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VIDEO: Innocent Woman Calls 911 After an Accident, Cop Shows Up, Sexually Assaults and Arrests Her

Layton, UT — On July 25, 2016, Amanda Houghton was hit from behind in her vehicle by another motorist, so she called 911 — for help. However, help was the last thing she would receive. Instead, she was sexually assaulted and falsely arrested.

After the accident, Houghton was naturally shaken up as she’d just been hit by a car traveling at 30 mph as she was sitting still. Her car was totaled.

Instead of realizing that Houghton could be in a mild state of shock, officer G Schatzman mistook her nervousness for intoxication.

Again, instead of providing the help Houghton called for, Schatzman began to treat her as a criminal. According to KUTV, a police report by officer G Schatzman indicates Amanda exhibited odd behavior and gave “short quick answers to questions and she was speaking rapidly. Amanda was unable to stand still and seemed to be making jerky movements,” when he came into contact with her.

Schatzman, who just knew that this innocent woman was a dangerous criminal, issued a field sobriety test. Houghton failed the field sobriety test, but this is common, especially among those who’ve just been in a dramatic accident.

Houghton was then placed in handcuffs and arrested for DUI. “I was shocked. Who arrests a sober person for DUI?” she said.

After being falsely accused of DUI and placed in handcuffs, Schatzman began to grope his victim. In the video, we can clearly see Schatzman prodding at the innocent woman’s breasts.

When Houghton pulls away in a natural reaction to being sexually assaulted, Schatzman yanks her around like a rag doll. This pulling away by Houghton would later lead to a charge of resisting arrest.

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In Police State USA, pulling away from your armed captor who’s groping your private parts is a punishable offense.

“Don’t touch me!” says Houghton after this cop fondled her breasts.

“I can search you,” says Schatzman, asserting his state-granted power to legally sexually assault women in the name of falsely arresting them.

Naturally, the police department is standing behind their officer’s decision to grope Houghton too.

Lt. Travis Lyman said his officer did the arrest by the book and had reasonable suspicion that Amanda was DUI. He said the search around her breasts is taught in the police academy. Male officers do it when a female officer is not around, according to KUTV.

“That’s standard practice. Anytime someone gets arrested they are going to be searched,” he said. However, police had no reason to arrest her.

After being kidnapped by the armed man who previously sexually assaulted her, Houghton was given a blood test by police. No drugs or alcohol were found in her system. Just for good measure, Houghton was brought to the hospital and given a second blood test — also negative.

Houghton has since retained counsel and is pursuing legal action against her aggressors. In spite of the blood test showing this cop had no reason to arrest her, the city is refusing to drop the charges.

Jonathan Nish, Houghton’s criminal defense attorney, is pushing for the charges to be dropped.

“I don’t’ believe they should have administered the field sobriety tests at all in this case,” he said.

Houghton also retained another attorney to help her seek legal action. Attorney Robert Sykes, who has put the City of Layton on notice that they are seeking legal action, said the officer had no basis for the DUI suspicion in the first place, and the search of her person was a violation of Houghton’s constitutional rights.

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“I think this amounted to an unconstitutional search of a woman without a necessity to do so,” he said.

As you watch the video below, remember that this woman had committed no crime. She had harmed no one. And, she was the one who called the police for help.

  • IceTrey

    “The arrest was by the book”

    They need a new book.

    • selma.stewart

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    • Ed

      They didn’t realize the BOOK was FICTION!

    • SacredKaw

      The book was 1984 by George Orwell.

    • Mike Scott

      Shut the f— up.

      • IceTrey


  • Abz B Zbas

    why do they need 2 blood tests? is there a possibility the first one is unreliable?

    • Cromwell

      I believe it’s called grasping at straws knowing, that they are in for a PR nightmare.

      • nondescript

        lets see video of larger less physically attractive women being groped by the cops. I’m sure they have some they can release.

        • Ed

          For them they call for the matrons! They don’t like heavy lifting! lol

    • John Cokos

      Think it’s called “Junk Science”. Just one of the many tools in the LEO tool chest.

      • bletchley

        That is what their field tests are.

    • Teresa Landreth

      i think the issue was he was trying to find something to justify his actions, and it didnt work.

  • ojo

    this just made me scream out loud. Any woman that ever been assaulted will know what that was. I’m still screaming inside.

  • nondescript

    the police should be last on the list of those you call for help

    • Ed

      You do realize 9 out of 10 calls do help the person who called. We just hear about the exceptions.

      • Jonny Alpha

        9 out of 10?
        So just 10% result in police sexual assault, police robbing or police murdering the caller? What a terribly low standard of policing the USA has and expects.

        • Marko G.

          Which means 10 victims in 100 cases? 100 in 1000? WOW!

          • Jrock519

            wow your good at math man, so does that mean 1000 in 10000? and ya it must be true if ED said so lol

          • Marko G.

            Grow up and instead to argue and troll on internet, try learn something which would be useful for you in future.
            Yes, it’s true. Liked you or not.

          • Jrock519

            Ya it’s always funny when people reply to other people’s comments referring to them as trolls, like what the fuck are you doing that’s so different and not this trolling as your referring too. Btw that’s a really original comment did you think of that one all by yourself? Or maybe you picked it over over your years of trolling through all these social media comment sections. It’s cool tho I’d try and be a comment section hero too if I didn’t actually have a life and shit to do neither lol. U can always tell who the real winners are by how much a chirp in the comment section get them going. N ur telling me to learn something well how about all u anti cop fuckin haters get off your fuckin computer and do something instead of just watching videos and commenting on how much u hate the police and how they can get away with anything. Fucking cowards most you people on social media are, you’re so tough When your behind your computer, so easy to chirp and tell people off or say if that was me I would have done this like stfu 90% of u wouldn’t do or say anything in the real world I fuckin guarantee it. So ya that means 9 out of 10 90 out of 100. Lol

          • NoName

            lol, who’s telling. Didn’t you notice you doing exactly same?

        • John Cokos

          That post doesn’t mean anything,just a made up number. No proof of that 90% was presented.

        • I was about to write a respose to this man’s comment…but realized that you did it for me.


        • Ed

          Here’s what happened to me yesterday. I was driving at 1am south on MO Hwy65, I was stopped by the MO Highway Patrol, I took out my wallet to get my licence before the officer came up to my window. I had turned my dome light on and was holding my licence in my left hand out the window. The officer walked up and said I was going a little fast, I apologised and told him my dash lights were out and was not sure how fast I was going. He also told me my tail lights were out but my brake lights were ok. I said I would continue home with my flashers on. He took my licence and asked for my insurance card which I got out of my wallet with him shining his bright flashlight to watch what I was doing. I gave him my Insurance card and joked it had the right exp date on it (it did). He went back to his cruiser for about 3 minutes and returned to tell me to SLOW DOWN, and gave me back my license and I was on my way.
          I am a 67 year old with a 20 inch braided pony tail & mustache. Driving a 2005 PT Cruiser.
          I’ll admit that 9 out of 10 was not a statistic, maybe it’s 1 out of 100,000 or 1 out off 500,000 if you can find it show me the facts. However more people have good interactions with police than get hassled by them. I was not good at math! lol

          • Jonny Alpha

            Do that again, the same way, but be black.
            Lol. Not.

          • Ed

            The Hippy thing gave me away! If your keeping records the trooper was white, just like me!

          • Edward The Great

            Just wait till you get the common cop and they beat the fuck out of you when you’ve committed no crime. Then the 10% will look a lot bigger and UNACCEPTABLE. People always say it’s not so bad until it happens to them. Statist puke.

          • Rick Torbet

            Find me a black person without a known criminal record who was cooperating 100% and made the news for getting beaten, gunned down, or simply harassed.

          • tracy Smith

            That’s the same thing I say about whites but they still get the white privilege pass.

          • Edward The Great

            Why must they suddenly not have any sort of record? A speeding ticket is a record. A Parking ticket is a record. Why is it with minorities, people like you NEED TO SEE no “criminal” history? If you had brain-cell one in that head of yours, you’d know that the NYPD themselves PROVED that over 90% of citations are total BS and nearly 2/.3 of arrests are ALSO unnecessary!! They PROVED it when the NYPD had their little temper tantrum and actually ordered their cops to not make any arrests or write any citations unless “ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY” as a work stoppage to literally dry up the revenue

            That’s the problem with asswipes like you. As if a PAST history has ANYTHING to do with the present. So what you;’re saying if a guy got caught stealing some bread when he was 12, then it is 100% okay for police to harass them, try to arrest them illegally, try to get them to show ID that they are NOT require by law to do in many states, and beat them to death when they exercise their right to NOT say a damn thing to police.

            Why must a person not have a record? If you had any brains you would know that being a minority, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to NOT have a record of ANYTHING as black and latino males are TARGETED BY POLICE FAR MORE THAN ANY OTHER DEMOGRAPHIC!!! I am amazed that any of them have no record!

            What about the man who was sitting on a bench inside away from the freezing cold while waiting for his daughter to be let out of daycare/preschool, You wanted a case, well here is one, and it is one of MANY, but brainwashed morons like you refuse to see the truth no matter how many of these are presented to you, people like you will ALWAYS find some way to justify it because you LOVE licking boots, or are too much of a coward to stand up for your rights. Just an FYI, the man was NOT required by law to identify himself if he was not under any suspicion of having committed a crime. So he was within his rights to tell the cop to leave him alone.


            The man WAS being 100% cooperative as he was NOT obligated by law to say ANYTHING at all to either cop.

            If you will notice the 2nd cop arrives and is IMMEDIATELY hostile, even without know ANYTHING about the situation. HE(the cop) is the aggressor, and HE is the one who is escalating the encounter as they are ALL TRAINED TO DO TO GENERATE REVENUE, even if it means the life of an innocent person! and before you go on and say some BS about it not being a public space the BANK THEMSELVES offered the seats to ANYONE passing through and needed a rest or to kill some time.


            He was ASSAULTED by police while waiting to pick up his daughter from daycare like a GOOD FATHER. Goes to show that even when minorities are being good responsible adults/parents, they are every bit as suspect as the gang-banger loitering 1 block away. It is never enough nor are they ever going to be good enough for for shyteheads like you.

          • The_Troll_King

            Baby Boomer prick. What a shame the cop never bashed your thinning hairline or yanked out that knarled ponytail.

          • tracy Smith

            Yeah white man naturally that lily white life you live but that sh*t don’t work with people of color.

          • Aaron

            I’m white and have been harassed multiple times by cops, had a few illegal searches of my vehicle, etc. I have no criminal background. This is not a race issue, and I hate it when others try to make it into one. This is an issue of too low a level of accountability of the police to its citizens.

          • tracy Smith

            That’s because you look suspect not the same thing.

      • John Cokos

        I want to talk to the other 9, and I DON’T want to be the #1 exception.

      • Steve Rusk

        Actually there is a high number of police assaults, harassments, etc. that go unreported or under reported because the police version of events get the benefit of the doubt. In other cases the record of the complaint simply disappears before any action can be taken, I’ve been through that one.

  • Jeremiah Puckett

    I don’t understand the double-standard here. In every profession, we have bad apples. From the grocery clerk that intentionally charges you for two milks to dentists, cooks, waiters, lawyers, and politicians. Why assume cops should be perfect?

    What’s silly is that it’s generally the liberals that are anti-cop, and they’re getting ready to elect a president that can’t possibly be more corrupt.

    So save me the rhetoric. Either you hold everyone to moral and ethical standards or you don’t.

    • Real Truth stings

      thank you. it seems quite simple. but then again we do not understand the true role of the police. Their job is to generate revenue. just like in organized crime circles, earners can break the rules of the organization because they kick up enough to the top.

    • 30yrfed

      Where are the good apples????
      All cops and prosecutors are corrupt. Just ask any cop
      or prosecutor if they have ever see a cop break the law (speeding, lying under
      oath, illegal parking, using excessive force etc) then ask them what they did
      about it considering that they have taken a sworn oath to enforce and uphold
      the law. You will have your answer..

      • John Cokos

        Need a ” Good Apple’s Search Party”. Anyone interested ?

    • Kountry Bumpkin

      Because only the SS can snatch you off the street, out of your home or out of your place of work, imprison you, falsify charges, lock you in a cage and destroy your entire life on a whim when you’ve committed no crime or broken no laws. Do you know that you can be arrested solely for resisting arrest which legally means it’s legal to kidnap you and if you resist said kidnapping you have committed a crime. There is no law enforcement or police in this country any more (you can think the NDAA for that) we are now occupied by criminal street soldiers that victimize and brutalize their own people in the name of revenue collection for their overlords.

      • Edward The Great

        Good to see a person who isn’t a complete statist retard.

    • Teresa Landreth

      difference is an officer is given CONTROL over us in certain circumstances, so SHOULD be held to a higher standard, yes. they are given authority to see when someone is violating the law, it does NOT allow them to violate the law themselves. just as any elected official should be held to a higher standard, but most of them have made it so they are exempt from a lot of laws.

    • Flomox

      biggest laugh… “all cops are evil you can’t trust them because they’re doing wrong or covering for the ones that do!” yet “you dont need a gun, just call the police” comes out of the same hole

    • Edward The Great

      If there were as many actual bad apples as there are bad apple cops, we’d launch an investigations into what is wrong with apples. You statist Constitution hating puke. Most cops are NOT good cops. If you’d pull your head out of your rear, you’d probably see it. And before you morons say it, I HATE both RepubliTARDS and DemoCRAPS. I am NOT liberal. Nor am I Conservative. I am an AMERICAN who wants his Constitution restored and criminal cops TRIED for their treason.

    • 30cal

      Cops hold allot more power than a grocery clerk. They have the power to take away your freedom and cost you allot of time money on top of that. They need to be near perfect or expect to sued like this lady is doing. If that was my wife I’d be upset and hiring an attorney as well. This cop messed up. Layton will pay the price for the mistake.

    • bletchley

      You reveal a lot about yourself when you pretend what the cop did here is moral or ethical.

      • Rick Torbet

        Dude, you need to learn to argue!!! JP said nothing about whether he “pretends” the cop is moral or not. You dodge the issue like a typical liberal.

        Our society isn’t going to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her immoralities and unethical life so why should we hold a $60k/yr cop that could sacrifice his life while working to the standards you speak of?

        • bletchley

          Dude, you reveal a lot about yourself when you pretend what the cop did here is moral or ethical.

  • Littlejohn

    Ok please tell me if I’m wrong here but aren’t Females supposed to be searched by a Female officer?

    • Ed

      You are correct, unless you get rear ended and call 911.

      • Jrock519

        Ed just stop commenting you obviously know nothing and are just making up bullshit, your opinion isn’t facts, a male officer can pat down a female suspect outside of her clothing its not a strip search, and that 9 out of 10 times the police are called they do the right thing but the other 10% of the time they don’t. your a moron.

        • Admiral_Moorer_believed

          Given the woman was handcuffed and, if allowed, could give a reasonable explanation for what happened, the cops behavior was deliberately abusive.

          Did he ask her what happened?

          Did he look at her car?

          Did he call an ambulance to give her support?

          No. He just took the opportunity to throw the handcuffs on and then grope her knowing he would get away with it.

          That is the sign of a sick individual.

          • Jrock519

            Look im not sayin whats right or wrong, but i guarantee a drunk driver has been in an accident before which he wasn’t at fault, he said she was acting weird she failed the sobriety test, ok maybe when she got to the station she passes a breathalyzer and a drug test yes the charges should have been dropped. but im sure everyone who fails sobriety tests has an excuse to why, if they believed everyones story and said your right and let em go how many people would be getting away driving drunk, how do you know he didn’t give her a reasonable explanation for what happened him saying she was acting weird and failed the test and showed other signs isn’t reason enough, how do u know he didn’t ask her if she needed an ambulance? how is him searching her by putting his thumb between her breasts groping her just cause before u start the video it freeze frames his hand over her tit so it looks like he’s grabbing it? again i don’t support the cops but everyone thinks they can analyze the whole situation by a 30 second clip, and misconception is easy when you are only shown 1/4 of what happened and not the events leading up to it, theres a reason a lot of theses videos are so short or with false headlines “innocent man gets tackled for no reason” and the video is a guy getting tackled but meanwhile he just robbed someone 5 minutes ago, stupid people are mislead and believe everything they read in the paper and see and hear on videos and in the news guess what media only shows u and tells you what they want you to believe, theres 3 sides to every story the cops the girls and the truth,

          • Edward The Great

            That is fucking stupid shit you said. On any given night, in a city the size of mine, a dozen drunks are arrested for DUI over the span of a couple of weeks. Even those road blocks, which are unConstitutional by the way, rarely nab more than 20. There are more than 20 drunk people in each and every bar in town. SO an average night, hundreds drive home drunk, and there is an average of 2-3 DUI accidents a month, and fewer than 30 DUIs in a county of nearly 2 million. Hundreds drive home fine every night when buzzed or more.

            DUI arrests are clearly pointless. But when cops assume a person who was HIT and is clearly in distress and they pull bullshit like that in the hopes of generating revenue from an innocent person, THAT is a violation of Constitutional Rights, which is treason which is punishable by death. A person who is rear ended is NOT the one at fault as people should be paying attention to the road ahead of them and NOT tailgating. If anyone should have had a sobriety test on them it was the one who hit her. Three sides to every story? Bullshit. Two sides. The girl’s and the lying pig’s.

          • Jrock519

            ok so let me understand this from your point of view and i never once said this was right but most people in these groups take it way to fuckin far and jump to conclusions solely based on a 30 second clip and a false headline, or a semi true story that is extremely exaggerated to force more hate towards the police. once again i dont like the cops but there all not killers and bad people. everyone in here bitching and crying about cops actions based on there judgement and lack of evidence. so let me ask this when 80% of the people in here see a 30 second video and read the headline, or an article a news anchor wrote (cause they’re never wrong) does anyone google it or further look into what happened or do they base there judgement on that little clip and what someone told them, then u look at the comment section and everyones fuckin outragede and fuck the poliece blah blah……so how is that any different than what a poliece offers are doing, and what everyone is hating on, how they dont investigate more how they jump to conclusions you guys all have the same fuckin mentality as poliece that you hate as to how you get to your conclusions. and your saying dui checkpoints are pointless theres 2 million people and what theres 30 dui accidents each year so who cares i bet the fuckin 30 people that go hit do and the 10 fuckin people who lost a love one care and would slap you in the face for saying duis are pointless thats like saying theres 318 million people in the us and only 400 people get shot by the poliece its a pointless protest all your anti cop people need to look into what actually happened befor u jump to your stupid fuckin conclusions instead of letting these cop hating websites do it for you. if they didnt lie and stretch the truth then they wouldnt have as many supporters and shit to talk about. and alot of the videos that are coming on this website now that the heats on the polieve are from 2012-2013 when 80% of the people wernt protesting about it then and as for your constitional rights bullshit u cant have road blocks maybe u should read the fuckin laws road blocks dui check points arnt illegal them detaining you for not talking is whats illegal just answer the fuckin question and be on your way what point are u trying to prove that you have nothing important to do and can waste all the time in the world keep sayin i refuse to answer questions and recording your self and putting videos up on facebook like your fucking wicked but u look fuckin stupid and showing everyone how much of a loser with all the free time in the world u are u think your standing up hows that coming along are they stopping the dui checks and road blocks your proving a point thats never gonna get u anywhere losers

          • Edward The Great

            A sick individual generating revenue for a corrupt system that now doesn’t care if a person is white or a minority. They all have money and are all potential slaves for the prison industry.

    • John Cokos

      You would think, but with the level of sexual perversion in Law Enforcement today, it’s a free for all. Do what you can get away with.

    • Teresa Landreth

      according to the story, if a female officer is not available this kind of search can be done by men, but 1. he never announced, or informed her he was going to search her on the audio i heard. 2. i am not sure what kind of threat rubbing her nipples will find, unless he is afraid she is lactating and might blind him? 3. this was NOT by the book unless its because it IS sexually repressed UTAH, not a real state.

      • Ed

        I’m sure he & Donald laughed about it in the locker room.

      • DarnYankee

        Maybe the cop was a graduate of the Clinton Crime School?

      • Rick Torbet

        If you have ever watched Cops you would know women commonly hide drugs, money, lighters, knives, cigarettes, cell phones, etc in their bras.

        • Teresa Landreth

          sorry doesnt excuse it when there was NO CRIME COMMITTED his judgement was crap. i have been in car accidents, have you? i came out of two of them, and yes i was shaky, unsteady on my feet, if this cop is NOT familiar with accidents and the CARE of the people involved, then he needs retraining, or partnered with somone who HAS more experience.

          ps dont use a reality show to prove a point. i am quite aware of what can, and cant be, hidden in a bra, as that shirt was NOT loose or flowing, its very little, and she was CUFFED, how was she going to use it, with her teeth after digging it out with her 2 foot tongue?

  • Phil Freeman

    I’d put Jonny rapist cop in a hole.

  • Phil Freeman

    It’s obvious she was unarmed. Search the cruiser and let female jailers search her. FTP

  • palvadore

    Innocent people being assaulted by the police is inexcusable.

    Taking blood or urine for evidence is one thing, but injecting something into a falsely arrested person is the gravest transgression.

    These are the acts of tyrants perpetrated against a population that lead to civil war! This is what is happening in Georgia right now!

  • tamajam10

    Question: “Who arrests a sober person for DUI?”
    Answer: Any cop trying to fill a quota….’impairment’ is not necessary.

    • John Cokos

      Keep them number up, what do you think we pay you for ?

    • Edward The Great

      And even if the person is 100% innocent, like said sober person arrested for DUI, if they cannot afford a lawyer, that BOGUS DUI charge can and DOES end up ruining a lot of people’s lives! Then they end up with actual warrants for their arrests because they could not afford to have proper representation or could not afford to miss work for court so they settle. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that prosecutors will make a 100% INNOCENT PERSON TAKE A PLEA DEAL!!! They KNOW these people are completely innocent and STILL CON them into taking a plea deal because they don’t know any better!!

      How do any of these bastards sleep at night?!? How can they look at themselves in the mirror every ,morning and convince themselves what they are doing is right and that they are the good guys? There is a special place in hell for those types of people….

      • tamajam10

        It’s not just the DUI/OUI charges either. They do this with every person who is arrested – even on a misdemeanor….’do you want to clear this up today?’ What person who cannot afford an attorney is going to say ‘no’? They don’t want to go back to court, they don’t want to lose more time from work, etc. Unfortunately, a CWOF (continued without a finding) is only a ‘dismissal’ if the ‘accused’ stays out of trouble (i.e. does not get arrested again) for a year. Otherwise, the charge comes right up again WITH the new charges. So, one bogus charge gets a ‘defendant’ into ‘they system’, and a new offense gets him/her an official criminal record sufficient to label him/her for the rest of his/her life. THAT is criminal.

        • Edward The Great

          Agreed. The system is not broken, as most people think. It is DELIBERATE! It’s disgusting.

  • Whtwulf

    You people do realize that the cop was not at fault here and did this in the correct manner. They take 2 blood samples so the 2nd can be tested as well. Normally the person who’s sample it is will pick an independent agency to verify the results. I guess none of you have ever had a job where they do drug testing if you didn’t know that one.

    I could keep going on but the anti cop hatred will blind most of you to any facts you don’t want to hear.

    • Steve Rusk

      He could have just called an ambulance, voiced his suspicions and they would have tested her at the hospital. What he did was totally unnecessary and completely uncalled for.

    • John Cokos

      Your just a apologist…..conforming to the Party Line.

    • Tibi Lukacs

      You fucking retarded bootlicker.Go suck a cops dick.

    • Edward The Great

      Wow… what a statist boot licking dipshit.

    • Edward The Great

      Let’s see how you feel when a cop molests your daughter, wife or mother on the road side and beats or kills them for resisting the sexual assault, and they are not charged even when the entire thing is caught on video.

    • Edward The Great

      FEMALE cops search Female SUSPECTS. She was not a suspect in anything!! EMS should have been called to evaluate her for injuries because she was clearly in shock! NOT a sobriety test on the road side, which people in shock WILL fail, you moron!! This was NOT correct in ANY way,m you fucking moron!

  • Steve Rusk

    The cop was called to render assistance, this looks like anything but assistance. Violence and death is all they are good for. The concept that anybody might have rights is beyond their comprehension.

  • John Cokos


    Lt. Travis Lyman was just out to get a free grope… There is no “Book”, just a load of made up INTERNAL PROCEDURES (crap) that cops used to commit on the scene violations.
    Bring a small suitcase for the out of court cash settlement….LOL

  • Ibcamn

    cops are just plain criminals…most cops have no clue any of the law[s],they have less training than a barber for gods sake,low brow IQ,this is what you get people,retarded regressive cops….they all want to be judge dredd….cops mental stability is questionable at best….they need policing.i hope she sues for millions,and the same with the next victim of this regressive cop…criminal cop i mean..

  • Markus Knoblauch

    Just an other PIG!!!

  • 1blueadept2

    fuck the cops, they are out of control. Hope she sues the shit out of them, and i wish i was on the jury.

    • Edward The Great

      I’d call for the ol’ “Hang ’em high.”

      • bletchley

        Just a felony conviction, so he can never be a cop again. And lifetime sex offender list registration.

  • Teresa Landreth

    ok, this is crap. i have been in a few accidents, one where i admitted fault (yeah the cops were in shock, lol) and was NEVER looked at for dui, was in shock, hurt, etc. i was examined by emt’s not determined by a police office with minimal to no medical training, from someone who was REAR ended.

    the search, not sure if that was a valid search, seemed to be rubbing the nipples? really what was the threat hiding there? maybe she was lactating? the in between, and under, i can see, but you also need to SAY you are going to search her, not just start groping. so its NOT by the book

    • Rin Takechi

      This is the fourth time I’ve seen you mention the nipple rubbing, and you never having experienced it. Is this kind of like that jealousy that boys who were never “Involved with Teacher” experience? I understand that wanting to be groped and desired like that is natural, but if the measurements aren’t there, they aren’t there.

      • Edward The Great

        Suck a cock.

        • Rin Takechi

          Ouch, the fire of that insult is LIT, son. Make it rain, you homosexual thundercat.

      • Teresa Landreth

        screw you perv. the fact that is more a sexual act NOT a valid search technique is my point. dipshit

        no i havent had my nipples rubbed like that, but i have been raped several times

        • Rin Takechi

          Looks like it wasn’t satisfying enough, since you still feel able to go toe to toe with the man. I get it; Talking’s appealing when rational thought fails. Don’t get your titties twisted, Teresa.

          • Teresa Landreth

            bye scumbag. i konw your a troll now, or a disciple of the coming of trump, the anti christ, or the closest thing to real there is it seems.

          • Rin Takechi

            I am most definitely the “closest thing to real” there is. Reality is hard.

          • Rin Takechi

            I *Know* you’re* King Trump* I swear to God it’s almost as if all of that fast food and rhetoric is shutting your brain down one word at a time. The Anti-Christ is the mudd you voted for (lol, the sheep are the blind)

  • sandy763

    I am shaking right now. I can’t believe she was groped and falsely arrested after reporting a traffic accident? What the hell was that, I’m just in shock. The cop is lucky he didn’t get his face slapped touching her breast like that is just too much.

    • Edward The Great

      Typical police work in today’s police state. Revenue generation is top priority, even over our lives.

  • Bobby Woodlawn

    If I am on the Jury…I give her a million – make it hurt.l

    • Edward The Great

      But take it from POLICE, NOT the people!

  • J. B. Blackwell

    If that was “by the book,” then the Law Enforcement Community needs a new damned book.

    • bletchley

      Cop apologists always blame it on training. But never the cop or the chief or the judge who lets the cop off the hook. (For example, did you know a cop needs a policy to know not to mix ammunition and blanks in the same gun? See, it was training failure. Not gross negligence or murder.)

  • Her legs were wobbly and she couldn’t walk a straight line for your friggin’ DUI test because she had JUST been in a car accident! Pigs today are #&@%ing STUPID! Good thing she didn’t break her arms in the wreck or she’d be dead right now. “Uhh… well… I told her she was under arrest and to put her hands up. She didn’t comply, so I shot her. Uhh… standard procedure.” *oink*

  • kaynash

    Too many stupid police officers out there and being defended by their departments – it’s no wonder the citizens of this country are rebelling against them.

    • Ed

      I think there departments have to follow the union rules (catch 22)!

  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    The only way to stop this abuse is for the court to award this woman 10 – 20 million dollars so that the police will train their people properly. . .

    Then keep on doing so until the police learn to do their job without abusing people.

  • dood_49

    Agh! Because cops are trained to look for reasons to lock people up rather than listen to what they’re honestly saying and assess basic first responder medical conditions. Standard procedure is a boob grope? Since when?

    She says she’s in shock. You can hear the truth in her voice. You can hear in his voice it’s a bullshit reason he’s giving, and his training is kicking in over rational comment sense. Just another hard ass who’s badge gives him the legal right to be a prick.

  • SkepticalKai

    Whether something is legal or not doesn’t make it appropriate. He should have used good judgment instead of deciding to entertain himself.

    She’s lucky he’s a pretty white woman because people will empathize and be outraged. If she wasn’t, society wouldn’t care as much, unfortunately.

  • Sirgma

    More reason to hate police. These boobs have no wisdom, just ignorant, worthless idiots with a badge and gun.

  • Gregory Cushing

    The cop should have called and ambulance to evaluate her for brain injury. Even if the car gave up its life for her, she still could have a number of injuries from whiplash to some stroke,

    • Edward The Great

      Revenue Generators gonna Generate….. even if it means your life.

  • Cops 1st priority, Generate Revenue. By the book is fiction. ☺

  • Reuven Mizraha

    Sue them till their eyes bleed! Perverted sex offender “protecting and serving the serfs.

  • Jgorish

    Well obviously those baggy clothes could have been hiding deadly weapons … 🙁

  • saintsandsinners

    no big deal…just a cop sexually assaulting a woman…without a female cop around to do it like any normal department. “when one isnt around to do it”, you f****** call one. idiots.

  • DarnYankee

    False arrest. Sexual assault.

  • Peon

    Oh crap…..she was the one who was rear-ended, aka. struck by another
    vehicle, and then the cop thinks she’s drunk or high, all while never
    possibly thinking she had a head injury? And she’s the one who called
    the cops? And then the tests came back negative? Oh boy, I think a
    certain cop, or cops, are going to be in trouble.

  • bletchley

    The cop violated her human rights. If our system weren’t corrupt, he would be going to prison.

  • Barbara

    She had nothing in her system. Why hasn’t the city dropped charges? Maybe hoping that they can do something to make them look less stupid? More of our tax dollars at work! The officer needs to find a different job – maybe walmart? She needs to be compensated for the mess that she has been drug through. Layton Police Department and Layton City, do the honorable thing. Admit you were wrong, and drop the charges. More training is needed for recognition of shock. A system should be set up for female search IF NEEDED. She wasn’t posing any threat, and obviously wasn’t hiding anything under a tank top and shorts.

  • Beatrix Muircastle

    he fucking grabbed her breast… thats by the fucking book? Trump hasn’t taken his oath yet an already our cops are raping people!

  • Jim Randolph

    Cop sees an opportunity for a cheap feel,

  • REALConservative

    I really like it when contact links are posted for the latests offensive police department.