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VIDEO: Cop Assaults & Arrests Mom and Children Who Called 911 on Man Who Assaulted Her 7yo Son

Fort Worth, TX — A video posted to Facebook Wednesday evening has quickly gone viral showing a Fort Worth cop involved in a violent arrest of a mother and her two teen daughters.

The incident began when Jacqueline Craig called police alleging that her neighbor assaulted her 7-year-old son. Craig told police that the neighbor claimed he saw the 7-year-old throw a piece of trash on the ground and when her son refused to pick it up, the adult male began choking him.

Yes, it is wrong to litter. However, choking someone else’s child over littering is most certainly not a just response. However, the cop could not have cared less about the assault as the first question out of his mouth is, “Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?”

“It doesn’t matter if he did or didn’t. It doesn’t give him the right to put his hands on him,” explained Craig.

“Why not?” callously replies the cop.

At this point, after the officer implies that an adult assaulting a child is perfectly fine if litter is involved, the argument begins to escalate.

The officer then says, “if you keep yelling at me you’re going to piss me off and I’m going to take you to jail.”

As her daughter attempts to calm down the situation, all hell breaks loose, and the officer makes good on his threat.

The video then cuts to Craig laying on the ground with the officer kneeling on her back. He has his taser out and points it at a small child and then at Craig’s daughter.

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The officer then handcuffs Craig and her 19-year-old. The cop then turns his attention to the person filming. He knocks the camera out of her hand and tells her, “you’re going to jail too!”

Craig was arrested on charges of resisting arrest and failure to identify, according to court records. Brea Hymond, Craig’s 19-year-old daughter, was charged with resisting arrest and interfering with public duties.

There are no records of the man who assaulted Craig’s 7-year-old son being arrested.

On Thursday afternoon, Craig and her daughter were finally released.

In a statement, Fort Worth police acknowledged the incident and noted that the officer involved has been placed on restricted duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

“The investigators worked throughout the night and into the morning interviewing witnesses and reviewing video evidence; including video from a body worn camera that was active during the incident,” FWPD wrote.

“Since this is an internal investigation, state law limits the information that may be released, including the officer’s body cam footage,” FWPD says.

The department adds that it “enjoys a close and cooperative relationship” with citizens built on “transparency, mutual trust and respect,” and that it expects officers to treat citizens the same.

“We ask that our investigators are given the time and opportunity to thoroughly examine this incident and to submit their findings. This process may take time, but the integrity of the investigation rests upon the ability of the investigators to document facts and to accurately evaluate the size and scope of what transpired. We ask our community for patience and calm during this investigation process.”

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Instead of helping a woman who called police for assistance in stopping a man who had attacked her small child, Fort Worth Police assaulted her. This family needed help and got brutality instead.

This is the reason there is a growing mistrust of police in America.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit
  • EliWebber

    Put this cop on the long list of asshole cops .and a menace to the community he is paid by.

    • Geezer Grunt

      My guess. The pig won’t last more than a few month’s. He’s as good as dead.

  • Tony Velez

    instead of deescalating the situation, this POS cop incites anger & chaos , fire this POS or face lawsuits due to his ignorant actions as there will be a line around the corner because of this scum racist

  • David Hall

    Someone there should put a slug right between his eyes and one day someone will do that. What a pig POS.

    • skyp0ckets

      Well, he clearly has a hard on for having some power, but someone with bigger guns will come his way one day.

  • Jeff

    I don’t trust cops at all and I’m a white guy.

    • James Latham

      Same here. Never call a cop or even talk to one. They will turn statements around and lie.

  • Samantha Anderson

    Jesus someone sure has a filthy mouth. The officer kept it cool these ladies were way out of line. They should have just gone to the police station and filed a report against the neighbor. Its that simple, based on what I say and heard from the foul mouth this lady does not have control of her kids pretty sickening.
    Its a good thing the officer was cool and did not beat the crap out of them. Just watching the video I wished someone would punch to fool videotaping foul’s mouth.

    • skyp0ckets

      Oh please. The cop is being a total asshole in defending an adult male for choking a 7 year-old. There IS NO reason EVER for an adult to choke a 7 year-old. EVER. If, as a parent, that wouldn’t cause you to lose your shit, then probably better if you never become one.

    • Bet you are white. Because that is the kind of ignorant BS that comes from white people justifying a grown man condoning violence against a child then assaulting someone because they call him out on it. In the future please be aware that the proper term you are looking for is “uppity”.

    • billdeserthills

      You sound like a copsucking pos

    • Yolanda Pat Burks

      woman please i know white people and white children curse when they arent even mad and they curse at their parents i know a lot of them so cut it out these girls were protecting their mother from a racist pig


      Troll, and FYI she kept her cool considering that her 7 year old son was assaulted.

    • Jackie Kirnbauer

      you use the word jesus as a swear word and think we care about YOUR opioion?

  • billdeserthills

    Dead cops never seem to harass anyone,
    those are my favorite cops too!

    • Remember that when you need one. You do not deserve this country.

      • Tony Clarke Stephen Hawco

        Why would you ever need a cop for anything? America was founded on killing cops. Bootlickers need to leave.

        • jaguar

          Wow…You just showed how low your IQ is…..

          • Tony Clarke Stephen Hawco

            Did George Washington not lead an army against British law enforcement?

      • billdeserthills

        I have, many times
        and I’ve been fucked over by too many cops already-
        -You sound like a bootlicking, copsucking POS yourself, fucko

      • jonbandit

        No…we don’t deserve crooked and brutal cops….

        They are the ones that don’t deserve this country……


        Fuck The Police, I don’t need shit I am strapped up LEGALLY and will cancel Christmas on yo ass.

        • jaguar

          Oh brother…The IQ on this website is way below national average…You silly wanna be gangstas

          • PUTEMnKASKETS .

            Actually I have a 120 IQ. Redneck

      • Jackie Kirnbauer

        you mean like this mom needed a cop grab a brain or borrow someone else’s

      • Steve Rusk

        Actually we deserve much better cops. The cops have earned the distrust and hostility they receive.

      • James Latham

        Who needs a cop when called murders family members and pets? Either you are a SS trooper or have a family member that is one. Cops are the terrorist in this country and always have been. Technology is finally exposing these criminal thugs.

        • When I became an USA (Corp of Engineer) officer (1960) my oath, which is still valid today, is my willingness to die for our country’s and others. I know too many sheriffs and their men who have taken similar oaths for me to hear or read this low life speaking so demeaning of that profession. Yes a very small percent do mistreat that oath, but only those should be spoken of in a poor manner.

          • James Latham

            Suck it up you brain washed fool. Took an oath to murder peaceful Civil Rights marchers. Took an oath to murder, beat, burn homes down, jail and prison for people who were trying to form Unions. Took an oath to beat and jail women who wanted the same rights as men. I could go on for pages of police misconduct against the citizens of this country. Disrespect? The cops do it to themselves. With technology the police are finally being exposed for what criminals they are. They can no longer claim a citizen is lying about police abuse. Why do cops who try and turn in their fellow officers who have committed crimes get fired?

  • James Latham

    Department says we will investigate the incident. Two years later and they will say the cop feared for his life. Bunch of criminal thugs wearing badges.

    • jaguar

      Yes but as you can see, the mom started escalating before the cop even put his hands on her…And domestic arguments are what gets the cops killed statically…

      • Jamie Hall

        If this cop had truly taken his duty to resolve this matter seriously, and had investigated whether the alleged assailant did in fact abuse a child, rather than condoning the abuse by making excuses for the assailant, there likely would have been nothing to argue about in the first place.

  • FiuToYou

    Where do they find these ‘pole-lice’? “Pigs Are Us”. I thought it was bad in the sixties, but this is getting rediculis!


    I’m a white father of two sons, 7 & 8 and I could tell you that if some moron grabbed one of them for any reason he would be the one calling 911 if he was capable of doing so after I came home and found out. The girl freaking out didn’t help only because they will now use that against them but how could you blame her? Think about it. Some stranger put his hands on a 7 year old child, violently according to all present and they of course call 911 which is exactly what every cop in existence would recommend someone do as opposed to taking the law into their own hands. And what happens? This cop doesn’t come racing up and immediately place this POS adult male in handcuffs??? Whomever is commenting that this cop is right in anyway is an indoctrinated child minded sheep so you can’t even blame them, they don’t know any better. I ask every parent out there to honestly answer the question as to what would they do if their 7 year old child was manhandled by the town weirdo here? I could answer for them, THEY WOULD LOSE THEIR MARBLES AND RIGHTFULLY SO!!! The child beater here isn’t even saying that the kid did something that could possibly warrant him grabbing the child such as the child was actively hurting his daughter or something life threatening, the child simply didn’t listen to him and guess what, he doesn’t have to. This cop should have been what he gets credit for being which is someone who the community could call if their child is in danger. Last time I checked children are the ones who are to be protected without question. Instead this guy clearly had his mind made up when he pulled up because he basically waited for their anger to build which got him what he wanted which was to have an excuse to let it go the way it went. He should have pulled up and immediately separated both parties especially when a child’s safety was in question because he should know as both a cop and a human being that tempers would flare and I have to say that at first they were more than reasonable. He escalated and agitated the whole scenario and he shouldn’t be a cop because he is a childish coward who clearly lets his emotions run the show. I can only imagine what the future has in store for society if he is allowed to continue his career and he has an actual real life scenario where he has to be brave and is threatened at a all, bottom line the community is safer with him working elsewhere and should I or anyone else who sees this story run into a like scenario you could be sure I won’t be calling for help if this is what passes for help. Here is a perfect place where he could be fired very publicly and also not able to just move to another department, just fired for good, and then maybe people will feel like they can count on the system or at least feel like a step in the right direction has been made because this should be all over the news but of course so far it’s not. Let’s see if they want a person who shows up

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    • jaguar

      Hey, the cop did de-esculate the situation, he put handcuffs on the mom and daughter who were mouthing off to him…And he didn’t taser the little girl who pushed him…No one was killed. They all lived to disrespect other people another day…

      • James Latham

        You a cop or have a cop who is a family member ? Are you just a racist Trump supporter?

        • celena.johnson

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        • Bill Taylor

          that poster is just a stupid racist

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      • Jamie Hall

        Prosecutor : “In the case of ‘The People v. Two Women Exercising Their Constitutionally Protected Rights’, the People request remand without bail.”

        Judge: “Motion granted.”

        And the moral of the story is: “mouthing off” in the face of governmental inefficacy and abuse of power threatens the Police State, and is only illegal in the minds of tyrants, dictators, and brainwashed sheeple.


    Oink, oink, BANG BANG


    Who shows up to a 911 emergency call for a child who was choked by an adult stranger only to let them all circle around together creating just about the single biggest possible powder keg of a situation which is someone you don’t know hurting a 7 year old child. Who then has the audacity to not only stand there and do nothing but let’s his ego run the show when he doesn’t like their tone so he flippantly begins to question the mothers parenting and says to her not only through his actions of doing nothing thus far but he actually tells her out loud “so what”??? Any parent alive would be crushed and angrier than they have ever been if the person they called for protection told them “so what” to the fact that a 7 year old child was choked (as far as he knew at that point) by an adult male who is a complete stranger. He said that to get her heated on purpose which only supports the fact that he is merely a tall child who should not be in charge of brushing his own teeth each morning, never mind be the one we are to call when a child is being assaulted by a stranger.
    As I said, anyone who thinks that this guy is right in anyway is someone who doesn’t have kids or a little brother/sister etc because if they did they would know that no hands are to b placed on a child that isn’t yours so their opinion cannot be counted. Not to mention the fact that they will always side with the authority figure if they do in this case because they have been groomed since birth to never question authority and always stay in line.
    So disregard the ding dongs who say anything other than this cop should have approached this in a whole different manner. Even if the girl screaming seemed a bit much for anyone, think about what she just witnessed….. Her little brother was choked by an adult stranger, they rightfully called 911, the help shows up only to antagonize the mother as if she did something wrong, then her mother and sister are both manhandled and arrested??????? Is she supposed to have sat ther silent and smiled, no one on earth could have not been emotional which all leads back to the fact that this cop escalated a situation into something it wasn’t to begin with. He did not stop its progress when he got there, he stoked it as he would a fire. A real alpha male or female cop would have shown up and gained control through their demeanor and the way they spoke to all involved. Does anyone think that the right thing to do with a parent who thinks their child was just choked by an adult male stranger is to show up and tell them SO WHAT? And then go on to question their parenting in an obvious attempt to get her mad and get her back for her tone with him? A real alpha male / female cop would have never done that because only cowards have to show everyone who’s boss at every single possible opportunity to do do, a real leader would gain control if the scene by being firm and compassionate and doing what one IS EXPECTED TO DO WHEN GIVEN THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BEING THE ONE TO SHOW UP WHEN THEY ARE CALLED IN A 911 EMERGENCY SITUATION INVOLVING A CHILD!!! They would not be insulted by the words of a distraught mother who’s whole world is being crushed as they speak because she just found out her kid was choked. They would know it’s par for the course in that scenario and deal accordingly. This is exactly why this guy should never be a cop again anywhere. He is a coward who will always be operating from a place of fear who will always be fighting for every bit of respect during every call in his life because he knows the streets can smell a coward and that no matter what he does any respect he gets will be fake and strictly out of duty because he’s a cop or because he threatened it out of someone or will have to injure someone for it. This makes him and all like him forever dangerous to themselves, the community and above all, OTHER COPS!! His demeanor puts them all in jeopardy and those cops reading this know exactly what I mean. He’s the guy who continually puts everyone in a needlessly escalated more dangerous scenario which he proves here. Instead of taking control m he let his little childlike ego be hurt by this mothers words which caused him to insult her back which led to the physical arrests and could have led anywhere as we all know. And it all could have been avoided with simply being the one he is supposed to be, the one he takes credit for being everyday of his life, the one people put there faith in and call when their child is in danger. This my friends is not this guy, he should not ever be the guy anyone calls for help ever again.


    Has anyone considered that the reason the man who assaulted the 7 year old was not arrested nor was his name not even included in the report was because HE may be a cop also.
    Cops always protect cops no matter what.
    It is not normal procedure to treat a person complaining of assault of a child this way.
    Cops are trained to deescalate a situation instead of inciting a riot which is what this officer actions provoked.
    The author of the article should get the name of the suspect who assaulted the 7 year old and research if he is a police officer through TCLEOSE which is the state licensing agency for all police officers in Texas. If you submit an FOIA request to TCLEOSE you can get any officers job history, training, and who they are currently employed with. For those who might want to exercise their right under the FOIA Freedom of Information Act Google TCLEOSE
    Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education
    An FOIA request can be submitted to the Fort Worth Police Department for the Police Department Policy and Procedures Manual which will have information on whether the officer followed the departmental guidelines in this case. An FOIA request can also be submitted to the Fort Worth Police Department for the officers personnel file to find out how many complaints he has had in the past, any disciplinary problems etc, but release of this information can be restricted to a certain level if the department is civil service. If you do make an FOIA request concerning any police officer be sure to tell them to redact any information not allowed by law to be released like the officers date of birth, social security number or drivers license number, home address etc otherwise they may use this as an excuse not to release the information you are asking for. They all work together against the very citizens who pay their salary.

  • Broos

    Note to Ner0bama AND teh Donald : Now THAT (FWPD), IS RACISM.

  • Ibcamn

    what a POS cop,a man assauts a child,and the retarded cop arrests the victims parent and siblings,this is what i tell people,cops are criminals,all cops,they don’t make money solving crimes,only from arrests and tickets…cops are all about crime….this just proves my point again about the criminal gang known as the ”blue gang”,they are criminals and rapists and murderers,all of them…………..and you know the reveu board will say they looked into it and say it was justifiable,what bullshit…

  • palvadore

    Anger a snowflake and go to jail! There are a lot of pussy cops these days!

  • jaguar

    Whenever you start disrespecting the police, this is what happens…The mom started mouthing off telling the officer to not “Tell her how to raise her kids”. Plus I saw the youngest daughter go up and push the police officer…My kids never would of done something like that…Teach your kids to respect other people, that 7 year old boy Probably mouthed off to that man for asking him to pick up the paper he threw on the ground…

    • Bill Taylor

      why LIE? you did NOT see anyone push the officer…..the female tried to calm her mother and the officer assaulted and battered her ILLEGALY.