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VIDEO: Cop Loses It, Tackles School Kid, Chokes Him to the Ground — for Jaywalking

On his first day as a senior at Hoover High School, Keyshawn found himself in a struggle with a Fresno Police officer who put his hands around the student’s neck, slammed him to the ground, and then employed a controversial chokehold — similar to that which killed Eric Garner — while his friend Johnny recorded the incident. His ‘crime’ was jaywalking.

Although video uploaded to Facebook shows no evidence of weapons, much less violence or significant resistance against the cop who choked Keyshawn or other officers arriving on scene, both were arrested.

What precipitated this scuffle and the arrests of two juveniles? Jaywalking and filming the police — two nonviolent, victimless acts. The latter such a minor infraction that it remains enforceable at all seriously stretches the limits of logic; and the former, a constitutional right, if not — amid this epidemic of police violence and brutality — an imperative civilian duty.

According to the description posted with footage to Facebook, the two students attempted to cross the street, but Keyshawn (who goes by ‘KC’) jay-walked, “so this cop from Fresno PD started disrespecting him and grabbed him” — just for crossing the street outside the State’s designated pedestrian pathway.

In the video, the as-yet unidentified officer alternately places his hands and KC’s backpack around the student’s neck because he refuses to sit down, given a physical response to jaywalking is highly disproportionate. KC and Johnny repeatedly tell the cop to let him go.

This lopsided tussle continues for a minute and a half — during which KC’s only physical responses are to place his hands between the backpack strap and his neck to avoid being choked and similar defensive moves disproportional to the officer’s force.

“Get on the ground!” the officer yells several times, completely ignoring their requests.

“You’re under arrest,” the cop declares.

“For what?”

Apparently considering the question for a moment, the officer responds, “Right now, for battery on an officer.”

Battery on an officer is largely a catchall term, akin to ‘I feared for my life,’ used to effect an arrest when no other reason exists to do so — as in this case, where KC’s only physical contact with the cop is to defend himself from being choked, even then, only in reflexively grasping the officer’s wrist, not violently, and decisively not in any way that could be considered battery.

“I didn’t do nothing wrong!” KC yells in perplexed response. “I didn’t do nothing wrong!”

Shortly after declaring this farcical cause for arrest, the officer brings KC to the ground, where he immediately performs the controversial chokehold that, as noted by Fresno People’s Media, “[m]ost departments have banned their officers from using … due to the likelihood of permanent injury or death.”

“I can’t breathe!” KC says.

Clearly drunk with the arrogance of power and control, the officer doesn’t release KC or even loosen his potentially deadly grip on the student’s neck.

“He’s not resisting!” Johnny screams, gravely concerned for his friend’s safety. “He can’t breathe!”

A motorcycle cop then appears on the scene, nearly running Johnny over.

“Back up,” the first officer bellows at the student videographer, as the second approaches to put KC in handcuffs.

“He’s a high school student and you’re fucking with him,” Johnny reiterates the absurdity of police response in this situation.

After the second cop successfully cuffs KC, the first officer immediately approaches Johnny and the video lurches and then stops.

Again, to reiterate, this incident only occurred because Keyshawn tried to cross the street outside the state-sanctioned pedestrian crosswalk — neither he nor the student filming produced weapons — nor did Keyshawn resist the officer beyond the minimum necessary to protect his safety, and not with violence at any point.

Further, to head off any ‘if you can speak you can breathe’ naysayers, that argument is patently false — in fact, science and biology proves precisely the opposite to be true: You can speak even if you cannot breathe, right up until the point the last air in your lungs expires.

Besides lung “capacities” and “volumes,” a person’s physical condition and state of health also play a role. Though the reasons are too detailed for this article to delve into, one decent summary of many can be found here.

While some will predictably side with police in this incident, they should consider extenuating circumstances. Keyshawn did nothing wrong of import — he committed no crime; he did not resist the officer with violence; he did not steal the property of another; he committed no act of violence against any person.

He stepped outside a line.

Similarly, Johnny did nothing wrong — he filmed the incident without interfering, despite serious concern for his friend’s safety; he maintained an appropriate distance from police action while doing so; he committed no act that should have resulted in any contact with police.

He filmed the police.

Such a disproportionately brutal response to an infraction of no consequence illustrates everything wrong with policing in the United States. These students committed no act of harm against anyone or anything. What they did, instead, was bruise the ego of a control-intoxicated cop, whose worship of the letter of the law upstaged logic and thus performed an arrest wholly incommensurate to the infraction.

  • Adam Karlsson

    Comply 100% or get fucked with, can’t be easier.

    • David Hall

      Said the sheeples that bows down and sucks their dicks!

    • Jaalleman

      Bend over and don’t be shy to reach around – now comply 100%!

      Seriously why are you on this site? Look, although i personally don’t like violence, especially against unarmed ppl by armed agents of the state, I have no doubt the time will come when some cop makes the mistake of messing with the wrong (right?) guy and it will spark a full blown, armed resistance.

      Sort of like ( i can’t be bothered to look it up now) Tunisian vendor who sparked the “Arab Spring” by self immolation in public. Jesus, don’t people like Adam have a scintilla of dignity? I read his comment desperately looking for signs of sarcasm – nay, the Copsucker actually meant that.

    • Gillian

      you’re serious? you really think that complying 100% with the police at all times is a viable solution in a country that claims to be a democracy? you realize that you just gave complete and total power over the citizenry to any uniform wearing idiot?

      I don’t know why you Americans bother with this whole “Land of the Free” charade. You’re obviously yearning for a strong dictator to tell you what to do and order you around. Just go for it and stop this ridiculous joke of being a “free country” It’s not even funny any more – just sad.

      • dave

        Hey, the entire conservative party of the GOP disproves the adage “home of the brave”.

    • REALConservative

      Yes, comply. Because that’s freedom.

    • Mudd

      Yes Sir. May I lick your boots too?

  • Nite_Owl

    If a cop approaches you your best move these days appears to be to shoot them in the face. We didn’t start the war but we posess the overwhelming power to finish it. When cops realize that because we start treating them like they treat us they might learn some fucking manners.

    • rational_thinker_period

      You sound utterly and completely ignorant. Law Enforcement has the power and right to ENFORCE THE LAW because they EARNED it. They go through extensive training and psychological testing before they are given their rights to enforce such laws. If you think it can be done better….fill out an application and do the job yourself. Shoot them in the face?! THAT is criminal. Enforcing LAW is not. Respect the law. Respect the uniform. Let your day come in court…not on the street while resisting an Officer. There is no room for “manners” here. The kid was rude, disrespectful, and should have cooperated. A cop says “stop”…you STOP. A cop says “put your hands up”…PUT THEM UP and NOT in your pocket/back where a gun might be concealed. Again, you sound stupid.

      • dean D

        I don’t know, bud, you sound rather ignorant and stupid right now especially considering the video.

        • rational_thinker_period

          The video clearly displays a teenager who feels he’s somehow entitled and above the law blatantly failing to cooperate with a Law Enforcement Officer. I assure you, BUD, I am knowledgeable, and it appears much more so than you. Law is not a suggestion.

          • REALConservative

            I already dismantled that bit of idiocy.

          • He who has no Name

            honestly neither you or the so-called Law Enforcement persons know the first thing about Law…. not even a smidgen of a clue as to what Law is and therefore are ignorant of the Law and mentally incompetent at Law to boot. I am a Law Professor and can quite easily identify a crime when it is happening before my eyes… The alleged “peace officer” in this video not only breached the peace but also breached his oath, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, and a number of other dishonorable acts which are unbecoming of anyone claiming to have “earned” a right LOL!!!! Jaywalking by the way is NOT A CRIME…. it is only a minor infraction of an Ordinance WHICH IS NOT A LAW… it is an ORDINANCE and also jaywalking is not an offense that would merit being arrested or assaulted in any way by anyone with any honor and integrity… Man cannot create or make Law…. only observe them or deviate from them. Man can only make or create rules to govern himself by….

          • Okaro

            So people should just be allowed to ignore cops and jaywalk? They should be allowed to fight cops and cops should just give in because the initial infraction was so small. Earth to you, when you start resisting, the initial offense loses its significance. A chain of events that starts with you jaywalking, can end where a cop is legally justified to use deadly force against you. It is you who decides where it ends. Hint: it does not end up with you being victorious and the cop giving in.

          • rational_thinker_period


          • Dan Houser

            Easy there.
            The official report – and the body camera of the cop apparently – show that the officer warned the kid not to cross against the light. Twice. The kid ignored two police warnings, and didn’t stop when the officer — who at that point can’t NOT make a custodial stop for the jaywalking ticket — asked him to stop.

            The video begins when the cop makes his first mistake — he orders the kid to ‘sit’.

            On the body camera, he says ‘Wait here’ then orders the kid to ‘sit’. The kid keeps walking. Then the officer begins restraining him to get him to sit. Until the kid’s hand stops the cop from choking him with his bookbag — touching the cop — the cop just wants him to sit for his ticket.

            More should have been said than just ‘sit’. He should have given cause for the stop – not that cops are always required to. That’s why they get you to incriminate yourself at traffic stops: “Do YOU know why I pulled you over?” rather than “I pulled you over for speeding.” In some states they are required by law to initiate with “Stop, I’m holding you here to give you a ticket for x,y,z.” Freso, Bakersfield, all of Orange probably has brutal laws protecting cops, from what I’ve heard about the place.

            Jaywalking in California is an enforceable law. In Fresno it’s even harsher than the rest of the state money-wise.

            I don’t disagree this cop fucked up — he’s afraid, he’s showing his fear, and turning it into aggression. The kid should have submitted to the custodial stop. He broke a law and was being detained.

          • dave

            I see a moron with no law enforcement experience, no education, and no clue.

          • billdeserthills

            That explains why you are such a dick!
            Know it all cops, always think they know it all

            Tell me why 3 cops are arrested Each day yet they almost never get to prison??

          • Glenn Festog

            “Law is not a suggestion.”
            When its not applied equally, when cops commit crimes with impunity, it is not a law; victimless crimes are ONLY imposed for the purpose of theft under color of law. When NYCP stopped robbing people for just two weeks, the city “lost” 2 million dollars in revenue. Wow, 52 million a year and you go on about a favor these thieves are doing for us. 2.5 million in jail, a huge majority of which are there for misusing flowers.

            People like you support this crap because they benefit from the system; can you say “conflict of interest”? Cause we can…..

          • Dan Houser

            This kid in the video – at what point does a police officer need to detain someone for jaywalking? Not ask them to stop walking – but physically interact with the suspected jaywalker? You’re the LEO here, tell me, ma’am.

            I’m going to bet that a cop doesn’t really give a shit about jaywalking. What he wants is a reason to stop a black male and root around in a bookbag. It’s called ‘stop and frisk’. All the cop wants is PC to look in a bookbag – for whatever he thinks might be in there.

            Jaywalking is not PC. Reacting to a bullshit jaywalking charge as ‘more aggressive than expected’ IS PC.

            This is racist profiling bullshit.


        • rational_thinker_period

          AKA, you’re an idiot

          • Sherry Gillespie

            I agree the cops are always rude and entitled. If their parents had done their jobs, we wouldn’t have a whole generation of Narcissist assholes beating up people without any real reason. The boys in blue need discipline and much better parents. And you could have used a better Education.

          • dave

            Posted by an asshole with no children.

          • rational_thinker_period

            Wrong on all accusations – woman. with kids. who works with both Law Enforcement and mentally ill patients both in a clinical/hospital setting. You have no idea the horror that these Officers see on a daily basis, and how many lives they save….but those stories don’t make the news feeds now do they? One day you may need protection for yourself and/or a loved one, and if you think you’d do a better job than the Officers who risk their lives daily to ensure the safety of their communities, then by all means….fill out an application, suit up, and do the job yourself. Change starts with action. Quit complaining and make a better difference. Shoot a cop in the face?! That’s just hypocrisy.

          • dave

            Not often that I meet women who are such assholes as yourself.

            “You have no idea the horror that these Officers see on a daily basis, and how many lives they save” – I do not care, as they volunteered for the position.

            “One day you may need protection for yourself and/or a loved one, and if you think you’d do a better job than the Officers who risk their lives daily to ensure the safety of their communities, then by all means….fill out an application, suit up, and do the job yourself.” – I have filled out the application. It is a rigged system.

            I have not complained. I have stated facts. Facts are that too many cops have no professionalism whatsoever, are not too intelligent, and decide that they can order civilians around. Too many have God complexes.

      • REALConservative

        They earned it?

        Extensive training?

        You didn’t now that a hairdresser has three times more training than a cop?

        I don’t have to be a chef to complain about my cold undercooked chicken. I don’t have to be a mechanic to complain about crappy work done on my car. I don’t have to be a cop to be critical of idiocy by law enforcement.

        I don’t have to respect the uniform, the uniform has to respect me; that was the intention of the Constitution. The system is as fraudulent as a cop who will escalate a jaywalking infraction to a criminal encounter.

        Yeah, just do whatever some .gov stooge tells you to do, because thats freedom, right?

        • B Ward


          Best comment award to you. You sir win the Internet

      • Vincent Quintanar

        if a cop says stop you stop because you have no rights what so ever and should follow every order a cop gives you wether its wrong or right because they have a badge ,therefore they are your slave masters and you as the slave need to comply to every command they make or else be punished for it because you do not have rights and should listen to them even though some police go through as little as 19 weeks of training to perform a job thats responsible for the lives of thousands of people,respect the badge because it means that they have authority over you and your free will and wether it be as simple as crossing the street or the infraction of leaving your car running in your own driveway to warm up the car,you as the citizen are responsible for giving this entity complete control over your life without question because they earned that badge in 19 weeks of training where we teach you how to violate the rights of citiz
        ens whenever we see fit or escalate situations where we turn jaywalking into serious crimes and arrest ppl for resisting arrest when there was nothing to arrest someone for in the first place,thats what you sound like,change your name to head_up_ass_im_a_slave

        • Robert Bist

          not to gget too far off the main topic but can you elaborate a bit on the car in driveway situation you mentioned, new to me and i like to be informed and knowledgeable, thanks.

          • Vincent Quintanar

            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSN2p7Anwx8 the excuse is because cars get stolen while ppl are warming up cars,so we’re going to fine you for warming up your car because of the possibility of your car getting stolen so in return we’re going to steal your money for creating the possibility of your car getting stolen lol bs laws to create revenue all while pretending to give a shit about you lol

        • rational_thinker_period

          You have no idea the horror that these Officers see on a daily basis, and how many lives they save….but those stories don’t make the news feeds now do they? One day you may need protection for yourself and/or a loved one, and if you think you’d do a better job than the Officers who risk their lives daily to ensure the safety of their communities, then by all means….fill out an application, suit up, and do the job yourself. Change starts with action. Quit complaining and make a better difference. Get over youself.

          • Glenn Festog

            There are at least ten jobs in the US that are more dangerous than police work, none of them allow murders/manslaughter under the rubric “I was in fear of my life.”
            This explains why, when in 70+ years no cop has been killed by a dog, that they’re killing dogs about every 98 minutes. (Google puppycide)
            One other point, other than “World’s Dumbest….” videos, criminals generally commit crimes when police are not there. Cops aren’t there because LEOs are actually REOs (revenue enhancement officers) the majority of their work day.
            Last year police stole more money than the criminals did, and have killed more people than terrorists have since (and including) 911.

            My action? Avoid the police like any other armed criminal gang.

          • Okaro

            Are you really comparing the lives of cops to the lives of dogs. Sounds extremely sick.

          • Glenn Festog

            Were you not aware that your personal dog is a pet, but a police dog is a “fellow officer”?

            Asshats who deliberately kill pets to provoke a response are sociopaths, its not our fault that the majority of them carry badges.

          • AutumnLoving420

            That’s what the ruling elite class whot are in high power call the police and military amongst each other. This is very true. They call them their dogs or pets sometimes.

      • Milk Man

        STUPID or Plain IGNORANT ? —–NO A TROLLing COP-SUCKER…..!
        “””They go through extensive training and psychological testing
        before they are given their rights to enforce such laws”””

        WTF over ??? A RIGHT TO ENFORCE THE LAW ?

        ???—-“The Peelian Principles”—???


      • dave

        Sorry, but you are wrong. Law enforcement officers do NOT goo through extensive training. And it is obvious that their psychological testing has nothing to do with how they handle difficult situations.

        You have zero understanding of the process of becoming a police officer, as evidenced by your casual comments about applying the position.

        “Respect the law. Respect the uniform. Let your day come in court…not on the street while resisting an Officer.” – What utter bullshit! THAT officer was NOT enforcing the law in an appropriate manner. That child had EVERY right to resist.

        YOU are part of the problem!

        • billdeserthills

          American cops–The real largest criminal gang in America!

        • rational_thinker_period

          There is not such thing as a “right to resist”….”resisting” is punishable by court of law. Zero understanding? I’m woman. with kids. who works with both Law Enforcement and mentally ill patients both in a clinical/hospital setting. You have no idea the horror that these Officers see on a daily basis, and how many lives they save….but those stories don’t make the news feeds now do they? One day you may need protection for yourself and/or a loved one, and if you think you’d do a better job than the Officers who risk their lives daily to ensure the safety of their communities, then by all means….fill out an application, suit up, and do the job yourself. Change starts with action. Quit complaining and make a better difference. You, Dave, are an idiot.

          • dave

            Sorry, woman, but you are wrong. There absolutely IS a right to resist.

            “I’m woman. with kids. who works with both Law Enforcement and mentally ill patients both in a clinical/hospital setting.” – Good for you. Been there, done that, hated the pay so I got out.

            “You have no idea the horror that these Officers see on a daily basis, and how many lives they save.” – The same BS you wrote before, and no more true than the last time you wrote it.

            No, dumbass, I’m no idiot, but it is quite obvious that you know much less than you think you know. You, lady, are an ignoramus.

      • Reasonable?

        You are what’s wrong with “this country” Polly Anna. You’re a fucking cop aren’t you? irrational_fink_menstrual_cycle coward! Law enforcement lost the respect of the citizenry quite sometime ago ya bootlicker. Here’s to a bullet finding you soon!

        • rational_thinker_period

          I will take that as a direct threat. You sir are filled with hate that drives the violence in this country. Clean up your act asshole.

          • Reasonable?

            Boot licking facetious sycophant.

        • rational_thinker_period

          ps I am not a cop. But I respect them wholeheartedly. I am a citizen…who respects authority, law, and the enforcers. I am a law abiding citizen….which is probably why I’m such a supporter vs pointing fingers as most of you do on a daily basis, further deflecting and proving that you in fact are not righteous….just entitled when you’ve got no reason to.

      • Concerned Dad

        Earned what? Do you honestly believe that a regular man on the street will get a fair day in court against a thug cop?

        But, its not really the cops fault – he was raised by parents who didn’t treat him how to respect the public.

      • Drake Doragon

        Sorry, but they don’t get “extensive” training… example? When police have their assault rifles going in on a raid… many have them pointed forward with no threat, which any military person will tell you is not what you do… the gun is only pointed at target when they are going to terminate the threat. Also, they get very little training on how to defuse a situation without using weapons and violence, in fact, they have more target training than defusing training. Oh and regarding “JustUS” in court… good luck, it’s not about that, it’s a revenue maker… nothing more and if you’re in the lucky sperm club or in the JustUS system, you get special treatment. This cop was spending all that time trying to give the kid a ticket for jaywalking… come on, that’s just ridiculous.

  • Brando

    Another option, especially when outnumbering these jack boot thugs, is beat the fuck out of the police who are clearly breaking the law. Hold them until other “law enforcement” arrives and then let the courts settle it.

    Another option is to kill those cops and then let the courts settle it. That is what they do. Using the same tactics against those that are also using those same tactics is not wrong.

    There isn’t a jury in this great nation that would convict citizens defending themselves against criminals disguised as cops. Just because they went to work as cops, doesn’t mean they can’t end the day being criminals.

  • kentuckywoman2

    F*ckin’ skinhead cop!

  • makatak62

    If you guys think these two are innocent and shouldn’t have been arrested, you are smoking too much dope! The guy jaywalked, so when the officer tells him to stop, that officer has a right to do that. It’s just like pulling you over for a speeding ticket. If you don’t stop, you will be arrested. And saying his friend was just filming…one listen to the tape shows clearly that he was interfering with the arrest. There’s plenty of instances where people are arrested or worse and shouldn’t be, but this is definitely not one of those cases. Be objective – if your narrative doesn’t fit the facts, then find a better example to use…don’t try and change the facts to fit your narrative.

    • Tony Velez

      cop should have given the kid a warning ( there is such a thing ) & be on it’s way, BUT when scum pos like this on a power trip hassles you for something millions do daily, then there is a problem ( was it a racist stop & use jaywalking as an excuse or was the scum cop trying to save the kid from getting hit from a car ?) either way, it a ridiculous waste of time arrest as i said, millions jaywalk , this cop handled the whole situation WRONG & made a simple offense into a major lawsuit where the citizens financially lose due to a power hungry asshole, this won’t stop it will get worse till EVERY cop has to pray they make it home , this is the cause effect, cops need to wise up & realize THEY are creating ENEMIES with their actions, that kid is gonna get paid

      • makatak62

        Tony, I hear where you’re coming from, but these kids were completely wrong in this instance. How can the cop issue a warning if the kid won’t stop? The cop had the authority to detain him and issue a warning or a ticket. The kid didn’t comply…he got arrested. His friend interfered with the arrest, so he got arrested too. This one is simple and distracts from the real injustices, like the murder of Philandro Castile.

    • Britin Anne McCarthy

      I have lost count of the amount of people who jaywalk across the street in front of my apartment. They even do it on front of the police and I have never once seen the police put a hand on any of them or arrest a single one of them in the 11yrs I have lived in my apartment. Nor have I seen an officer treat any of the angry patrons of the local bars the same way this officer treated that kid. I live next to one of the bars and some of this people can get very nasty.

      • makatak62

        It’s likely that there was some decision at some level, probably with the school, to strictly enforce the use of crosswalks. It may be that the road is heavily trafficked and dangerous to cross. If a police officer tells you to stop in this situation, you’ve got to stop…period. How they deal with a similar situation in another setting is unique to that setting…they probably don’t want a bunch of drunks mad at them (I don’t blame them for that).

  • Ibcamn

    these cops are criminals….jaywalking,really….so people,still think the criminals[aka;cops]will leave you alone if you do nothing wrong,well i have news for you,the cop that just tried havingf sex with a minor girl and was caught for it,is now back on the job…and the studant that rated him out is going to have problems now,her and her family[pets too]and this is the same type of cop walking around and driving in your neck of the woods….understand yet.cops believe[and trained to believe]that you,the people commit 3 crimes a day,they think it’s their job to catch you and put you in prison for these crimes,that you nevcer really commit,they just say you do….like this corrupt cop is doing……have fun people.or is it sheeple….all cops are criminals.

  • 2broke4 her

    Jay walking might be a victim less crime until the jay walker gets hit! and then it becomes whos fault is it.. the cop was right in detaining the boy but the true reason, the boy would not cooperate with the cop! and from there it escalates!

    • rational_thinker_period

      Finally…a sane person. Thanks!

  • Tim M Murphy

    Maybe if his friend hadn’t used the expression “black lives matter” I could feel more about it as it is obvious police brutality, his friend should have been quiet and called a lawyer instead I got to hear the asbove phrase that is racist on its own….ALL LIVES MATTER

    • Robert Bist

      if black lives matter was as much of an issue over all lives matter then the black vs. black crimes stats would start to plumet instead of constantly increasing !!

  • Prefiero Figurados

    All the kid had to do was sit down; just like any of us when a cop stops us. But this kind of hyper-aggressive behavior, coupled with above-the-law attitude, is what gets people killed. If you resist a lawful order then you invite the escalation, and if you keep fighting the escalation, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

    This is exactly the kind of behavior that 1) alienates rational people from the BLM movement, and 2) shows people the kind of mindless aggression and violence that cops deal with every day.

    • rational_thinker_period

      I work with both Law Enforcement and mentally ill patients in a hospital setting and see on a daily basis the ways a situation can get out of hand quickly by no doing of the Officer. Those who feel “entitled” to live above the law (like the disrespectful, brat of a teenager who clearly wasn’t raised to respect authority of any kind – I’m sure he speaks to his mother in the same disrespectful way) are the problem here….behavior needs reform. Thanks for being rational!

  • billdeserthills

    That kid is lucky to be alive, jaywalking is a death sentence in New York

  • JOHN

    let my nigga go, let my nigga go, let my nigga go…nigga please shut the fuck up!!!

  • AutumnLoving420

    Here is the truth. All police a immoral beings.

  • AutumnLoving420