VIDEO: Cops Abuse Paraplegic During Arrest, Hold His Walker Out of Reach as He Begs for Help


Battle Creek, MI — A video uploaded to Facebook over the weekend has caused quite the debate online showing Battle Creek police officers apparently abusing a disabled African American man.

The incident happened on Thursday, Dec. 15 as police pulled over a driver for a suspended license. The video shows cops yelling at the man they just pulled over as he lays on the ground immobilized.

The driver is politely telling police that he needs his walker to get up and instead of giving it to him, they yell in his face.

“You dragged me out of the car bro,” says the driver as he lays there helplessly on the ground. “Look what you just did to me.”

“How would you like to get up,” asks one officer.

“I can’t get up without my walker,” responds the driver.

The driver continues to plead with the officers for his walker, but they hold it just out of reach while screaming in his face.

Instead of allowing the man to get up slowly, like he knows how to do, the cops resort to what they know best — force.

The man is yanked from the ground and painfully dragged to the police car as he screams in agony. When they get the man to the car, he attempts to explain to the officers that he must unlock his leg braces in order to get in the cruiser. Again, they ignore him and apply more force.

Instead of simply listening to the man who is repeatedly telling them that his legs cannot fold unless he unlocks his braces, the officers continue to shove the man into the car. His screams of agony are hard to endure.

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According to a press release, Battle Creek police are aware of the video and plan to make an official statement this week. Police noted that the driver’s condition was assessed at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo before being released back to police custody.

Police also noted that the driver had an outstanding arrest warrant, but they did not elaborate on the details of it.

The reason this video caused so much controversy is because people believed the man was faking the fact that he can’t walk. On the surface, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that this man is acting and trying to milk the situation since people were filming. However, that conclusion would be wrong.

According to several people who know the driver, he is indeed paralyzed. But the controversy arises when people ask how a paraplegic can get around with a walker. And the answer is, in fact, simple — lots of paraplegics get around with a walker using leg braces.

The reason police couldn’t get the driver in the car was due to the fact that his legs were locked straight so he can use his walker. Studies have shown for decades that paralyzed individuals, using leg braces, can, in fact, walk long distances, short distances, and can even climb stairs.

Now that we know all the facts of this incident, the behavior of the officers is dramatically different than what many initially perceive.

Instead of assisting a non-complying man into a police cruiser, as will be the likely statement from the department, these officers, whether they knew it or not, tormented a man by keeping his walker just out of reach and then abused and humiliated him by dragging him and forcing him into the cruiser. All the while, they completely ignore everything the man was saying that would have prevented the entire ordeal.

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  • James Latham

    As usual when police abuse victims they look for any kind of dirt on the victim to justify their criminal behavior. Never going to stop in this country and only going to get worse with Trump becoming our next president with all the hate and racism he spread.

    • Charlie Picco

      You are rt on aspect #1 , but completely wrong on # 2 .. That hate @ racism has always been there ! Another thing you must remember , these Police Psychopaths take their training thru the Mossad of IsraHell , @ we all no how they murder & maim , on a daily basis , the Palestines …

      • Guy

        Both you and Latham can go back to the “Other Dimension In The Twilight Zone,” you like to inhabit ! Clearly you have both lost all touch with reality, perhaps needing a dosage of Prozac, to help you through these difficult times.

        • George Reichel

          The training in Israel has been documented.Max Blumenthal terms it the “Israelification of American police”

          • Guy

            I agree. It’s just that these two useless idiots,use it as some sort of ultra-liberal doomsaying, as a point of fact, to justify extremist views, that make my head burn, is all.

        • Charlie Picco

          The day that you have the livin fuck kicked out of you , or a member of ur fml having their head blown off, maybe then you will scream bloody murder , that is , if you can get that psychopathic cops cock out of ur mouth ! Pathetic Bitch


    Battle Creeks finest

  • kiljoy616

    Don’t plead it gives the sociopath empowerment. Your begging gives them a solid hard-on.

  • Liz O’neill

    these are not police officers, they are heartless fkn thugs, and I hope everyone of them suffers an accident that leaves them paraplegic. pure bastards.

    • Ed

      and no walker afterword!

      • lizabeth.ellis

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  • James Malagese

    The only Good Cop is a Dead Cop!

    • Mark Lucente

      You must be autistic, cuz clearly we need police saying that all police need to die is the most retarded statement you can say. Now we def need to get rid of the bad cops but the good ones can stay.

      • A1701

        they need proper training for police officers… a few hours on a Playstation isnae enough – they need to be taught when not to shoot and how not to treat people less fortunate than themselves

    • LowellST13

      I have been in law enforcement, your comment is horrible. Just like every job. there are good and bad people. to voice your opinion that all Law Enforcement officers should be killed is asinine. I had an uncle that was in LE also and he was shot in the neck and paralyzed. You need to think before you type

      • Michael Loflin

        REALLY?? If there were good cops they would be doing something about the bad cops. Your just full of shit.

      • James Malagese

        Glad I got your attention. We as citizens are sick and tired of Coos using their Blue Power to do whatever the fuck they want to do. Good cops, bad cops, it doesn’t matter. My biggest point is make the bad ones accountable for their actions, which our government does not do. They stand behind you Pigs every fucking time! I’m tired of it just like the rest of the country is tired of it. You want us to have more faith in law enforcement then help get these bad cops off the street! Which you and the rest of your “breed” will never do. So I will take back my previous comment and replace it with “Fuck The Police”.

  • A1701

    (ok so maybe not jackboot wearing or goose stepping – but they’re not far away from those guys)

  • Phil Freeman

    Molotov cocktails ! Because when your ass is on fire nothing else matters!

  • billdeserthills

    Call out the snipers!

    • LowellST13

      If the LE officers did do this then they deserve punishment, not being sniped. My heart does go out to the victim. but

      I have been in law enforcement, your comment is horrible. Just like
      every job. there are good and bad people. to voice your opinion that
      these LE officers should be sniped is asinine. I had an
      uncle that was in LE also and he was shot in the neck and paralyzed.
      You need to think before you type

      • billdeserthills

        Police officers deserve to suffer being sniped for their past, present and future crimes.
        I have been a victim of bad cops many times and I have received no justice or satisfaction for the
        evils committed against me, so knowing some cops bought it will help to bring me a bit of satisfaction
        Thank You for your understanding, copsucker

      • Jon Peters

        Good cops who allow their colleagues to break the law and abuse authority are bad cops. I don’t condone billdeserthills assertion of mudering police, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Doubling down on unacceptable behavior won’t stop it. Massive reforms are needed. Every single person who defends bad cops no matter the circumstances shares in the responsibility.

  • Robin W. Tong

    The Slave Patrols strike again terrorizing another hapless peon.

  • patriot156

    Cops always assume the worst they never believe what people tell them.