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After Video Shows Raging Cop Run Over and Kick a Compliant Biker, He’s Promoted to Captain

Eugene, OR — Last week, a Eugene man was awarded $180,000 by a jury after being run over and attacked by an Oregon State Police officer.

The dashcam video from the attack was also released along with the ruling. In the video, Capt. Rob Edwards, with the OSP, is seen chasing down Justin Wilkens, running his bike over, and then kicking the man so hard that he broke his collarbone.

As the dashcam video begins, Edwards, who is driving an unmarked Chevrolet Camaro, is passed by Wilkens. Wilkens was seen passing cars in a no-passing zone, which was a poor decision. However, an even poorer decision was for Edwards to do the same thing in his vehicle that is several times wider than a motorcycle.

Luckily, Edwards didn’t plow his police vehicle head-on into a minivan full of children while engaging in such a dangerous pursuit.

Once Wilkens realized he was being followed, he pulled off, at which point Edwards rammed his vehicle into the motorcyclist. Edwards then exits the vehicle with his gun drawn and front kicks the entirely peaceful and compliant Wilkens in the chest so hard that it broke his clavicle and fractured his ribs.

During the civil trial, Edwards made the assertion that his force was entirely justified against Wilkens.

“Based on the aggressive driving and speeds, I believe he was attempting to elude me,” Edwards said. Running over a compliant driver, according to Edwards, is fine and dandy, as long as you believe they were trying to elude you.

According to the Register-Guard, Wilkens, 41, denies trying to escape from the veteran state trooper. He claims he didn’t recognize Edwards’ unmarked Chevrolet Camaro as a police vehicle and did not realize he was being followed until moments before he pulled the motorcycle to the side of the road and stopped.

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Before being run down by the crazed cop, Wilkens testified that he thought he was about to get a well-deserved speeding ticket. Instead, he got a hospital visit, a damaged motorcycle, towing fees, and medical bills.

In a laughable testimony, Edwards admitted that Wilkens was complying with his commands prior to unleashing the kick, but that he couldn’t stop his kick as he “already had the muscles fired” in his right leg.

As if claiming his leg has a mind of his own wasn’t bad enough, Edwards then attempted to tell the jury that the same thing happened to his brakes, which is why he ran over Wilkens. In spite of the video clearly showing no attempt to brake prior to his car ramming Wilkens, Edwards claimed that he “accidentally bumped” the motorcycle as a result of “brake fade” — a term to describe overheated brakes on older model vehicles.

Had Edwards actually experienced “brake fade,” Wilkens could be dead.

Luckily the jury was not swayed by Edwards’ ridiculous testimony, and they listened to Wilkens’ lawyer, Lauren Regan when she reminded jurors that brake fade is exceedingly rare in modern brake systems.

After the verdict last week, State Police released a statement that said the agency “is disappointed with the (trial) outcome and feels the actions of our troopers clearly did not violate established procedures or tactics. In situations like these, officers have milliseconds to make what may be life-or-death decisions and those officers should be shielded from the liability of civil damages.”

Edwards was never suspended for this incident, and only received a written reprimand for failing to report his use of force. In true blue privilege fashion, Edwards, who was a lieutenant at the time of this stop, has since been promoted to Captain and now he sits at the head of the entire OSP at their headquarters in Bend.

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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  • How dare he question an enforcers authority? Granted the only one he would have hurt was himself. Still very disrespectful to question any authority.

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  • So the officer should have handled things differently? If you are a police officer you are held to a higher standard. And if you can’t act at a higher standard than you shouldnt be a cop. If you are a good police officer you should be able to handle yourself better than a random citizen. That’s what they went to school for.

    • That’s right, let the biker drive insanely until he gets him or someone else killed.

    • Sterling Rector Wtf does that have to do with running their bike over and breaking their collar bone?

    • Or driving in a similar fashion? Every time you see a high speed chase, the cops are just as guilty as the person they are pursuing for putting other people in harms way. I don’t see how they can justify chasing someone who was speeding or failed to stop at a stopsign when soneone “runs”. It’s gotta be 10 times more dangerous to the public they are supposed to protect and serve.

    • John Mooney, that is why many departments are making it mandatory to cease a chase when it reaches a point such as that. Not all by any means but a step in the right direction.

  • The cop would be the only person in that pursuit that has a chance of killing a citizen.

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  • Why do you lie so much? This biker was anything but “Compliant”? He was running from the cop, passing cars on double lined roads, and I honestly believed he was lunging at the cop when he got kicked. Just from the video, I don’t know how he got that money in the trial. I’m going to trust that the jury made the right decision.

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  • Greg Simons, pretty sure a felony and all the other fines he will face will make him think twice before riding like that. If all I got was a stupid cop kicking me in the face when I disobeyed the law I would have a lot more fun… The cop acted irrationally dont be a idiot. I follow laws because of the punishment. Not because some cop has to prove hes tougher than he was in highschool.

  • Well, let’s review. The biker is driving recklessly, speed is excessive, he is passing other cars in corners, and pulling away from the officer.

    Other cars are recognizing the OSP emergency lights and are pulling over. The motorcycle rider eventually stops and gets off of his bike. You can see that the rider was non-compliant and arguing, visual hand movements.

    He probably was being told to get on the ground, officer had his weapon drawn as he approached. Did not appear that the officer had a taser either. He did not move and the officer kicked him in the chest to knock him down and arrest him.

    Frankly, the kick was excessive and not needed. Not sure about the fender tap to the bike but it was not a hard hit. Might have occurred because the brakes were overheated and not capable of stopping quicker.

    But then we do not have the full details of the incident or the aftermath.

  • Vehicles pulling over as the officer’s car approaches tell me that he has lights and siren(even if there were no roof lights)and the idea that this individual did not know the vehicle was behind him must mean he is either deaf and/or blind. The officer’s actions were wrong but, this driver could easily have been charged with fleeing and eluding or failure to stop.

  • Biker wasnt even hurting anyone… Was jist enjoying his time

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  • In Europe, for an unnecessary reaction like the one of the cop, he would be lynched by the people passing by and then fired from the force without a pension or unemployment aid and probably jailed. Here if a policeman draws or touches his gun, pepper spray or taser, it s because it s necessary, not because he can. A gun in public is a big no no. If the police uses the gun like the cop in this video did, or hits somebody, he s in big troble. The biker was wrong, but you don t kill or injure people for overtaking ( specialy without puting others in danger), with a permit loss and a big fine, would be enough.

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    ” the agency “is disappointed with the (trial) outcome and feels the actions of our troopers clearly did not violate established procedures or tactics.”

    That is exactly what is wrong here. The “established procedures or tactics”. Because of this statement they should sue the agency for millions for endangering the population for having incorrect and dangerous procedures and tactics and for incorrectly training police officers.