VIDEO: Cop Walks Up to Grieving Man Whose House Just Burned Down and Murders His Dog


Madison County, AL — Last year, on March 6, Richard Junkins lost everything. Then, after he’d watched his entire life burn to the ground, a heroic Madison County Sheriff’s deputy came and took the last thing Junkins had left, his dog.

On that fateful night, Junkins, his wife Angie, and their beloved black lab Mr. Bear barely managed to make it out of their home alive before it was engulfed in flames and burned to ashes. Junkins, obviously distressed, lay grieving in his front yard for hours — his “son” Mr. Bear by his side.

“He was an inside dog. He never slept outside in his life,” said Junkins. “He was like a son to me. To some people, that may sound funny.”

Responding to a call of a man acting strangely, deputies showed up to Junkins’ neighborhood. As Deputy Daniel De Jong fearfully walked toward the groaning, grief-stricken man, Mr. Bear came barking.

In response to the barking dog, De Jong cowardly fired his service weapon and killed Mr. Bear. The entire incident was captured on his body camera.

A young boy witnessed the shooting. “His dog was just barking and it didn’t do nothing. It was just barking at him,” the boy told

Upon seeing the only thing he had left be killed by a police officer, Junkins obviously became even more distressed.

“Hey, stay where you’re at!” commanded De Jong.

“Son of a bitch…you shot my dog!”

De Jong repeated: “Get on the ground!”

Junkins twice tells him: “Shoot me!”

“Do you understand get on the ground?!?”

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“My house burned down today and now you shot my dog!”

Eventually, Junkins was taken in without incident, and, after the deputy killed his dog, he arrested Junkins and charged him with disorderly conduct.

Last year, Junkins plead not guilty and the case went to trial this week. Despite the prosecution’s best attempt to paint Junkins as a criminal, and his assailant as a hero, the jury agreed with his plea, and, after only 20 minutes, they returned the verdict — not guilty.

Of course, had the jury seen the video, or even known that De Jong murdered Junkins’ beloved black lab prior to arresting him, their verdict would have been returned even quicker. However, granting De Jong special blue privilege, Judge Ruth Ann Hall ruled that lawyers could not discuss the shooting of Mr. Bear. But that’s not all.

De Jong’s violent history was also disallowed during the trial. Last year, Dominique Kenebrew, an electrical engineer, sued De Jong after this officer tasered him multiple times in the back for no reason.

The Madison County Sheriff’s office is operating more like a gang of criminals than a public service. According to, a Madison County deputy this year pleaded guilty in federal court to lying under oath after stalking, stopping and beating a man he fought in a bar. He awaits sentencing.

Another Madison County deputy was arrested this year for having sex with a student where he worked at Sparkman High School.

Meanwhile, depositions are underway this month in a series of lawsuits over three deaths for untreated minor medical conditions inside the county jail.

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Sadly, this incident is merely one of many that play out every day across America.

  • Eric Rolston

    Strange, but I couldn’t hear the gun fire in the video.

  • OkinSama

    I wouldn’t have held back.. If I had just lost everything, and then someone shot my dog, a member of my family, like a child to me.. I wouldn’t have just said “shoot me”.. Without hesitation, I would have charged the cop, taken any bullets he hit me with, jumped him, and beat him to death, regardless of my own injury/death. It is beyond infuriating that cops think they can get away with pointlessly killing people’s family members. People need to stand up, and give police a reason to think twice about killing pets.

  • Vipkush LosAngeles


  • Samuel McKone

    You can not murder a dog, the officer killed his dog. No need to sensationalize the story it is tragic enough.

    • Bernadette Jean

      This how you get your kicks Troll? Why don’t you take your cop opinion and shove it? This goof did MURDER the dog….in cold blood…just another pussy cop in fear of his life from a barking dog.

    • Stefanie Boller

      Not only was it murder of that poor man’s dog, did anyone else notice how hard he’s trying to use his coat to obscure view of his body cam. Why hide it if nothing was being done wrong? Also, disallowing the whole reason this victim was arrested and charged in the first place from even a mention at hs trial, is plain criminal. Sad sorry days.

    • Mike Walker

      Try murdering my dog and I will gut you on the spot, then feed you your own dick!

  • Bernadette Jean

    When will they get rid of all these pussy cops in fear for their lives from a barking dog. Pussy bitches pissing in their pants because a freaking toy poodle yips. Goof murderous sons of bitches. Take this pos down hard. He likes to stalk people, maybe someone will turn the tables on this wimpy ass miscreant.

  • Roger Langford

    I am not a fan of the police.

  • FiverPrometheus

    Kill the f-ing cop muderer and whoever hired him.

  • infuqisane

    And prosecutor and judge withholding evidence.

  • Mike Walker

    I would have bitten that cops throat out, then shit on his face as he gurgled and choked to death on his own blood and my shit. WHAT A POS!!!!

  • Michael Barrach

    256-532-3412 This the the number for the Madison County Sheriff’s office where Deputy Daniel De Jong works night shift. Please call them and let them know what you think of this video, and the fact that this deputy is still a deputy. This is a non-emergency line and it is not illegal to call and voice your opinion. Please, let’s ring their phones off the hook!