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Graphic Video Shows Cops Corner Mentally Ill, Legally Blind Man and ‘Execute’ Him

Fontana, CA — James Hall, 47, is legally blind, mentally ill, and now dead — after being executed by police officers with the Fontana Police Department. The execution happened in a convenience store and was captured on the store’s surveillance cameras. The video also contradicts the lies police told to justify killing him.

Hall, who suffered from schizoaffective disorder — a combination of schizophrenia symptoms and mood disorder — was in the midst of an episode when police were called out to a convenience store during the early morning hours of November 22, 2015.

Police say they were responding to reports of a possible armed robbery. However, James Hall never robbed anyone and the video shows he was merely browsing the store when 5 police officers swarmed him.

The cops, who were clearly not trained in deescalating situations with mentally ill people, began yelling at him, pointing guns, and had their attack dog at the ready. All of these provocations served to only further Hall’s fears, so he refused to come out.

Several minutes pass before officers opened fire and sicced the dog on Hall, sending him into an utterly panicked state.

As the Daily Mail reports:

According to their lawsuit, Hall had been acting ‘peacefully’ when he encountered a group of Fontana PD officers outside the Chevron gas station at around 4.15am.

But the officers, the suit says, escalated the encounter and eventually ‘deployed lethal force’, killing Hall.

The suit states that one of the officers fired a shot at Hall as they entered the store and then deployed the police dog.

Hall became ‘startled’ and ran to the rear of the store where he ‘cowered’.

The suit states: ‘The Defendant officers cornered Decedent Hall in the rear of the convenience store, brandishing firearms, including an assault rifle.

‘As the Defendant officers continued to surround Decedent Hall, one of them opened fire on him, and Decedent Hall fell to the ground.’

If you read the official police account, Hall charged officers with a knife and they were forced to kill him. However, according to Hall’s family and the video, Hall was cornered and cowering when he was killed.

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According to the lawsuit, Hall had been acting peacefully prior to being confronted by police. At no time had he harmed anyone or attempted to rob the store.

The family also questions the police claim of armed robbery, as Hall had been outside the store until police arrived and frightened him.

Prior to this run-in with police, Hall had never been in trouble with the law. He was well known throughout the neighborhood for his “peaceful nature” and residents were aware of his disabilities, according to the lawsuit.

“James was not observed by family, friends, or those who knew him as having violent tendencies because of his mental illness,” the lawsuit read.

In fact, a few years prior to being killed by cops, Hall was given an award by cops. In 2010, Hall was awarded a Citizen Citation from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office for assisting in the rescue of a four-year-old autistic child.


Like most people, who will watch the video below, Hall’s family wants answers as to why police killed their beloved brother and son.

The lawsuit goes on to accuse the Fontana police of “operating a culture whereby the use of excessive force is encouraged.” It then accuses the force of failing to conduct an “unbiased investigation” into Hall’s death. Judging from the absence of punishment for any of the officers involved in killing Hall, his family is spot on.

“The video puts the lie to the obviously falsified police account of what happened. In fact, this was an execution,” said Mark Geragos, whose firm is representing Hall’s relatives.

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

  • Phil Freeman

    I just watched a murder by a cop with a rifle.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      I’ve felt that way a few times, which is why I can’t bear to watch these kinds of videos. It’s basically just a snuff film.

      • Ed

        You Hit the Nail, right on the HEAD!

        • [email protected]

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  • JdL

    Cops are subhuman scum and should be treated accordingly.

  • W8post

    “Prior to this run-in with police, Hall had never been in trouble with the law. He was well known throughout the neighborhood for his “peaceful nature” and residents were aware of his disabilities, according to the lawsuit.”

    THEN…which idiot called the cops?

    • GeezerGrunt

      The same bitch who called the cops the other day because she saw a guy working on his car and said he was stealing it.

  • searchlight

    its my job i have orders is just a cover for a true psycho’s

  • Flanker

    Don’t worry people the Police will make up for it by helping out a needy family.

  • Mike

    Cops are coward pussies, I hope and pray that all these cops involved end up dead in the gutter, like the trash they are! Why can’t cops just try and talk to the guy instead of yelling a million commands all at the same time making it impossible to comprehend or obey. They also need to take dogs away from cops, as they can’t handle the responsibility!

  • Clarese Portofino

    Yeah, just throw another block party to distract from this action, POSs.

  • Kim Serrahn

    I blame the store owner as well as the cops.

  • Liz O’neill

    there is no one too young, too old, too disabled or too innocent for the American police to murder, there is no ” crime ” too petty “, or too imagined, for cops to hand out a death sentence, they are out of control, and until citizens start answering lethal force, with lethal force, they will continue to murder at a whim.

  • Eddie Crawford

    Execute a blind man such cowards why could they not just sneak up behind him, what where they afraid of being hit buy a packet of biscuits, In Britain our police deal with proper nutty people with big knives and successfully arrest them with killing them, It seems american cops have a shot first ask questions later policy then they complain it`s dangerous,. Yes it`s dangerous because you are dangerous this is wrong on so many levels. I think these cops should be drug tested and Karma take place !!!!!

  • ♓Ξ▲ѴƳ Ƙ∆RM∆~Ð∈ßϯ SᏝ▲V∈

    I’m a Commiefornia Police Officer Parasite making 150K off of the rigged citizen tax system … I’m not going to get a sprained ankle manhandling the guy when I can just shoot him ..

  • Steven Bradbury

    that was a murder ,makes me feel ill to watch this

  • Mike

    And the po-lice wonder why just about ever thinking citizen fears and loathes them. Those who are supporting their families at the expense of others are parasitic scumbags and deserve no respect. Unfortunately, we are probably going to have to act from a defensive posture with every cop contact.

    Welcome to 21st century Amerika…

  • IceTrey

    Why didn’t they send the dog?

  • Samuel Lane

    Hey! Those cops are heroes (aren’t they always?) They needed the dog because that terrorist – and make no mistake, he definitely looked like a terrorist – may have know judo, jujitsu, origami, mitsubishi and seven other Japanese words. How brave all 11 of them were to approach him after he was down because he may have had one of those explosive vests on under his shirt. He may have had a “dirty bomb” on him and taken out a whole city block!
    Those cops deserve a medal and an audience with the Pope.

  • David Carr

    Is it me or does anyone notice how when it’s a white victim, “they could have done something other than kill him”. Black or brown victim, “well, he/she should have listened”, should have jumped through the hoop, should have stood on one foot and sang a song. Anything to justify a murder. By-the-way, this is what blacks and browns have been saying for decades, “not only are they killing us and walking away, they’re killing You Too and walking away” fools. They Are Out Of Control everywhere and if you’d clear the racism from your eyes, you know that Your lives matter too and they don’t give a fuck! If you’re black or brown or poor white, they will kill you and walk.

  • palvadore

    The bullies used what they practiced in Gestapo school.
    All these men should be fired and so should their Cheif! Some should be charged with crimes. And the judge that (most likely) signed the fabricated -Post facto- warrant; he needs to be DISBARRED!

  • Ed

    All Cops can’t keep saying they “Feared for their Life” to justify shooting someone. We must let a jury of their peers decide in each and every case, the prosecutors will have to work to Free a Cop! I can’t see how we let Prosecutors decide without any explanation!

  • Astral Dansex

    Aside from killing the man, which is a criminal act itself, the worst part is the covering, obstruction of justice by lying. At the end the regular citizen gets to pay for these crimes, why don’t they seize their personal belongings, and make them financially responsible for their crimes? I bet we would see a big change of attitude once they understand that anything they do it will be on them fucking pigs.

  • The Oligarchy needs these kinds of cops to do their dirty work so of course they will not be put in jail. When the shit hits the fan and the people begin to rise up, these are the types of people they want putting down the masses.

  • Hugh Culliton

    Wow. Just wow. That officer should have been charged with at least 2nd degree murder. Sickening.

  • americanwhitewoman

    cold blooded murder, paid for with your tax dollars. “he charged at us”. never held accountable for any of their crimes, because when the rich want them to do their dirty work they can say, “remember, I got you out of all the trouble you were in, and I can kick you off this force with one phone call, now you owe me”. They want mindless violent people who are willing to take orders, that’s why none of the nice kids in the neighborhood who try to join law enforcement ever get hired.

  • Ibcamn

    and this is what cops love to do…play SWAT,they love to pretend it is the move dangerous job in the world,when we know anbd stats show it is anything but that,but these cops like every other one in the country,want to be seen as needed,seen as a hero,like back in the day when being a cop ment something,today cops are just murderers and rapists with badges,nothing more….this is what happens when you give the badge[god complex]to an idiot,they are the new american terrorist…not militias[who cause no deaths]but the cops[who murder up to 2,000 people a year]they are indeed the problem here…..i feel bad for the families…FUCK THE POLICE.they are just criminals.

  • Ibcamn

    and the big faggot cop with the dog…didn’t even need to be anywhere near all this…not ever,but yet he was right there,waiting for the chance to use his weapon to maim and destroy a persons life,and he would have done it with a big shit eating grin on his face.cops like him have serious mental issues,worse than the regular killers,i mean cops……..they lied about everything from the begining to the very end,and they will get a paid vacation out of this….sometimes i wonder if that is why they shoot and murder innocent people like this,beside the obvious fun they have at murdering people,im betting they think they need a vacation,a paid vacation….cops are criminals,nothing more..

  • AbbyAtheist

    Fucking cowards. Murdering fucking scum bags. I can’t come to this web page anymore, I just end up way too pissed off.

  • 17

    Our day will come. Show no mercy. They won’t.