This Utah Cop’s Body Cam of a Man Wielding a Machete & Blowtorch Just Set the Bar for All Police


West Jordan, UT — A West Jordan police officer just showed the world that cops in America can actually stop a person armed with a knife — without killing them.

In video after video after video, we see police needlessly escalate situations to deadly force prior to attempting any heroic action, or even less lethal action, when confronted with people holding knives. Many times, officers fear for their lives over other non-threatening inanimate objects like screwdrivers, and ink pens, or even a spoon!

Mentally ill individuals have a 1,600% higher chance of being killed by police than anyone else, regardless of race. All too often, we see good people, who are in need of medical help – gunned down by officers because they ‘fear for their lives’ due to a complete lack of training in dealing with the mentally ill.

When the extremely rare case of police officers stopping an armed assailant without killing them is captured on video, the world needs to know. While celebrating the officer(s) who stopped the man without killing him is important – what’s more important is showing other officers and their apologists that it’s possible to solve these problems without deadly force.

On New Year’s Eve, 36-year-old Brandon Morgan was in the midst of an obvious mental breakdown and became suicidal. He armed himself with a machete and a blowtorch and scared his family to the point that they called police.

One of the officers responding to the call captured the interaction on his body cam and it shows something amazing.

As the officer enters the house, with his service pistol drawn, he is confronted by a man armed with a machete and a blowtorch. In 99.99 percent of incidents like this, police would have killed the man. It would be a blip on the news, and the ‘killed by police’ death toll tally would have rolled up another notch.

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But these deaths are not always necessary. What the cop in the video below, and the numerous videos out of Europe, show us is that police don’t have to kill.

In the video, the officer came in contact with the armed man, he then made the choice to put his gun away and pull out his taser.

“He threatened the officer with a machete, officer Tased him, and then they drug him out of the house, and the house was engulfed in fire,” said Chief Doug Diamond of the West Jordan Police Department explaining what was captured on the officer’s body cam.

The officer’s decision to resort to a taser instead of his gun was a split second moment of logic. He knew that Morgan didn’t have to die for this situation to be put under control, and he acted with the appropriate force necessary to end the threat.

Because of the actions of this officer, Brandon Morgan will live to see his children again and possibly get the mental help that he needs to make a recovery.

Police officers of America take note. This is what real public service looks like.

  • Because every situation is the same, right guys?

  • Here comes the indoctrinated slaves…. if he were black…..

    • There is truth to it…..but I guess I’m indoctrinated right ….cause my opinion is different than yours?

    • No. You can’t say this cop would have killed this man if he were black. That would be an assumption making an ass out of you.

    • I can….and I did…..your idea is too black and white…….there are variables in every situation….it’s a matter of science…..when something happens more than once it’s a pattern. ….when it happens 800 times…..what would you call that?

  • its a mute point anyway. Every single day in all 50 states of this country game wardens are in direct contact and confrontation with armed criminals, criminals armed with loaded weapons, and VERY RARELY resolve these issues with the use of deadly force. Game Wardens have a number of interesting factoids that make them unique, in most states wardens are not required to get a search warrant to search, yet it is also quite rare that wardens do commit needless searches.
    So in summary Game wardens are faced with armed criminals every single day and almost never resort to violence to resolve the case. And while they empowered with authority that no other law enforcement has they rarely abuse said extended authority. I think this is worth investigating why.

    • I understand what you are saying but it’s a bad analogy. Different mindset with game warden because he deals with a different kind of criminal.

    • no its a perfect example really. Game wardens are regularly involved in narcotics and or alcohol as well as dangerous poaching investigations, all very serious stuff, and very dangerous out there with little to no back up in reasonable distance, and there is the whole truth, when law enforcement is alone they suddenly know how to enforce the law with full authority and respect for rights, when they have an army at their back they tend toward getting drunk in the power. that is the only thing any reasonable, intelligent person can infer from 150 years of recorded history and the anecdotal evidence available.

  • He stopped an armed man, while the house was on fire, without lethal force…imagine that

  • What kind of copsucker posted this bullsh1t? We are supposed to be hating cops here! I’m sure he did something wrong.

  • Am I the only one who thought they needed to grab a pan full of water and put the fire out?

  • Some cops give a fuck about human life. Most don’t.

  • not every knife weilder is willing to stop unless they get shot first

    • Get out of here with logic. Here we see one video of a person that wasn’t shot so they all should be able to do that in every situation in every country every day.

  • Really good article written after the Grand Jury failed to endite the police officers that shot and killed Tamir Rice. – It has to do with requiring police to accept risk.

  • Notice how there was no movment to the officer and he had time to go taser. So the moral of the story is your page is mostly bullcrap and cops have to make fast decisions if they have a issue like this.

    Your page has some very little but some good posts. The crap about all cops going out for blood makes you sound Cray Cray.

    Glad everyone is ok

  • I’m still a firm believer that most cops became cops because they want to help people, and it’s nice to see a post of a good cop. I think we generally tend to let the constant bombardment of bad cop vids overwhelm our senses, and we shouldn’t. We need to keep in mind that for every bad cop, there are 50k more who are good people who genuinely care.

    • It may start off that way but then they get a taste of that sweet corruption and it’s game over man.

    • 1 bad cop out of 50,000? I don’t f-in think so! 1 in 5, maybe.

    • I don’t think he’ll go bad or anything. He will get fired for doing the right thing first.

    • We are at the point of being surprised of a cop doing his job. Is that enough to explain the shameful current situation in USA?

  • Big deal, they didnt shoot one. They will just make it up on the next stop.

  • He’s white.

  • Good cop good training

  • Xlnt training. Massive respect to the officers!

  • Unfortunately, the apologists will probably say if he’d just shot the guy, maybe the family’s home would have been saved…

  • Homeland Security keeping you safe….

  • seriously , the cops have disarmed white folk all year long

    • Tell that to the old man who got shot in the back while being tazed with his face in the snow

    • Don’t have the 2015 numbers yet.

  • Utah? They’ll most likely be fired for not killing him.

  • Just two days ago in Oregon too big burly cops shot a man 3 times in the chest because he had a hammer! I I don’t remember what fucking color he is, he’s dead

  • What a dumb fucking cop. I saw kids bikes in the garage, so you’re telling me you couldn’t take the fucking curtains and throw em out the fucking window? And just let the mans house burn to the ground before fire trucks can get there? Good on you for using your taser but come on dude, those kids probably had nothing to come home to now.

  • Not all cops are deep shits. Some do care , but most of em are horrible criminals that give that blue uniform a bad name.

  • we disarm people in the uk without shooting them

  • He’s not black.

  • Yeah, just ignore the fact that state employees (pigs) break all the laws!
    Going to get donuts, drive 70 in a 55… Why the fuck not. Some pussy citizens won’t say shit.

  • Your last name says a lot…. Tart.

  • Because each situation is different and tactics don’t work exactly the same every time?

  • To be fair if your armed with a Machete and blowtorch, that might be the point were shooting you is ok.

  • That is the way it should be done.

  • this shit is fake

  • That office should be commended, he did his job with out using lethal force.

  • R U Effing kidding me? That fire was easily put out if wanted. They let that place burn for the fun of it.