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Video Shows Police, TSA Brutalize Disabled St. Jude Patient After Intrusive Search Disoriented Her

Memphis, TN — In June, Hannah Cohen, a St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital patient, was attempting to travel back home to Chatanooga with her mother when she was told by TSA she needed additional screening. Only minutes later, Cohen, who is blind in one eye and deaf, would be in handcuffs on the ground with blood pouring from her head thanks to airport police and the TSA.

The incident occurred on June 30, as Cohen, 19, and her mother, Shirley, were traversing one of the many highly invasive, corrupt, ineffective, and often brutal TSA checkpoints at the Memphis airport. According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Cohen against the TSA and the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority, an alarm went off as Hannah went through the security screening.

Becuase of her disability, the alarm confused and disoriented Hannah immediately.

“(She) became disoriented and confused by the warning alarm and the actions of the personnel manning the security checkpoint to try to search her person because of her disability. The security personnel failed to recognize that she was confused because of her obvious disability and was unable to cooperate with the search,” the lawsuit said.

Shirley immediately attempted to explain to the TSA and airport police that her daughter is impaired from radiation treatment and the removal of a brain tumor. The aggressive cancer treatment left the teen with limited ability to talk, walk, stand, see and hear. However, they wanted nothing of it.

Instead of patiently listening to the mother or trying to calm down the situation, in only a matter of seconds, the officers escalated force. Two guards grabbed her daughter from both sides, Shirley said.

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“It freaked her out,” she told The Commercial Appeal. “They didn’t listen to me at all. When they grabbed her, it scared her, and she was trying to get away from them. The next thing I know, one of them slammed her down on the floor and busted her head open. There was blood everywhere.”

Hannah Cohen was then arrested on allegations she lashed out and punched the officer in the face. However, as seen in the video below, Hannah was merely trying to pull her arms out of her aggressor’s hands and in the process may have hit his shoulder.

The only person injured during the exchange was the teenage cancer patient who is blind in one eye. None of the officers involved were hurt.

She had refused to go through additional screening or leave the checkpoint, an airport police report states. However, according to Hannah’s mother and the video, she was merely trying to get her special needs daughter, the proper treatment.

TSA spokesman Mark Howell and Jerry Brandon, chief of public safety of the Memphis International Airport Police Department, said they could not comment on pending litigation, according to USA Today. The Memphis International Airport Police Department is an independent agency, which is not part of the Memphis Police Department or Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

“At this point, it is alleged,” Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority president and CEO Scott Brockman said. “Anybody can file anything, and we don’t comment on active litigation. Clearly there are additional facts in this matter, and we won’t comment until we address the litigation.”

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The lawsuit is seeking a “reasonable” sum of $100,000 for damages that include medical expenses, personal injury, emotional injury, pain, suffering and embarrassment.

Since her arrest, all charges against Hannah Cohen have been dropped.

As Jay Syrmopolous points out, this type of reckless behavior is indicative of a system that emphasizes protocol over common sense. Had anyone simply taken the time to listen to the girl’s mother as she attempted to inform the TSA agents of her daughter’s disabilities all of this could have been avoided.

Therein lies the true problem with the ever-growing security state in the United States – if you only have a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit
  • Michael Loflin

    Come on guys get your shit together. Where the hell is the video.

    • BB

      Probably didn’t link it because it refutes this story’s agenda. The video shows a very large woman attacking an officer and punching him in the face.

  • JennaTrull

    $100K is NOT a “reasonable sum” for what they did. It’s short by at least one zero.

  • Guy

    I agree, you reference a video and then don’t post it ?

    • BB

      Because the video doesn’t support this story’s agenda. If people watched the video, they’d see the officers were correct in handling the situation.

      • Candy

        Oh shut up you stupid moron

        • BB

          Good grief. You responded to a comment from 5 months ago. Trump won. Move on.

  • Guy

    You can watch the video by clicking on the hi-lighted USA Today link.
    Had this been my daughter in her condition, being manhandled by these goons.
    There would be severely beaten to a bloody pulp, security TSA idiots as the results of what they did to her.
    Where do they get these psychopaths to fill the jobs ? They must be the rejects and left over’s from Syria ISSL training camps !

  • kb3000

    Idiotic….the video shows POLICE OFFICERS (meaning not TSA) rightfully taking down a woman who attempted to assault them…TSA officers are nowhere near that mess. Get the facts straight. No one knows how the interaction between the TSA officer and the young lady went. Hell..it looks they did their job. They saw something that didnt seem right but didn’t want to jump to conclusions. So they correctly sought a supervisor who in turn notified airport police when the situation escalated. This is a needless slanderous click bait…

    • Ta2ed Warrior

      Shut your mouth sheep. Go eat a bullet and quit using our air.

    • Brett Rapley

      Are you just a complete and utter prick !

  • Bob Btme

    We don’t like the disabled in America. Last time I was in Montreal I was surprised at the number of people in wheelchairs you see around the city, dining out, attending concerts, museums.

    In the US we like to sweep everything under the rug. We don’t want our disabled friends out with us, reminding us of our lack of compassion.

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  • T.A.J.

    Figures Trump would try to raise money around a Brutalized St Jude patient!!! There is no end to this a holes contempt for others!!! And of all things his ad says “ASPIRE to GREATNESS!” REALLY???

  • Steven Thomas

    The TSA along with all Law Enforcement Personnel are Retards. No amount of training will ever help them. Forrest Gump would never act like this. The TSA along with their leaders need a good Bare Assed Paddling that will leave alot of blood on the floor just like what happened to Ms Cohen.

  • FlatusOhlfart

    these effin goons are out of control… its no wonder they are gunned down in the streets.

    • BB

      They rely on morons like you who believe the media spin rather than watch the video to see what really happened.

  • BB

    The girl – the size of the officers – attacked the officer. What did she think was going to happen? Just another money grab attempt.

    • Guy

      Clearly you did not either watch the video or ready the story, resulting in your off the cuff remarks. That just further proves that you have the emotional sensitivity and compassion of a garden slug, that would cause me to take you behind the garden shed, and beat you within a inch of your miserable regret life ! But knowing that it would not do any good, because you are a cockroach and just deserve to be stomped into the worthless bile of shit that you are ! You should be shunned, or join the TSA, you are the type they want on their team !

      • Ladybug

        Where is this video? all the other stories has the video but this one, I am thinking this story is all BS like BB said ‘another money grab attempt’