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VA Senator — US Allies, Turkey & Saudi Arabia are the “Two Greatest Dangers to World Peace”

(RT) — Republican Virginia state Senator Dick Black said Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the greatest threats to world peace in an interview with RT, adding that Saudi Arabia’s “absolute barbarity” is overlooked because of its long-standing relationship with the US.

“I believe that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the two greatest dangers to world peace,” Senator Black told RT. “It is Saudi Arabia, through the Wahhabist doctrine, that is spreading terrorism across the globe. It’s not Iran, it’s not Syria or any other country.”

Saudi Arabia’s state-sponsored teachings of Wahhabism promote an ultra-conservative, austere version of Sunni Islam. Meanwhile, Black told RT that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to impose an absolute dictatorship.

“Erdogan has a dream of becoming a new Ottoman Empire,” Black said. “He’s a very calculating, very vicious individual and, I think, a great danger. Erdogan won an absolute majority of the Turkish parliament, which will enable him to rewrite the constitution. Once he had that total power to impose an absolute dictatorship – which he intends to do – and he publicly said that his model is that of Adolph Hitler.”

At its height in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Ottoman Empire encompassed southeast Europe, western Asia, the Caucasus, North Africa and the Horn of Africa. During World War I, the Ottoman Empire declared a military jihad on France, Russia, and Great Britain, but ultimately lost.

The Adolph Hitler comment Black referred to comes from an interview back in January when Erdogan told journalists that he wanted to transform his office into a US-style executive “super-presidency,” through constitutional reforms.

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“In a unitary system (such as Turkey’s) a presidential system can work perfectly,” said Erdogan, according to Agence France-Presse. “There’s already examples in the world and in history. You can see it when you look at Hitler’s Germany.”

After that analogy caught news headlines, the president’s office said in a statement that it was “unacceptable” to interpret Erdogan’s remarks as endorsement of Nazism.

Our president…has declared that the Holocaust and anti-Semitism, along with Islamophobia, are crimes against humanity,”a press statement read, adding that Hitler’s Germany “had disastrous consequences” for the political system and could not be held up as a model.

Erdogan’s party, while controlling a majority of seats in the parliament, does not command the required two-thirds necessary to change the constitution without the support of other parties.

Senator Black thinks the civil war in Syria would never have happened without the efforts of Saudi Arabia and Turkey. He said the war in Syria was not a domestic uprising or part of the Arab Spring, with civilians seeking democracy. Instead, he called it an uprising of hardcore jihadists, aided by the CIA and MI6, with the help of Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Saudi Arabia was able to control governments across the world with its financial strength, and the Turks had their own agenda with regard to Europe, Black argued.

“Virtually all arms, ammunition, equipment, supplies, jihadists, medical support – all of it comes from Turkey. Right now, ISIS sends 44,000 barrels of oil per day – stolen barrels, most of it from Syria – across the border into Turkey,” said Black. “The State Department has publicly said that there’s only a trickle of oil that gets into Turkey, but I have personally spoken to Kurdish activists … [who] observed hundreds of ISIS oil tankers carrying stolen Syrian oil into Turkey on a daily basis.”

Black said Turkey is “actively assisting the ISIS rebels,” and also “helping the Al-Nusra rebels which are linked with Al-Qaeda.”

“In both places we’ve got terrorists, and in both places their major support comes out of Turkey. And it comes out of Turkey with approval from the highest levels of government.”

As for Saudi Arabia, Black believes the latest spike in tensions between the Saudis and Iran is proof of how Washington has been turning a blind eye to Riyadh’s actions.

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“The US has been so in bed with the Saudi Arabians for so long. The Bush family – Herbert Walker Bush, George Bush, Jeb Bush – all of them have been closely tied with the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia,” he said. “The same thing with the Clintons – Bill, Hillary – very closely tied to the money from Saudi Arabia. And because of this Saudi Arabia has been able to do the most outrageous things,” said Black.

“We tend to condemn various secular nations in the Middle East because they do don’t do this quite right, or that quite right. And yet we overlook the absolute barbarity of the Saudi Kingdom, their absolute dictatorship.”

Black said that there is not a single Christian church in Saudi Arabia, but the US is quick to condemn other countries lacking in religious freedoms.

“What’s happening is that they [the Saudi family] are trying to restore some of the hostility between Shiites and the Sunnis. The Saudis massacred 47 people,” Black told RT. “I’m sure some of them were genuine criminals, but many of them were simply political opponents. And then there was an inevitable reaction which they knew there would be. And the Saudis, in typical fashion, have now shown a sense of outrage that people would be angered by the level of their debauchery – and this is typical of the Saudis.”

Black served in the US Marine Corps and retired as a Colonel in the Judge Advocate General (JAG) corps before being elected to the Virginia legislature. He maintains that the Assad government is effectively fighting against Islamic State and protecting the remaining Christians of Syria. Its fall, he says, would allow IS to quickly seize Jordan and Lebanon, and continue its drive westward.

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  • He’s kinda leaving out the threat from the pursuit of US hegemony.

  • The US is the number one threat to world peace and we all know it.

  • no I thinnk greedy ass old people around the world running major corporations, political regimes the ultra elite are about to try and take global population back down to 500,000,000 what better way than economy crash and world war then famine

    • seems your ahead of the curve mate most people dont understand this we rebelling and becoming more aware so what choice they got they need more culling but who will earn them there money what use will it be when there no one to grow food line there pockets and do there biddng who wipe there ass and cook there food

  • Humanity is the threat to World Peace.

  • On point….! Not to leave out the burden on the American taxpayer. Look at the foreign aid budget….any year….pick one.

  • religion is the only thing keeping us from world peace. No-Religions = world peace

  • they just want to finish their planned regime change in 7 Middle Eastern countries because the NEOCONs want as much of the worlds oil as possible. When the world smashes our military to dust to keep their grimy fingers off property that’s not theirs, the American people will be left holding the bag for these phucked up politicians we let run rampant.

  • If the Saudis start a war with Iran or Turkey starts a war with Russia do you think the USA will support either like the Major Powers fell in line in 1914?

  • He left out a comma. It should read “US, plus allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia are Two Greatest Dangers to World Peace”

    • and one more comma then Israel…

    • You took my comment before I could get it out…..

    • Knut Gunnulf Strånd Israel has done nothing on a global scale to even be considered a danger to “World Peace”….
      Israel has no standing army in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Japan, Russia – The United States does. And to make matters worse The USA Army and Navy are not even wanted in those countries. But hey the USA does not care piss you guys off and BOMBS AWAY!!

    • Exactly.

    • Sounds like some people were born in the wrong country.

    • The wrong people stole a continent that didn’t belong to them and they continue that policy all around the world to this day.

  • They are both in the top 5.

  • Material World, Designed to keep us all complacent with the system.

    From the Moment you are able to, they send you to School where you learn what they tell you to learn, where they teach you how to behave in a the world, whats acceptable, whats not.

    Do this? get a reward, good boy, do that? Oh you must be punished! Do as i say or this will happen.

    History is taught as they see it, not how it was or has been.

    Then once you’ve gone through the system, been selected, this guy will achieve greatness, this one will be a worker, This one a family maker.

    This one doesn’t think like we do, watch him, he’d got adhd, autism – Mental issue – Drug him he must be contained.

    They then send you out to the real world, they say you must work to live to have a house to have nice things, not caring what you actually do so long as you’re contributing to their system

    The pipelines all lead top the same person. The top 1%.

    If you dont comply you will be punished.

    You may drink but you may not do drugs.

    ‘That’ system is starting to fall, the cracks are showing, it all started with the birth of internet and technology alike.

    Where once the only form of news was from your tv screen or the newspaper in the morning.


    Now that’s changed, we can communicate instantly, video or otherwise, Hear something on the news?
    there literally thousands of sources to fact check now, to find answers where before all we had was what was forced in to our eyes and minds, YOU CAN MAKE YOU’RE OWN DECISIONS

    We have the ability to become one, yet we use this gift to argue, spread hate, manipulate and check whos gotten married and whos won the Ballon D’or.

    Whilst all these things may seem normal to you, its not. We’re all so obsessed with material things, OBJECTS, with whats hot and whos not we’ve forgotten who we are and what we stand for as a race.

    It’s not humanities fault at large, but the small minority who want only to control it, they want a world where they can play games, whos the poorest of them all and who well benefit from anthers fall.

    They pit us against each other, sparking debates, hate and evil, they use peoples faith to dicate whos bad and whos not, they star wars and send young men to their demise.

    They use their power to control the ones who’d only want to help. They have spend BILLIONS of Currencey protecting this system, and they aren’t about to let it fall.

    Unless we expose the lies, curruption, and not just go, “oh ok well thats just how life is, there’s nothing i can do so why try??”

    WELL LET ME SAY THIS TO YOU! WE MUST STAND UP UNITE AGAINST THIS, we are 7billion strong army, of beautiful minds with umimlied love and poltential and once the world realizes that we’ll be become an unstoppable force.

    Many of you may think that’s impossible, they’ll say you’re living in fairy land, well let me tell you this; i’ve spent along time there and its beautiful. I saw a world where everyone is free, and equal, where anyone has opportunity to work hard and reap the rewards, or where someone may just want to live comfortably, and not worry about others issues.

    Nobody was starving, nobody was homeless. There was no war, no hate, Religion was faith not a tool, People accepted difference kind of love, Humans where fre to express themselves, and im not just ta;king about the lucky ones, this was EVERYONE

    The world knew Love.

    I believe that we can make this world our own. I believe with together we can change the system and create a fair society for everyone.

    No more control, just acceptance of one another, common sense and Love.

    I won’t stop until I find a way to achieve this.

  • The US and Israel are the greatest dangers to world peace.

  • Waaaw, he will be fired from telavip soon. By by

  • Actually VA Senator you . . . the USA . . . is the single-most greatest danger to world peace. These are your allies, doing your bidding on one hand and being your disposable pawns on the other hand. You, and the rest of America, need to see yourselves as the world sees you and for what you really are: heartless, warmongering imperialists.

    • Please don’t include the people on things our corrupt Gov. does. Most of us want them hanging on a street post.

    • the people are not represented by the Jewish Lobby who have occupied America. Only the top 1% push the war agenda. We are pushing back.

    • The people are also responsible.

    • Dale Shipley How far back do we need to go before “the people” accept some responsibility. This isn’t a new development. Your nation has been killing and looting for a very, very long time. I do realize corporatocracy (the military/industrial complex) plays a very, very large role in all of this. But when things were not so obviously easy to blame the 1% the looting was okay because it ended in “the people’s” pockets as well . . . hmmm?

    • MinisterCynthia Louise I do realize corporatocracy (the military/industrial complex) plays a very, very large role in all of this. But when things were not so obviously easy to blame the 1% the looting was okay because it ended in “the people’s” pockets as well . . . hmmm?

  • I’ve been saying this since 1981

  • One alleged airspace breach and Turkey shot a plane down.But only thing i know its if we were to shoot every Turkish plane that invaded our airspace(Greece)every once in a while Turkey would be left with no planes and no pilots.


  • dumbass pedophile bitch

  • Forgot to slide the U.S. in there. THE GOV. THAT HAS STARTED 5 OR 10 WARS THE LAST 10 YRS By invading sovern countries.

  • Pot calling kettle black……USA is the main danger to World peace.

  • You left out Israel. DUH!

  • America is the world’s biggest threat with its bomb for peace campaign on anyone that isn’t white

  • can he count?

  • Yup.

  • That senator is a piece of shit, the greatest danger to world peace is the terrorist U.S. and its terrorist allies like Israel, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey…

  • The greatest danger to World peace is the United States Corporation.

  • Or the USA getting involved in everybody else’s business

  • I have to think my own country is the biggest threat to world peace. How many sovereign nations have we been bombing? Six? Seven? And it looks like Iran is now in our immediate sights.

  • More like Israel and United States

  • 100% d’accord !

  • who wants beheaded?

  • americunts are the cancer of earth!

  • Saudi Arabia is… because we kiss their ass, fight their wars and generally do what they say.

  • Oscar Riot

  • Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II. To date, the United States has provided Israel $121 billion (current, or non-inflation-adjusted, dollars) in bilateral assistance http://fas.org/sgp/crs/mideast/RL33222.pdf http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/.premium-1.611001

  • They pale in comparison to the US.

  • He forgot to mention that all started after WWII with US imperialism!

  • The largest danger are people

  • And I love how everyone here is pointing fingers at each other instead of working together

  • And on and on.

  • The United States is the biggest threat to live and peace

  • Fuck Saudi Arabia we should be closer to Iran

  • He forgot the ampersand between “U.S.” and “Allies”, and the ampersand after “Saudi Arabia” followed by “Israel”. And that comes to four, not two. So, corrected:

    “U.S. & Allies, Turkey & Saudi Arabia & Israel Are the ‘Four Greatest Dangers to World Peace’ “.

  • You missed Israel.