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Viral Video Asks the Question, “Has America Gone Insane?” — The Answer is Yes

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

In America today, police officers kill more people every in a day than most countries kill in years. In America today, parents face being locked in a cage for trying to treat their sick child with a plant. In America today, presidential candidates on both sides of the two-party system are cheered on as they call for an end to your rights.

Has America gone insane? By any rational measure, the answer to that question is yes.

Thanks to decades of meddling in the Middle East by the US government, acting on behalf of their special interests, there is a very credible threat of World War 3. Russia is actually contemplating the use of nuclear weapons to fight an enemy that was created, built and is supported by US interests. As global stock markets plummet, weapons production and sales are skyrocketing.

For the majority Americans, the United States political system is seen as a football game. Any time their party is in power, it’s as if they are ‘winning’ and the other party or team is ‘losing.’ But what most Americans fail to see is that both ‘teams’ have the same owner. That owner cares not about which one of their teams is ‘winning,’ just so long as its one of their teams in the game. War and the police state be damned.

War and the police state be damned.

This ‘owner’ of the teams is not a single person, nor a single corporation, or focus group, or think tank. Despite the best efforts of Alex Jones and the like, the owners of government cannot be nailed down to just a few old rich men. This is because the owners can be anyone.

The US political system is set up in such a manner that it allows for anyone with enough money to steer policy that benefits them personally. Politicians are hardly particular when it comes to who’s throwing money at them, so ownership is constantly in a state of flux.

The Us versus Them mentality tricks good people into thinking war criminals like Hillary Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama are righteous leaders. Insanity and violence are justified, just so long as they’re initiated by your winning team.

The controlled politicians, the rigged system, and the elite are not some vast conspiracy either. They are a tendency of the state in general. As long as a system exists that allows government force to be bought and sold for the benefit and privilege of a few, these atrocities will continue.

Until Americans wake up to this fact, the quest for empire will continue to drive the expansion of war. The slaughter of innocence will proceed and our very right to exist will be trampled — all of this — in the name of ‘Freedom.’

The good news is that it doesn’t take a majority of people to wake up to stop this madness and the number of those unplugging from the matrix are increasing daily.

Americans will not become free when the police state goes away. Instead, the police state will go away, only, when Americans become free.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

  • Definitely, for the last 10 years

  • The entire world has gone insane.

    • your quote is not strictly true nor does it address the video above :O)

  • Yes…

  • Video removed from youtube ?

  • um. it would appear much of it has….

  • Before you can go insane you first have to be sane. A term I would not apply to government.

  • Do NOT click this link!

  • The whole world system is insaine,take for just one example the need for a new (badly named) smart phone every year.

    • It’s capitalism, that has been hijacked by very greedy people, and it has spread like a virus.

  • Hasn’t it ?

  • :/ Anyone that accepts a cartoon videogame as and ideal comparison model for the United States needs to go pick weeds from the garden for a year or two as their worldview has shrunk down to the size of the TV screen :-p

    • It’s a graphic illustration to provide a different perspective

  • After Vietnam the the blood lust hit the u.s and all logic went out the window

  • Hell yes..there’s no video

  • Long time ago.

  • Corey Mondello

    Prob is Ron Paul is a statis

  • Satan runs your country now.All that could save u would be a Niveha style Mass Repentance.Babylon will be destroyed

  • Yes. Yes. And yes.

  • The small group of people actually running the country (and the world) know exactly what they are doing. They are socio/psychopathic narcissists. They manipulate the masses into self-defeating compliance, divide us by racial inequality, and create an impossible economic system. Of course Americans start to seem crazy.

  • Whats the point if you have your add in middle of screen and can’t play video on this post already liked and already get emails but can’t close window is on youtube

  • You betchya

  • yes

  • Nothing new really. Just a few more that are aware that the rest are sheep

  • jiggsaw

    Hellagaluba ! I love that new word.🛄

  • Cam Alft

    where did i put that reset button?……………………………..

  • Obama has.

  • America has very harsh Karma

    • The dirty politicans and any other person behind this does. Not innocent americans. I rebuke that for America and americans

    • Crap statement

    • who the fuck asked you!

  • America has not gone insane. Mankind has been insane, our history has been told in a way that makes America look great. Take a look at American history again. What we have today was inevitable. It’s easy to see where this road leads, especially being so close to it’s end. Like a plague of locusts descended upon the last field, the field has become baron. Capitalism will kill most of us unless we find a new field, space. Even then it is likely too late for the majority. We wont leave this road, and the cliff is coming up fast.

    • USA people is one of the most fanatic and extremist and assassin human population in the world. Insanity ? Yes for anybody who compare with enough distance.

  • The problem with Christian America is they dont know the Birth date of jesus

  • Yep

  • Yeah, everything thats happened since WW2 has been the work of the people behind the new world order. It will be order out of chaos, and very intricately planed. This is why all the chaos.

  • If you asked anyone in the know they would say yes indeed america is crazy. Personally I think america needs to clean out the whole gov’t and senate and start fresh over again or this hell will continue……..and countries like Russia and China won’t take america’s crap and america may find one day blown to smithereens from the other world powers.

  • As long as Videos like Gangnam style stay the most viewed videos of all time, Nothings gona change..

  • As a non-eeuu citizen, you’re very fucked up guys, well, not you, your system.

  • CERTIFIABLY INSANE. We are subject to an ABSOLUTELY UNSUSTAINABLE system of PRIVATE DEBT SLAVERY where the ONLY GUARANTEED RESULT is to incrementally redistribute all wealth and purchasing power into the hands of the PRIVATE BANKS who create the debt and out of the hands of the people who CREATE THE WEALTH while it incrementally shuts down our useful trade and production instead of facilitating it’s natural EXPONENTIAL GROWTH, with the majority of the population BELIEVING that this can actually work despite the fact that their lives are collapsing around them and their standard of living getting worse every year.

  • dfgdgf

    banks print the money, not the government, as interest-bearing debt. inflation is not a tax, it is theft, by the banks. deflation is theft from those who hold money from those who hold assets.

  • dfgdgf

    inflation is to avoid and increase monetary velocity. deflation decreases monetary velocity. deflation is not easy to avoid. deflation also steals from those in debt to the ponzi scheme known as fractional reserve banking. and gold is truck a trick mechanism of the same usury, where people must rent gold from the gold owners to conduct business.

  • Tom Doss III

    It all boils down to greed. Who’s threatened by medical marijuana? Big Pharma can’t have a drug like that in the hands of potential customers. It wound threaten their bottom line; those geezers in the senate will never endanger their cash cow

  • He’s insane, she’s insane,

  • Elliot Wilson

    Okay, seriously, you just lost all credibility when you called Hillary Clinton a war criminal. Yes, the US is crazy, but that’s fucking false. Fuck you, moron.