Temple, TX – After more than four years, and $175,000, an Iraq War veteran finally has his firearms back following a confrontation with police that went viral in 2013.

Temple police seized a Black Jack Firearms AR-15 and a Kimber Ultra Carry Pro II .45 caliber handgun from Army First Sergeant C.J. Grisham, after they apprehended him on the side of the road, while he and his 15-year-old son were hiking for an Eagle Scout project in March 2013.

The entire incident was caught on film, and instantly went viral, causing outrage over the violation of Grisham’s civil rights. In the video, a compliant—but objecting—Grisham can be seen arguing the legality of the stop, the manhandling treatment he receives and his subsequent arrest.

Grisham knew his rights under Texas law, after having successfully completed concealed carry weapons training and securing his concealed handgun license. He also knew the stop was illegal.


Officer Steve Ermis was the first officer to make contact with Grisham and his son. Instead of inquiring as to whether Grisham had a CHL for the weapons he was carrying, Ermis approached Grisham, reached out and grabbed the AR-15, and as soon as Grisham’s hand came near it, Ermis pulled out his own gun and pointed it at Grisham.

Even though he was legally open-carrying his long gun, and legally concealed carrying his handgun, Grisham was manhandled by police, and when he questioned the officers’ legal reason for detaining and disarming him, he was arrested.

Ermis first charged Grisham with the misdemeanor of “resisting arrest,” but later changed the charge to interfering with the duties of a peace officer. Ermis then claimed that confronted Grisham for walking on the wrong side of the road.

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Not only was Grisham charged with criminal activity, but he was forced to defend himself in court against the charges. Even though the first trial ended with a hung jury, he was eventually convicted in the second trial of “interfering with the duties of a law enforcement officer,” a misdemeanor, but it wasn’t without a hefty price.

Grisham’s court costs, legal fees, and miscellaneous costs were paid for by and totaled $175,000. Larry Keilberg fund’s national director told the Temple Daily Telegram, Grisham’s case was the result of an, “out of control legal system starting with a bully cop, manipulation of the charges to fit the defense case, followed by a very biased judge, Neel Richardson.”

The video suggested otherwise. The officers on the scene told Grisham he was grossly displaying his firearm, and that people were in fear. Ironically, the only dangerous actions taking place with Grisham’s firearms happened when Ermis disarmed Grisham. The officer slung the rifle wildly, even pointing it in several directions without first clearing the rifle and ensuring it was unloaded.

Grisham questioned the Temple police officers knowledge of the law, and they proudly replied that they were “exempt from the law” and that the citizens “don’t care what the law is.”

But it’s what happened to Grisham’s guns after his arrest that is making news today. His Black Jack Firearms AR-15 and Kimber Ultra Carry Pro II .45 caliber handgun were not promptly returned to him, even after the trial ended.

It took over four years for Temple police to return his weapons, even after he demanded them back in December 2013. At first, the police department claimed they didn’t have them. Then they said a court reporter had possession of them in a secured room, but still didn’t return them to him.

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Following the ordeal, Grisham became the face of Open Carry Texas in 2014. The gun rights organization push for the ability to open carry handguns in Texas, which became legal in January 2016.

On June 30, Temple police finally released Grisham’s weapons to him. The Temple Daily Telegram reported that Grisham’s first actions were to clean and test-fire both weapons to make sure that they still worked.

“I’m relieved that after 1,567 days, I finally have the guns back that were stolen from me by Temple Police Department on a back country road where I was minding my own business,” Grisham said.

Once again, local police have proven they apparently have more power than the U.S. Constitution. They can not only detain, and disarm someone, but they can make up charges, force a man and his family to go through lengthy and stressful court proceedings, and prevent him from protecting his family with legally obtained and possessed weapons. Oh yeah…and now he also has a criminal record.

Grisham sued in court but the case was dismissed. He could still appeal to the Texas Supreme Court, but he has not stated whether or not he will.

UPDATE: The original title incorrectly stated that Grisham recieved $175k, this was incorrect. It has been updated. The Free Thought Project apologizes for the mistake.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • Damiana

    It sucks that he won’t be awarded anything for his suffering. $175K sounds like a lot, but it only covers what they cost him. I think he’s entitled to twice that much!

    • Keysbum

      read it again; the 175000 were legal costs. the guy got nothing but a criminal record and the realization that he lives in a fascist police state. man, it will be nice once the revolution starts…

      • Damiana

        Read my post again, please. I was actually complaining about the guy getting nothing.

      • Slartibarfast

        i wondered that too, no where does it say he won $175K

      • Patrick

        Sir, you have the awesome ability to read someones comment, rephrase it and change a few words around AND THEN claim the idea just as if you’d thought it all up by yourself. BRAVO!


        • Keysbum

          perhaps for an illiterate like you; for the rest of us, the guy said got 175000, just broke even and didn’t get anything extra for his suffering. that is most definitely not what the article said, DUDE

          • JohnHW

            His insurance (gun insurance) paid for his court costs and fees of $175,000.

    • warrenbty

      you don’t lose a case then get compensated for pain and suffering. He fought the case in a system that screwed him, absolutely. But I was not part of the court system or law I will not say above the judgement because my opinion is not that of a Judge or Lawyer. The fact that so many people do things like this JUST to get a video of harassment so they can get a lawyer is ridiculous and facts are every asshat with a I know my rights video, we all know your rights but if the police look away at every person marching around town with an AR Texas would turn into the wild west most people swear it is.

  • If law enforcement can’t or will not accept their own limitations that they need to be subservient to the people, then we must abolish law enforcement and put people back in control of their own destiny.

    • P Donohue

      Law enforcement may be flawed, given there are humans involved. But, I prefer that to your suggestion. Because in the end they do work for us. Whereas, anarchy never looks pretty nor turns out well.

  • patriot156

    2nd Thessalonians 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that
    is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing
    himself that he is God.
    This exactly how that prophecy is fulfilled.

    • Damiana

      *smiles brightly* Excuse me, please! *picks up her chair and moves it to the other side of the internet*

      • patriot156

        I take it your an atheist? OR have no clue as to how Prophecy truly fulfills itself?
        My post is warning and telling just how this crap is done not waiting for a third temple and some human sitting it saying what I wrote, but mankind fulfilling it by acting like God.
        Don’t like it or believe in it that’s your fault not mine nor Gods, but Ironically were on the same side since I’ve seen your posts and we agree this was BS.
        My goal was to merely inform people of how he who exalts himself against God is done not to just show something weird.

        • Alienate

          Exalt this!

        • Damiana

          Am I gonna have to skeet you with the Varmint Spray? Now, quit pestering the Lord and go be more like Jesus!

      • Craig Vecellio

        Simply put, these cops have what psychologists call a ”God complex.” They think they are above everything and everyone, even the laws they are supposed to uphold. Thess 2:4 is the literal, biblical description of a ”God complex.” It holds true regardless of religion; for an Atheist as well as a Christian. If you must be unnecessarily sarcastic and can’t be civil because you lack reading comprehension skills, by all means, stay on the other side of the internet.

  • patriot156

    BS juries these days too, calling that interfering? and convicting him of it? BS.
    My guess is this is how the first trial went: 1-2 were not guilty all the rest were guilty, the guilty crowd said “You know were hung now but the next Jury will more likely convict so come on say guilty!” But they wouldn’t so were hung then they got a more LEO friendly crowd and convicted him!
    Problem is………… the Majority don’t care about how bad the cops get even clear violations like this. As long as the “They keep us safe ” is the opinion, and only a small portion do bad, and no amount of evidence otherwise that show’s the majority are now bad will ever convince them. The cops statement of nobody cares is pretty much correct. The people that called the cops on this guy are the ones who convicted him, either directly by saying he was guilty or indirectly for being pussy whipped into thinking that seeing someone carrying a gun is bad.
    While this happened under Obozo’s lead this is still happening under Trumps admin too. These kinds of deals; cops acting all mighty and abusing their badge, shooting people for nothing etc… is still happening.
    My guess is both cops support the second amendment too! Right or right leaning cops did this more likely since it’s true that most cops are conservative. The so called second amendment supporters violate us like this then……………….?

  • The MadScot

    This kind of shit happened to me in Harker Heights/Nolanville, Tx. Which is just outside of Ft. Hood, TX. Nolanville and Harker Heights PD are the MOST corrupt police force in the area! Even Killeen’s PD isn’t as corrupt as these posers! I get pulled over because my van fit the description of a vehicle that was used in a robbery in Killeen, Tx two weeks prior. Several things. 1) I had a panel van not a passenger van (Pax van was used in the robbery. 2) The color of my van was roughly the same color however, the make and model was not even close to the one in the APB put out by the Killeen PD. 3) I had a very distinctive artwork on the rear quarterpanels on both sides. (could not miss them and would have been part of the vehicle description in the APB 4) All local PD’s had received an update to the APB from Killeen PD a couple days prior to my interaction with the Nolanville PD that Killeen PD had found the vehicle and had the suspect IN CUSTODY so therefore recinded the APB. Yet, I was pulled over based on this “APB”, I was manhandled even tho I cooperated with all of the officer’s commands. I was eventually charged with disorderly conduct (catch all BS charge that you literally cannot defend yourself from) and possession of an illegal narcotic which I never had in my possession to begin with. They planted that shit. I had various firearms in my van which were inside a secured ammo box and gun case (I had been out shooting at the range earlier that day.) The weapons were located in the back of the van and outside my immediate reach. I was also charged with illegal possession of multiple firearms (the cops claimed that it was illegal to open carry in town and illegal to transport firearms in your vehicle unless you have a permit which was total bullshit and they knew it. That charge was dropped only after I agreed under duress of a false charge to “Surrender” my weapons to the Nolanville PD. I was told by the ADA for Bell County that it would do me no good to fight any of these charges since the judge would only accept the word of the cops and not mine. In short I was bullied by these thugs with badges and a corrupt criminal justice system of Bell County. I was just leaving the military at the time and was in the middle of out processing (ETS) at the end of my term of service (Honorable Discharge after nearly 8 years at that time.) I didn’t have the kind of money it would take to fight these thugs.

  • Anthony Quatroni

    When I see things like this, I wonder if police aren’t the bigger threat to society than criminals.

    • Douglas Lloyd Anderson

      Yes sir , equitable threat level for sure .
      shoot them FIRST when the shtf.

    • Amor Terra

      No need to wonder. They are.

    • SOME are.. not all..

      • Terry West

        Some is too many. If you don’t know who to trust to you can’t trust anybody, this especially applies to cops.

      • James Cullumber

        Some abuse the law to the max and say “I’m above it, and that means I can kill you without fear of consequences.”

        The good cops are your friends, but they are “The warrior with a hand on his sword”. Willing to strike if his life is on the line.

        • PiercingBy John

          Except by not standing up to their fellow out of control officers, they stay quiet. Which is aiding and abetting. In other words, against the law.

          By keeping their mouth shut, they are just as guilty.

      • samoanpunch .

        “Some” is a completely unproven conclusion. Especially when you take into account that: 1) Courts have ruled officers don’t need to know the laws they are enforcing 2) courts have ruled officers have no duty to protect anyone 3) the only legal obligation officers have is to uphold laws. Laws written or influenced by special interest groups and passed by legislators behind closed doors in exchange for “campaign contributions” 4) they investigate themselves according to their own set of standards 5) because of union protections, close working relationships with prosecutors, and the public’s unwillingness to admit officers commit crimes, it’s near impossible to get an officer fired or prosecuted for their crimes. 6) There is no oversight. FOIA request proved that nearly all law enforcement agencies across the country were either incorrectly reporting their use of deadly force, falsely reporting, not not reporting it at all to the FBI. FBI has stated that they cannot force them to report. So they don’t. 7) The thin blue line protects criminal officers and oust the good officers. Again, proven by countless whistleblowers which in almost every case, fellow officers attempted to kill or have killed when they spoke up.

        Claiming “some” are bad is a completely false narrative with far more evidence to the counter argument that most officers are actually worse for society.

        “Exactly like the Mafioso in New York. That’s exactly how they are operating,”
        – Chief Mike Bostic

        “this system is corrupt, that police really are oppressing not only the black community, but also the whites,”
        – Retired Captain Ray Lewis

        “Today the combination of an excess of deadly force and near-total lack of accountability is more dangerous than ever”
        – Retired NYPD whistleblower Frank Serpico

        “Being labeled a rat is probably the worst fate that could befall a police officer . . . or detective,”
        – Detective James Griffen

        • Raven Songz

          wrong to protect in cops pledge so what you mean it not they duty protect that crock of shyt ijs.. and SOME police, NO these days majority of them.. I know few good Cops though, so I cant say all. Cops is a Gang in themselves ijs! you have good cops and bad cops. ALways had those. Just these days bad cops out doing the good ones. smh

          • samoanpunch .

            No I meant exactly what the courts have said. Officers have no duty to protect anyone. In other words, it’s relieving them of liability issues if they choose to stand by and want a serial killer attack another person on the train with an eight in knife. these rulings have gone back a hundred years. The pledge is just a pledge. Legally they are not required to protect anyone. Their only duty is to uphold the law. For example, a woman was being held hostage in a vehicle, officers knew she was in the vehicle but opened fire anyways killing the kidnapper and hostage. The officers were upholding the law stopping a felon so they are not liable and the city only settles for wrongful death. Officers still on the job with no punishments.

          • UncleSam13

            Warren v. D.C.

          • Nino Bravo

            so, since they do not have to protect anyone, have they the right to kill them? Why? talking about a serial killer? does a serial killer go public? when and where? What law are they upholding? So, the protect and serve swearing is BS? So, a police officer can see somebody get killed and well, Okey. By the other hand, if a police officer want to detain and even kill a person, they can do so? So, they do not have to protect right, however, they can inflict damage or even kill an abiding law citizen? wow, what kind of fucking constitution is that? can somebody explain it to me please?

    • Marco Maltese

      They are. They are over the law and they work for the System, not for population like many assume.

    • Nathan Vigil

      Not bigger threat than criminals. Thats silly. 90% of civilians out there will scam you if given the chance. Rip you off either work or something else. Look at some major blue collar white collar industries. Medical, dental, car services, plumbers, etc… all a total rip off. Not to mention how violent criminals are. Cmon.! However, this type of behavior is still a major threat comsidering you legally beat one the rest of the system lines up to stop you. I spit on the unconstitutional system. The judge, officer and prosecutor all need to be fired. The jury and american people need to be educated proper. Jury nullification is important

      • PiercingBy John

        Id like to see sources for your statistic.

        • Robert Williams

          It’s just like 90% of all statistics – made up out of thin air and fairy dust.

      • P Donohue

        “…90% of civilians out there will scam you if given the chance.” I am willing to bet you cannot prove this assertion with independent, verifiable information. So lets just call this an opinion, your opinion.

    • samoanpunch .

      In some parts of the country they are. Not opinion, fact. Especially when it comes to asset forfeiture, nationwide they outpace criminal theft. It’s only getting worse under Trump.

      • Jonathan Jordan

        Leave it to someone to drag Trump into this…

        • samoanpunch .

          So Trump’s plan to increase asset forfeiture, increase drug prohibition, and increase the powers of law enforcement do you think should be left out of the discussion? Or maybe it’s just convenient for you pretend he’s not doing those things because you’re still in love with the idea that he’s really not just like every other politician that has screwed things up for us?

    • Nino Bravo

      they are

  • Satan

    He should take it to the Supreme Court. Enough of this shyt.

  • Wayne Morrison

    its so obvious eight years of a muslim and bush before him what can be expected?

  • hippieatheart63

    I hope he is able to take it all the way to the Supreme court, this is obviously gross misconduct and should be criminal.

  • crazytrain2

    Your opening statement needs addressed and changed to read “This is how THESE COPS treat vets.”

  • Ned Sabater

    Law enforcement was needed by the oligarchs to control and rule the middle class and people of color. They still are the largest and best armed gangsters in the land.

    • Ion Pribeagu

      Protect the RICH and eliminate/scare THE FREE MEN

  • Anton Overmars

    Me, as an European citizen, got the impression that U.S. cops are the real criminals, there in Trump-land..

    • billdeserthills

      That’s why police are America’s Largest Gang
      I understand the fiscal difference between the criminals and the police is cops steal a $billion more each year. I’m sure that’s just a rough estimate

    • Craig Vecellio

      This is from 2013, under Obama’s gun-grabbing regime.

      • Gregory De La Rosa

        I would ne willing to hand over some money to help out , of he would tale this to the supreme court.

        • Marton Heart

          Me too sir!! Where’s the GoFundMe page? Either verdict would be a WIN for all the John/Jane Doe’s out here!!

      • Marton Heart

        Like these PIG COPS voted for Obama!! Get a grip!! How many ‘gun-confiscation-agents’ knocked on your door to ‘steal’ your guns under Obama you paranoid sot? How many? I can’t hear you… Did you really give those ‘agents’ your guns – PUSSY?

        • Craig Vecellio

          I can see you’re a very articulate debater. I don’t own any guns, but I *DO* pay attention to what our government states its goals to be by watching their speeches and activities directly. Obama made it abundantly clear that he wanted the AR-15s, which Grisham was carrying, completely confiscated. Had either Sanders or Clinton got elected, it would have escalated, as they made it clear that they wanted even more confiscation; Sanders stated directly that he wanted to take everything down to single shot rifles, and Clinton stated directly that she wanted to take all handguns. You’re not paranoid when someone really is out to get you, and Obama, Clinton, and Sanders all made it abundantly clear that their goal was the disarmament of the public; not background checks as the media reported. Don’t confuse their lack of success with a lack of effort. As for the “PIG COPS,” lesser jurisdictions generally follow the lead of the Fed. When they don’t, they make headlines, like Sheriff Clarke in Wisconsin did under Obama, or Mayor DeBlasio of NY under Trump. The change of administration has a ripple affect in what lower jurisdictions can expect support with; under Obama this PD took Grisham’s guns with the full support of their courts; now that Trump is POTUS, they stop making excuses and return them.

          • Marton Heart

            Don’t justify your paranoia through statements of “what almost was” or “what maybe could’ve happened”. NOBODY’S guns were confiscated! NOBODY is going to do that today either. Your initial comment was B.S., and just like Trump would do, you’ve ‘doubled down’ to not look stupid and paranoid. Did Obama get those AR-15’s as you said? Nope. Did Sanders or Clinton get elected? Again – nope. Who cares then what ‘they stated’? Nobody. Yes, you ARE paranoid when you THINK someone is ‘really out to get you.’

          • Craig Vecellio

            By your logic, if somebody threatens to kill you, but is unable to get a weapon, there was never really an attempt and they should not be considered a threat. I’m not the one who’s stupid, and I’m also not paranoid.

          • Jill Hamrick

            I have googled you statements about Obama, Clinton and Sanders! I can’t find anything about it..Do you have a link?

          • Craig Vecellio

            No because I watched those interviews and press conferences live. I’m not surprised that those aren’t on the web. They go against the narrative.

  • Steve Shillitoe

    Lying fat fuck of a cop, hope someone really fucks him over. What a cunt

  • MMaguire

    Four years and the lawsuit was dismissed? What a fucking travesty.

  • Bill

    Damn, these are some DUMB ASS Cops!

  • I’m beginning to see the point of Black Lives Matter. Imagine how this would have turned out if he’d been black. A similar thing happened to me here in Florida, except I was on my own property with a shotgun. I spent 28 days in jail, and I never got my gun back. I have never found a lawyer to sue on my behalf.

    • P Donohue


  • Tim Laine

    The police had no reason to stop this man in the first place.

  • Over-40 Victim of Fate

    To some of the other commenters …. he didn’t win the civil lawsuit. It was dismissed (reason why not provided in the article) The $175,000 was paid by an outfit called SelfDefense .com according to the article… a private non-profit pro-gun-rights entity I can only presume. What a travesty! (retired LEO here, btw …. we never acted this way when/where I worked)

  • Jay Snyder

    These cops are totally out of line.

  • Amor Terra

    They’re lucky I wasn’t on the jury. The award would have been 10 times that.

  • Kim Detorez

    Police ae given promotions and pay raises based on their arrest- conviction ratios. Their job is to pack the court houses with lawyer paying customers. They don’t care about issuing phony charges when they have a chance to make money off of the public.Please post this fact whenever you can. They hate it when we do it. It just shows how corrupt they are.

  • Alex Vela

    People like Mr. Grisham is what makes America great!
    After all is said and done, these acts were crucial in bringing about the passing of an Open Carry law.
    I can’t imagine the agony and frustration Mr. Grisham went through. I do want to thank Him and other 2nd amendment supporters for the willingness to stand and defend the cause: to fight for what is ours.

  • Craig Vecellio

    “I don’t care what the law is.” …”You aren’t exempt from the law…Yes we are.” That right there is the problem. I hope this guy wins a multimillion lawsuit.

  • Terry Hooper

    What was his fine if not $175;000.

  • pickle my elmo

    cop needs to be executed — in front of his family and friends

  • Marton Heart

    The Army Sergeant is very lucky he isn’t black. Because of that, he lived to fight another day.

  • Aaron Freeman

    And cops wonder why people want to do bodily harm to them… in spite of what Comrade Barack was doing! LE needs some serious reform, and their ranks need to be purged of the stupid!

  • Ion Pribeagu

    Police become the arm of the government, that was the fear of our country’s fathers.. organize into militia and have guns to FIRST defend yourself of the governments BODYGUARDS not the invaders of the country and they do not SERVE and PROTECT anymore.. they are part of the SYSTEM, protect the RICH and eliminate the FREEMEN

  • Scott Thompson

    Although this is an intersting story and the police were dead wrong in how they handled the situation the headline of this story is misleading and its stories like this that undermine the legitimacy of 2nd amendment issues.
    Nearly killed? Please!
    Pretty pathetic job by the editor approving this headline.

  • Wesley Cecil

    Fight for your rights or they will take them from you.

  • Tom Austin

    Now that he is a record will he be able to keep his concealed handgun license

  • navydave

    Kind of makes you wonder do Blue Lives Matter? I only takes a couple bad apples to spoil the bushel.

  • Aubrey Drew

    he needs to keep fighting this to prove a point or it is all for nothing

  • Holynightz

    First of all, he shouldn’t have put his hand near the gun
    Second, he didn’t listen when the officer tried multiple times to handcuff him.

    Veteran or not, he should have complied like he was taught, if I had ever done that to a mp I would’ve had my head knocked in. Not to mention he could’ve started with “hello officer, if you are here about my gun, I have it unloaded and have the permits for it” instead of being a clown and not cooperating.

    Sure the officer was a joke with gun safety, but if an unknown person put his HAND anywhere near his gun, then of course it’s reasonable to be threatened and pull your sidearm.

    It’s a gun, not a toy to play with.

    • Paul Blanchard

      YES!!! Fist thing is to comply. Then call out the idiot cop on his actions. That order.

      Why do people *insist* on challenging cops at the very first part of the incident?

      It is just so easy. Yes, complying bruises the soul, but it is just the way it is – the cop does not know with whom he is dealing. The best part one can do during complying with the cop is to mentally strip off the uniform and picture him/her as a very scared individual – just like we would be.

      To ask some cops, however, to be reasonable – is just too unrealistic to ask for. That profession attracts power-seeking people like flies to a light. It is just how it is.

  • Yea, but if you don’t have do you control the real criminals who shoot you for 5 cents to get drug money or if you look at them the wrong way..or (you name it). There are good and bad cops..that will always be..but you cannot have no law enforcement at all! It would be the wild west again (only worse).

  • David Weakland

    “1983” lawsuit against all persons involved individually.

  • J-Rob

    I love when cops say, “im recording too!”. Like that actually means something. Yea you may be recording but somehow their video always happens to disappear when it’s most convenient for them.

  • ’46 one time hippy

    We are now in a post constitutional government. – Kevin Shipp

  • gene

    first of all Grisham’s court costs, legal fees, and miscellaneous costs were paid for by and totaled $175,000. this was a set up to make all cops look like the bad guy.

  • y. Iamu

    Officer Steve Ermis Is a very poor example of a police officer.
    The majority of officers are of a much higher quality of human being.
    This is a reflection of his commanding officer and the station he comes from. The police video plainly showed Erin’s provoking the problem and to fit Grisham with stupid charges like walking on the wrong side of the road only shows the desperation of an officer that knows he is wrong and has to use the law unfairly to win.
    Officer Steve Ermis Is unfit to be a police officer.

  • Alex Knight

    This story is simply one more reason why government must go:

  • rshay

    this fat ass cop is totally wrong’ He and cops like him make people want to see them off the force. A real pig

  • william barr

    I support the police but I know there are a few Idiot out there. As a First Sgt. US Army why is he not allowed to carry. We fight for Freedom and we don’t have it at home. Maybe the police department is FUBAR. SGT. USMC Semper Fi.

  • warrenbty

    Now I get it, yes it was wrong, but this was over 4 years ago. Do not throw fuel on anything above the original case, which most likely the cops involved are no longer cops and if so hopefully with more and new laws they were properly trained since the incident. This is almost as bad as saying all cops are bad because in 1985 they used to stop every person with no probable cause… Times and laws change do not wormhole or presume to know any details of every police incident in the universe.

  • GR Arnold

    He was fully legal in Texas. Fully legal BEFORE open carry passed. It has always been legal to openly carry long arms in Texas. His handgun was concealed and he had a permit for that. This is nonsense and I’m real curious to know if they initiated contact proactively or if they actually did get a call. I don’t see how this man resisted at all. He should fully repeal the case.

  • El Chombo del Whatsapp

    That is why I don’t even blink when I hear a police officer got shot by a criminal! It makes me think about Karma catching up with them for all the harm they do to innocent people they abuse for no reason.

  • Robert Salvatore

    mabe its time the police know the law ..I have a carry permit and its my duty to know the law like grisham did ..the cop was wrong and should have just asked more questions ..pussy cops in that town

  • Robert Salvatore

    by the way I support honest police but I see this cop made up charges to suit his cause ..very shameful..cops like this officer should be removed from duty ..its cops like this officer who give police a bad name …

  • Barb Daniels

    Here we go…contributing to the general population’s opinion that cops are complete assholes…like this one.

  • William Stevens

    Even here in Thailand, we are treated better than that and we have strict gun control. But we can get legal permits and are never treated like this. What has happened to law enforcement in many places in the USA is out of control.

  • Jerome Burnett

    He got off easy if he was black he would have been shot on sight. A black man can’t walk down the road like that.

  • gadsdengurl

    Take the guns away from these cops…. they are the criminals.

  • Nino Bravo

    Of course they are. We are living in a disgraceful society where the judicial system is so fucking corrupt that they do whatever they want with the citizens and nobody says shit. Even the white people isn’t exempt of those (a bunch) criminals. They fuck the constitution, they rape it like is so glorious. Grrrrrr. Citizens of this fucking country, let me tell you something. Do you know what our constitutions is? It is just a fucking toilet paper where the real criminal and terrorist clean their asses. Do not awake up, be humble, even you white people are to suffer like the black people before. Karma? well, think about it. Maybe,whatever you did not do is hunting you. Welcome to your police state, your rights will be blah, blah, blah. Do you get it. The goal of this fucking century, divide, oppress and exterminate. Do you think only applies to undocumented people? think twice. The move is on to destroy society. Guns over humbleness. Gangs of mass destruction at your door. Not from abroad. I hope that God send a serious destruction on this planet so will be finish once and for all. Good and evil. Good will go to God reign, Evil to their father and master Satan. God doesn’t exist? He is holding His fury, God time is perfect and will share justice unbelievably. Do not believe me, just read the scriptures. Go to the higher lands, because the land will be cover by water. We are living the red horse and pretty soon the magenta. Starvation for the whole humanity. Are you prepared? God is holding His Fist, but when He releases it no guns or weapons will be a match and those ones who now kill you and torture you, will be torture for the rest of eternity. Bless be the Lord or Israel. Not the gangs who invade it, the Zionists.