VIDEO: Police Savagely Taser Mentally Ill Man While Beating Him With Batons — for Jaywalking

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Bakersfield, CA — In the Land of the Free, walking across the street can be deadly — not necessarily because of the danger of getting hit by a car either — because police will beat or kill you for it.

A video submitted to a local news station this week shows exactly how dangerous crossing the street in a police state can be.

On Tuesday, ABC 23 in Bakersfield, California received a video of multiple Bakersfield Police Department officers using batons and tasers to bring down a mentally ill man for the heinous crime of jaywalking.

When police witnessed the man walk across the street, they targeted him for extortion. Not wanting to be extorted, the man tried to evade police. This interaction ended with the man being severely beaten and hospitalized.

Of course, people will immediately say that if police didn’t ticket people for jaywalking then people would be run over all the time. However, this is simply not true. People get hit by cars for not paying attention, not because crossing the street in random places is legal.

Also, in the video below, no one was protected from being hit by a car, and it is arguable that police did more damage to this man than if he would’ve been hit by an actual car.

ABC 23 spoke with Sgt. Gary Carruesco from the Bakersfield Police Department, who, predictably, claimed that the use of force by his fellow officers was justified in this instance — noting that the cast on their victim’s arm was a potentially deadly threat.

Carruesco said that the officers are trained to keep themselves from being injured and with him flailing around they had to use the tools they’re equipped with to overcome his level of resistance, reports ABC 23.

“The problem with force is that it’s ugly no matter what level it’s at,” Carruesco said. “Officers are concerned about the safety of the citizens around as well as their own safety.”

It is important to note that no one was in danger prior to the cops approaching the man for jaywalking. There was no victim created by a man walking across the street — not to mention that he made it across safely, only to be beaten by cops.

This insanely violent response from police for crossing the street is the epitome of the divide in America today that continues to grow between the police and the policed. This is not how you treat people.

To justify his officers’ response to beating this man, Carruesco explained that officers need to make split-second decisions when it comes to the amount of force they use. However, they failed in this regard, as the appropriate amount of force to use against an unarmed man for crossing the street — is none.

Simply take a look through our archives to witness the ridiculous nature of police officers collecting revenue from those who’d dare to cross the street outside of two state-sanctioned white lines.

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