Aaron Gibson just drop that mic on your punk asses.

    • Aaron Gibson, please do ME a favor and look it up for me, I’ve already spent 10 minutes reading your dissertation.

    • “…i carry a gun pretty much every where i go including places its illegal to do so…”

      So what you’re saying is, you’re a criminal with a gun. Period. If you’re breaking the law, you’re a criminal. Not to mention a paranoid coward. If you think you need to always carry a gun to protect yourself, you’re paranoid and live in constant fear of a scenario in which you would need a gun. If you’re that afraid, just stay home.

    • Hasani Santana a criminal that has never been in trouble with the law but yep a criminal

    • that type of data collection absolutely requires that the statistical analyst was not searching for the data they wanted, in order to “prove” their point. I would wager anyone using that type of data collection is not doing so for the morally correct reasons they announced, although that is a very good reason not to utilize better methods of data collection (of course without violating anyone’s rights), and my wager is not based on any numbers, just a gut feeling.

    • Well, know it’s not a secret anymore 🙂

    • You know, reading peoples comments can really give an insight into what type of person you are. I forget who said it, but there’s a saying “give a man a mask, and he will reveal his true self to you”. Not an exact quote, but what I can recall at the moment.

      When you call for the ban, or higher regulation of an item simply because you don’t like it, that’s a problem.

      Me, I’m against abortion. I think except where medically necessary, or in cases of incest/rape, it is a horrible practice. However, I don’t want to make abortion illegal. I support your right to have one if you choose.

      Same as this. I like my guns. Have a small collection that each have its own purpose. Kind of like my tools. I have mechanical tools, construction tools, yard tools, etc…

      The point is a gun is not a bad thing. A gun is an inanimate object. It all comes down to the person behind it. If I wanted to kill someone, and I didn’t have a gun, there are probably no less than 100 things in my home that I could use, that the average person has in their own home.

      In fact, this would make it easier, since you would have the bang of a gun shot.

      But I digress. And to comment on what some other people have said, yes, good people with a gun could become a victim as well. Better to die on my feet than on my knees, would be my response.

      Look at the San Bernardino attack. Very similar to the one in Garland Texas. The only difference is in Texas, the only 2 casualties where the 2 nut jobs, not any innocent bystanders.

      That’s my piece for tonight, stay tuned as I respond to more misinformed people tomorrow.

    • Ken Watson no evidence that anyone has targeted gun free zones ,none at all … psychos snap and target the catalyst of their pain ,work ,school , home ..etc … can happen anywhere ….

    • Steven Sandcarver total bullshit. These nut jobs only go into the school because there is no one armed.

  • read wikipedia “Charles Joseph Whitman (June 24, 1941 – August 1, 1966) was an American engineering student at the University of Texas, former U.S. Marine, and a mass murderer who killed 16 people.” and tell me why this is a good idea.

  • Yes, let’s revert to the law’s of the jungle rather than admitting we are just being manipulated by the military industrial complex and the NRA. Fix the social issues stemming from fear, injustice and ignorance? Nah. Let’s just all carry guns. We can now fire the judge, jury, and executioners(pun intended) now that we all can administer vigilante justice. We just saved on our taxes too. Double win, Yay!

    On a side note. If you don’t agree with me, you mostly likely think I’m an incompetent moron. LET’S GIVE ME A GUN.
    If you don’t agree with me, it’s safe to assume that I think you are a moron as well. LET’S GIVE YOU A GUN TOO. Double Yay for the win.

    • I dont think youre a moron. I dont agree with you either. I feel we have the right to carry guns, to protect us from a corrupt government. I dont agree with any sort of violence. But if evil people came to my college with guns and started shooting, I’d hope to be able to stop them before they hurt more people. That task would be a lot easier if I had an equal playing field. I wish we didn’t need guns at all but unfortunately this is the world we live in. When you figure out how to get rid of all the violence, please let me know so I can help you.

    • Would you be opposed to metal detectors and some highly trained officers? I’m sure the football program could spare some change to fund it. Corey Inman, can you name one country where there is a conceal carry majority that isn’t a third world country? I can think of two. They also require mandatory enlistment in their Armed Forces. One requires registry and storage of fire arms at a national armory.

    • 10 years of campus carry in the US. Not one incident.

      No openion there. Just fact.

    • “Fact”…….hmm…

    • Everyone needs to read more history, and gain perspective.

    • Yes, the knee jerk reactions are not good policy.

    • Politics is reactionary. Look for the source and profitability of the reactor. “Create reactions by design”. ? Are we thinking about freedom and its price, or reacting to an emotional shock of perceived atrocities. Beware the emotional response, look for the provocation therein. And then put the political context into a historical perspective. Beware cultural and social mythologies. U know not they are there, and yet… I choose to decide for myself what i may do, with a foundation in respect, and a desire from my core to harm none lest protecting my family, and in the right conditions myself. This right seems to have provoked as much debate in its penning as it is now and will until all are ward/slave of some state. Where does your freedom end and mine begin? Think hard about how many licks it takes by the governing before the greedy a-holes bite?
      The word forced/compelled should be bile in your mouth except for the worst of thieves and murderers, yet it seems ok to so many to take what they fear and yet need (like bats) and wholesale exterminate them out of fear. We exterminate rights out of fear. Well, you do…

    • Levi Brown, if you exclude the cities with the strictest gun laws (Chicago for example) those statistics are dramatically different. Where guns are most tightly controlled there is a disproportionate increase in gun violence.

    • I see the NRA under Wayne lapierre turn from being a voice of reason, to the salesman for gun business and that business grow with every act of terror. I both sides of gun policy moving further apart as their politics become increasingly extreme. These act of violence are the actions of desperate, hopeless, people without love. We are experiencing the results of neglecting our humanity and the promises our republic was designed to keep. Just as any gun issue is actually a people issue which can’t be solved by diminished 2ND amendment rights. It also won’t be solved by proliferation.

    • Ronald Alan Davis. I’ve heard this Chicago argument before. Yes Chicago has ridiculous gun control. Indiana, right next door, I used to live in dolton Illinois south Chicago. Anyhow Indiana has some of the most liberal gun legislation. 8 of the 10 states with highest gun violence per capita are Republican states with high grade NRA standing. I am NOT against gun ownership, I am only advocating against fear based reactions to gun violence.

    • Corey Inman And how do you know who the evil people are? Will you recognize them on sight? Do you think they will be dressed all in black? We don’t live in a comic book or a movie where it’s good guys versus bad guys. “Most” people have multi-dimensional personalities (maybe not you, though) and are capable of great good, as well as unspeakable evil. Your logic is just mind-boggling. To quote you: “……if evil people come to my college and start shooting, I’d hope to be able to stop them before they hurt more people.” Evil people, indeed. Sheesh.

    • Cars are more dangerous than guns and we let children and the mentally ill behind the wheel everyday. Prescription pharmacopeias at every corner. Homeless cant afford guns, and they self medicate there mental conditions with street drugs as they cant afford medical care. Making theme criminals because they try to help themselves. Talk to one of them and u will see the need and the mis-self-prescribed treatments at work. There desperation is not for government to cure. It is for us . Good thing too cuz they’ll fuck it up. and criminals with desire for guns will Always have them, and can afford the black market prices. Do you truly believe in our governments incorruptibility? Or are we daily witnessing abuses of power that smack of dictators and monarchy. I am no child. I am not homeless. And every right you throw under the buss is one last defense when the devil knocks. We are a 200y old country. Young and naive. Our gov and its corporate interests have raped and plundered to this day the american dream, wrenching from the poor and sick and hard working citizens of the “government by the people”. Every dime.
      There is no means by which someone here may subsist away from government aide, and in other countries subsistence is normal and wholly reduces a carbon footprint to 0. Look up the top 10 or 20 causes of death in this country. Cars and alcohol and tobacco and cancer and disease and no still no significant percentage is gun related. More people die of infections they got at the hospital or daycare…

  • #awesome

  • Edward Drew

    Sometimes DEFENSE wins the game!

  • Me gusta esa idea que todos los estudiantes porten su arma

  • Hell no!!

  • if they are going to stick the gun in their own mouth when they finish shooting why would anyone think they are afraid of your gun?

    • That’s so that they can leave on their own terms and avoid all consequences.

  • What could possibly go wrong.

  • I think there should be protection on a campus, but don’t think this might be a good idea. Too many guns in young hands.

  • I’m so glad I am not an American.

  • This is why I hate teaching.

  • Cool

  • toss a string of fire crackers into a room and watch all the good guys shoot each other up

  • This crazy. Really bothers and saddens me.

  • gee, what could go wrong?

  • Shooters will be taken out before they can do any harm. That’s why this exists. Shootings happen where it’s illegal. Look at the objectives, not the subjectives.

  • Will guns be allowed in the tower at UT…?

  • Well we know what school ISNT getting shot up next

  • Richard Kusiak lone star vrs lone gunman

  • The NCAA should ban games at UT. Imagine tailgating drunks packing heat and a crowd from A&M or OU making them mad. What could go wrong?

  • I think that that in order to vote you must carry a gun into the voting booth

  • Have any of you gun crazed nuts ever heard of cross fire. It’s very dangerous and will multiply deaths in gun fire situations

  • “Better to have it and not need it , than to need it and not have it”!!

  • Ramon Fabrega Miguel

    • Jajajaa toy cagado. Se forma el tiroteo en media clase

  • Can’t wait for disgruntled students to shoot up prof’s who don’t give them good grades. I hope it goes over well. But let’s face it, when are we going to admit guns kill people? Very rarely do mass killings happen with any other weapon. Keep your damn guns you nuts, just admit they kill people is all I want to hear!

    • Actually not even close to true, media doesnt report on it, but there are thousands of cases of mass murder by knife and hammer etc.

    • Right! I’d love to see a person try to mass murder with a hammer or a knife, I’m sure there have been a few cases, but thousands? Guns have killed millions for hundreds of years!Someone with a hammer or knife would easily be stopped or people would simply run away. Not so easy to tackle someone with with a gun or run from them.

  • Good, u should he able to carry everywhere

  • The University of Texas has just astronomically increased the likelihood (now, almost the certainty) that a mass shooting will take place on their campus … Idiots!!!

  • that’s awesome. No mass shootings will happen there.

  • I will not be going there! omg see Dylan and Scott! I have never heard of a ‘good person’ shooting a ‘bad person’, how can that happen, if you shoot first then you are the ‘bad person’. Funny how gun fighting just seems so quaint and outdated but here are two guys ready to go at it, have fun at the mall you two.

  • yea no more school shootin galleries cuz they will be shot at back

  • Wait for the bang.

  • grenades next?

  • Did everyone just forget that the students are the ones doing the mass shootings most the time?

  • It depends on the mental condition of the person. Childhood is what makes people be desperate and choose to kill others or themselves. There are various factors: Is the person happy at the Uni, does she live a happy live, is he/she liberal, free thinking, and so on. Don’t know about the situation in the US, German students are very stressed and take loads of meds to get along, but killing others is something that’s not so much in our mentality, which , I guess, plays a big role, also.

  • I predict that there will be a mass shooting at the university, possibly the most heinous for decades and the fact that the students were allowed to carry and it didn’t prevent the atrocity will be used as evidence to support further gun controls.

    • Itl be like a western movie- packed with testosterone and a lack of proper gun training. Doesn’t this university teach natural selection?

    • They might teach it but it sure doesn’t appear they understand it.

    • fuck gun control, fuck your govt

    • Well your prediction has no basis in reality and is actually pretty stupid. Riddle me this: why is every mass shooting in a gun free zone? Why do the states with the most strict gun crimes have the highest rate of gun deaths?

    • I can not substantiate a prediction that has not occurred yet, however even someone allegedly “stupid” can see that feelings are running high in both the pro and anti gun lobbies or factions. In my experience when passions are running high extreme actions follow…simple really! As far as your riddle is concerned I am not aware of the statistics so cannot provide an answer and I am certainly not spending my free time looking. In all honesty I live in the UK we have no guns, very few mass shootings and I don’t give a flying fiddlers fart if you blow each other off the face of the earth by your own choice. Speaking of riddles you are aware that the gun law changes in Australia following an atrocity has led to drastically reduced mass shootings and a reduced murder rate, why is that do you think? In fact don’t bother answering I really don’t care!

  • More guns = less shootings. Texas logic.

  • Here we go again. Another ‘guns are good rant’ by borderline psychopaths itching for an excuse to be the all America hero and save the world from the bad guys. I’m not going to tell you to give up your guns as it’s legal to have/carry them in certain areas. However there is a reason why the murder rate by guns in the US is way higher than the UK and that’s primarily due to the vast amount of guns around.

    • It’s primarily because our Population is about 6 times greater actually. But go ahead and believe your liberal puppet masters.

    • It’s based on gun deaths per 100,000 of the population. They do use actual science…

  • Groot caliber zeker? .45 ACP of hoger?

  • That tower in the back looks familiar….if it is Austin

  • Taking into account that most shootings take place in locations where firearms are prohibited, it sounds like a step in the right direction.

  • This is why im self learned. Thanks wifi, no arrest for tuition debt, and no assholes to deal with lol

  • I live in AZ. I hate Sheriff Joe and all his draconian laws, but the one thing I do like is the very nonrestrictive gun laws. No CCW permit needed. I see it like wearing a seat belt. I just put it on now without even thinking about it. I was in the military, so it wasn’t a big deal back then to have a gun on you at all times and we didn’t end up shooting each other. If you know how to use it then there shouldn’t be a problem. Get training, learn how to use it, and you are golden.

  • Excellent idea now instead of someone coming from outside to shoot them the motherfuckers will shoot each other no fist fight shootouts instead !!!

  • nothing will happen , these students are gun owners and have been for a long while , they have had their class, and the permission to hold one. ONLY the THUG or nutcase will not like this.

  • Paintballing with real guns. Coming soon to America.

  • Trump is coming USA-ans. With big steps. Do you here knocking? That’s are secret services worring about you pro-tection

  • More guns is always the best answer.

  • I dare say that most all mass shooters are/were basically on a suicide mission so yes the possibility exists that someone will TRY a mass shooting here knowing full well they will be shot down in the midst of it. That would be the cowards way of committing suicide. Historically though most incidents have been in GUN FREE ZONES.

  • um wow so it will be 100% easier to be a mass shooter as you can just tell people you are an armed student

  • Billy Huband-Thompson Oliver Daniel wow.. Just when you think that they couldn’t make it worse..

  • Please go shoot the hell out of each other. Make the world a better place.

  • i hope kids at the community college get into a fight and shoot each-other

  • The emphasis on “mass” shootings is a fraud that I’m surprised to see employed by a page that prides itself on seeing the whole picture. The overwhelming majority of shootings occur not in gun free zones as we hear bleated over and over, but in our own homes where it most certainly is not a gun free zone.

  • Wow. America. Dysfunctional and backward. Cant you see they keep you in fear so they can SELL MORE GUNS.

  • They are more likely to shoot themselves than help protect anyone.

  • Sure hope they learn to keep the finger off the trigger

  • WHAT NEXT!!!!!!!!

  • …and this isn’t just about the Presidental campaign, also a more general comment. What is wrong with people – seriously?

  • This sounds like disaster waiting to happen.

  • Oh Lord thank you thank you thank you that I am Canadian…I dont even want to visit the states again…you folks are insane…compare your death rate due to guns against any other country…you lose!!even good people make bad choices in the heat of a moment…the difference in attitudes between people in the US and Canada never ceases to amaze me…and again thank God Im Canadian!!!

  • Texas is full of pansies disguised as tough-guys.

  • Nope but it’s a college campus so someone might shoot themselves doing something stupid.

  • Show me a school shooting in Utah

  • They just announced they will mostly follow the law. This isn’t really big news.

  • Fuck off. Another one is inside each body, and it carries the promise Obama has given since December 21st, 2012: To have the pure-blooded 99% eliminated from existence.

  • Nope.

  • Yes

  • No danger there… right?

  • maybe…. my glass ball always seems to have clouds in it.

  • I’d prefer a bomb belt with a dead man’s switch. If somebody shoots me, the whole place goes.

  • Pathetic mentality.

  • whats next=quick draw contest at recessions?

  • OK you carry a gun but do you get an E-MAIL OR TEXT MSG. warning of an attack and mass shootings?

  • Texas is a smart state. Why on earth did they elect Ted Cruz to congress???

  • wow!

  • I can’t wait to see the studies that come out of this… anti-gun fools are going to look so stupid.. muhahahahahah I can’t wait!

  • Wow, drunk students with guns. Wonderful!

  • Mike Walker

    Is this even real? I have not seen it on any other sites

  • Some nut case will take it as a challenge. Texas will have the worst school shooting yet. They’ll come armed to the teeth looking or a fire fight

  • Oh FFS, NRA run texas 🙁

  • Can you say stupid people everywhere. If not try saying school shootings in USA are a problem.

  • Drunk hormonal teen-agers packing heat on campus? Hell no!!

  • Drug and psych test frequently. Yes

  • Land of the free.

  • I think if a human being sets out of their house to kill other human beings en mass, they probably wont give a fuck about living or dieing. I wish I knew what was better or right. But I know it’s sad …… if we choose to live in a world with “More ” guns, and think we are magically gonna to reduce the shootings.

  • one reason

    Islam land:

    women in islam:

    the key to Islam:

    about prophet muhammed pbuh:

    this is truth “scientific”:

  • That couldn’t possibly have a downside.

  • Well if someone tries, you know it ain’t gonna last long……

  • sorry but this is throwing down the gauntlet and daring someone to try just so wrong

  • No, but I imagine a lot of drunk frat boys are doing to unload when they drunkenly argue over a girl or have a dispute with another male.

    Then again, it’s Texas.

  • Do you feel safe now???

  • its not that armed people won’t make shooters think twice about things, its that armed people will jump to rash conclusions and get into conflicts, for example the woman shooting a shoplifters car at home depot.

    so we’d need to figure out, are people that carry weapons with them more or less prone to conflict than those who don’t ?

    if you aren’t armed your arms are your arms so fights don’t end with body bags.

    its worth finding the answer to . there will be a percentage of open carriers that are absolutely fucking insane, for sure.

    in terms of capitalism the greater theft isin wage disparity and high price of costs through inflation and markup than to take a candy bar from a wal mart… no one needs to be shot over shoplifting , but that woman thought so , and she could have killed an innocent person.

    also there is one other problem, if an armed person stops a shooting and everyone is armed do they think the good guy is the bad guy and shoot him ?

  • I remember when a guy had a gun up in that tower.

  • Considering it’s Texas,

    Most likely this will be another reason to convince people to vote for Gun Control.

    This situation has no good coming towards it. Cause you can’t expect everyone to not abuse this.

  • I would NOT want my child going to a school where guns were allowed to be carried. How crazy.

  • Look, it has to happen now. They’ll do it to prove a point and further disarm civilians. But I never said that aloud >.>

  • I do it anyway, I don’t need your approval

  • Good. Kansas is is allowing it beginning next year.

  • Only in america …. Bring in buyback gunlaws ! Australia did it We dont have nutters going @ shooting schools full of children !!!!!

    • No but you still have shootings, and don’t even act like you don’t. Only 30% of the guns in Australia were actually turned in.

    • Not on a mass scale like in USA

  • Lowering the odds of intentional gun violence from very unlikely to highly unlikely by increasing the odds of accidental gun violence from highly unlikely to very likely. I don’t really care for the trade and would not let my children attend.

  • Responsible gun owner: an oxymoron

  • Idgaf , I’m never gna get into a community college cuz of white hateful fuck bitches … In n out of jail seems like the only thing I’m allowed to do

  • Funny how security wasn’t increased at any schools and we haven’t had a so called mass school shooting in months now, because the newest distraction is the election…they tested the waters to see how many would actually give up thier guns,and saw the mass shootings at a different school Every Single fucking week weren’t a viable plan, can’t wait to see what b.s. they will try next to disarm the population…

  • Many people having guns increases the chances of people being shot.

  • Haha so carrying when half cut and on drugs all time great way forward

  • WTF?

  • What will happen when a student gets stressed out….

  • America…. sigh…

  • I bet that’s where the next shooting takes place, although I’d rather it was at a religious meeting than a school – it wouldn’t matter then because no-one sensible would be killed.