VIDEO: Why Are These Cops So Infatuated With Colons?

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“Do you have it up your ass? Do you have drugs in your ass?”

The Free Thought Project
July 28, 2014

Timothy Young is one of many forced sodomy victims of New Mexico Law Enforcement.

According to Reason TV,

In October of 2012, Timothy Young was pulled over for failing to use his turn signal in Lordsburg, New Mexico. When Hidalgo County deputies saw that Young’s companion had an open container, they asked to search the truck. Young consented.

The search dragged on for more than two hours. Deputies eventually called in a K9 unit and claimed that the dog, Leo, alerted on the driver’s seat. While deputies sought a warrant for a more extensive search, deputy Patrick Green continued to interrogate Young, at one point asking him, “Do you have it up your ass?”

After the deputies obtained a search warrant, they handcuffed Young and drove him an hour away to the Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, New Mexico. Young was x-rayed and digitally probed without his consent. No contraband was found. A few weeks later, the hospital sent Young a bill for services rendered.

Timothy Young has sued everyone involved in the violation of his rights, so far he’s been awarded $925,000 in tax-payer money from Hidalgo County.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident.

Last year the Free Thought Project reported on 3 separate incidents of New Mexico LEOs x-raying, probing, and even conducting surgical procedures on the rectums of innocent people. And these are only the cases that have been made public, how many untold stories of forced police sodomy are out there that haven’t been told?

None of the cops involved in sodomizing the innocent people in the stories above were charged with a crime and they are all still on the job.

This is nothing less than state sanctioned rape; justified to carry out the government’s immoral crusade to control what people choose to put in their own bodies.

Americans have had enough! It is time to end this disgusting and violent war on the American people.

Check back here to find out when and how the internationally peaceful resistance to this criminal war will begin. The Free Thought Project will not stop until PEACE is brought to this repulsive WAR!


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