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VIDEO: Crazy Irate Cop Pulls Gun and Almost Kills a Man Trying to Deliver Pizza

A video submitted to the Free Thought Project shows how dangerous a police stop can be when the officer is high strung and belligerent.

According to the video, a man is being pulled over as he is working as a pizza delivery driver. While we don’t know what facilitated the stop, the reaction by the cop was dangerous and almost deadly.

As the video begins, the officer launches a verbal tirade at the driver. He then starts yelling command after command, some of them even contradictory.

At 25 seconds into the stop, after telling the driver to put his hands on the steering wheel, the officer turns into a raging lunatic and demands that the driver “put your phone down.”

Even after the driver complies, the officer continues his harangue. This is one of several points in the 2-minute video in which the driver could have been killed by the officer “fearing for his life.”

The driver, who is the only one in this situation, who can legitimately claim that he feared for his life, is doing everything he can to comply while also protecting himself.

The officer makes no attempt to talk to the driver; he only yells over and over — creating an environment conducive only to stress and violent escalation.

“It’s gonna go bad, real bad!” shouts the hostile public servant.

As the driver frantically attempts to comply, the officer continues to bark orders clearly confusing the situation.

At 50 seconds into the video, the officer’s actions are nothing short of erratic and dangerous. As the driver complies by rolling down the window even more and giving him his driver’s license, the officer does not let up. “Roll down your window! Roll down your window!”

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After taking his license, the officer then demands registration too.

“Gimme your registration!” yells the officer.

“I don’t have it,” replies the driver.

The driver is cordial, compliant, and non-threatening, yet still, this officer continues screaming in his face with his pistol drawn. Merely watching the video is disturbing and infuriating enough, however, for being there, this driver remained astonishingly calm.

Sure, pulling someone over on a dark night can be risky for an officer, but this cop’s reaction did nothing to resolve the situation. In fact, his behavior only served to escalate, confuse, and destabilize the stop — almost as if he wanted something to go wrong so that he could kill this man.

Below is the video of what policing in America looks like and a perfect example of why there is so much divide between police and the citizens today. This has got to stop.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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  • a prime example of P.T.S.D…this cop should be pulled off the street and given treatment…a rubber room might be required..he’s on the ragged edge.

    • What ever happened to the cool experienced respected cops. No one has to like them but ffs how can these cops ever expect respect of communities if it is now only coerced through fear and intimidation.

  • Either government cops should no longer exist (my option), or they should be allowed to do their job.

    This halfassed opinion where government police need to exist, but not treat possible criminals as such is moronic and not conducive to enforcement of law, whether or not those laws are just.

  • The “I didn’t’ do anything wrong defense…Never works. Best to comply and get the whole thing on video.

  • If you read all there is on mind controlling drugs and how they can be administered your thoughts might not be too far off. Lithium and fluoride for starters.

  • even if you comply..stuff can still go wrong.

  • nazis

  • the police here in America need to stop doing cocaine and steroids it is making them psychotic.

    • Troll much?

    • Logan cop sucker much.

    • Lol good one

    • Actually several studies show that steroid abuse and cocaine use are taking a dramatic rise in law enforcement. So Logan, check your facts before you troll a legitimate post.

    • The statement is being trolled for its lack of specificity. “The police” is not true because it suggests every member of the police force. “Some police” is more accurate.

    • People are people some strong some weak some mean well some are predatory some passive some agressive. Cops are no different but cops are infact one of the largest markets of cocaine and steroids this is like pouring gas on a fire.

    • That’s a bit nit picky Chris. Most would read that as a general statement rather than an absolute. And Logan didn’t specify that was his issue with the post.
      Either way, its not worth arguing about.

    • The police force is no different than any other demographic in this country. The force has drug addicts, rapists, pedophiles, thieves, racists, etc…just like every other work force.
      Some studies show that the percentage of these criminals may even be higher in law enforcement than in, say, non-authority work positions. Predators seek out employment that gives them easy access to prey. So to defend someone just because they have a badge is wrong. They’re human, and some of them are human scum.
      The only thing that really sets them apart is the protection they get. Rarely fired, rarely charged, rarely convicted, and protected by fellow officers and by FOP.
      The only people that seem to police the police are concerned average citizens.

    • JoyJoy Jenkins they are also the highest PERCENTAGE of any profession that beat their wives.

    • Chris is right… And I never defended the police. But to say cocaine and steroids (even one or the other) is the problem… Come on.

    • The officer being the way he is, is the problem.

    • People who sign up to be police officers have a propensity towards violence (either through protecting people from violence or through encouraging violence). Any person who is unwilling to be violent (in a negative or positive way) won’t sign up to be a police officer.

    • A propensity towards violence is true. But they should also have more restraint than the average citizen.
      Part of Enforcing the Law should be Abiding by the Law. Granted it can be a very dangerous job, but it is what they signed up for. And its actually not as dangerous now as it was many decades ago. Yet they exhibit violence with little to no provocation. That spike in violence is what led to the studies on cocaine and steroid use, as it just doesn’t jibe with modern police work.
      Used to, a petty crime was not a Catch or Kill situation. Cops let radios and investigation bring in the ones that slipped by them. Talking a belligerent subject down was common. Now its comply or die.
      Fifty years ago, the murder clearance rate (solved) was over 90%. Now, with DNA and all kinds of evidence data bases, and technology…the murder clearance rate is less than 65%. This tells me that too many want the easy (violent) solution. Nobody (not just cops) wants to do the real work anymore.
      That’s a sad state of affairs.

    • I can agree with you on that.

    • I am also in agreement. The system certainly needs revitalizing and reinvention. Its damaged and unreal.

    • That pretty much sums it up.

    • I recently encountered 3 cops 2 were helpfull officers of the law 1 was a punk with a badge.

    • I’ve had encounters with jerk cops… But most were nice. I’ve encountered more “civilians” in life to be assholes than cops.

  • How in the hell are people this stupid allowed to carry guns? No wonder so many of them kill themselves.

  • Gee….it’s almost like the cop is forcing him to “Like” the page before he even gets a chance to read it…. 😉

  • This is why I can care less when one of them gets shoot at..

  • This is why people do not trust cops.

  • was he hallucinating why could he not see the pizza

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    What does that even mean? Sit still?

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  • get out the fucking car and stop playing with your phone before i shoot your ass!

  • Fuck I hate pigs

  • Great!

  • was obviously under the influence. start compulsory drug testing

  • Another Black guy nearly murdered by an idiot with a gun!

  • This terrorism by these racist police will not end till we make it end we have marched pleaded to the Department Heads even to the Attorney General and the President with out any positive results and the harassment by the pig`still continue


  • why didnt this twat just get out as instructed

    • Because there was no legal grounds to. The officer was violating his rights. That’s why.

      “Oh, but it’s dark, and could be dangerous”

      That’s the cops fucking job. If he’s such a pussy, he needs a different line of work.

    • So in ur country’s u don’t have to obey a pigs instructions if u feel there’s been no crime?

  • Mark Groot

  • Scary as fuck.

  • What was the result of all this? Did the driver get an apology? ( don’t laugh!) did the idiot cop get suspended? (lol)

  • “I have a small dick and I secretly like men. I also have an interest in molesting children.” – irate police officer

  • Please someone tell me the city this happened in .

  • since this seems to be based on a white cop stopping a black driver, anyone white could not have a clue to what is going on, except the cop

  • Goddamned cops

  • Racist facist motherfuckers!!

  • watching this, I was fearful for the man’s safety. he handled the situation so well though.

  • This is called a FASCIST POLICE STATE !!!! The rich live and enjoy a socialist life style!!!!

  • We need to change this Country from just us to justice!!! you can afford lawyers if you got plenty of money the working class has to take a public pretender

  • doug

    only job i’ve heard of where you have to fail an IQ test to get hired.

  • avelworldcreator

    Is there any follow up on this story? What happened to the guy? Or the cops?