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VIDEO: Vigilant Citizen Lets this Cop Have It After Witnessing Him Break Multiple Laws

It’s estimated that every year cigarette butts make up nearly 1.7 billion pounds of toxic, non-biodegradable trash.  Not to mention, there’s evidence every year of fires, large and small, that were caused by smoldering butts littered on dry, grassy areas.

According to Texas Legislation, disposing of a cigarette is illegal and can result in a fine up to $500.


(a) A person commits an offense if the person disposes or allows or permits the disposal of litter or other solid waste at a place that is not an approved solid waste site, including a place on or within 300 feet of a public highway, on a right-of-way, on other public or private property, or into inland or coastal water of the state.

(a-1) A person commits an offense if:

(1) the person discards lighted litter, including a match, cigarette, or cigar, onto open-space land, a private road or the right-of-way of a private road, a public highway or other public road or the right-of-way of a public highway or other public road, or a railroad right-of-way;

While it is illegal to litter anywhere in the state, it is also illegal to smoke on school property or at school-sanctioned events in Texas. According to the legislation, e-cigarettes aren’t even allowed.


(a) In this section, “e-cigarette” has the meaning assigned by Section 161.081, Health and Safety Code.

(b) The board of trustees of a school district shall:

(1) prohibit smoking or using e-cigarettes or tobacco products at a school-related or school-sanctioned activity on or off school property;

(2) prohibit students from possessing e-cigarettes or tobacco products at a school-related or school-sanctioned activity on or off school property; and

(3) ensure that school personnel enforce the policies on school property.

Finding these laws required very little research on behalf of the Free Thought Project, which makes the video below that much more damning to the Dallas police department who should know these laws already.

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As is the case in so many instances, however, police officers can violate laws, which citizens would be fined or imprisoned for, and face no punishment. And that is why it is up to us to expose this double standard.

Government accountability activist and friend of the Free Thought Project, Kory Watkins happened to see this double standard taking place earlier this month and, he decided to expose it.

As Watkins was walking to his car, him and his son witnessed Dallas police officer Mike Whistle, Badge Number 716, breaking, at least, two laws.

The first law broken by Whistle was smoking on school property. And, when Whistle had finished his cigarette, he went on to litter and illegally discard lighted materials.

To most people, this is a typical act seen almost daily by careless smokers who treat the world as their ashtray. However, Whistle is a public servant — he should be held to a higher standard.

Thanks to Kory Watkins, this officer may think twice before he goes around breaking laws that could land us commoners with fines, beaten, jailed, or even dead.

As Watkins tells the Free Thought Project, “If this was me and an officer saw me smoke a cigarette and then throw it in the grass and covered up and admit to it, I would have been fined twice. This officer should be fined and held accountable.”

If you think that Watkins was harsh to the officer, you need to consider the following — had the roles been reversed in the video above, things could have turned out gruesome.

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As the Free Thought Project reported last November, a female college student was tackled, slammed to the ground and arrested for trespassing because she and several of her classmates had cigarettes during a break from class.

Before that assault, an NYPD cop violently assaulted a 17-year-old boy, knocking him unconscious after he saw him smoking a cigarette.

There is also the case of Daniel Johnson, who was brutally beaten and tasered in his genitals after his father did exactly what officer Whistle did in the video above.

In July of last year, Sandra Bland was arrested and later found dead over an improper lane change and her decision to smoke a cigarette.

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  • i went through this. Its called freedom of the press law, you can record anyone as long as one of you( meaning you) has given consent. These cops cant tell you to stop recording them. I would make sure you have witnesses because if they take your camera/phone and destroy it or lose it after they arrest you for false charges then you are out of luck.


  • Cops say, “if you’ve got nothing to hide, there shouldn’t be an issue with it”. Guess that too goes only one way…

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  • This page is getting out of hand…. It’s oh so a terrible crime the officer smoked at a school event when it’s against the school policy……

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    That man did the absolute rite thing. They should toe an even tighter line than everyone else.l’m completely surprised that the cop didn’t try to turn the situation around on that gentleman.

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  • As much as I hate cops, i can’t help but to hate people that walk around armed with cellphones and sexual frustration more lol Please, children, don’t try this at home (unless you never want to get out of a ticket the rest of your life) and always treat others, even those you have butthurt political feelings toward, with the respect that you desire. Get a life lol

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  • I have read A LOT of negative comments about this citizens behavior. Have any of you ever received a ticket for littering? They can seriously be hundreds of dollars. yet here you are defending someone who writes said tickets to the average guy doing the same thing with impunity. While smoking near a school is also a problem and I am sure some of you same apologists would defend a cop beating someone up over littering if they tried to deny it or get upset about a ticket, the real issue is littering! Maybe I am just a simple minded common man, but I thought police officers swear an oath about the law. You shouldn’t nonchalantly break laws as an officer, even down to unnecessary traffic violations and littering, because there are ‘reasons’ behind the laws and violating them consciously as cops propagates the negative sentiments toward police. So blame the guy with a camera all you want, but he is just doing what police are supposed to be doing, for free. I am proud of where I live, so if I catch you littering, believe that I’ll say something, and anyone who defends littering is a moron! PERIOD.

    • Guy with the camera was a rude cunt, better ways to handle it.

    • Robert Farquhar the camera guy didnt have a gun so he did treat the cop with more respect then the scum pigs give us by shooting and asking questions later.

    • When you give someone license to pick and choose which laws to obey and authority to enforce that same law, it implies responsibility. They are supposed to be held to a higher moral and ethical standard, hence why it is a profession that requires an oath be taken.
      Yea the guy was not polite, but in my experience once they’ve caught you breaking the law they aren’t polite either. Regardless, if the tables were turned, the officer’s conduct wouldn’t detract from the crime you’re getting a ticket for. No one in their right mind would defend you for littering because a cop was rude to you. So why do the same for them?

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    although the video guy is uninformed about cigarettes,he is right about the assclown corrupt POS cop that was smoking on the school grounds and was indeed putting out the lite butt on the ground(of course hiding it by smashing it into the grass to cover his illegal actions)or should i say crimes!when i smoked,it was home rolled,no butts in the cigarette at all,totally biodegradable!but now i smoke cigars,again totally biodegradable!criminal cops are everywhere!

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