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VIDEO: Cyclist Unlawfully Accosted & Charged by a Tyrant Cop — But He Fought Back and Won!

Livingston County, MI — In June of last year, Tim Panagis, 26, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, was on a bike ride with friends when he was unlawfully stopped, harassed and ticketed by a would-be tyrant with the Michigan State Police.

The Trooper, who remains unnamed, apparently had nothing better to do that day than to harass an innocent biker. The entire interaction was caught on the officer’s dashcam.

As the dashcam video begins, we see the trooper following behind four bikers as the ride down the road.

The irate trooper then pulls over Panagis for allegedly impeding traffic. Upon exiting his patrol car, the trooper becomes immediately aggressive and launches a verbal assault.

Scolding Panagis like he’s a lesser form of life, the trooper ignorantly and falsely accuses him of breaking the law — but he had not.

“You were in the roadway,” the trooper said. “You were to the left of the white line. You can argue that with the judge,” he says as he cites the cyclist for impeding traffic.

“Argue that with the judge,” is exactly what Panagis did. On January 25, after watching the dashcam and seeing that he broke no law, Livingston County Circuit Judge David Reader found in favor of Panagis and reversed the district court’s findings, dismissing the ticket.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Bryan Waldman, attorney with Lansing-based Sinas Dramis Law Firm, told the Free Press his client was complying with the law by riding close to the edge of the road. The law doesn’t force cyclists to ride on the shoulder.

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“Not only does the case solidify what the law requires of cyclists, but also demonstrates that police officers do, indeed, make mistakes. The case is also noteworthy because, while cyclists rarely fight a ticket, appealing a civil infraction — and winning — almost never happens,” according to a news release issued by the law firm.

The trooper in the video below has no business being in the law enforcement business. Had a member of the private sector exhibited such obstinate and jackbooted ignorance at their place of work, they would have most assuredly been fired. However, as our readers know, police officers can kill innocent people, on video, and never be punished.


    A control freak cop. This one doesn’t seem to be motivated by possible violence, as many of them do, but these cops are walking police brutality lawsuits. PD’s MUST start screening out the authority freaks from their recruit classes!

    • [email protected]

      Had that been a black man he would have killed him for saying anything to him. He would have used I was in fear for my life. So I had to shoot him. Better yet I had to kill him because I feared for my life. He should not be a policemen he is a danger to society and if he is left on the force he is going to kill someone.

      • Yeroc Nnyl Nadroj

        Yo, can you save that race card for actual racsism.you are just giving actual racist amo ..

    • Gus Firchow

      PD’s purposely recruit aggressive neanderthals on purpose.

  • Peter Thompson


  • Ron Dunbar

    What an ass that cop is.

  • roberts707

    while watching the video I saw poor road condition where he is stooped

  • nomak

    The cop has won anyway…that guy had to go in court
    and waste his precious time explaining this senseless
    case to the judge…what did the cop get?…nothing..
    Don’t you think?

    • Thomas Noll

      I would file a civil suit against him, to collect the lost wages and expenses incurred from this

  • Lisa Lucania

    don’t bring God into you BS spam posts. If you were really making that kind of money, you would be able to afford ad space. Loser…Get a real job.

  • Opa Karl

    Dumb ass cop obviously doesn’t know that bicycles have the same roadway privileges and rights as automobiles, and it is legal to ride on the roadway.

    • Tatkinsh

      Not in all states they don’t. Virginia motor vehicle law requires that bicyclists ride in single file except to pass and ride as close to the right hand edge of the roadway as is practical.

  • Wayne N. Burki

    This Cop is ignorant and should pass the 2nd grade at least before he is allowed to graduate to third grade.

  • Fat pig jealous he can’t ride a bike

  • Dude should smoke a joint before going into work. sheesh.

  • Guy Kelley

    how much more of a moron can this cop be ? Attitude is everything, and this cop was obviously looking for anything he could charge this poor sap. These are the types of cops I despise the most, the ones who look for anything they can get away with , while hiding behind there shield of superiority. I would have had a tough time controlling my temper around this idiot. Perhaps the cop will not be so lucky next time he grabs an attitude with someone. Karma is mean, snarly and vengeful. If I was this cop, I would suggest that he sleep with one eye open.

  • ignorant bootlicker… satans demon

  • I guess he fought the law and Lost lol

    • Clearly and most of the vid is the dude waiting on the cop.

  • Problem with hiring little men who are control freaks. Much worse than a bratty child.

  • Nowonder ya get more likes than constructive comments, half the fucking clips don’t even shagging play.

  • jamesawyatt

    COP;S REPORTED QUOTE EPITOMIZING THEIR MINDSET: “We’re the largest street gang in the world. You mess with one, you get us all”, that stated to be one of their accurate quote . . . .
    That mindset having now apparently totally replaced the “Serve & Protect”, that, at least here in some cities in the South, appeared on the police cars; that no longer the case, however. (They and those equally evil politicians and bureaucrats that place them in power are like the termites which undermine the integrity of the structures seem to continue to simply be ‘coming totally out of the closet”)
    “PROTECT & SERVE”: Another instance of false ‘advertising’!!!

  • He drove off without putting his seat belt on. I wonder if he wrote himself a ticket…

  • fred

    This is very difficult to watch. This isn’t a police officer. It’s not even a cop. It’s just an asshole that was mistakenly given a badge, and hopefully it gets revoked.

  • Only got Cs and Ds at school and then telling us what to do.

  • I actually watch this whole video like an idiot. I want those 4 minutes of my life back.

  • Ignorant cop

  • Give a moron a gun and a badge and this is what happens.

  • Well he was way rude but that said he was wrighting this guy up no matter what NOW here is something should change the oficer I think has to be in court when you chalange the ticket so how about this for one- if he loses he dont get payed for being there and two the county or state re emberses the persion for time lost to go to court ? That would stop these kind of tickets

  • No video

  • Glen Carey

    I was a police officer for 26 years and have never seen such stupidity. This guy gives all police officers a bad name. He should be terminated from the police force.

    • Felix Cuvreau

      Really? I haven’t been a cop for a single day and I have seen this type of stupidity from LEO’s over half a dozen times.

  • bender

    top 10 career jobs favored by psychopath, being policeman is one of them.

  • And they wonder why people don’t like some officers some are just plain jerks. This so so cop should be going back to cadet school.

  • Yep, that’s your genuine pig with a capital P. He and his cowardly ilk give the majority of decent coppers a baaad name.

  • Typical angry frustrated cop. What a piece of work. Haha It should cost the filthy maggot with a badge money. But it won’t.

  • Erin Nemeth, probably because he was a Michigan fan hahaha

  • what a complete and utter time wasting twat!

  • the cops are stupid robots

  • Fuck the nazi State USA!

  • Facist Cop

  • He broke the law by pulling out into traffic without first putting his seatbelt on. You could gear the dinging while the car was in motion.

  • Should’ve door checked them all…

  • Firearms….they have firearms on them.Dangerous

  • USA and democracy

  • the true moral of this story, is the cyclist has enough money he can afford to pay a lawyer thousands to fight a citation of a hundred bucks…

  • Keeping our streets safe from these scumbag bicyclists.

  • Yah by paying court cost and attorney’s fee’s, yup we win!!

  • Dirk Wingard

    Cop broke the law. Listen for the dinging for Not having seatbelt on WHILE DRIVING.

  • I feel so protected ….

  • I’d of pulled him over for that hideous shirt

  • got to love it, he rights him a ticket for impeding, as he impedes

  • Reticulous

    Wow, that guy shouldn’t be a cop if he can’t socially navigate such a simple problem. “You guys were going 4 deep. Don’t do that because it impedes traffic and puts you in potential danger. Have a nice day.”

  • fascist

  • watch the beginning of the video, the cyclist did not pass anyone and did not impede traffic. Just a jerk cop who wanted to push someone around for no reason.

  • the cop was in the right and the cyclist was a smart ass.

    • Typical COPSUCKER

    • copfuckers cant live with em cant toss em all in a gas chamber and gas em like the vermin they are

    • Not what I saw. The cop was/is a dick.

  • Some cops are dirty.

  • Alfred Karius

    As someone that does not live in the USA seeing this civilian-policeman interaction I have to conclude that America is a police state.

  • If you watch the end of the video cop just pulls out into traffic without looking, and you can plainly hear his seat belt warning buzzer going off while he’s driving ? ? ?

  • Cop didn’t put his seat belt on the alarm was sounding when he took off lol

  • Cam Alft

    what an assclown,cops are just plain criminal……they commit these crimes against people everyday..

  • They got it wrong on this one. Four cyclists taking up the lane and only moving because he’s a cop.
    Cyclists are becoming the newest road ragers and few seem to care.

  • Not only does this officer not only not know the law he is supposed to be enforcing, it cost this man time off to fight this ticket, something he will not be compensated for. This is why people have so little respect for the police.

  • Road cyclist deserve it. Worst entitled and pretentious people out there.

  • Mark Langston

    This cop needs his brains beat in

  • Dumb ass pig

  • This so called policeman is an arrogant dick, with nothing resembling that of a public servant. While siting the cyclist impeded traffic himself. I think he should be reduced in rank to that of a rookie until he can learn basic reasoning. Come to think about it looking at his age it is too late. We may not be able to fix stupid only place it in an environment where it is not harmful.

  • Stupid biker deserved a ticket. I can’t believe this shit is what the free thought project passes off as injustice. Please.

    • Cyclists should have to register and get license plates on their bikes. They want equal road rights. I want them to get a ticket when they break the rules daily.

  • Lou Jenkins


  • Arthur Caputo

    The pig has an attitude problem, drunk with his authority.Glad that the bikere won but it is rare fighting with these judges who hold KANKAROO courts on a daily basis . He had to appeal a lower judges ruling to get his win .You can’t put a badge on certain people who abuse their authority .The pig was a scumbag .

  • Jim Thompson

    He started his car, and drove away, without his seatbelt on. Someone issue him a ticket — what a jackhole

  • Bob Gordon

    The cop is certainly an asshole. However, I do share his irritation with bikes impeding traffic.

  • It does seem odd that he singled out the leading bicyclist accusing him of motioning, etc. when the video shows that this was done by another cyclist. Even then the cyclist who motioned was well to the right of the white line.

  • Another jerk cop. No wonder people have lost respect for law enforcement.

  • It’s a win but not much of a win. The cyclist still had to waste at least one day in court, possibility losing a day of income or vacation time, plus his legal expenses.
    The taxpayers are on the hook for the wasted expense of court time.
    The only real winner is the cop. Going to court is pretty much a paid day off for him, and lots of cops brag how they get paid overtime for their court days

    • But the cop is now exposed as a dick.

  • The arrogant “public servant” should be charged with not wearing his seatbelt. he drove a few meters and the seatbelt alarm could be heard on the last part of the video.

  • 9 times out of ten the laws that cops spout off to you when they’re mad because they have to do their job aren’t legit laws at all..

  • jayfordtheman

    What a complete A hole, he likely ripped off bunnies heads and cooked japanese beetles with a magnifying lens when he was little, no business in a uniform with that attitude, plus, all while he knew he was being taped

  • Who is the pig? Somebody find out and post his home address.

  • This cop is right!! The cyclist was hogging the road, a road that had clear markings set aside for cyclists. Cyclists do this all the time, slowing down traffic and cause many accidents. This cop looked like he wasn’t going to take any crap from the cyclist and rightly so. This is a non-story, too many of these popping up all over the internet and are designed to create more and more disharmony between the police and the man on the street. Maybe free thought project has nothing better to do so they invent an issue, post it, and wait for imbeciles to plough right in. What a waste!

    • The video clearly shows the truth. The cop was a dick.

    • There is no bike lane in that video.

  • Tom Lehman

    Hey Pig. Have you shown your family this video so they can see what a hero you are? Blatant abuse of power. Fucking tool

  • daveinvancouver

    If he’d just run down the asshole cyclist the universe would be a better place today. Can’t stand these arrogant asshole cyclists in their lycra and cool plastic hats, and the I’m saving the planet attitude. No, you’re not. You’re holding up traffic, and you’re and asshole.