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Video Catches Cop on Rampage as Fellow Cops Try to Stop Him from Torturing Handcuffed Man

Federal Heights, CO — Officer Mark Magness is no stranger to police brutality. In 2009, after being on the Federal Heights police department for a year, Magness was convicted of misdemeanor assault after he broke an innocent man’s arm while investigating the popping of illegal fireworks.

Despite pleading guilty to assault, Magness was never fired.

Now, 6 years later, we are witnessing the horrid negligence of this department for allowing a monster like Magness to remain in a position of power.

ABC 7 Denver, obtained body cam footage of two Federal Heights officers. The footage shows nothing short of torture, carried out by one, Officer Mark Magness.

The 9 minute and 30-second long video begins as Magness yanks the handcuffed man from the car and smashes his face into the wall. The man immediately starts bleeding profusely from the mouth.

“Stand up!” yells Magness to the man he just threw down. In the background, the man can be heard apologizing as he’s thrown around like a ragdoll.

The man, who is now fairly agitated after being assaulted while in handcuffs is thrown into the cell. He then makes a mistake and raises his open hand toward Magness.

At this point, Magness jumps on the man and begins pummeled him. Magness, knowing that his body camera is recording this abuse, continues to yell out, “Stop Resisting!” throughout the abuse in an attempt to justify his torturous ways.

One of the officers points at Magness’ chest in an apparent attempt to warn this maniac that his actions are being recorded. “F**k that! F**k that!” yells Magness as to imply that he has no intentions of stopping this assault, regardless of being recorded.

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The man, who is now in handcuffs again, is thrown into a restraint chair by Magness, again apologizing the entire time.

“I’m sorry, sir, I won’t do nothing else,” the man says.

“We’re gonna need medical,” the second officer says pointing to his chin.

“I don’t care, strap him to the chair,” Magness replies.

Then the man yells “ow!” as Magness gouges his temple. Magness replies, “no this is ‘ow,'” as he jams his finger underneath the man’s ear.

The entire time Magness continues to yell, “Stop Resisting!”

What the man was being arrested for and the totality of his injuries were not released by the department.

However, court records show that on June 17, Magness pleaded guilty to attempted third-degree assault for this attack which happened in December.

Magness’ status with the Federal Heights police department has yet to be released publicly.

  • mistieballer

    The cop should get the Shit beat out of him just like he beat the shit out of the cuffed guy did then fire his Sorry Ass make shure he never works in law enforementagai cause he will be rotting in prison for treating the as he has in the past

  • Mr_Scorpio

    Are there any cops out there who’s like to defend this bullshit?

    • Rico101

      There are regular civilians who actively defend this.

  • rextrek1

    and they wonder WHY they lost respect from the public????

  • ATTEMPTED 3rd degree assault? this is torture . this is aggravated assault & battery under color of authority

  • Butch Taylor

    here it is 9/2016 and no one has put a bullet in the head of that piece of shit yet.

  • This pig got one year of probation for this. Gee, if I tortured a cop strapped to a chair, would I get just one year of probation?

  • Rico101

    Attempted assault? Looked a pretty successful attempt to me.. #WhiteLivesMatter