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VIDEO: Innocent Mother Beaten by Cops in Front of Her Children for Reporting Cop’s Rude Behavior


Carlsbad, CA — A shocking video captured the brutal beating of a mother in front of her two children after she merely asked an officer a question.

Cindy Hahn and her children were on their way home when they stopped to use the restroom. During their stop, Hahn asked a Carlsbad police officer a question.

According to Hahn, the officer responded by telling her to mind her own business. Shocked that the officer would address her in such a manner, Hahn called the department to complain. Minutes later, the cop who she reported for being rude pulls her over.

For an alleged seat belt violation, the Carlsbad officer demands that she exit her vehicle. At this point, she is thrown to the ground while two more officers arrive as backup to help assault this dangerous mother of two.

Bystanders plead with the cops to stop their assault, but it is to no avail. One woman is thrown back as she attempts to physically stop the attack.

As the two officers pile on top of Hahn, one of them punches her in the face as he yells out the standard “stop resisting” line.

Hahn was then cuffed and booked on charges of resisting arrest and battery. Apparently the officers did not know that their attack was captured on video when they claimed that Hahn battered them.

This entire incident looks like it was nothing short of a retaliatory beating for a woman filing a complaint against the officer.

After Hahn’s attorney had shown the DA the video of the attack, the charges were immediately dropped.

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Hahn has since filed a lawsuit asking for a jury trial and unspecified damages.

“If this goes on with an unarmed mother of two, God forbid what happens when there is somebody who’s perceived to be a threat,” said Mark Geragos, Hahn’s attorney.

As of yet, none of the officers involved in beating this innocent mother have been disciplined.

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  • Thank God they got this dangerous woman off the street and taught her a lesson

  • I hope this lady gets millions $… And the police go broke because of that.

    • You beat me to it dave. That is another problem with tax payer funded police forces is that anytime victims are compensated the burden is on the taxpayer.

    • Yep so suing just hurts the people. A catch 22. They should be allowed to sue the cops

    • Jokes on you if she gets millions bro. Where do you think that money is coming from? Their weekend job serving at Denny’s?

    • If we can do nothing, and the judges are so crooked to let them have it their way. I see a division coming. I see killing in the streets. People stopping and helping citizens. People shooting back and just leaving. If they can do this, so can we. We have lost pride in our selves. How can anyone, pull such a hated trick and it not be called a million different things that they would charge me. Some how, some where it has to stop. They have a job to do. We pay them. So step number one. No taxation without proper lawful representation. Lets see what the good ole governor thinks about this. Time for us to add our rules. They cant put a whole state in prison. Just try!!!!!

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    • It won’t let me watch the video! Which part of C’bad? By the house? Not good!

    • Not too sure. Either way, they showed it on the news last night. It wasn’t good. The lady was on the ground crying her eyes out and the cop was telling her to stop resisting and punching her in the face. It was bad!!!!!

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    • It seems there are too many officers that thrive on having the public in fear of them. What kind of training makes them act like bar room bouncers and not like public servants?

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  • Why the police don’t get that chances are you are being recorded is beyond me..there are more bad cops than good cops is the problem, even if they didn’t assault an innocent person, they cover it up and don’t report the wrong behavior which makes them equally as bad. It’s such a violation, we don’t have any expectations from criminals so when they break the law it’s actually easier to take, when cops act unlawfully, we DO have an expectation from cops and we give them power so it’s more violating. They are supposed to be our employees, doesn’t really feel that way..


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  • So…a citizen files a complaint because a cop’s being an a**hole, they catch up to her and proceed to give her a dose of megalomaniac retribution – in front of her children???

    The fact that they “risked” their badges over something so relatively minor without even the slightest provocation or threat might suggest that they’re so accustomed to getting away with such brutal behaviour that they saw no risk…

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    Police are not here to help.
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    Police are not here to serve.

    Unless you absolutely need help, do not talk to a police officer. Be respectful and kindly decline to speak to them and go about your business. Make sure your camera is on any time they come near you. These thugs can legally steal from you, beat you, and kill you. Nothing is worth dying over, so don’t talk to police.

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    What’s Next Taser her & Shoot her & say They FEARED for their lives?

    Everything written on this is what Law Enforcement goes by.
    If you are cop & see this please feel free to try & prove me wrong 😀
    My word from what my eyes have seen against yours.

  • pwlsax

    These are the kind of cops that good cops don’t dare report – the kind who will withhold backup and laugh about it. They may live for this kind of activity. Who knows.

  • Veldic

    The victims need to stop asking for monetary compensation and start demanding eye for an eye compensation. Then when the victim is doling out their allowed justice they should “fear for their life” and execute these fools.

  • Ryan Kent

    When an officer gives a command, people simply need to follow it. You never ever resist arrest. Period. This video begins with an officer attempting to arrest her, and she was doing her best to resist. That is what we know. That is what we see. The struggling and screaming….no reason for it. Even if it is a false arrest, resisting doesn’t help.

    • Capt Turk

      Yes Ryan, everyone should be a good little subservient slave, and bow down to their masters. Zieg Hiel! Your fuehrer would be proud of you!

      • Ryan Kent

        Well let’s see. If she did not resist arrest, she would have been put in the back of the police car and not harmed or humiliated. She resisted so she wound up with an additional criminal charge, and being physically restrained and assaulted as a result. Nothing to gain by resisting, everything to lose.

        • Craig Bowler

          Or instead of picking up a camera, maybe it’s time to flex that second amendment you all seem to insist you need yet never use for the reason you have it. The camera certainly doesn’t seem to be doing it, and if this is not the reason you have the damn amendment I don’t know what is. If that was my wife these pigs wouldn’t have a second chance to pull this shit.

        • Reuben James Hunt

          Watch the video before commenting please.

        • Capt Turk

          “Nothing to gain by resisting, everything to lose”. I saw no resisting in the video at all. She attempted to protect herself from being beaten by an out of control asshole. It’s obvious that you have never encountered a cop like this before. I have, and so I can understand anyone that does resist. You say simply accept being arrested. That sounds all well and good for a justifiable arrest. This, as many more videos I’ve seen , was not. It was abuse of authority, plain and simple. I hear this “just take it to court” crap all the time from the cops, and cop suckers, but they never take into consideration what being arrested entails. Being arrested quite simply wrecks your life. There is, in this situation, a 9 year old girl left unattended. There is the cost of bail, the loss of freedom, being caged with real criminals and the danger that involves, the probable loss of your job, and the loss of income. There is the absolutely outrageous cost of hiring an attorney. I’ve known people that were evicted from their homes because of an arrest. There is the time wasted having to deal with corrupt courts, and the stigma of being arrested, and jailed, because so many people automatically assume you are automatically guilty, if you have been arrested, even if totally innocent. Yes Ryan, be a good little subject and bow to your masters.

    • Hawk620

      Ryan, you’re full o shit!

    • Reuben James Hunt

      Did you see her resist? I saw her thrown to the ground by the guy she had just complained about: Note the conflict of interest” then he immediately started beating the crap out of her claiming that her curling into a fetal position was resisting! There’s a reason the charges were dropped!

  • Capt Turk

    It angers, and saddens me, every time I hear an American start spouting off with that “We live in a free country” crappy delusion. Open your eyes people. The United police States of America is no longer a free country. ………………..I’m just glad I had the sense to get out while I still could.

  • Craig Bowler

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Seems to be only one thing these idiots cops understand,