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The New Wave of Violent Protests is Exactly What The Elite Want — Here’s Why

Over the past 18 months, there has been a significant increase in the frequency and severity of riots conducted by the extreme left.  Their ranks are comprised of self-described anti-fascists,  anarcho-communists, radical 3rd wave feminists, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and other social justice warriors (SJWs).  They have attained great notoriety through their willingness to employ violence/intimidation, vandalize/loot private property, and engage in the very same behavior they accuse their ideological opponents of perpetrating.  Tragically, innocent and non-interested bystanders often get caught in the cross hairs whilst they throw their violent temper tantrums.  To add further cause for concern, these otherwise marginal groups are coalescing under the banner of “intersectionality” thereby effecting a swelling of their ranks, temerity, and menace.

However, there is cause for hope as Professor Matthew Feinberg of the University of Toronto recently published a study confirming “extreme protest tactics reduce popular support for social movements.” Violent and destructive protests render peaceful protestors inept and guilty by association.

The following summarizes the results of the study in greater detail:

“Social movements are critical agents of change that vary greatly in both tactics and popular support. Prior work shows that extreme protest tactics – actions that are highly counter-normative, disruptive, or harmful to others, including inflammatory rhetoric, blocking traffic, and damaging property – are effective for gaining publicity. However, we find across three experiments that extreme protest tactics decreased popular support for a given cause because they reduced feelings of identification with the movement. Though this effect obtained in tests of popular responses to extreme tactics used by animal rights, Black Lives Matter, and anti-Trump protests (Studies 1-3), we found that self-identified political activists were willing to use extreme tactics because they believed them to be effective for recruiting popular support (Studies 4a & 4b). The activist’s dilemma – wherein tactics that raise awareness also tend to reduce popular support – highlights a key challenge faced by social movements struggling to affect progressive change.” 

To further illustrate the nature of such protests/riots a brief outline and analysis of the more notable examples will be provided in the following sections.

Berkeley Students Racist Barricade

In late October of 2016, a number of angry Berkeley SJWs barricaded a key bridge on campus to physically bar any white people from crossing.   The objective of the protest was to secure more segregated spaces for people of color a.k.a. “spaces of color”.  Any white person who attempted to breach the barricade was violently denied.  The group also saw fit to post faux eviction notices on a private bookstore with the threat that “community action will continue to escalate” lest they cede the location to the student protesters for the purpose of transforming it into a “space of color.”  Though obvious, it is worth explicitly recognizing the utter hypocrisy of this allegedly “anti-racist” group employing violence and threats against others based merely on the color of their skin for the sake of securing racially segregated spaces.

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Berkely Anti-Milo Riot

Riots erupted on February 1st, 2017 at the University of California at Berkeley over the arrival of the conservative celebrity and self-described “dangerous faggot” Milo Yiannopoulos. So-called anti-fascists and other SJWs were inciting mass violence, vandalism, and hysteria in order to prevent the gay interracial loving Jewish foreigner from peacefully expressing a political opinion that differs from their own. They firebombed the location where Milo’s event was to take place, pepper sprayed a female while being interviewed (and who was ironically offering words of respect to the non-violent protestors who showed up), burned Milo effigies, beat Milo supporters unconscious, and even violated neutral yet curious bystanders. It has repeatedly been made clear that as soon as a person of color, queer, woman, or Muslim expresses non-leftist/non-egalitarian views, the left will treat him/her with the same or even greater level of disdain and prejudice they accuse “right leaning” bogeymen of.

Yes, Yiannopoulos is a troll and says things to rile up the masses, but meeting free speech with violence only serves to empower your opposition.

Free speech was stomped on by the radical left at the birthplace of the free speech movement. The poorly named “anti-fascists” (a.k.a antifas) were the ones leading the violent charge to silence and censor the gay Jew. If the irony weren’t thick enough, the topic of Milo’s discussion was a critical examination of “cultural appropriation,” yet it seems the antifas took no issue with culturally appropriating the tactics of fascists and Nazis.

Presidential Inauguration Riots

On January 20, 2017, in Washington D.C. several hundred antifas, anarcho-communists, and other radical leftists came together to protest the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.  To the dismay of peaceful protestors and Trump supporters alike, the radical leftist rioters quickly resorted to tactics of violence and vandalism.  Many were caught throwing bricks and blocks of concrete, breaking the windows of private businesses, violently clashing with and intimidating Trump supporters, setting cars on fire, and harassing defenseless trash cans. Before the day was done, over 200 rioters would be arrested.  One may rest assured that engaging in such public, juvenile, and violent behavior is the surest way to secure a second term for the controversial commander in chief.

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Black Lives Matter (BLM) Riots

While most Black Lives Matter protests across the country remain entirely peaceful, some of them, often with the help of outside instigators devolve into utter chaos. Examples of this chaos happened in August and September of 2016, when violent BLM protests devolved and riots broke out in Milwaukee, WI and Charlotte, NC respectively. In Milwaukee, BLM rioters set fires to gas stations, auto parts stores, banks, and several other businesses.  There were also reports of rioters firing off guns, hurling bricks, and looting local grocery stores.

In Charlotte, BLM chaos erupted after a black police officer shot a black man. Rioters responded by shutting down an interstate and setting it ablaze, looting several private businesses, throwing rocks at random motorists, and even targeting white people for beat downs simply for being white. It’s fairly safe to say that if your cause is to diminish the ill effects that racism has on society and your community, then it’s probably best not to burn down local productive enterprises, hinder your community’s ability to travel safely, and beat down any white person you can find with extreme prejudice.

Women’s March

On January 21st, 2017 more than 2.5 million protestors participated in the worldwide “Women’s March” whose aim was to promote human, civil, and reproductive rights.  Unlike the other examples, this protest was largely absent the more injurious elements of violence and intimidation. However, many of the same themes were promoted and other off-putting tactics used thus a brief examination is warranted.

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Perhaps the most paradoxical feature of the protest was the ubiquitous presence of both vagina attire (ranging from subtle vagina shaped/colored headwear to ostentatious full bodied vagina costumes) and anti-“islamophobia” themes.

It’s amusing to consider how the average Muslim, in his capacity as a Muslim, would be absolutely mortified upon encountering a woman dressed as a giant pubic hair infested vagina.  Such a costume must be the antithesis of the hijab.

Jokes aside, it was quite confounding to observe die hard feminists chanting “Allahu Akbar” in support of a religion that is used worldwide as a means of oppressing women. Certainly, not all Muslims are misogynistic, however, blindly rooting for a religion without critical thought is the epitome of everything wrong with the mislead movement in the first place.

Beyond this, of course, the majority of the march’s themes were anti-libertarian as they included support for anti-discrimination laws, tax-funded healthcare, and the subsidization of both contraceptives and abortion.  It should go without saying that all such measures entail both theft and private property violations.  Thus, to say this was a march for liberty would be a gross misnomer.  It was instead a march for entitlements funded at liberty’s expense.


Aside from the societal damage created by such violence and intolerance, this divisive and obstinate environment plays right into the hands of those who want to keep you under control.

If one is sincerely opposed to racism, sexism, and fascism then it may be best for him to refrain from engaging in racist, sexist, and fascist means to support his cause. The fact these radical leftist factions utilize such means indicates a more sinister and subtle objective than the purported one of “social justice.”

When objectively assessed, they are revealed as being among the most bigoted, hateful, and dangerous threats to the cause of liberty.

Chase Rachels is a libertarian/anarcho-capitalist philosopher and Austrian school economist. His studies were conducted through the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Prior to his anarchist inclinations, he was employed as an intelligence analyst with the United State Air Force. He has since authored the book “A Spontaneous Order: The Capitalist Case For A Stateless Society,” and hosts the “An-Cap Radio” YouTube series.
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    If this is what the elite apparently want so much, then why are you just taking it on faith that none of these “violent protests” might be staged by the very people that would actually benefit from them? Take the Berkely/Milo incident, for example. Even though protesters were alleged to be throwing recreational explosives (fireworks) at the cops, there was only one arrest… ONE! Think about that. How many times has the Free Thought Project reported stories of police arresting HUNDREDS of peaceful protesters (after dousing them with chemical torture and/or kicking their asses) and charging them with felonies? Something fishy this way smells!

    • John Lawrence

      The mayor of the city of Berkeley told the University’s police to stand down as well as local law enforcement, probably by the same people (ie., Soros), who likely paid these animals with absolutely no integrity to act like uncaged lunatics. So that would certainly explain why only one arrest was made. Hell, there’s a picture of campus security sitting around in a university’s cafeteria or rec room or something standing around, probably wishing they could go out there and (justifiably) bust some heads around the net. The whole damn thing is disgusting and SJWs of all kinds should be drowned and the elite hung from the tallest tree you can find.

    • James York

      CV, while I’ve ridiculed you in other places you are on point today. I’ve suspected the same thing about those riots, and for good reason: violent controlled opposition *is* often used to shut down protests.

      Just as well the only thing required would have been for berkeley and the mayor to actually request police assistance instead of demanding they stand down.

      We can see this same tactic play out with the Bush protests where violent protesters were allowed, for a time, to run wild and then used as a pretext to cordon off peaceful protests into ‘free speech zones’.

      If you want to know who controls the dialogue, watch what the police do when a small violent mob show up to a peaceful protest. It’s how mayors shut down events and protests they don’t like.

    • Meditating

      At that event, the police were even reporting (CBS NEWS) the students were not the cause but instead “outside agitators.” At several protests filmed as turning violent, those protesters were black blocking and a few either carried the anarchist flag or drew their emblem on burning vehicles, etc.

      As a lawyer, I have for years voiced my concern about the issue of police violence and especially against Blacks (I live in the South). While I wholeheartedly support the alleged concerns of BLM, their rhetoric is inherently racist and hateful and I would never want to be associated with them. There are many things that contributed to DT winning the electoral college. If you anonymously polled voters in the states the Dems thought they would take like OH or PA (keep in mind HRC was running against Satan), I’d bet many HRC voters who voted DT would admit BLM impacted their decision. It makes me sick, but right now I see DT winning the propaganda war.

      • James York

        But meditating, you’re *not* a lawyer..

    • Great points made very very well. Thank you!

    • Mick Price

      Staged s too much, just preapproved and allowed to happen. It’s clear that the Berkley police were told to stand down, and it’s also clear that Antifa expected this, but Antifa is a genuine movement, with real people who do their violence for free.

  • theGOONIES

    I say let em riot. I prefer morons to be vocal….easier to identify and avoid

  • Guy

    I am pleased to quote Mr. John Lennon. “Happiness Is A Warm Gun-Bang-Bang-Shoot-Shoot !”

    • dfire3

      lol…..this song is referring to dope and a syringe!

      • Guy

        Perhaps you should listen to it again !

  • gininitaly
  • This is primarily RIGHT-WING DRIVEL. The VAST MAJORITY of Black Lives Matter protests & even the recent UC-Berkley protest against neo-Nazi creep Milo have been NON-VIOLENT. A SMALL MINORITY of people (100 in the ase of Berkley) engaged in PROPERTY DESTRUCTION. what if THOSE people were “agent provacateurs” people there to DISCREDIT the protest as a whole? Also this writer seems have NO CONCERN AT ALL for POLICE VIOLENCE against protesters. None. The protest he claims was “on abridge intended to keep white people OFF” is one that got NO MEDIA…if such a thing actualy happend, none of us should doubt it would get sreious constant replay on CNn et al. I think this guy is jsut another right-wing racist, anti-feminist (notice his use of the right0-wing term SJW/Social Justice Warriror–which ONLY the right-wingers use). This is BS.

    • John Lawrence

      Where do you buy your drugs at? You really should be sharing. I can tell you’ve got some really good shit.

    • Mick Price

      The fact that there was going to be a violent protest against Milo and that it was being organised by a known leftist organisation was known for WEEKS. The protest organisers did nothing about it, the left spent the next few days afterwards making excuses for the violence and lying that it was caused by agent provocateurs. And it wasn’t just property destruction was it? The fact that he doesn’t cover police violence in a context where it’s absolutely fucking irrelevant is just another furphy.

      As for the idea that the bridge protest didn’t happen, it’s on fucking youtube you lying piece of shit.

      Nothing he said has any credibility, calling someone “right wing” doesn’t mean they’re wrong, snowflake. Fake it, you’re profacist.

  • Steve

    Reading this story and many like it… then reading the commentary below… it is clear that the campaign of mis-, dis, and based information has completely saturated our lives. What is true? What is not true? Reporters are so skilled at framing the facts, the readers walk away with a complete misunderstanding of the events that actually took place. Pipeline breaks during a pipeline protest. Coincidence, irony, or foul play? My suggestion for trying to find the true from the noise is to listen to as many different opinions as possible. Watch yourself making emotional responses. Understand who is reporting what and for what reason.

    One thing is for certain, the Earth is in the middle of the largest war in history. The war is being fought between the One World Government and the Nationalists.

  • Tommy Tman

    ‘extreme’ is relative – and to what? to how bad the situation being resisted is. a couple of years ago near Toronto, someone ‘protested’ our torture & mass murder of non-humans by torching a couple of parked Huntingdon Life Sciences trucks. a small guerilla flourish against a massive system of profit & death.

    sure, ‘popular opinion’ turns against the ALF, but so much the worse for ‘popular opinion’. the average guage of ‘what’s too much’, of ‘what’s just right’ is exactly what’s wrong, perhaps. the time for polite pleading is past.

    if your overriding aim is to sway popular opinion, then yes you face the dilemma the Professor elucidates. yet P.R. is not the only reason to protest, to fight back, and not the only way to effect deep change. and it’s the last thing in the raging hearts of many who take to ‘extreme tactics’.

    • Mick Price

      So because people don’t accept your thuggery, it’s time for more thuggery. Sounds legit

  • Richard Bartolomeo

    America’s 1% Billionaire Oligarchy Ruling Class has always used Divisive Social Issues to keep our 99% Slave Class Divided and Conquered….!

  • Carol Moore

    There are a lot of sexually frustrated young guys who are part of the “male surplus” who can’t get in short supply women and therefore turn to gangs and violence. Some join sports fan clubs, some join street gangs, some join black blocs, some join militias, some join the military. And most of them are taken advantage by older wealthier men (who’ve taken many young women as wives and mistresses) and who don’t care if they get them killed as long as it enhances their power. The more things change the more they stay the same.