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VIDEO: Cop Shoves Handcuffed Boy Through Window, Nearly Killing Him — Loses Only 5 Days Vacation

New York, NY – Video footage has emerged of NYPD Sgt. Eliezer Pabon suddenly shoving a handcuffed 14-year-old boy against a plate glass window, which shattered and almost killed him. Javier Payne had to undergo 4 hours of surgery to remove shards of glass from his lung and near his heart.

After finding Sgt. Pabon guilty of excessive use of force, Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Trials Nancy Ryan docked the Bronx cop a mere five days of vacation. The punishment was far less than the 30 days lost vacation the NYPD suggested when it filed administrative charges against Pabon.

The lame excuse for discipline is even more outrageous when compared to a punishment handed down to another Bronx officer, Joseph Spina, who was docked eight vacation days for saying he wouldn’t have voted for mayor Bill de Blasio. That incident was caught on film when Spina gave a driver a summons.

With the two punishments, New York City’s police accountability system is showing just how flawed and subjective it can be.

Javier and his mother are outraged,” said Scott Rynecki, the family’s attorney. “You penalize one police officer for merely stating something verbally and you give him eight vacation days and another one who has been found guilty by a tribunal of using excessive force and nearly killing this young man — you’re giving him five days. What’s the public to think — that it’s worse for a cop to complain about his bosses than it is to lay his hands on people and use excessive force?

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The family filed a lawsuit against the NYPD after viewing the video, which Rynecki says warrants a re-opening of the case.

There’s no question the video shows there was an assault,” said Rynecki. “There was absolutely no justification for the sergeant to lay his hands on that handcuffed 14-year-old boy. It’s mind-boggling that the D.A. (Johnson) did not even present the evidence to a grand jury.

Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson did not present Javier’s case to a grand jury because, according to the file, there was a crack in the window. This allowed Johnson to clear Pabon of criminal wrongdoing.

But it should be common knowledge, especially to cops, that shoving people into glass windows can cause serious injury or death. Pabon’s behavior in the video is not indicative of a person in control of his emotions.

Javier was a 14-year-old, 89-pound kid at the time, and was already handcuffed. Javier was allegedly “mouthing off” to Pabon after he was arrested for punching a man in the face, but that is no excuse for Pabon’s ruthless actions.

If you can’t stop from getting violently angry at a restrained kid being belligerent, you have no business being a police officer “to protect and serve.”

Sgt. Pabon will be going on trial in an administrative hearing next month, but a lawyer for the Sergeants Benevolent Association expects says they “remain confident that Sgt. Pabon will be cleared of any wrongdoing after a full and fair examination of all of the relevant facts in a court of law.”

  • Heather Soper

    Violent cops are an everyday occurrence in the US, something HAS to happen to stop it – Giving them a stiff jail sentence and stripping them of their badges.

    • Guy

      What slice of non-reality do you come from !? Do you actually believe, that the D.A’s, along with The Union Bosses, would ever allow that to happen ? Not including the Judges and Chiefs, that are in bed with the whole grazy lot of them !

      What you, and many here fail to realize. That, it’s the Union’s, who are the true perpetrators of the system behind police corruption, in All Federal, State, County And Cities, Both Large And Small In America. Cop’s well understand this, by making it there personal goal to support it, by there huge contrabutins both financially and morally, to assure the Union Machine is always well fed and oiled enough, to keep working for all there collective benefits. Ask any cop on a beat anywhere in America, if there union dues are payed up, and I’am pretty sure you will get the same answer, no matter were you go, with the answer always being, Yes ! Same as for Firefighters, School Teachers and Union Pipe Fitters !
      Any one of these seriously behind on there union dues, stands a pretty good chance of losing there job, and would rather starve to death, rather to let that ever happen ! This is why, you see State Like Funerals given for beat cop’s killed in the line of duty, with Union Rep’s and fellow schmucks coming from all over the Country, in support of them. It’s The Brotherhood !!!!!!

      A lot of people want to go after the DOJ and Congress, thinking that through them, the laws will be changed, and I agree to a point they are right. But if you truly want to see a change in our legal system.The Unions Back must be broken first, for that to ever happen enough, for a true change to come in the way our Policing System is operated, and US, to be finally represented on a even playing field.

      That answer is rather simple. Starve Them Out, by sueing them under the Rico Act, in order to get them to release there death grip !

      I have see this befor. In the 70’s and 80’s.The Carpenters Unions was one of the strongest in America, with plenty of work enough to go around for all. Carpenters were well payed, with good benefits and the Union Reps were making millions. Then the Developers had a idea, got together and made a plan to get rid of the unions, and put a whole lot more money in there own pockets ! They broke the unions, by not doing any work for a year, allowing them to starve, so they could bring in cheap Mexican labors instead, paying them half of there wages, with hardly any benefits. Now, the Carpenters Union is nearly gone, and 80% of the labors are Mexican, with the balance working on Public Work’s Jobs, that is at the higher scale in pay and benefits !

      Until that happens, you might as well wish for tit’s on a goat !!

      • Heather Soper

        I see where you’re coming from, being British I don’t have as much knowledge, looking in, as it were; hard to understand when you’re not in the same country.
        Of course I understand that the way to go about it is not by the Congress, but what about your broken judical system, the judges, etc. Seems all are corrupt, and the cops can get away with everything, they know ‘we’ know it, they surely can’t carry on ad infinitum, whatever must be done has to be done by whatever means to stop it, the US is known as a barbaric country to the rest of the world..

        • Guy

          I traveled to England a long time ago and found the people pretty smart and savvy to Politics, Government and the Law, considering they have been doing it for over a 1000 years !

          That was untill we came along and reinvented the wheel, telling the entire world and us, how to do it the right way !

          Nothing like being so full of yourself, that you won’t bother to see anything else, except your own !

          • Heather Soper

            You mean like imprisoning and killing the innocent? You call that telling the entire world ”how to do it the right way” ? Is that what you mean?

            And you’re saying I’m full of Myself? That what you’re saying?

          • Guy

            No it’s not, and perhaps you should re-read my post, befor you run off being half cocked ! Just insert America into the middle.

          • Heather Soper

            ”That was untill we came along and reinvented the wheel, telling the entire world and us, how to do it the right way !
            Nothing like being so full of yourself, that you won’t bother to see anything else, except your own !”

            Insert America – where?

          • Guy

            Okay, I think i get you now ? “We” as in U.S. of A. are full of ourselves{Morality} telling the entire world to behave itself, when we have our own set of problems. As ” Killing & Imprisonment” of innocent folks ! WE are full of our own selves, Us dear, Not You, being to blind to see our own folly ! “We” (America) reinvented the wheel, ignoring the fact that You (England) has managed to do it pretty well for about 1000 years ! There, Better ?

          • Heather Soper

            Much!! Thank you for explaining!

          • Guy

            Not a problem, always happy to help out the proper English. 😉

          • Edgar Longenecker

            Heather, and, Guy…. youse two are on the same page; Guy is cutting them no slack as well; with, knowledge we should all be aware of…. Nice of you, Heather, to liven up ths toadies at law, mobster run,, cabal… Happy new jeer…. for more of the same……. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

          • Heather Soper

            And a Very Happy one for you too, Edgrrr !! 🙂

      • Dep.chief

        The unions can only threat They have no way to forcing them to do anything, The Cops, DA’s and Judges are all in the same system They find this a better way to keep their jobs, They all rely on the cases the cops bring to them to justify their jobs. You only hear them say, when getting reelected, how well they did to convict and jail the criminals. The more the better they do. Stop reelecting them and then we can get some change in this Hold the Cops accountable in COURT and you will see a change Start there.

        • Heather Soper

          That’s exactly what I think too. When Justice is mixed with politics you will always get corruption.

        • Guy

          I am sure Jimmy Hoffa said the same thing. Only problem is, he disappeared when he got a bit to cocky for his own good and the Union Bosses didn’t like it. So POOF ALL GONE ! It happened then and happens now !

      • Edgar Longenecker

        The union guys are betting on the wrong horse. A Citizens,’ union, vastly outnumbers the sweathog brigade, and will get the gestapos, put back in their place. We can see, how, much, the nazis can get away with; let’s now see, how many of them, we can fill our prisons with, and, have our own union to back up, our freedoms and, rights…. Let’s buy the unions, away from the gestapos, since we obviously don’t have a govern mental, union to do it for us…. Let’s relegate the antics of organized crime at law, to the, same at law system, they have stuck us with; as in, braindead judges who “interpret,” the law, to fit their foregone conclusions, and, effects upon the system, at law, court system, and, hold the braindead judges, accountable to their oaths, nobody twisted their arms, to take; as “a technicality, of the jub…” Snidely…. Edgrrr….

    • Dep.chief

      This is the way it was done before the 1990’s We were charged no badge no gun and NO PAY tell after a jury decided their fate. If we said we were scared we were laughed out of the service. Now we have a lot of mental problems who have their thumbs in their mouth’s. There are a lot of good Officers out there but you will seldom hear of them. They are taught to act this way in the Academy’s. I used to teach at one tell I heard an instructor tell his class to act and do whatever it took to get a conviction. Not for me.

      • Heather Soper


  • Liz O’neill

    i hope someone give this cop the same treatment he gave the kid. while the populace sits back and allows the police, to police themselves, the cops wont stop their brutality. the bible says, ” a eye for an eye. “

    • lizabeth.ellis

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    • Steen

      I hope some little Dindu punches you and then we’ll see how forgiving you are.

  • 2too

    Oh good!
    Now the little asshole can grow up to be a big asshole.
    If this punk was pushed through the window by the guy who was punched for not giving a cigarette to this nasty under-age punk, instead of by a cop, would the reaction be the same?

  • Elle

    Thank goodness that little shit isn’t a police officer. He’d be doing the same to people as the officer did to him maybe worse with authority behind him. Can’t help but think it was instant karma. Two a-holes paths crossing? Of course no cop shouldn’t be allowed to purposely shove someone’s head into glass. But maybe the cop is just a meathead and didn’t realize the glass was going to break. But it did. But that little jerk is just as dangerous and a menace to society. I definitely don’t think he deserves a damn payday even though he was hurt. Pay his medical bills and be done with it. But no new car, rims, a pound of weed paid for by tax payers LOL. What needs to happen is accountability for the cop AND for the violent out of control teenager who could’ve killed the man he decided to play the knockout game on, over a damn cigarette that brought the cops into the situation in the first place. I don’t feel the slightest amount of pity for that little shit.

  • JdL

    Cops: when it happens, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  • Ibcamn

    criminals attacking a 90 pound kid in cuffs….i bet that cop wanted a bit more out of that kid and the kid said no,so the cop busted him……..yep,that’s what im thinking….just saying because cops are rapists and murderers and thieves,stands to reason.

  • Badcopwatch

    These cops must be punished. If the law doesn’t punish them, maybe it’s time someone else does.

  • Steen