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Video Exposes Cops as Lying Thugs Who Beat an Innocent Man and Claimed He Attacked Them

Caldwell County, TX — In January of last year, Larry Faulkenberry’s 16-year-old son decided that he would play a trick on his dad for grounding him. So, he called the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department, and claimed his dad was drunk and waving a gun.

Deputies, responding to the call, arrived to find Faulkenberry entirely compliant, not drunk, and unarmed. He does not even own a gun.

These facts, however, were of no concern to the cops who arrived only to assault, injure, arrest, and lie about Faulkenberry attacking them.

“They yelled ‘sheriff’s department.’ What do you need? I put my hands up. ‘Turn around and walk backwards.’ I’ll stand here, you come here and put handcuffs on me,” Faulkenberry said.

“Why the fuck y’all here?” Faulkenberry recounted himself saying. “Before I could finish the sentence, I got slammed to the ground.”

While on the ground, deputies rubbed his head into the gravel and punched Faulkenberry in the face, leaving his face covered in abrasions.

“They left me laying on the ground for about 15 minutes, face down,” he said.

The Caldwell County Sheriff’s department is now facing a lawsuit after Faulkenberry’s surveillance video proved the cops were lying when they claimed this innocent man attacked them and resisted arrest.

According to the police report, by Deputy Michael Taylor, Faulkenberry attacked the cops, and they were forced to beat him in an act of self-defense.

“I observed Lawrence Faulkenberry push Sergeant Yost with the left side of his body and elbow into a tree causing him to fall and injure his left shin and right knee cap. I observed Lawrence Faulkenberry to forcefully resist Deputies while attempting to lawfully detain him for officer safety. Deputies detained Lawrence Faulkenberry using the least amount of force necessary to gain compliance from Lawrence Faulkenberry.”

“If you watch the video, absolutely none of that occurred,” he said. “I never touched the guy. That was a complete fabrication.”

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After spending ten days in jail on felony charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest, prosecutors finally got around to viewing the surveillance footage that proved their cops were lying thugs. After they had viewed the footage, all charges were dropped.

However, in spite of the video clearing Faulkenberry and proving the cops lied to set him up, not one of the three deputies involved has faced discipline.

Faulkenberry, who owns a motorcycle parts shop, was facing several years in prison. This innocent man could have been locked in a cage and deprived of freedom because of these lying cops, and yet they won’t receive so much as a slap on the wrist.

“Without the video, I would be in prison. There is no doubt about that,” Faulkenberry said in an interview with Arstechnia.

Despite dropping the charges, the sheriff’s department is sticking by their story. In response to Faulkenberry’s lawsuit, the department issued the following statement.

Defendants specifically deny that they violated Plaintiff’s Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights or any other rights under the United States Constitution or the laws of the State of Texas. Specifically, Defendants deny that they used excessive force and unreasonable seizure, fabricated criminal charges, unreasonable search—warrantless search of property as alleged in paragraphs 29 through 32.

The video below illustrates two powerful points. The first point is that filming the cops saves lives. The second point is that cops will lie to protect themselves and care less about ruining the lives of innocent people in the process.

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • Dimitrios Otis

    So obviously lying once the video seen

    • Arthur Caputo

      This outrage will not see a jury The lying thugs should be fired as part of any settlement. Notice the Dept’s refusal to admit the truth. Even with a video. The total arrogance .The whole police dept should be fired. How many other incidents and how many other innocent people are victims of their collective lies. A total disgrace .Lawyers should insist on prosecution of these officers as well as the higher up’s in the police dept. Nothing but evil,lying bastards.

      • Da’Von Dorsett

        He will have to send this to the FBI and the State Police or even further. He must create total outrage then something more will happen..

        • Arthur Caputo

          FBI? Are you kidding me? They are just as bad. They will protect the police. But with this video i can’t see any police protection here. If they could,they would. .As i mentioned, this will not see a jury,no way.

          • Arthur Caputo

            I forgot to mention the filing of a false police report, a felony. Still the dept. is trying to cover up instead of admitting the obvious

    • Da’Von Dorsett

      This is why so many MEN become officers to do dirty BS they ordinarily couldn’t get away with elsewhere, but trust me KARMA is the baddest Bitch walking..

  • Chris Cochran

    Until we the people stand up for our rights for justice and to bring out of control government to task things will only get worse, to many innocent people be killed, hurt and incarcerated by an out of control police.

  • Cam Alft

    all cops lie to get brownie points,to make a big arrest…they are all cowards and criminals,this is just another shining example of how cops work together to ruin peoples lives and the families lives as well with out a care in the world of how they achieved it….liars and theives and rapist and killers,the whole lot..

  • Andy Cripps

    Police are humans too, sooner they realise it the better. This bullshit law legal system serves to protect the people in power, the blind punishing the blind. We’re all fallible and the complexity of being human and the power of the subconscious on our actions is far from understood.The video serves to show how as humans we judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions and how wrong it can be!

  • Patrick Henry

    We have investigated ourselves and determined we did nothing wrong.

  • romy brasher

    Cops are “allowed” to lie!! Why are cops getting trained this way? They are told that they can fabricate the truth to get you to confess to a crime. & we wonder why they have no integrity! Our public servants need to be held accountable for any & everything that they do, & say! If we demand this, maybe there can be “honor among cops!!”

    • Tim St John

      This is one of many reasons you should NEVER talk to police! My uncle (Retired Detective) told me straight up: “There is nothing you can say to them that can help you”.

  • Tim St John

    People MUST understand that THE ultimate GOAL of Govt Municipalities is to convict and INCARCERATE!! Get it through your thick heads, FFS! For every inmate incarcerated the State pays out up to 40k for EACH inmate EACH year they are in prison.

    Do you all get it now? Wanna know why the police are so brutal? You fight back, they stick you in jail longer. They thought they’d hit the jackpot with this arrest, but didn’t count on the footage.

    These days, if you DO NOT have video footage to corroborate your story, you can pretty much count on the MAX sentence. Even judges are getting caught taking money from private prisons.


  • Carla

    What about the 16 year old that falsely told the cops bad things about his Dad? Well nothing happen to him?? Looks to me like he started this.

  • Jeffrey Herbert

    More bullshit propaganda in the war against cops –
    …. “Larry Faulkenberry’s 16-year-old son decided that he would play a trick on his dad for grounding him. So, he called the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department, and claimed his dad was drunk and waving a gun…”. A trick? Really? How about a maliciously false
    911 call to seek revenge on his father and set in motion a tense confrontation as the responding officers gear up for an armed drunk domestic, a situation that historically has a high potential to go bad quick! But the disingenuous author calls it Johnny’s “widdle twick”, gimme a break. Actually, the nature of the 911 call is a big part of the equation, as it dictates the response posture of a 1st responder on many levels, both consciously and subconsciously.
    So, I carefully looked at the article and the soundless partial snippet of video and it still reeks of the judge and jury Yellow Journalism Plague that has infected our society. Lets look at the propagandist’s own words –
    …”Deputies, responding to the call, arrived to find Faulkenberry entirely compliant, not drunk, and unarmed. He does not even own a gun…”
    The officers did not “arrive” to “find” that he was not drunk and unarmed and that he doesn’t even own a gun. That kind of information only comes through testing and investigation well after the “arrival”. It is a disingenuous statement designed to manipulate the emotions of the reader.
    Plus, Faulkenberry was NOT “entirely compliant”. Sure, he put his hands up, but when you look at the video he is repeatedly flailing his arms in an agitated manner. As the officers approach him in a calm, deliberate manner you can see Faulkenberry turning his face and ranting at the different officers. Because of the soundless video, I don’t know what he was saying but given his agitated demeanor and the fact the he admits to throwing the F Bomb at the officers gives me an inkling.
    As the officers attempt to handcuff him ,he is clearly not “entirely compliant”, he is still turning and ranting at the different officers. At this point, by his own admission, he says “Why the fuck y’all here? and, “Before I could finish the sentence, I got slammed to the ground.” Ya think? They took him down with appropriate force and arrested him. The fact that he languished in jail for over a week has nothing to do with the arresting officers. Did he push the officer when they were attempting to arrest him? Maybe not, but the way he kept turning his body and being non-compliant could suggest that.
    Overall, a very bad example of a serious issue that does need to be addressed without crying wolf all the time as seems to be the proclivity of this propagandista.

    • Thugs with Pepper Spray

      You see what you wish to see Boot Licker!