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VIDEO: School Cop Maces and Beats 15-year-old Girl Over Expired Elevator Pass

Detroit, MI — A disturbing video uploaded to YouTube, shows a high school sophomore being pushed, kicked, dragged, and pepper sprayed by a Detroit Public Schools Public Safety Officer. The victim’s alleged crime — using the elevator with an expired pass.

The victim of the attack was 15-year-old Destiny heard and her attacker was Officer Charles Braziel.

According to the sophomore student, as reported by VICE,

the incident began after she arrived to school late and decided to use the elevator to get to her class on the sixth floor. Inside, a teacher asked to see her elevator pass, and when she produced an expired slip, Heard says she was told to get out. When she lingered by the elevator, the teacher accused her of trying to get back on and called a security officer. After a brusque exchange where Heard was asked to produce her identification, she says she headed to the second floor, where she was greeted by another security officer and then Orlando Bogins, the school’s dean of students.

At this point, reports VICE, Heard says that Bogins—who had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication—began yelling at her for being insubordinate. She says she asked him not to shout at her in the hall, and when he continued to yell, she put her earbuds back on to ignore him. As Bogins continued to reprimand her, Heard says Officer Braziel came over and told her to give him her phone connected to the headphones. She refused, she says, at which point the officer apparently seized it from her, and in the process pushed her to the ground.

Around this point in time, the student claims, Bogins walked away, leaving her alone with the school cop. She says the officer told her to get up, and when she said no, instead asking for medical attention, he grabbed her. Seconds later, the incident on camera began, according to the teen.

While this 15-year-old girl was kneeling on the floor, Braziel douses her face with pepper spray. As Heard sits on the ground, likely in incredible pain from the chemical agent in her eyes, nose and mouth, Braziel hovers over her trying to force her to stand up.

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Eventually, this hero officer grabs the young girl’s hair, drags her a short distance, and kicks her, before picking her up and carrying her off. Naturally, as she’s being beaten and manhandled by this man, Heard flails her arms and legs in an attempt to get away.

Heard was then taken to the hospital and listed in tempory serious condition. She was later suspended from school for 30 days after being attacked by this cop.

In true police form, according to wxyz.com, Braziel criminally charged Heard for assaulting him.

“I truly did not expect anything like this to happen when I went to school. I’ve read about police brutality and read about it happening at other schools, but you don’t think, Oh I am going to school, and this is what’s going to happen to me. I was absolutely hysterical and surprised, I didn’t understand what I did wrong,” said Heard in her interview with VICE.

After the video became public, Michelle Zdrodowski, executive director of communications for Detroit Public Schools, issued the following statement to VICE:

“The Detroit Public Schools Police Department conducted a thorough investigation beginning on December 12, 2015 in response to a complaint filed surrounding the actions in the video. Judge [Steven] Rhodes has reviewed the video, documentation involved in this investigation and is satisfied that this matter was appropriately addressed by the Detroit Public Schools Police Department. Consistent with Judge Rhodes’ commitment to transparency, the District is releasing the report filed by the Detroit Public Schools Police Department regarding the incident in question. In adherence to the FERPA law, names of students have been redacted.

According to the DPS Police Department’s final report, it was deemed that the officer followed proper procedures as outlined in the Force Continuum Policy contained in the DPS Police Officer Manual. In addition, the report outlines that several witnesses were interviewed, statements were consistent and the conclusions were justified by the evidence.”

“I don’t care what the girl did leading up to this, this is wrong, this is police brutality,” says Joel Berger, an English teacher at the school who found out about the incident on Thursday. “In class discussions, students sometimes broach the topic of police brutality, but it is truly shocking and heartbreaking to see an example of it hit so close to home.”

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • F.w.u.f.f.y.

    A special pass to get on the elevator? Who knew.
    People should get their kids out of these concentration camps for starters.
    Parents in Michigan have their custody terminated for using physical discipline, even though it’s legal, but when the cops do it, it’s fine… cause they’re “experts”

  • Marci L. Heil

    The cops went too far, there was no reason for all that…but the girl being repeatedly blatantly disrespectful didn’t help her cause any!

    • mandocan

      A cop should be smart enough and trained enough to deal with a mouthy kid! Are you victim blaming? You should be ashamed of yourself, those are your kids.

      • gininitaly

        Trained enough??? The average cop academy is 6 months, think about that.

        Hell they don’t even know what the ‘laws’ are, let alone dealing with anything that they don’t automatically escalate to violence these days… and the judges back them up no matter what abuse or murders they commit.

        (article, not the video)

        • mandocan

          Exactly, note how I said “should”.

      • Marci L. Heil

        First I’m not victim blaming…BUT she was being disrespectful by ignoring and walking away from people…and as she was being talked to by the last person, she “put her earbuds in her ears” so she wouldn’t have to listen to what they were saying to her…that is Blatantly disrespectful in my opinion. Kind of like your kid putting his headphones on when you’re trying to talk to him about something they did wrong so he can completely tune you out…how angry would you be?? Like I said..the cop was completely wrong for using that amount of force and violence on a teenage girl…BUT she could have avoided it, if she wasn’t actin like an ASS. Ashamed of myself…nah. I raised 3 boys, and while one of them had his fair share of troubles, I was not naive enough to believe he was completely innocent and being “picked on” by the big bad authority figures..He was being an ASS just like this girl.

        • the chik

          I always was tought that respect is something that you earn. Harassing a teenager for an expired elevator pass is a way to earn disrespect from said teenager. Being disrespectful is not justification for a beating. She’s a child, he’s a grown man. We expect better from grown folk.

      • NelsonRobison

        In a psychiatric ward at a hospital I was trained in deescalation of any incident. Using minimal holds to control a person was the normal way of dealing with someone being violent but only as a last resort. We were taught to use soothing voices, calm reassurances and letting the person we were dealing with always see our hands. We neither carried pepper spray, any kind of offensive weaponry nor were we allowed to have any sort of these things.

        Yet with our children we allow police officers supposedly trained in community policing, to carry offensive weapons, mace, tasers and guns. This should never be allowed and the people who are the administrators of the schools, should never be allowed to leave the students in the presence of a LEO for the sake of expediency.

    • gininitaly

      Uh and just how do you know she was being disrespectful??? What I find disrespectful is cops in school doing more harm than good.

  • Allan Stark

    Schools as well as police should do a better job of vetting prospective hires. They’re hiring to many oddballs & psychos.

    • anna miller

      I think it’s being done on purpose.

    • nuknuk1000

      i know somebody in portland ore who had too high an iq score to get on the force. you must be murderous and you must have a sub 95 point iq. he became a fireman instead..out of state

  • IceTrey

    Just some more black on black violence.

  • Andy Cripps

    That, in a school! OMG. I wanna ask where is the world going to but its plain to see!

    • nuknuk1000

      fascism plain and simple

  • David Hall

    A fucking pass for an elevator! Get real…if that was my kid, I would have beat that coward, bully cop to death.

  • Greg Geitner

    dont play that with my grandkids. i do not tolerate child abuse.

  • Guy

    If this had been my daughter no matter what else happened. I would wait and then there would be a time shortly in the future, when I would get revenge ! No body places a hand on my child ever.
    They can excuse anything,as long as some clueless court and school district, conspire to make up some obscure laws, to justify ther cruelty and inhumanity. This is not about equality or race, this is about, what is wrong with America. A school should demand a higher expectation both of it’s students behavior and the ones who govern over the student body.
    For parents to shrug there shoulders in apathy and say “At least It was not my child” just perpetuates this and covers over the facts of the situation, of having cops on school grounds, that are brutalizing our children and allowed to do so by the school board and legal system. Throw All Of The Bums OUT !!!!! You voted them in !!!!

    • Earl Wyatt

      Agreed guy. Both should end up being “disappeared”.

    • Gary Smith

      THIS, and only this, will stop the criminals from assaulting and murdering us. Stop waiting and hoping the “justice” department will hold any of these thugs accountable.

    • Wayne Roberson


    • Butch Taylor

      wait a short time and plan very carefully. It’s not impossible, it has been done.

  • Hosea Mcadoo

    Where did America go and why was it replaced with the new USSR?

    • TheSkepticalCynic

      That you would assert that America has been replaced by USSR is prima facie evidence that you haven’t the faintest idea of what “America” is or what the USSR was!

    • Earl Wyatt

      When they infiltrated the places of education during the cold war.

  • Brucethemoose

    Whats with the timestamp jumping from 8:28:43:160 to 8:29:59:928 clearly missing like 15 seconds from recording, ( edited ) for transparency? Generally to edit or remove portions of a video would negate transparency ?? not saying a lot is missing but why edit the video at all before releasing to the public ? And this occurred because a teenager was late for school so instead of skipping she arrives late when she fails to produce a hall pass they call the Detroit public school police to ??? De-escalate the situation. Just curious… So the moral of the story is, if you show up late to school, donot have a hall pass and act as though your a teenager you could likely be charged with assault. ???

  • gininitaly

    What I find sad is black cops acting like white cops on black kids in a school where the cops are supposedly there to keep kids safe and end up being the aggressors. What in the world ever happened to using your words instead of acting like thugs, especially with youngsters. The whole country has degenerated down to savagery.

    • Carl Pickens

      You’re nothing but a sad little racial agitator. Everything’s about race with you.

      • joe foley

        you know if the cop had been white you mister would be screaming race too

    • Cops are COPS. The only relevant color is BLUE

  • Seek the TRUTH not narratives

    I don’t condone violence against students perpetrated by cops for hire however the situation isn’t so simple. Take a closer look at what is happening in public schools. Look at the violence committed against teachers and students alike. It’s no surprise to me that cases involving security happen. But people need to look at the broader picture. For every case of a security staff going too far- there are dozens more involving students committing violence, cases you aren’t seeing and it’s out of control! No one wants to point out that it’s black students committing the majority of such cases for fear of being called racist. The behaviors of these ‘children’ are being condoned excused denied and even lied about. See the report of the girls who killed the other girl in the bathroom recently? Or the mob fight that resulted in 30 girls being arrested at another school? There is a very serious problem. It’s not caused by racism as has been the excuse. Teachers don’t need sensitivity training. The students do. But when you watch them filming their violence and laughing, showing absolutely no remorse- I don’t think it’ll help much. They can’t wait to post their violence to worldstarhiphop site. I sure as hell wouldn’t be a teacher these days. It’s dangerous and the district doesn’t protect them anymore. Of course some regions are far worse than others and you can likely guess where those regions are. There’s a rise in violence towards white students also- that no one in the media other than a journalist by the name Colin Flaherty wants to address. He gets accused of being a racist of course. I’ve never observed any indication that he is racist but these days telling a truth that people don’t want to hear is all it takes to be accused of that because people don’t let facts get in the way of their chosen narratives.

    Here are some savages:




    Playlist of over 130 recent cases of violence in schools. Please make a list this long of recent cases of white students behaving this way. I know you can’t because I already attempted it. To deny this problem is a disservice to the black community. If you really care about black people you won’t deny it. Denying it won’t change the reality it only stalls the inevitable. How many of these teens will end up in prison? Not for being black but for their choices.


  • anarchyst

    sending children to public schools is tantamount to child abuse…

  • Rich Paul

    Wow. People wonder why pigs get shot. Maybe its because they act like this? If somebody had come up and defended this poror girl with force, they would have been justified!

  • 58 Squarebird

    WTF is wrong with these people?

  • Doran Zeigler

    I give this young girl a lot of credit for her continual resistance in such overwhelming odds. Three grown men and a number of female adults stood around without one squeak of protest as they watched the student being manhandled.

    It is courage and resistance like this that is needed to take on the increasing violent behavior of our government’s fascist enforcers.

  • Earl Wyatt

    These f*cktarded c*nts act like this in full view of the camera they should be shot to death by the parents as a warning to the rest to keep within the boundaries of their mandate.

  • Wayne Roberson

    That punk ass cop would get railroaded out of no where one night when he least expected it if that were my child.

  • Butch Taylor

    Detroit, MI is in very deep trouble as shown in this insidious handling of an incompetent situation. Where is the logic in physically restraining a student attempting to go to class? This place sounds like one of those school buildings designed in the form of a jail house. We had one here in DC. In short, Judge Steven Rhodes is saying “fuck your daughter, kiss my ass”. Officer Charles Braziel is quite sure he is safe from fault. And let’s not forget the queer the school’s dean of students Orlando Bogins. The only justice this student and her parents will get is that which they carefully plan out and take for themselves. The courts nor the government are not going to help anyone. It’s who has enough money to buy a decision.

  • Jim Barclay

    I say it again and again you would not trust cops with normal people anymore why the hell would you with kids? Oh no don’t put that mad dog out on the streets put him in a school with even more helpless kids so they can have their power trips. I will say this one more time.COPS HAVE NO PLACE HANDLING CHILDREN EVER! THEY HAVE NO PLACE IN A SCHOOL….EVER.

    • Not pro Israel

      40% higher domestic violence
      2X the rape and molestation
      10X more violent crime

      All for cops – DOJ REPORT

  • Not pro Israel

    I call for Community protection squads of armed civilians, unsanctioned by any government body, armed to the teeth, funded by other citizens privately of our own decision, commissioned by citizens constitutionally to protect us from the police. The police officer kills or assault of child or raped or steals there will be no court we send our police after them and bring them in for constitutional Justice at the end of a f****** rope.

  • Not pro Israel

    The role of the police under fascism has never been different. The police are used to harass and contain and murder individuals who have not accepted the reality principle: you are a slave and you must do your assigned job or die. Strip away your ideologies of denial and what is left is state murder condoned and promoted. The rich keep killing the poor off as the poor lift their heads and rebel against their class murderers.

  • InalienableWrights

    “Cop” is a mental disorder!

  • joe foley

    well no will play the race card on this one I see the thug cop is a big black man

  • rufous03

    Question I have were these twits actually ” Police Officers” or Hertz Rent a cop flunkies? Either way they had no cause for placing they hands on the student and should be charged.